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You can see the outline of her body underneath the silken sheet as you watch her sleeping. Her breasts rise and fall with each breath, you can only imagine how the soft material must feel against her hard nipples. Her placid little sighs stir up a feeling inside you and you just cannot resist the urge to touch her. Tracing the silhouette of her breast with your fingertips you slowly move back the sheet to reveal her porcelain flesh. You lower your head and lick her nipple, closing your lips you gently begin to suck feeling it grow harder in your mouth..

You move closer to her, pressing your cock against her thigh. Her skin is hot and so soft to touch, you lightly move your fingers down her stomach and between her legs. Rubbing your fingers over her pussy lips, you gently ease them open. As your finger finds her clitoris she moans softly, her dreams being influenced by your touch..

Your fingers glide over her moist flesh, circling her clitoris and slowly moving towards her cunt. You find her opening and push one finger effortlessly inside, her body rises allowing you to feel her deep within..

Gradually waking escort bostancı from her slumber she is aware of what you are doing to her, running her fingers through your hair she pulls you close to her mouth. Her lips are soft against yours and you feel her open them slightly, allowing your tongue to find hers.. Her breath is hot in your mouth, your kisses unhurried and deep, offer pleasure beyond belief.

You are pushing your finger smoothly in and out of her vagina now and you rub her clitoris with your thumb, she is wet and hot to touch. Her fingers gracefully slide over yours and gently she pulls your finger from her cunt.

Moving her body closer to yours, she turns to be on her side. With her elegant touch on your manhood she gently guides you inside her. She lifts her leg to rest on top of yours and moves her body towards you, inch by inch you penetrate her cunt until you feel your balls connect with her skin. You can see the enchantment in her face, she looks longingly into your eyes as you become part of her.

Rhythmically your bodies move together, with each thrust you can feel her getting ümraniye escort wetter, her quiet moans enrage your desire and you pump her juicy cunt faster. She scratches your back from top to bottom, before she grabs your ass with her hand, pulling you even deeper inside her. You can feel her muscles tighten around your shaft and you hear her whisper, telling you she is going to cum. Her body begins to shake and you can feel her cumming. Her cuntcream flows over your cock and your balls are sticking to her ass, you can feel your orgasm building.

You slide your cock from her pussy and move up her body so that your cock is touching her breasts. You watch them bounce as you wank your cock between them, your strokes are fast and your orgasm begins to course through your body. Hot thick cumcream erupts over her breasts and splashes her face, she rubs it over her nipples then cups her breast as she pushes it towards her mouth, you watch her as she licks your fuckjuice..

She rises her body and takes your cock in her hand, she guides it to her mouth and closes her lips around the bottom of your shaft. You feel kartal escort bayan her tongue slide up and down licking every drop of cum. Your hands hold the back of her head and you slowly push your cock in and out of her mouth. You can feel her hand caress your thigh, her nails gently scratching your skin.

You push her head back down to rest on the pillow and turn your body around to admire her soaking wet cunt. Traces of cum run down her thighs and you can see her clit still hard and swollen. You bend down, smelling her sex as the tip of your tongue flicks her clit. She sucks you harder and begins to push her cunt into your face. You reach round her body and push two fingers inside her, you can hear her wetness as you slide them in and out.

Your cock is beginning to get hard again and you push it deep into her mouth. Her hands move to your ass cheeks and she firmly begins to massage them. You can hear her stifled little moans as she moves her cunt faster, encouraging your tongue to glide over her clit. Her fuckcream gushes over your fingers as she cums again, her pussy lips are swollen and glistening with her cum..

You lift your body and move to lie on top of her, your chest pushed down, rubbing against her breasts.. You push your cock deep inside her and with deep hard thrusts you can feel your orgasm course through your body, filling her cunt with your cream…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32