Seduced by a Goth Lesbian

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Big Tits

Edited the story to fix the hair colour issue


Evelyn was a 21-year old University student. A blonde girl with long, straight hair, blue eyes, a slim body with perky B-cup breasts, she was used to get a lot of attention. Had it not be for her relatively short stature (5’5″), she would have surely been asked to model. She had been in a relationship with her boyfriend for two years now and the pair were planning to rent an apartment together at the end of their studies.

During the summer after their final year at University, they had decided to treat themselves to a trip to New York to celebrate their degree. Evelyn found the city amazing and exciting and the locals rather friendly. Indeed they had befriended a group of people one night, thanks to their shared interest in music with Evelyn’s boyfriend. They subsequently invited Evelyn and her boyfriend to come along with them to an alternative rock club. This was not Evelyn’s favourite type of music but she agreed to tag along to make her boyfriend happy. At the club her boyfriend and his new friends hit the dance floor, jumping up and down and headbanging, while Evelyn sat at a table, happy to watch them from a safe distance.

After a while a rather tall woman that Evelyn estimated to be in her early 30s came and sat in the spare seat next to Evelyn’s. She stroke an impressive figure: she had a toned, fit body and black hair, interspersed with purple strands, which she kept in a pixie haircut. She was all dressed in black, wearing a black vest, black jeans and black combat boots. Evelyn could see several tattoos along her arms. She wore a nose ring on her right nostril, black eyeliner around her light brown eyes and two black button-shaped earrings, giving her a Goth look. She would not have been out of place in a Marilyn Manson video and Evelyn did feel a bit intimidated. The woman then turned to Evelyn and said, “New around here, aren’t you, little girl?”

“Yeah,” Evelyn replied rather uncertainly. Evelyn didn’t like people referring to her as little girl and would normally call them out on that, but there was something about the tone of the woman’s voice that did not allow for any objection.

“Listen, you strike me exactly as my type…why don’t you come with me and I show you a good time?”

“What? I’m sorry but you’ve got the wrong impression. I am not into women!”

“Even better! I enjoy turning little straight girls like you into docile lesbian slaves!”

Evelyn felt intimidated but also a bit aroused by her words. Still she decide it was best to make things clear.

“Listen, I am straight. I have a boyfriend I love very much! Now, if you will excuse me, I will be off to the toilet!”

Evelyn stood up and headed to the toilet. As Evelyn entered the cubicle and was about to close the door, the woman from before barges in and lock the door behind her. Before Evelyn could even protest, the woman pushed her against one of the cubicle’s walls and pinned the young girl’s body against it with hers. Evelyn could feel the mysterious woman’s breasts pushing hard against hers and her rock hard nipples poking almost painfully against Evelyn’s. The woman stared Evelyn straight in the eyes with a piercing gaze and Evelyn could not help but feeling mesmerised by it. The older woman then put her mouth next to Evelyn’s right ear and said, “Your boyfriend does not scare me. He is not what you deserve. What you crave is someone strong in our life. Now look me in the eyes and tell me if I’m wrong?”

“He is very nice and treats me well. I-“

“Yes. But you are a dirty girl. And need to be treated as such. You need someone to put you in your place and control you.”

Evelyn was speechless and began to feel aroused. There was something about that woman’s demeanour, her tone of voice, her look that hits a visceral note with Evelyn. A craving that had long been neglected.

“You will come with me. Now. No more men for you. I will make you mine forever and own you like a little pet.”

She sounded so assertive and confident…Evelyn simply could not deny her arousal. And while part of her wanted to run back to her boyfriend, another growing part wanted to be owned and ravished by that strong woman. Without waiting for an answer, the mysterious woman grabbed Evelyn by the hand and led her outside the club and to her car. Evelyn, almost mesmerised, just let herself be led.

In the car, the mysterious woman addressed Evelyn, “What is your name, little girl?”

“E-Evelyn…”, Evelyn replied hesitantly.

“Evelyn…my name is Heather but you will address me as Miss Heather in private. Do you understand?”


Heather slapped Evelyn on the face.

“Yes what?”

“Y-yes Miss Heather…”

“Good girl. I want you to take your panties off and hand them to me. Now.”

“Wha-” but she could not finish before being slapped in the face again.

“Never question me! You will always do as you are told. Is that clear?”


Evelyn removed her panties and handed them to the older woman. Çakmak Escort She opened the driver window and threw them out, leaving Evelyn feeling very vulnerable.

Once arrived at her place, Heather pushed Evelyn inside and then immediately pinned the young girl with her body against a wall, further cementing her supremacy. As she pushed he breasts against Evelyn’s, the young student realised she was not wearing any bra. Her nipples were rock hard and poking almost painfully against the blonde girl’s. It was then that Evelyn realised that was something else making her nipples so hard. She has pierced nipples! Evelyn was in the presence of a woman like she had never met before!

“I have a schoolgirl outfit that should fit you. I want you to come upstairs with me and wear it. Do you understand?”

“Y-yes, Miss Heather.”

Heather took the blonde girl upstairs to a bedroom and dug out the outfit. She tossed it at Evelyn and ordered her to get undressed and wear it.

“Y-you mean undress here, in front of you?”

“Yes. Don’t make me ask twice!”

Evelyn began to undress and as she did so, she could feel the older woman’s lustful gaze all over her body. When Evelyn removed her bra, Heather ordered her to stop and move closer.

“Mmm, yes, just the perfect size and shape as I like them. For a little girl you have some fine, firm breasts!”and as she said so she cupped Evelyn’s breasts and squeezed them hard. Having her breasts handled so roughly was really turning Evelyn on. Heather took notice and then proceeded to pinch and pull the young student’s nipples hard, before letting them go. Evelyn was feeling very aroused and yet ashamed and quickly put on the outfit.

“Mmm, look at you. Such an innocent, little schoolgirl. I wanna see you dance!”

“What? Now?”

Heather grabbed the young girl’s mouth with her right hand and pushed her nose close to Evelyn’s, so that Evelyn could feel Heather’s cold nose ring brushing her skin.

“Never question me, little girl! You will dance for me now. And very sexily, like when you are trying to seduce a boy!”

She then put some EDM music on and sat on the bed. A little scared and excited, Evelyn tried her best to dance in a seductive manner, pushing her breasts out and turning and twerking with her butt.

Evelyn could tell that Heather was getting very excited. Her eyes looked at the blonde girl with unbridled lust, almost devouring her with their intensity.

“Oh god, you little slut. You are really turning me on! Ughh, I can’t control myself any longer!”

She then grabbed Evelyn hard by her hair as the young girl was giving the older woman her back and pulled her down to the bed.

After pinning Evelyn down on the bed with her body, Heather stared the young blonde straight in the eye and said, “I’m going to destroy you little girl! You will never be the same again after I’ve had had my way with you!”

She then exposed Evelyn’s neck and started licking and kissing it gently at first. But soon enough she was now sucking Evelyn’s neck hard. Finally Heather sank her teeth into the young girl’s neck, causing her to yelp and leaving a red mark.

“Mmm, this is just the first of many, you little minx. I’m gonna mark all your body and brand you as mine!”

Heather then ripped Evelyn’s top off, exposing her breasts.

“Mmm, not wearing any bra I see. You really are a little slut, aren’t you?”

The older woman then grabbed Evelyn’s breasts roughly, squeezing and kneading them. She then pinched, twisted and pulled hard on the blonde’s nipples, causing her to moan and let out soft cries. Not satisfied, she then attacked Evelyn’s breasts with her mouth, taking the nipples and as much of the young girl’s breasts in her mouth as she could and sucking hard on them, leaving them all red with suction marks. Finally she took Evelyn’s nipples between her teeth and bit them hard enough to send a jolt of pain and excitement down the blonde’s spine. Satisfied, she then proceeded to leave bite marks all over the young girl’s breasts. She then stopped to admire her handiwork as Evelyn lay panting underneath her.

“Yes! Now you have been properly marked!”

She then rubbed her hard nipples against Evelyn’s breasts and the young girl could feel her cold piercings grazing her skin and she moaned in pleasure at the contact between their breasts.

“Oh, baby girl! This is just the beginning! I have many more things to show you!”

Before Evelyn could say anything, Heather put her mouth on the young blonde’s and her tongue forced its way through the girl’s lips, attacking the inexperienced tongue with sheer ferocity, desperately trying to penetrate Evelyn’s mouth and pump saliva inside of the pretty blonde’s mouth. After almost half an hour of such intense kissing, Heather led Evelyn to the kitchen. She sat down in a chair and told the young girl, “I’m feeling hungry. There are some strawberries in the fridge. Get me the whipped cream, a spoon and a bowl as well. Put them on the table then kneel to my left.”

Evelyn Escort Çakmak did as she was told and Heather started eating some strawberries. After a while, the older woman said, “Well, aren’t you a good, obedient pet? I think you deserve a little treat.”

She then ordered the pretty blonde to take off her leather boots and socks, exposing her feet to the air. Heather then proceeded to put a strawberry between each of the toes of her right foot and then covered them and the whole length of her sole with whipped cream. She then raised her foot to the young girl’s face.

“Here is your treat. I want you to eat all the strawberries and lick every little bit of cream off my foot!”

Evelyn hesitated for a second, but the truth as that she was turned on by the whole situation. She began eating the strawberries, making sure to lick every bit of juice and cream between her mistresses’s toes. Evelyn then licked the cream along the length of Heather’s sole, finding the taste intoxicating and arousing. Eventually she could no longer control herself and started sucking the older woman’s delicious sole. From Heather’s soft moans, Evelyn can tell her mistress was enjoying it too.

“Oh, you really are a dirty girl! Come on show me how dirty you are! I want you to give each of my toes a nice, deep blowjob, like you would to your boyfriend.”

Evelyn was only eager to please and took one toe after the other in her mouth. Evelyn alternated gentle licking with hard and deep sucking, making sure to savour the taste. Heather’s moans became louder. After a while she ordered her young slave to stop, cupped her head between her hands and pulled it up to stare the young girl in the eyes.

“Mmm, that was really good, my little pet! You made me very happy! I think you deserve a reward for this!”

Heather took Evelyn upstairs to the bedroom ordered the young girl to lay on the bed. She then proceeded to remove Evelyn’s miniskirt and underwear, leaving her completely naked and vulnerable. The sight of her pretty blonde pet naked on the bed, further aroused the experienced lesbian.

“Mmm, you have such a sexy body, little girl. Oh, the things I’m going to do to you!”

She then went down on her knees and placed her mouth right in front of Evelyn’s pussy. Evelyn could feel the older woman’s warm breath on her pussy lips and it really turned her on. Then, all of a sudden, Heather’s tongue darted out of her mouth and after some prodding found the young girl’s clit and started licking on it with rapid flicks. She then started alternating licking with sucking. The sensation was incredible. Evelyn had experienced oral sex with men before, but Heather was on a completely different level. At the same time she could feel a finger penetrating her pussy and beginning to pump in and out. The double attack on her clit and her pussy was driving her insane with pleasure. She closed her eyes, her breathing becoming heavier and moans escaping her mouth.

Finally, with a loud moan, Evelyn experienced an earth shattering orgasm.

Satisfied with the outcome, Heather stood up and then whispered in Evelyn’s ear, “That was a good girl. You came so well for your mistress! But I am not yet done with you. I have one more surprise!”

She then went to another room and Evelyn could hear her rummaging through some stuff. When she came back, Heather was completely naked and Evelyn could see the tattoos covering her breasts and the piercings on her nipples that had been previously grazing the young girl’s perky breasts. Heather looked so wild, so raw and primal, like an amazon warrior that had come to claim her prize and Evelyn could not help but feel aroused. But the real surprise came when Evelyn looked between the experience lesbian’s legs and realised she is wearing a black strapon! Evelyn gasped in surprise, fear and excitement.

“This is all for you, little girl. I’m going to fuck you non-stop like no man ever has! I’m gonna make you come so many times and drive you crazy with pleasure!”

“I-I…no, please…I have never done this and it’s too big!”

“Don’ worry, I will make you suck on it until it’s well lubricated and I will start gently before pounding you really hard with it. You will never want a man again after I’m done with you!”

Heather then came to the bed, grabbed Evelyn by the hair and put the large strapon in front of the petite blonde’s mouth. Evelyn, as if mesmerised, spontaneously opened her mouth to welcome the plastic penis in it.

“Good girl! I want to see you put as much of it on your mouth as you can. And I want you to look at me in the eyes as you do so.”

Evelyn did as her mistress commanded, staring straight in her eyes. Heather looked back at her slave with a triumphant grin on her lips, while her eyes sparkled with what could only be described as unbridled lust. Evelyn sucked slowly up and down the length of her strap-on, leaving a glistening coating of saliva on it. This seemed to please Heather, as she started moaning softly while keeping eye contact with the young blonde. After Çakmak Escort Bayan a few minutes, Heather pulled Evelyn’s head back sharply by the hair, making the petite girl let out a short yelp of pain. She then pushed her young lover on the bed, belly up.

“You are gonna get it hard and rough, little girl! I can literally keep going for hours!”

She then proceeded to put herself on top of Evelyn and slid the strapon gently inside the young blonde’s pussy. The plastic cock was much bigger than anything Evelyn had experienced and as the experienced lesbian slowly pushed it in, she felt her pussy being filled like never before. Once fully inside, Heather began to push it in and out of the young girl.

“Look me in the eyes as I fuck you, Evelyn. I want you to see who owns you now!”

Soon enough Evelyn started moaning. Heather suddenly stopped and said, “Open your mouth wide, slut!”

She then spat in the young girl’s mouth and said, “Swirl my spit in your mouth. I want you to taste it before you swallow it. Yes, just like that. You like my taste, don’t you?”

“I…I do, Mistress…” replied the young blonde.

Satisfied, Heather began fucking Evelyn again. She lowered her body on top of the young girl’s and put her arms around Evelyn, pushing their bodies as close together as possible. Her thrusts then became deeper and harder as she locked her lips with the petite blonde’s. Her experienced tongue was twisting and coiling itself around Evelyn’s relentlessly, pumping saliva in the young girl’s mouth and around its edges. Evelyn was letting out frequent moans as the stimulation from the intense penetration and french kissing took over her. She wrapped her legs around Heather’s hips to feel her even closer and finally came with a loud moan, muffled by Heather’s mouth. But the older lesbian was not yet done with her young lover.

“Ok, little girl. Now turn around and on all four!”

As soon as Evelyn had complied with the request, she felt a hard slap landing on her ass.

“Ouch! That hurts…”

“Yeah, but I bet you also liked it, didn’t you?”

“No, no…”

“Do you want me to stop then?” Heather said and slapped the young girl’s ass again.

“I…no, don’t stop please!”

Heather slapped her little slave several times, alternating slaps with soft caresses. After a few minutes of this, she then started rubbing the young girl’s clit and pussy lips with her fingers. Evelyn was soon very wet again and Heather then slid her strapon back in the young girl’s pussy.

As she started pumping in and out, she grabbed hold of Evelyn’s hair at the base and used it as reins, occasionally pulling hard on it and causing Evelyn to yelp in pain and pleasure. Turned on by seeing the young girl moaning and yelping, she then pushed the blonde’s head against the bed and held it in place by placing her left foot on it, pressing her heel against the girl’s left cheek. She then began fucking Evelyn faster and harder, panting and sweating profusely.

Evelyn, now moaning and screaming loudly, was approaching another climax. Sensing this, Heather removed her foot from the girl’s cheek, grabbed her hair and pulled her head back. Then she said, “Do you want me to stop?”

“No, no! Please don’t stop!”

Heather pulled the petite girl’s head back even further, causing her to yelp, then said, “Will you be my lesbian girlfriend forever?”

Evelyn hesitated. Heather then released her grip slightly and slapped the young girl’s ass hard a couple of times, before tightening her grip on the girl’s hair and yanking her head back again and continuing to slap her ass.

“Will you? Answer me!”

“I…oww…yes! I will be your lesbian girlfriend forever!”

Satisfied with the answer, Heather started pounding her innocent lover’s pussy furiously until she came with a loud moan. But rather than stopping she kept going with the same pace until Evelyn had come a further three times and she herself had experienced an orgasm with a deep grunt. She then lay down in the bed next to her new lover and cuddled her.

She then whispered in Evelyn’s ear, “I really want you forever, baby girl. Why don’t you move in with me tomorrow?”

“But I was supposed to move in with my boyfriend…”

“Your EX-boyfriend….text him tomorrow and tell him you are leaving him. Oh, we will be so happy together!” and then hugged the young girl tight, making her feel warm and safe.

“This weekend I will take you to several shops. I wanna buy you some new clothes and give you a new look, baby! I really want people to look at us and know we are a couple! You will love it!” and with that she kissed Evelyn until they both fell asleep in each other arms.


Nine months later, at the University graduation ceremony, nobody recognized Evelyn until after her name had been called out. She was sporting a black hoodie, black combat boots and black tight jeans. Her hair was cut in a pixie hairstyle with shaved sides and dyed jet black. She was wearing dark, smokey make-up around her eyes and black lipstick. A silver nose ring donned her left nostril. At the end of the ceremony, she met with a tall, goth-looking woman in her 30s. The two women hugged and exchanged a passionate kiss in public, before leaving the premises hand in hand, leaving all of Evelyn’s former friends speechless.

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