Seduction of a Woman

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It was in early 2001 that I met her. I was married and actually quite happy with my home life. We were now a childless couple as both the boys had moved away. Our eldest had joined the army and our youngest was living in Toronto at a university residence. Life was good, predictable but good.

Terry was well known for her strict religious beliefs. At 5’ 10” tall and very thin she was not exactly body beautiful. On top of that her hair looked more like one of those old mops you would see grandma using to wash the kitchen floor. And just to finish her off she had an extreme case of facial acne. In other words she was not my idea of a sexy woman.

She did have a few redeeming features. She was very tall and, despite her poor choice of the dowdiest clothing possible, had a lovely ass. More important to me at the time was she was a hard worker. Terry was the kind of person that once she knew what the goal was would work like a dog to make it happen. And she was intensely loyal to me.

I guess after a while a few people had made comments around her about her looks and I was met in my office by her the first thing in the morning. She was clearly upset and had been crying. She eventually explained that she had overheard one of the cleaners who works out of our office tell another co-worker that he thought Terry was a dog.

Well I had two choices. Be honest and tell her the truth or follow the corporate dictates and just appear caring and do nothing. Stupid me chose wrong again. I tried to do what I thought was the right thing. I pointed out her good parts (a major corporate no no) and suggested she consider looking after the bad parts. I suggested a good facial-cleansing regimen to look after the acne and a trip to a proper hair stylist to get her mop turned back into hair. And dummy that I am even suggested she update her wardrobe at least from the 50’s to the 90’s.

Well that went over like a lead balloon and she didn’t speak to me for three days. To be honest I felt bad about this. I don’t like to hurt people. I also hate it when other people feel they have to criticise someone for being what they are. Sometime over the three days Terry was so pointedly ignoring me I resolved to somehow turn this ugly duckling into at least a duck if not a swan.

I tired to be subtle. If Terry came in and did a good job with a project I made sure she received the proper accolades. Once she came in on a day off wearing a nice conservative top and obviously new jeans. I tried to make it seem like a normal offhand compliment but Terry was seemingly taken quite aback by a simple “Wow you clean up well when you aren’t at work.” It was one of the first times I had ever seen her shit ass grin. It made her look a lot prettier than I would have thought possible.

Well the years went by in a hurry. Somehow my wife and I grew apart to the point where we separated and were in the midst of talking divorce. This was a difficult time for both of us and I frankly was not in the mood to help anyone else like Terry.

Life had changed for her as well. Like all of us she was a little older (46) and yet somehow she had changed. The constant preaching about the benefits of her church and what I referred to as the God Squad activities had almost stopped. Her hair was now decently quaffed into tight curls and her face had cleared up. Okay she still won’t win a beauty contest you wouldn’t call her a beast.

Terry had acquired a dog for her morning walks and seemed fairly content with her life. She ataşehir escort even brought the dog to work one day and I had to admit seeing how happy she was with her new best friend was a nice thing to see. Early in the spring of 2003 I had just arrived at work about 5:30 AM when Terry called. Her dog had been killed by an another dog (a pit bull) owned by a local drug dealer near her apartment. She was totally distraught and begged me to come to her home to help her get through the police investigation.

I arrived at her home about 6:00 AM and went inside. She was dressed in an old pair of track pants and a tee shirt that could possibly used to put wax on my car. Except it was soaked in blood. The police officer was there trying to get some facts for his investigation. After a short while of some serious tears I was able to get her to calm down and give the Officer a clear description of the dog and it’s owner.

I have to tell you I have never felt so bad for another person. In her eyes the world had just ended with the death of her best and only friend. Yeah she actually said that to me. Now at this time I had known Terry for over 3 years and this was the first indication that she had any emotions. I stayed with her for about two hours. She kept going back to the moment where the pit bull had grabbed her dog and shook it to death.

I was finally able to get her to go take a shower and change her clothes so I could drive her over to her parent’s house. I was sitting in the living room just looking at a blank TV screen and heard the door to the bathroom open. No, I didn’t jump up and get a look at her. You people are so predictable. I kept my eyes fixed firmly on the blank TV. Did I mention that the TV faced the bathroom door? Well to make a long story a little shorter what I saw changed two lives.

Picture this in your mind. A tall woman with an incredible body wearing only plain white panties and a bra races out of the bathroom and into her bedroom. To say the least I was shocked. For over three years this rather unlovely woman was covering up an incredibly luscious body. I was able to recognise that this was not the right time to make a play for her but I resolved somehow I was going to get this woman.

Terry took a few days off work so I didn’t see her until the following week. When she did come back to work she was in obvious distress. So full of anger and yet lost in a whirlpool of loathing for the killer of her dog and self-pity. This lasted for about two months until one day I had had enough. Her car had blown an engine and she was trying to buy a new car. So I was being the hero and picking her up at home and driving her to work. I showed up at her apartment door with a little present. A friend had arranged for me to get a little golden retriever pup.

When Terry opened the door there I was with this little ball of fluff looking like it badly needed some loving. After she got over the initial shock I was able to get her to hold Max in her arms. Now picture this tall woman holding a little golden ball of love and you got magic happening. In a few seconds she had changed. Gone was the angry woman replaced by a new mommy. I handed over the dog’s papers and a few things I had picked up from the pet store to get her started. I gave her the day off and left her and Max to get fully acquainted.

It must have been a few weeks later after Terry had got her new minivan that she came into my office. She avcılar escort wanted to take me to dinner to thank me for helping her through a terrible time in her life. We arranged to meet at a local restaurant. Hey I am a sweetie but Terry wasn’t dumb enough to trust me that much. After all she had been through I couldn’t blame her.

Anyway we had a really nice dinner and an even better chat about our lives and even each other’s goals and aspirations. We talked about her choices and even about my upcoming divorce. Hell she didn’t know I was separated and it shocked her that I hadn’t told anyone. At the end of the evening I politely thanked her and figured that was the end of it. Over the evening I had somehow come to the conclusion that this woman was too much effort for a 50 year old guy who was already a two time loser.

The next day purely as a courtesy I stopped at my friend’s flower shop and asked her to send Terry some roses and a thank you card for the dinner and conversation. Little did I know that roses were her favourite flower and when my friend included a single red rose Terry took it the wrong way or perhaps the right way.

When I got to work Terry was waiting for me. She immediately put her arms around my neck and gave me what some would refer to as a chaste kiss. At least it started that way. A simple touching of our lips somehow became a touching of tongues. I could feel her body pressed against me. Our tongues danced with each other. I could taste a hint of toothpaste and something else just as sweet.

Our bodies were almost joined as closely as our lips. I could feel her very firm breasts tight against my chest and our groins were as close as two clothed people could get. I broke the kiss off and looked at her. Her lips seemed a little fuller and her eyes heavier. I had never imagined what a kiss could do to a woman like Terry. I quickly unlocked my office door and gently pushed her inside.

The door was closed and I put my arms around her and kissed her again. At first I could feel the warring emotions she was experiencing. Here we were at work, kissing like a pair of teenagers, in my office. It was like a dam breaking for both of us. I knew I was going to make love with this woman and I think she felt the same way about me. I let my hands run up and down her back while we kissed each other. Her tongue was even more aggressive almost like she was taking a bit of my life and my will to live and love.

Slowly but with increasing frequency my hands ran up and down her back. Absorbing every nuance of her thin frame. Our groins were locked and I knew she could feel how hard I was. I let my hands move lower so I could feel her shapely ass. I pulled her closer to me and found her groin and mine were at the perfect height for each other. Even fully dressed I could feel the heat from her pussy.

It was like we had ceased to exist in the normal world. I am sure there were people walking by my office but we were oblivious to everything but our physical needs for each other. Our lips still remained locked and I reached under her shirt to feel her skin. So soft under my hands I could feel an electric current running through my fingers. I reached up and to my surprise her bra unhooked without the slightest tugging.

Now picture this some more. Two middle-aged people at work in a busy office making out. Even now I look back and wonder what the hell I was thinking. I moved my right hand around avrupa yakası escort under her shirt and so gently lifted up her bra and felt her oh so perfect breast. Maybe a B cup with a nipple so hard you could use it as a pointer. She made a little gasp as I rubbed the nipple and then gave it a gentle tweak. Her own hands were busy running down my back and pulling me closer.

I used my other hand to lift up her shirt so I could see her breast for the first time. One nipple was fully exposed and without thought I bent my head and gave it a little lick. Feeling that little nubbin on my tongue made me even harder. I sucked on it and soon was fully involved in licking her whole breast and then sucking it as far into my mouth as I could. I exposed the other breast and tweaked and felt it. I changed breasts and began licking and sucking on the other one. I couldn’t help myself I had to see as much of Terry as I could. I undid her pants and exposed her panties. Her pants literally fell to the floor. I believe without any encouragement on her part I might have stopped but she instead lifted one leg and then the other kicking the pants away. I pulled her white cotton panties down and exposed her pussy. I was almost shocked, as I had never expected to see Terry with a neatly trimmed bush like she had. I could see her lips all swollen and red from the grinding we had been doing to each other. I let my lips trail there way down her stomach and stopped only to inhale the smell of a woman in obvious heat.

Without further thought I buried my face against her pussy and licked her until she opened up like a spring flower. It was incredible. She was as ready as I was. Juices were flowing like a tap and she was almost squealing. I almost ripped my pants down as I prepared to finish what we had started.

Knowing that taking her on the floor would not lead to anything but pain for my knees and a sore back from the carpet I made the decision to take her over the desk. I kissed her again. A long and hard kiss my cock was pressed tight against her and I suppose in hindsight I could have just entered her while we stood up. I told her to lean over the desk and moved behind her. Instinctively she bent over and I was able to place the head of my cock against her wide-open pussy.

I couldn’t believe how hot she was. Maybe there is some truth to the idea that when you make love your body core temperature rises several degrees. All I knew was that in an instant my cock was inside of her. At first I moved so slowly as she felt incredibly tight. But she was so wet I was able to insert myself all the way in. I was almost in a shock. Here I was buried up to the balls inside a woman who was known for her religious views and she was making noises like a puppy eating food from the dinner table.

As she loosened up I began to move faster inside of her. Long strokes that would almost pull me out then a deep penetration. It was an incredible feeling one that words can’t really describe. I could feel her pushing back against me as I pushed inside harder and harder. It was absotively fantastic. There is no way to describe the feeling of her tight pussy wrapped so securely around my oh so hard cock. I could feel her shudder as orgasm followed orgasm and I could feel the sperm rising through my cock. In a second I had experienced the penultimate orgasm of my own. She told me later she could feel me cum and I could believe it.

I almost stopped moving but stayed inside of her just feeling the after glow of really good sex. She was shaking and for that matter so was I. I felt like I had just run a mile and was as weak as a kitten. But I didn’t want this moment to end. I hugged her closer and ran my hands under her shirt to feel her moist skin. Frankly we were both wringing wet. As I slowly pulled out of her I could feel our juices running down our legs.


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