Seize the Moments of Your Life

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Smokey Saga 6: “Happy Endings VI: Seize The Moments Of Your Life”


Welcome, friends! If you are already acquainted with my young ladies Sara Jane Kelton and Melleny Alison Hayes, then glad to have you back! If you’re a fan of the girls, then here you go; you’re welcome. If you’re not familiar with them—

Chapter 1: “For Happy Endings It Takes Two” (Saga


Chapter 2: “Won’t You Smile Awhile For Me” (Saga


Chapter 3: “Drowning In The Sea Of Love” (Saga


Chapter 4: “The One Thing I’ll Never Regret” (Saga

Chapter 5: “I’ll Catch You Whenever You Fall” (Saga 0)

There; that oughta keep you spirited fun-seekers occupied for a while. See you when you get here!


Well hey! Now that you’re up to speed, welcome to Chapter 6! Fair warning: this is gonna be a LONG one, but has three good, hot erotic scenes. Melleny has a smaller role this time around—not nonexistent, just smaller—but do bear in mind that in part 1 she had virtually no role at all. In honor of Miss Sara herself, being that she’s one of the most beloved characters I’ve created, I originally timed this story to be published on her thirtieth birthday (11-19-15). *party noise* HAPPY BIG 3-0, SARA!! *more party noise*


With A Chance Of Softballs

Saturday, November 28th, 2015, 11:41 a.m.

“How ’bout that one?” asked Sara.

“Right there?” Jake pointed. “That looks like a kangaroo pouch.”

“Oh, good one, bro!” Sara laughed. “How ’bout you, sweetie?”

“If I’m looking at the same one you guys are, I’m looking at a seashell,” giggled Mel.

“Oh, yeah, I can see that,” mused Sara. “Hey, let’s find another one and make a seashell bra!”

“Ooh, good idea,” Melleny grinned. “Then let’s find one that looks like a cute topless babe and pretend we just took it off her.”

“Whoa-ho!” chuckled Jake. “I like the way you two think!”

The trio was cloudwatching. It was an unseasonably warm day shortly after Sara’s big 3-0. They’d taken this weekend morning, the legendary memory-laden blanket, some sandwiches, chips, cookies and bevvies to the Glens Park for a picnic. After defending their hearty brunch from the Glens Colony of Hungry Ants, they lay on their backs gazing into heaven, trying to identify its fluffy shifting sculptures. They were sprawled in such a way that if straight lines were drawn from each of their feet, an obtuse scalene triangle would be formed. They’d become quite the b.f.f. threesome.

“Oh!” said Mel, digging into her pocket. “I just remembered!”

Remembered what, Jake wasn’t sure, but Sara had an idea. They couldn’t quite see what she was doing, but heard a lot of quick button pushes. Finally, Sara’s phone chimed. Yup, she was right.

“Aww-w-w! Look, Jake, it’s my daily love text!” Sara showed him.

im alwz on cld 9 w/u <3 mel

Jake chuckled with her, finding it only adorable that his galpals exchanged romantic messages in ridiculously close proximity. Sara texted back, giving Mel’s phone a jingle. Bringing up Sara’s reply, she then showed Jake.

u re my care bear, sez sare, so there

The scavenger hunt (so to speak) of Sara Jane Kelton’s life was almost complete. Checking the boxes, she’d found, in chronological order—

—Two terrific parents…

—Some nice friends including the best guy-pal a young gal could ask for…

—A widespread cache of passions, hobbies and interests…

—A guardian angel in the form of her beloved rock star idol…

—Full-time employment in an industry that paid handsomely and bored her only an eighth of the way to tears…

—And boundless love and romance. Life was good to her. She didn’t know how she’d become so fortunate, but liked to think being a sweet person with a big heart had something to do with it. And speaking of hobbies, her thoughts were now pulling her towards a road she hadn’t been down in years.

“Yo!” she announced, pointing to the sky at 10 o’clock. “Check those out!”

“Which ones?” Jake asked. “The…skinny, fat and round fish?”

“Oh, no, Jake,” Mel chimed in. “I think she means that swizzle stick, the, eh…state of Michigan, and…the snowball.”

“No! No, you guys!” Sara shouted excitedly, retracting and pointing her finger again and again. “It’s a bat, a glove and a softball!”

Jake and Melleny tilted their heads back in Sara’s direction, watching as her zeal grew. They hadn’t noticed anything quite this specific. But it seemed Sara’d homed in on something that truly captured her fascination, which indeed she had.

All three friends were logically more athletic as stamina-loaded kids than as grown-ups. Sara in particular belonged to a kids’ bowling league on Saturday mornings, and she and Jake also played Ankara escort sports with the little boys around their neighborhood. They liked to tease her about being the only girl, but Sara refused to let such a little thing interfere with her fun. She was good at sports, and had always been a fan. She liked playing, watching on TV, and getting her folks to take her to games. She got such a kick from the adrenaline rush. When she watched at home, she’d jump and move around in front of the TV, pretending it was her out there being cheered on.

Between the neighborhood kids, they were equipped for a plethora of different games. They played baseball, football, basketball, soccer and street hockey. Sara’s team—which she usually tried to make sure was also Jake’s—sometimes won, sometimes not. But she always had fun. Baseball was her favorite. Secretly, Sara wished they could play softball, though even at her young age, she knew the boys wouldn’t go for that. They already ragged on her for clinging to Jake like a puppy. “Kelton’s got a boy-friend!” they mocked. In later years, she’d think to herself, Hah! If they only knew now!

It was softball which was her true passion. She loved softball. Why baseball didn’t ignite the same spark in her she couldn’t say, but as she blossomed into a young woman, she gradually pieced it together. There was something about an even larger than usual spherical object, to hold in her hand, grip, play with and toss up and down…that very much appealed to her. By the time her 20s drifted along and she knew she was a true lesbian, suddenly it all came very clear. Sara Kelton enjoyed toying with large round objects, and she’d too always liked her a well-endowed woman. It was that simple.

And now she very much wanted to play. She’d done some research, and found that sign-ups for Juniper’s women’s team, the Minnesota Sprites, started early December. Tryouts began late February the following year. She could hardly wait. After sharing the news with her two best mates, they naturally approved, with but one logical reservation.

“Oh, babe, that’s awesome!” said Mel. “Really, that’s so cool, but, um…and I don’t mean anything by this…you sure you’re the right age?”

“Yeah, sis,” Jake added. “I think she means…well, it just seems like most of the girls trying out’re gonna be more in the…y’know, twenty to twenty-five range.”

“Exactly,” agreed Melleny. “That’s really my only concern.”

“I know, I’ve already thought about it,” Sara informed them. “Yeah, most of these girls’re gonna be younger, probably just outta college. But I mean, I just wanna play. Even if I’ve got a few more years on me, I’m still good. And I’m pretty strong and fast, you guys know that. I know I might not even make it past tryouts, but if I do my best, that’s all anyone can ask. You guys’ll help me practice and get ready, right?”

Of course they would, they agreed; no problem.

“Yay!” Sara said, flopping on her back again. “Hey, check out that one: it’s a ball cap!”


Work That Girl And Work Her Hard

Saturday, December 5th, 2015, 12:36 p.m.

“I did it!!” Sara shouted, throwing the door wide open. “I signed up!”

She bounded in to where Mel came out to meet her, and jumped into her arms.

“Oh, wow,” said Melleny, continuing still to underestimate Sara’s enthusiasm. “Well, good for you, honey! I’m proud of you!”

“Yep! So now you gotta start helping me train! W—”

Sara stopped a moment to whiff the air. A familiarly wafting scent teased her nose.

“Is…is that pizza?”

“Oh, yeah, actually, it is; I just ordered it. I, eh…I didn’t realize you were gonna sign up for the team already.”

“Ah, doesn’t matter. Well, I’d better get started! You wanna be my coach?”

“‘Course! Take off your shoes and socks, and I’ll just go grab our mats.”

Mel brought out their matching exercise mats on which they did yogilates. Trotting into the kitchen to gnaw a generous mouthful of ‘zza, she returned and rolled out the mats.

“Arrighf,” she uttered between chews. Gulp. “First off, natch, we’ll do some stretching.”

Sara began to position herself, but Mel halted her. Crossing behind, she took the hem of Sara’s top and pulled it up. Sara felt her arms lifted for her as the shirt came off.

“Uh, Mmmf—” Sara started to ask as her face filled with fabric.

Mel didn’t respond. Instead, she whipped off Sara’s shirt, unhooked her bra, and then proceeded to undo her jeans. Sara turned a bit red.

“S—…sweetie, um—”

“That’s Coach sweetie to you, Kelton,” Melleny smiled. Once she had Sara’s pants unfastened, she hooked in her thumbs. Taking hold of her jeans and panties, she yanked both down, abruptly exposing her ass and pussy.

“Wha—!” Mel’d just undressed her in about fifteen seconds flat. Sara couldn’t remember them ever having gotten Ankara escort bayan one another’s clothes off this fast. She by no means objected, though she was, she had to admit, a trifle confused.

“Step out and hand ’em over,” Melleny ordered, gesturing with her fingers.

Her now naked girlfriend, pants around her ankles, sheepishly and hesitantly did as told.

“‘At’s a girl.” Mel tossed the surrendered garments to the sofa and guided Sara to one mat as she assumed the other.

“Now mirror me.” Melleny flexed out her arms, one in front of her, one behind, and slid one foot down the mat until her legs were splayed at a 45° angle. Sara followed suit.

“Good. Now hold that pose…” Sara froze in position. Mel departed her mat and crossed behind. She placed her hands on Sara’s back and shoulders to adjust her posture. Suddenly, Sara felt that disarming touch that turned her to butter.

“Head parallel to the rest of your body…” Mel ordered. “Upright, spine straight. Arms symmetrical and level. That’s it…”

So this was why she’d disrobed her first. Or perhaps she’d just wanted to test her limits of endurance. Sara had to admit difficulty focusing under the guidance of Melleny’s magic masseuse fingers. She wasn’t sure if she’d enjoy this, or…well…enjoy it.

“Okay.” Her coach returned to the vacant mat and reassumed the position. “Now keep those gorgeous eyes on me, and do as I do.”

Well, no problem there. If Sara had her way, she’d sleep with her eyes open just to bathe forever in Mel’s beauty.

“Good, just like that, and we’re gonna start with the neck,” Melleny told her. “Now bring your left ear down, and slowly roll your head back, from shoulder to shoulder.”

Sara followed instructions, feeling and hearing her neck crick. “Ooh!”

“And now down with the right ear, and back the other way…good girl. Now the shoulders themselves. Take your arm across the chest like so…” Mel demo’d, “And pull till you feel your shoulder being stretched. Then the same on the other side.”

In timely order, Melleny took her through the triceps, wrists, quadriceps and hamstrings, bringing them to the legs. “Now I’m gonna have you lay down on your back, and lift your legs for me,” Mel directed. Sara lowered herself into this new prescribed position.

“‘Atta gal. Now take the backs of your thighs—right under that sexy sexy little round ass of yours—and pull your legs back towards ya.”

Sara continued to do what she was told, cautiously looking up at her coach. Mel had a foot planted on either side, enabling Sara to look directly up her dress and peek at her blue panties. They looked dry, but the dark navy color rendered her unsure. Then she felt Melleny take her ankles. She tensed up, curling her toes.

“D—…pl-please don’t…you know,” Sara pleaded, knowingly helpless to defend herself.

“Hon-ey…” Mel chuckled, smirking down at her. “How cruel do you think I am?”

Well, there was a loaded question. Skirting it, Sara merely repeated her request.

“Very well. I’ll simply give you a hand. Just stretch as much as you can, and hold it.”

Sara found herself unable to take her eyes off the (regretfully opaque) panties. She couldn’t help wondering if Mel was doing this on purpose. She wouldn’t put it all the way past her. Melleny Hayes hadn’t an evil bone in her body, though a few of her bones had shown themselves to be mischievous. She’d never intentionally harm Sara, but she would own up to teasing and messing with her. All in the name of playful fun, of course.

“Just another second, and…very good!” praised Mel, letting Sara drop her legs.

“Whew!” said Sara, catching her breath. “We done?”

“With phase one.” Melleny headed to the kitchen, opening the pizza box to grab another slice before shoving it in the fridge.

“There’s more?” Perhaps this training thing wouldn’t be as easy as she thought.

Chomp. “Uh courff, yuh siwwy!” Mel returned. Gulp. “That was just the stretching part!”

“Mmph…” Sara shut her eyes. “Well, then, can I have some pizza?”

“Don’t be absurd; you’re in training. After we’re all done I’ll get you a nice greens salad.”

Sara let out a grumble as she pushed back up onto her sexy little round ass.

“Okay, but it better have chicken in it. You can’t take that away from me.”

“Fair enough. Now roll over on your side and gimme some leg lifts.”

Sigh. “All right, which side?”

“Up to you; we’re gonna do both.”

“I was afraid of that.” A disgruntled but obedient Sara flopped—almost by default—on her right hip. “How many, coach-sweetie?”

“Just do as many as you can. If I think you’re overdoing it, I’ll tell you to stop.”

Part of Sara was kind of regretting asking her girlfriend to be her coach. Another part of her was really regretting it. But a third part reminded the first two she loved and trusted Melleny, who wouldn’t Escort Ankara lead her wrong. Mel had only the best intentions, wanting her to become fit and equipped to make the team. Sara really did want that. She took a breath, flexed her left gam, and swept upwards to a 75° angle. Mel crouched, nodding at Sara’s progress. While she believed in the effectiveness of this technique, she too relished the nice view of Sara’s fuzzy puss. She could see, touch and have Sara’s pussy anytime she wanted (as palpably proven nabbing her clothes before the workout began). But as vibrant as true love and romance remained, sex lives could use refreshment now and then. And so while exercise on its own benefitted Sara, Melleny profited as well. She was treated to the novelty of a naked Sara getting physical, starting to break into a sweat, all the time vulnerable to any advance Mel might make. She found this hot. She loved the idea of being a naughty coach, harassing her susceptibly nude trainee.

“How we feelin’, babe?” Mel asked at the onset of leg lift seventeen.

Sara puffed and panted. “Uh,” she breathed, “Startin’ to hurt, but I can go a few more.”

She made it to twenty-five, let her leg down, and dropped her head to the mat before rotating for the other twenty-five. A now turned-on Mel patted her thigh, and ran her hand to the other side, lightly goosing Sara’s ass. This obtained Sara’s attention.


Melleny did not answer. Instead, she let a tiny smile spread over her face, and drifted her fingertips towards Sara’s taint.

“Melleny? Uh…what’s going on?”

Sara looked up, but was interrupted by the sharp, hot sensation, as Mel snuck her hand between her thighs and groped her cunt.

Gasp. “MEL, what in th—”

Sara was a bit more startled than aroused, caught off-guard by this turn. Her reasoning for being in the buff was that Mel could conduct a better examination of her physiology. She hadn’t factored in that Mel might’ve also stripped her for her own entertainment.

“Melleny, wh—…um…what’cha doing?”

Mel’s grin grew. “Motivating you, pookie.” She goosed Sara’s pussy again, ordering, “Flip on over now. C’mon. Longer ya take, the more I’m gonna grope ya.”

“WHOAHHkay!” Sara exclaimed. This was more than enough motivation. It was more stimulating than painful. It almost drove her a little crazy. Her nipples plumped. She rotated onto her left and gave her coach twenty-five equally good lifts with her right leg. About halfway through these, however, she felt said coach palm her left inner thigh.

Oh, Goddess. “Um…Mel…”

“Don’t mind me, Sara. Just keep going.”

Sara made herself carry on, amid pokes and prods in the most random, temperamental spots. Then solely to be impish, Mel smacked and tickled her ass. Her interruptions disrupted, but also excited. Much as Sara tried to concentrate, she had to admit her libidinous side was enjoying this. The person coaching her through this exercise/teasing session was the person who turned Sara on more than anything. Mel’s touch in and of itself carried the power to make Sara swell with zeal, sizzle with yearning. On top of which, she’d cooked up more than a few sensual fantasies involving Melleny, making herself the submissive party, giving Mel the power to do with her as she would. And so while she may not have realized it, her girlfriend happened to be cashing in on this weakness right now. Finally, she finished her latter twenty-five lifts.

“Whew!” Sara collapsed in the mat once more. She was sweating, breath coming in rushed gasps. There was more than semi-arduous body training going on here. Now she had the bonus of taunting, almost tormentous libido-diddling, to add to the equation. If only she didn’t love it so damn much…

“Well done, baby doll,” congratulated Mel. “Now how about a few sit-ups next?”

“Mmmm…a’right,” Sara groaned, shifting up onto her bum. She had allowed some stamina to generate, so she felt more energized now. Though she was a bit preoccupied what sort of hormone-scorching antics Melleny’d in store for her during these. And whether she’d be able to withstand them. But Mel, she reminded herself, was better-versed in physical education. So Sara laid on her back, bent at the knees, soles to the floor, and let Coach Melleny kneel on the tops of her feet.

Sit-ups were one of Sara’s more prominent skills in phys ed growing up. In her heyday, she could squeeze a good sixty into a minute. She launched in, impressing both Mel and herself by knocking out thirty before she again dropped. Fortunately, her coach refrained from thrusting any roguish distraction on her this time.

“Very good, darling!” Melleny applauded. “Even more than I’d hoped for!”

Swell, thought Sara. She kept her legs together, hoping Mel didn’t notice her leaking, blushing cunt. She enjoyed flattering her, playing sub to Mel’s domme, but didn’t want Mel to think she was just a weak, jelly-kneed sexual marshmallow. There was no hiding her stiff nipples, both knew that. Melleny suspected Sara was getting fairly horny—at least she hoped so. Her own pussy was starting to sop through her panties as well.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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