Secrets of the Vine Pt. 03

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The hot sun rose over the beaches of Cancun, signaling the beginning of another day. Alex and Aria stirred as the sunlight streamed in through the balcony window. Alex rolled over and arose first. After using the bathroom he grabbed the TV remote and clicked on the flat screen TV.

“Damn,” he said. “It’s gonna be hot today. High of 98.”

Aria stirred in the bed. She sat up slowly and stretched out. She got up, relieved herself, then threw on a strapless sky-blue sundress. She looked over at the TV and saw the weather report.

“Perfect day to relax by the pool,” Aria said. “Maybe Brad and Ella will join us.”

“Maybe,” Alex said, throwing on shorts and a polo. “How about breakfast?”

“Sounds good,” Aria replied.

The took the elevator to the ground floor and headed for the resort’s breakfast buffet. They went through the line and filled their plates with fresh fruits and freshly-baked breads. Once at their table they orders mimosas, which were brought to them minutes later. Alex was piercing a piece of papaya with his fork when he saw Brad and Ella.

“Looks like Brad and Ella made it to breakfast,” Alex said. “Should I see if they want to join us?”

“Of course,” Aria replied with a smile.

After Brad and Ella filled their plates, Alex waved them over. The tables were designed to seat four, so there was no need to pull up extra chairs. Brad came over and sat next to Alex, Ella next to Aria.

“Morning, guys,” Brad said cheerfully.

“Good morning,” Aria said.

“Aria, I love your dress,” Ella commented. “It looks very comfortable.”

“Aw, thank you,” Aria replied. “It’s very comfy and breathable. You look really cute, too.”

Ella was wearing an off-the-shoulder orange floral print romper. Aria noticed the chest area was a little snug; she could see Ella’s erect nipples poking into the material.

“How’d you guys sleep?” Ella asked. “Last night was your first night, right?”

“It was,” Aria said. “We slept really well. You?”

“Well, it’s our honeymoon so we didn’t do much sleeping,” Brad said before his wife could answer.

Everyone at the table blushed. Ella seemed to blush the hardest. She kicked Brad under the table and scored a direct hit on his shin.

“It’s gonna be hot today,” Alex said. “High of 98.”

“Great day for the pool,” Ella said.

“Yeah,” Brad said. “I was thinking of going golfing but with it being this hot, it’s probably best to stay here.”

“Probably,” Alex said. “According to the weather it’s supposed to be only in the upper 80s tomorrow. We could go then.”

“Sounds good,” Aria said. “You guys golf, and Ella and I will lounge by the pool at work on our tans.”

The finished their breakfasts and headed back to their rooms to change. They’d agreed to meet at the pool; escort bostancı they first couple there had to get chairs. Brad and Ella were first to arrive. They spotted and claimed four chairs under a huge umbrella. The chairs sat around a small table, which supported the umbrella. They sat boy-girl, boy-girl around the table.

The ladies removed their cover-ups and jumped in the pool. Aria jumped in first and quickly turned to watch Ella jump in. When Ella hit the water, Aria watched her breasts nearly bounce out of her bikini top. They swam bath and form, slowly. Then they noticed two employees walking toward their pool with what appeared to be a small net. They fastened the next to the sides of the pool in the shallow end.

“Who’s ready for pool volleyball?” one of the employees called out.

“You in?” Alex asked Brad.

“So in,” Brad answered.

They peeled their shirts off and jumped in. A few minutes later, four other people, two guys and two girls, also jumped in.

“Why don’t we get a game going?” one of the guys asked.

Everyone nodded and muttered their consent.

“How do we wanna do teams?” Ella asked.

“How about guys versus girls,” one of the men said.

“Oh, it’s on,” one of the girls said. “We’re gonna kick your asses.”

The men got in position on one side of the net, the women on the other. One of the employees took a seat in the lifeguard’s chair. He tossed the ball to the women’s side.

“Ladies first,” he said. “First team to twenty-one wins, you must win by two. Twenty-five point max.”

Aria served first. The ball landed right in the middle of the four men, who had each apparently expected the other three to go for it.

“Come on, guys, talk!” Alex said, a hint of annoyance in his voice.

Aria served again. This time the men were ready. Brad, who was in the back row, set it to the front row, where Alex was waiting. He timed his jump perfectly and spiked the ball hard into the water in front of Ella. Ella tossed the ball back over to the men’s team. One of the new guys served. He hit it too hard and it sailed to the deep end. Aria swam to retrieve it.

“Out of bounds,” the ref said. “Point to the ladies.”

It was Ella’s turn to serve. She served the ball perfectly. The men watched the ball, thinking it was heading out of the pool. At the last second the ball seemed to curve back in and landed in the water with a “plop”. Another point was awarded to the women. Ella served again, delivering another ace for her team. On the third serve, however, the men repositioned and got the ball over the next. One of the other girls hit it right into the next, giving the men’s team the point and the serve. Back and forth the ball – and serves – went.

“Here it comes,” Aria said, seeing her husband ümraniye escort was about to serve. “Ella, back up.”

Alex wanted to see how good Ella’ reflexes were. He hit the ball hard enough so it would go over the woman in front row but land just shy of Ella if she didn’t respond in time. Ella saw what Alex was doing and dove for the ball. As she hit the water she felt her breasts fall out of her bikini top. She moved quickly to put them away but was hindered by her own teammates going for the ball.

“Mine!” Aria called.

She dove forward slightly and hit the ball, her hands crashing into the water. She saw Ella’s exposed breasts. Feigning recovery her left hand inadvertently squeezed Ella’ right breast. Aria loved the feel. It was soft and supple. She felt herself becoming aroused. Ella managed to get her breasts put away, but not before she was splashed by Aria hitting the water. Then she could’ve sworn she felt a hand lightly squeeze her right breast. Ella quickly dismissed the thought and returned her focus to the game. Aria managed to cop a couple more feels on Ella during the game.

“Game point,” the ref said.

One of the new guys slammed the ball hard. It came in like a rocket, and none of the women on the team wanted to risk taking a volleyball to the face. The ball hit the water hard.

“Match!” the ref shouted. “Men win!”

The men swam under the next then shook hands with the women’s team. Alex, Aria, Brad, and Ella got out and returned to their table and orders some drinks. Their ice-cold beverages arrived five minutes later. The four took long sips of their refreshing beverages.

“That was a fun game,” Brad said.

“It was,” Aria agreed. “We should do it again some time.”

“All that activity made me hungry,” Alex said. “Who’s ready for a bite?”

The foursome got up. They quickly decided they’d go get changed and meet at the Sea Salt Grill; everyone seemed to be in the mood for seafood. Alex and Aria bade goodbye to Brad and Ella at the fourth floor and continued the ascent to the seventh floor. Upon entering the room Aria immediately began to untie her bathing suit. Alex pulled his trunks off and went to hang them in the bathroom. Aria tossed her suit to her husband, and he hung it up as well. When Alex walked back into the room he noticed Aria was aroused.

“What’s got you all excited?” he asked his wife.

“Ella,” Aria said bashfully. “When she dove for that one ball her breasts popped out. I copped a feel as I got the ball.”

Alex just smiled.

“She felt so soft,” Aria said.

“She is a very attractive woman,” Alex said. “Do you like her?”

“Yes,” Aria admitted.

“Then, if or when you get the chance, you may play with her. But for now, lay down. I want to get you off.”

Aria kartal escort bayan lay back on the bed, her naked body hot with arousal. She opened her legs for Alex and watched him move his head between them. Alex slowly kissed his wife’s semi-swollen mound, his lips making their way around the perimeter. Aria gasped.

“Oh Alex.”

Alex’s mouth continued moving slowly along Aria’s swell. He began to slowly lick Aria’s labia. Aria whimpered.

“Does that feel good?” Alex asked.

“Very,” Aria moaned. “Don’t stop, Alex!”

“I want you to think about Ella as I eat your pussy.”

“And you stroke your cock as you lick,” Aria said.

Alex reached down and began to stroke his already-erect penis. His tongue flickered on Aria’s pussy lips, making her body quiver with pleasure. She gasped and moaned as her man’s tongue ran up and down her slit.

“Oh, Ella!” Aria moaned, a little louder than before.

Hearing his wife moan another woman’s name excited Alex. He began to lick his wife faster. His hand moved faster along the shaft of his cock; he groaned. Alex’s groans vibrated Aria’s sensitive labia. She moaned louder.

“Oh, Ella!”

Alex moved his tongue upwards. Aria let out a yelp as she felt Alex’s tongue hit her clitoris. Alex flicked her clit fast. Aria grabbed the bed sheets, tugging hard. She moaned Ella’s name louder and louder with each passing moment. Alex could feel himself building quickly. He flicked her clit as fast as he could. Aria began to writhe and cried out in ecstasy.

“Shit!” she yelped.

Alex was flicking his wife’s clit as hard as he could. Aria was crying out in pleasure, nearly screaming. Alex’s cock was throbbing uncontrollably. He began to suck Aria’s pounding clit.

“Ohmigod!” Aria screamed. “Yes, Alex!”

“I’m gonna cum!” Alex groaned as he sucked Aria’s clitoris harder.

“Do it!” Aria shouted. “Cum all over the floor!”

Alex stroked himself as fast as he could. Aria’s screams of pleasure became too much. Alex grunted as his cock began to spasm. He felt his cum shooting from him onto the wood floor. He stroked all through his climax. Having finished, he turned his attention back to Aria. He sucked her as hard as he could.


Aria grabbed his head and pushed him against her. She bucked on his tongue, feeling it enter her. Aria couldn’t hold back any longer. She arched her back and with one final moan her pussy released. Alex felt the warmth of Aria’s nectar dripping into his mouth. He greedily lapped up her love juice, tasting her sweetness. He managed to lap it all up. He stood and went to the bathroom to get a hand towel.

“Did you make a mess?” Aria teased.

“A big one,” Alex answered. “See for yourself.”

Aria looked over the edge of the bed and saw the puddle that was her husband’s cum. She looked up at him and smiled.

“Damn, looks like you were horny, too,” she smirked.

“It’s what you do to me,” Alex said. “Now we’d better get dressed and down to the restaurant before our counterparts wonder where we are.”

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