Secret Santa

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Twas the Night Before Christmas

When All Through the House

She heard something stirring.

“Hey, what was that?”

Her hands grabbed at the head bobbing in between her spread legs, fingers running through his hair. The bobbing didn’t stop – he was clearly occupied.

She found her attention quickly pulled back to the tongue playing with her clit, and his soft lips pulling her softer ones into his mouth.

The kids were already put to bed. It took an extra effort to get them to sleep, the excitement of the coming morning’s festivities on their minds. Now, with the presents wrapped and the cookies put out for Santa, it was mom and dad’s time to share a little Christmas cheer with each other.

Her hips bucked and pressed her lower half deeper into his face. His fingers ran along her thighs and up her chest to find her breasts. Nipples hardened

from his touch, and her breathing quickened. She felt herself getting closer and closer to an early Christmas gift… when she noticed a sound downstairs again.

“I hear a noise!”

He lifted his face to meet her gaze, beard wet with her juices and eyes glazed from drinking them in. She could tell he was half out of it.

“I didn’t hear anything.”

She laughed. Of course he didn’t – his head had been sandwiched between her glistening thighs the whole time. She lifted herself off the bed.

“I’m going to make sure no one is sneaking a peek at their presents.”

He sat up, wiping his beard and licking his hand as he did.

“You taste extra sweet tonight. Better let me finish when you get back.”

She sent a devilish smile his way, grabbing his face and pulling him in for a kiss. A skimpy silk nightgown was the only thing between her and his naked

form. She struggled to pull away from him. Every fiber of her being wanted to stay with the warmth of the bed and those strong hands caressing every inch

of her.

She headed for the bedroom door, but stopped as she heard his words.

“Maybe you’ll run into Santa this year.”

He just had to bring it up. Her little fantasy.

The one she first shared with him years ago. How she always found the idea of Kızılay Escort running into Santa exciting. She couldn’t help but think about it as she moved slowly down the stairs.

Maybe it was all the delicious holiday food and drinks, strong rum cake and spiked eggnog going to her head. Or the bright red costume and soft fabric it

appeared to be made of.

Or maybe it was the thought of a stranger in the dark that enticed her. She loved being taken by surprise in the middle of the night, something the man upstairs did so well so often.

When he dressed up as Santa for the kids’ school event, she found herself wet just watching him put on the costume. Not something she expected, but it

took all of her self control not to jump him on the car ride there. Although her fingers did find their way into his pants, and her own – a stealthy handjob

while she came from her own touch. Both of them finishing just before they reached their destination.

Christmas came early this year. Literally.

The noise she heard was probably her imagination, or maybe an overly eager

child sneaking away from bed to gaze into one of the many gift bags. That didn’t stop her imagination from producing something wilder and sexier…

Her fantasy built in her head as she made it to the bottom of the stairs.

What if…?


The living room sat heavy with darkness. Nothing but the faint, colorful cast of lights strewn around the Christmas tree against shiny wrapping paper to indicate her path. No children in sight. She stood over the presents, which

appeared undisturbed. Then her eye caught something.

A paper note, sitting next to the cookies and glass of scotch. It wasn’t there earlier – she would have noticed. She’s the one who left the treats out for Santa, after all.

She bent over to reach for the note. She brought it to her face, straining to see its words in the strange aura of the dancing reds and green from the tree’s illumination. She could just make out a short message:

“This is the Year”

Suddently – strong hands cupped both of her asscheeks.

She Kolej Escort jumped at the touch, but

quickly relaxed into them, as the velvety material of the gloves glided along

her skin and she realized what was happening. Her hand instinctively reached behind her, finding a stiff cock behind equally velvety pants and a

giant belt buckle.

To her surprise, the mix of adrenaline and shock made her pussy slick in an instant.

Soft kisses moved up the middle of her back, her form still bent over the side table. Santa’s lips made their way to her neck. A chill overcame her body, as

his body heat melded with her own. Her vision still struggled to adjust to the low light, but she made out one of the white gloves bringing the glass of scotch to her lips.

She drank it in, the liquid warming her insides as fingers moved to her waiting pussy. It immediately soaked the gloved fingers, which

felt as soft as she hoped they would. The other hand lifted her nightgown up, kneading her breasts through the silk.

She massaged his bouncing cock through the velvety fabric of the costume…

It broke free of the festive outfit.

He grabbed a candy cane from the tree, and brought it to her face. She sucked it in to her mouth, lips gliding along its sugary surface. She drank in the sweetness as his mouth

nibbled on her neck.

She felt the head of his cock run along her pussy lips, growing slippery immediately from her wetness. The inability to see had her other senses heightened. She could hear her own sharp breaths, and smell the melted

chocolate of the nearby cookies. And she could feel his manhood pulse as it pushed inside of her.

She pressed her ass back towards him, taking him in

completely and filling herself up. They both exhaled the softest of moans, straining to stay silent and not alert the house of Santa’s presence.

He pulled the candy cane from her mouth, turning it sideways. Then brought it back to her lips. It nestled between her teeth like a dog bone, eager to be bitten.

She bit down on it as he began to thrust in and out of her

from Maltepe Escort behind.

The taste of candy sugar and warmth of the figure wrapped around her and within her – they engulfed her senses completely. The taste of scotch still sat

lightly on her tongue. The candycane’s flavor paired with it perfectly.

She could just make out the glass on the table. It was empty – Santa must have finished it off himself.

The black belt and its bi gold buckle found its way around her neck.

Held loosely by him, with just

enough pull that she felt like she was being rocked back and forth between it and the base of his cock. She bounced between them, breasts swinging as he

gripped her hair. His lips found their way to her neck again, and she turned her face to meet his.

Their tongues ran along each other, and an old song

popped into her head for the briefest of moments.

“I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus”

Her fingers moved along her clit, already sensitive from the bedroom’s earlier

activities. Her legs pushed closer together to tighten herself around his hardness. She squeezed him as hard as she could.

She bit down harder on the candy as she felt him stiffen inside of her. His hands gripped into her hips as he hit the point of no return. Santa was a goner and she knew just how to accept the coming gift.

There was no bedroom walls to stifle his cry, so he thrust his face into the small of her back. She kept him deep inside of her, as her own climax approached.

The belt slid from her neck, and one soft hand caressed her

lovingly. The other supported her weight, as her legs gave out and she fell into ecstasy…


Morning sunlight pokes its way through the living room’s curtains. Excited screams fill the space, as the kids pound down the stairs.

They stop abruptly just as they reach the tree. Crumpled bags and crushed boxes litter the floor under the tree. The Christmas wrapping is strewn messily, like a band of elves stampeded through the night before, then shoved everything back in place beneath the ornamented branches.

Mom and Dad sit on the nearby couch, steamy coffee mugs glued to their exhausted faces.

“HEY!!! What happened to our presents!?”

The two adults glance at each other.

“Santa got a little carried away with the treats I had waiting for him.”

She laughs and clinks her glass to his. He looks down at the giant belt buckle, sitting on the couch in between them.

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