Senatorial Secrets Ch. 06

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A quick recap (REMEMBER – this is all fiction) Brad Scholastic represents the state of Ohio in the US Senate. He’s married to Savannah and they have twin daughters, Gail and Gina. Brad is believed to be on his way to the White House and his picture perfect family is more than willing to overlook his flaws as long as he takes them with him. Peter and Samuel are two of Brad’s bodyguards. Samuel will do anything and anyone to please his boss, while Peter will ignore everything – – – or so that is what Brad thinks.

Peter and his sister, Carolyn are working together by gathering up dirt on Brad, because of the pain he caused them in their past. Carolyn runs an escort service, one that Brad uses often. She provides Brad with willing males whenever Brad makes a request. If none are available… Brad finds one, any way he has to.

Mitch and Anthony. . .two new men on the scene, but have nothing to do with each other. One is Savannah’s new secret lover, the other is Brad’s.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Three months later. . . Cincinnati, Ohio

Peter crumbled the florists card in his fist and tossed it toward the trash can. The flowers he picked up and threw against the wall. Stumbling to his chair he reached for the bottle and lifted it high, draining its contents and loving the burn the melted into his chest. His sister had just been laid to rest and the flowers brought back to his home, where he had gone through who had sent them. He had every intention of sending thank you notes out to all that had taken the time to not only attend Carolyn’s funeral, but also the ones who’d sent flowers too, all except the one he’d thrown. That particular man would only get a manilla envelope full of glossy prints.

He’d been called from Brad’s side a week ago. A faceless man told him his sister had been killed in a car accident, it wasn’t until later that Peter learned it was a drunk driver that had taken not only Carolyn’s life, but also a young woman’s; both of them had known her during their younger days. He pushed himself up from the chair and picked up the phone, called a cab, not trusting himself behind the wheel and waited for the driver to arrive. Once he had, Peter tucked himself in the backseat and took the short ride to his sister’s office.

“Hello Mister Hansen,” the timid voice of Carolyn’s Secretary reached into Peter’s foggy subconscious.

“Danny,” he said, lifting his hand to the pretty redhead, whom he normally took time to make blush.

Danielle smiled softly, though her eyes spoke volumes of words missed to Peter. She pressed the button under her desk that unlocked Carolyn’s office door and watched Peter slip inside. Peter had felt her eyes on him and he knew she too was hurting. If it had been anyone else, he’d been able to offer the woman some comfort, a strong shoulder to lean on, a kind ear to listen, but it was Carolyn, his sister and her friend, the pain too raw to share.

Peter leaned against the office door and took a deep breath. She was still with him. He could feel it. She wouldn’t rest until their plan was done. It was time. Peter knew it was sooner than both of them wanted, but it was just him now and he wanted out. He wanted Brad to pay and he wanted to reclaim his life, though he was no longer sure what it was he wanted out of it. He thought of Gail and Gina. The twins would be hurt, but they were young, kids really. They were just eighteen. Their birthdays were coming up and they’d bounce back. People like the Scholastics were always bouncing back, but not Brad. Peter was going to bury him.

He moved from the door to the desk and sat down in front of his sister’s computer. Soon he was elbow deep in her files, digging up the dirt they had cataloged concerning Brad’s fetish for young, virgin males. Some had been minors, those names were withheld and Brad would only dredge them up if Brad didn’t take the threat seriously. Peter didn’t want to hurt the ones that didn’t have a choice. He didn’t want other young men to take their lives like his brother had done. He just wanted justice.

Hours passed as Peter collected pictures, videos, tape recordings. He remembered each one that he’d collected and was grossly rewarded with ones that he’d not yet seen, but knew of. When he left he passed Danielle pausing briefly to tell her to close down the office for two weeks. After that he’d be back to settle all the accounts. Again he felt her eyes on him and he sighed.

“Another time,” he told himself, wondering if perhaps Danielle could be a part of his new life.

Peter lifted his hand and a cab came to a stop in front of him. The briefcase he’d nabbed from Carolyn’s office was full of everything his sister had on Scholastic and his secret life. He returned home and selected a few choice photos, one video and one audio clip. These were slipped into an envelope and addressed to Brad. When he was finished he picked up a second envelope, this one smaller than the first and placed a flash disk of his night with bahçeşehir escort the twins along with two 5 x 7 shots of one of their many nights together. These he addressed to Savannah. He’d use it if he had too, but he hoped Brad would come clean without his wife’s involvement.

Idly he tapped the files he collected and copied on Savannah’s lover before giving them to her. He knew Mitch Waters wasn’t perfect, but he’d be a good man for the Senator’s wife. He hoped Mitch would stay by her side once all this public and Brad was suffering.

Peter closed his eyes and pictured his brother. He tried to concentrate on the happy youth he’d always been, but the memory was rudely invaded by the bloody images that were the paving for Peter’s revenge. He then flashed to Carolyn. He’d not seen her in months, but he’d spoken to her several times as Brad’s one night stands lessened and his relationship with young Anthony Edwards grew. That was when they had decided to step up the date of their revealing.

His cell phone vibrated against his hip, followed by its knowing chirp. He grabbed it and growled low as he read the text message from Brad. Peter sighed and took a calming breath and called back his employer. “Sorry Sir, was in the john,” he said.

“No worries, Son. Just wondering how you’re doing,” Brad’s voice came over the air waves.

“I’m doing well, Sir. Thank you for the flowers,” he replied.

“It’s the least I could do. I’d like to do more. What was your sister’s favorite charity? Besides myself,” Brad said with a hearty laugh. “She was always good at providing me with sweet pieces of ass. I’d like to make a contribution to a worthwhile cause in her name.”

Brad cringed. He wanted nothing from Brad, least of all anything attached to Carolyn’s name publicly. “Sir, I appreciate the offer, but given the services she provided for you, I think it would be wise just to make a donation to the local children’s hospital she was fond of, but not in her name. I’d hate to see your good image dirtied if the press dug up Carolyn’s side business. What she did for you and others was done under the . . .”

“Sheets,” Brad chuckled. Peter could almost see him wink at his pun.

“Yes, Sir. So if you’d like to donate funds to the hospital, just do so and you and I will know who the money is in honor for. . .that is all that matters isn’t it?” Peter asked.

He waited, knowing Brad was struggling with the decision. Would the press look into Carolyn’s life if Brad donated money in her name? Hell yes, Peter told himself. He knew they would and he wanted to protect Carolyn.

“I see you’re still thinking of me, Son. Good plan you got there. I’ll do that, it’ll be our secret. You take your time coming back to us, though I’ll admit the temporary agent that is filling in for you is a nice piece of eye candy. I’m thinking Anthony and I will have to invite him into the fold . . . if you know what I mean,” Brad laughed.

Peter rolled his eyes. “Yeah, Sir. I understand.” He informed Brad he’d be back by the end of the following week and to not let the new guy get too comfy as a bodyguard. Brad made another joke and called him Son, sending fury through Peter. When he hung up the phone he thought of how lucky he was that Brad was just his boss and not a relative.

The weeks moved slowly for Peter. He went through his sister’s belongings, pulling out photos of the past. Old black and whites of his parents, two people that had been taken from him and his siblings early in life. Peter’s shoulders slumped as he realized for the hundredth time since receiving the devastating news, that he was now alone. A woman’s face appeared in his grief stricken mind and he stood up from the dusty photos and negatives that surrounded him. He opened Carolyn’s address book and found Danielle’s name and number. Two hours later he was taking her hand in his and leading her to a table bathed in candlelight and a chilled bottle of wine.

“How are you?” Danielle asked after he’d poured them both a glass of the ruby liquid.

Peter shrugged his shoulders. “I’m getting by. Though it will be nice to have supper with a friendly face. How are you?” he asked, honestly wondering how the young woman was doing.

Danielle repeated the same shrug and sipped her beverage. “Same I guess. I’d worked with Carrie for years. I never thought about what I’d do if she weren’t around. Now I seem a little lost.”

“Yeah, I know what you mean. We were working on this project and now. . .”

“The one about your brother right?” Danielle asked.

Peter’s eyes grew wide. “You know?”

Danielle reached over and took Peter’s hand. “I was cleaning her office one night, something I did, because she didn’t want the help in there snooping. She was a private person.”

“She had reasons to be,” Peter said, pulling his hand away. “She obviously was trusting the wrong person.”

“Hey,” Danielle answered bakırköy escort back, tucking her hand in her lap. “She’d been shredding the photos just moments before stepping out of the office and I was still on the clock and on the grounds, so she wasn’t too worried was she. I was emptying the garbage when I saw a partial photo jammed in the shredder. I dislodged it and saw a smudged picture of our famous Senator. So hell yeah I was curious. She walked in, claiming to have forgotten something, but you know what. . .looking back I don’t think that was the case. I think she wanted to talk. I think she needed it. You weren’t around. She needed. . .”

“I wasn’t around, because I was guarding his queer ass,” Peter muttered back and then lifted his hand to stop Danielle from speaking in front of the waiter. When their salads were served and they were again alone he continued. “I was there in spirit. I was only a phone call away. She knew this. She could have come to me any time or called me and I would have come to her.”

“Well, she didn’t want to trouble you. She said you were doing your part of the job and she had to do hers. I guess she was feeling shitty that night. That guy she’d been dating dumped her. Scholastic had ripped her a new one because the man she’d provided wasn’t a virgin and he’d roughed him up as had that other guy. . .Samuel. She had to pay a lot to keep the whole scandal a secret and she was starting to feel a bit guilty.”

“Guilty? For what? Trying to set things right?” Peter stuffed his food in his mouth and chewed it down without enjoying its flavor. “She had no reason to feel guilty. I think you’re just making up excuses for being nosey.”

Danielle’s eyes narrowed and she pushed back from her seat. “I came here to support you and offer my help. To take her place in the scheme, not take your insults and accusations.”

Peter jumped up and grabbed her arm just as she was about to leave. “Danny, I’m sorry. Sit down and let me apologize. I really am a gentleman. You’re right. I wasn’t there for her and she obviously needed someone to share this with and you were it. She trusted you. . .” he helped her back into her seat, “and I will too,” he said, whispering in her ear.

“Peter.” Danielle watched him reclaim his seat, as she settled into hers. “I loved her too. She was like the sister I never had. That night she unloaded everything. I learned all about your parents and how you and she raised your brother. I learned about the night he died and then I was shown the videos, listened to the tapes, saw the photos. . .I’m here to help. What Scholastic is doing is wrong. He’s not only hurting others, but he’s not the man everyone believes him to be.”

Peter was silent for several minutes, long enough for the food to arrive. He pushed his steamed vegetables around and then looked into the dark brown eyes of Danielle Green, a woman he wanted to start something with, but what he wasn’t sure. He wanted this business behind him. He didn’t want any part of it to move with him when he was finished bringing Brad down. Danielle was supposed to come after the job, but now here she was offering to help him finish what he and his sister had started. What could she do? Did he really need her?

“Danny, I don’t want you involved in this mess with Scholastic. I want something else. . . I have all I need to make Brad squirm and plenty more to prove to him I’ll go public.”

“Then what do you want?” she asked, her eyes showing her confusion.

“After all I’ve said, you may not want to know,” he answered, trying to lighten the mood with a soft smile and a gentle squeeze to her hand.

Danielle sighed and returned the simple embrace of fingers clutching fingers. “What is it?” she asked again.

“Danny, I’ve known you and Carolyn were good friends. Obviously I didn’t know how close. She trusted you, that is apparent in the fact you know about Brad and you’re willing to step in and take her place in our scheme. . .but I’m ready to move on this now, well, soon. I want to get out from under his thumb and watch him crumble. When it is all over. . .” he brought her hand to his lips and touched the smooth knuckles, “I thought of starting my life over. I thought of you.”

Danielle blinked back her shock. She pulled her hand away and tucked it in her lap. Peter saw her blush and wondered what she was thinking. “Peter, I didn’t know. . .”

“I know I’ve only made passing glances at you, and friendly flirtations, but I’ve been thinking lately that I’d like to do more. . .” Peter watched her face grow a brighter shade and he secretly patted himself on the back for changing the subject and getting her to stay with him through dinner and hopefully into dessert.

“Peter, I’ve enjoyed the friendly banter we’ve always shared, but I figured you had someone. Carolyn was very hush hush, when it came to your private life. She never said if you were involved or başakşehir escort not. . .and well, I never asked.”

Peter shrugged. “I’ve had relationships and I will be honest with you from here on out. I have been with the twins.”

“The twins?” Danielle asked. Dawning filled her face and her brows shot up. “Oh, those twins.”

“Yes. I have several photos of them in compromising positions as well as a home movie.”

“I see. Of them and you, or them and others?” Danielle asked.

“Both and of them with each other,” he answered back. “I don’t want to use them. I will if I have too. If Brad doesn’t step down and publicly acknowledge his wrong doings as well as answer the financial demand I’m presenting to him, the photos and the video will go to Savannah. She’ll do anything to protect her daughters. . .so I know Brad will answer for his crimes. . .eventually. I’d just prefer not to bring Gina and Gail’s incestuous behavior to the public eye.”

“But you will, if you have too,” she stated softly.

“Yes. I will.” Peter drained his glass and then waved over the server, who quickly brought their desserts.

“I asked Carolyn this once and I’m going to ask you too. Is this necessary? I mean the blackmail. The underhandedness. The revenge?”

Peter forked a bite of cheesecake into his mouth and swallowed, the taste complimenting the remnants of wine still on his taste buds. “If you know how to get the rapist out of public office, I’m all for it.”

Danielle sighed. “No I don’t. I just hate to see the innocent hurt.”

“Danny,” Peter said, “there are no innocents. Even Gail and Gina aren’t innocent. They were when they were kids, but now that they are women. They know how to play their father. They know how to twist the world to accommodate them. So does Savannah. She’s got a new lover, one I think is going to be the answer to her prayers, if he’s willing to handle the media attention. But she’s not an innocent victim. The guy Brad’s fuckin’ regularly. . .he’s screwing him and lining his pockets with cash so he can win the heart of the President’s relative. There are no innocent victims except the young men Brad raped and their families.”

Danielle pushed her plate away and stood up. “Peter, let’s go. I think we both need to let this conversation die and have a good evening. When was the last time you went dancing?” she asked.

Peter chuckled and threw several hundreds on the table, took Danielle’s hand and held it tightly. “I haven’t been dancing in a long time and would be honored to be seen holding you in my arms.” He swept his hand around the small of her back and led her toward the door of the restaurant. They made it to his car and he helped her in, before walking over and claiming the driver’s seat. Several minutes later she was exactly where Peter had said he wanted her, pressed against his chest and dancing in his arms.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Danielle inwardly shivered as Peter’s hands moved down her torso and then up again. The dance was not one of slow, sensuous sways or tightly embraced arms, but one of wiggles and constant touching. Her hands rested on his shoulders as he made his way back up her body and she turned around and pressed back into his hard pecs and crotch. She wasn’t sure if it had been the wine from dinner and then the drinks they indulged in before they danced, but whatever it was she was going to let her body react the way nature demanded it did. When his hands moved down her ribs and then rested on her hips she ground her ass into his pelvis. He groaned and she smirked upon hearing it.

“Danny,” he said. His voice louder than romance would direct, but the music forced others to shout and yell their sentiments to their partners. “I don’t think that’s wise.”

“Oh?” she asked with a laugh and repeated the process.

“No,” he growled and spun her around and brought her tight against him. “Not unless you’re planning on dealing with the repercussions.” He lifted a brow and ground his hips against her. Her eyes grew wide and she felt her cheeks grow hot as the obvious “repercussion” pressed into her.

Danielle licked her lips and blinked before pulling her lower lip in with her teeth and gently gnawing on it. She wasn’t prepared for the electric shock that slammed into her when Peter’s mouth captured her lip and tugged it from her own assault. His tongue then moved over the wet skin before drifting inside to tease her. She turned her head to the right and her fingers slipped up his chest and around the back of his head. Her feet raised her a few more inches as she stood on the tips of her toes.

As his mouth trailed from her lips to travel down to her neck and bite on the flesh that pulsated under a thin veil of freckles Danielle whispered, “Damn.”

Peter chuckled and drew back, pulling her deeper into the corner and turning her so she was pressed back into the wall. “Danielle,” he said, his words dancing over her ear.

“Umm. . .yeah?” she asked in a breathless voice.

“I was going to take it slow, but you haven’t been cooperating.” His hands moved from her shoulders to her hips and then up to tease the undersides of her breasts.

“Umm. . .so,” she answered, swallowing the lump in her throat.

“So. . . what should I do now?” he asked. She felt his thumbs brush across her nipples and she hissed.

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