Secret Lust Ch. 03

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I woke my sister up the next morning around 8 am with a sensuous kiss to the neck, just underneath her right ear. I then began to kiss and nip her earlobe with teeth, gently.

She woke up quickly and her voice was full of regret.

“Listen, last night was pretty fucked up. I can’t believe what I…what we did. This is so wrong.”

I was a touch indignant. “It felt pretty great to me.”

I returned to kissing her neck, moving upwards again to the earlobe, then sticking my whole tongue into her ear, which made her shiver. We kissed passionately, shifting positions, sliding one side to another. She injected her own tongue into my mouth, and I sucked it, forcefully, but not painfully.

We’d fallen asleep naked, so there were no clothes to remove. But we were in a very small room that had been built one hundred years earlier, when people were proportioned much differently. As I rose on top of her, resting semi-comfortably on my knees, I had to avoid hitting my head on the ceiling. She closed her eyes and as I had gone instantly hard, I manually inserted myself into her. She began to rock back and forth on my cock.

We both knew we had to be silent, so as not to wake up our parents. And we were supposed to be staying in separate rooms, presenting another heavy risk. To be caught in the same space, naked in each other’s arms would be difficult to explain. But there was a kind of taboo pleasure involved that we both invited, in spite of it. Peering downward, I took a moment from pounding her to take in her older body.

It was thinner and more compact than it had been in her twenties. Her face was less fleshy, as was her ass. She’d always had an athletic build, but it was obvious that years of surfing and rock climbing had firmed up her body. She was sexier now than she had been ten years ago, and that was saying a ton because she’d been super-hot even back then. She was heavily toned now, which accentuated her curves.

“Pull my hair,” she whispered. “Are you sure?” I whispered back. “Yes, do it! I have a high threshold İstanbul Escort for pain. I can keep quiet.”

She bounced, ever so gently, up on down on top of me, rotating on my cock. And the whole time I pulled hard on the back of the ends of her hair with my right hand. It was long and dark brown, about halfway down her back. She panted with great force. “I’ve wanted to give your dick a ride for years. I’ve wanted to feel it buried deep within me.”

I was quizzical. “Then why didn’t you do it before now?”

“Because,” she said, exasperated, “I never knew how to ask. I never knew if you’d even be interested, or think it was okay.”

We were getting a little noisy. “Shhh,” I admonished. “Remember.”

“Shit. Oh sorry.” She returned to whispering.

I pulled out briefly, spreading her down flat on the mattress of the futon with the uncomfortable wooden frame. I pulled her left leg back, bent at the knee, taking on a slightly different angle. This futon frame was making things challenging. One had to contort one’s body in strange ways.

I let go of her hair, sticking my warm right index finger into her mouth. She sucked it with relish and at the same time it kept the volume down. I pulled out again, but this time I wanted to do the sucking. I kissed down in between her breasts, down her stomach, briefly stuck my tongue in her navel, kissed across a slightly bony kneecap, down, down, down. I stopped at her left foot.

Taking her ankle between my hands, I turned her toes towards me. They were clean and painted yellow. It was evident that she hadn’t painted them in a while because they were slightly chipped, but the effect did not bother me. I sucked one big, slightly calloused toe into my mouth, making sure not to scrape the hard nail on the room of my mouth.

She giggled, involuntarily.

I kept going, digit by digit. Then, because I have a large mouth, I managed to get all her toes in my mouth at once. I alternately sucked a toe individually or rubbed my tongue between two. She began to arch Anadolu Yakası Escort her back and thrust upwards at the same time. Still holding onto her ankle, I licked across the underside of her foot from heel to toe and back again.

“Mmmm,” she squealed, still trying hard to stay as quiet as possible. Past lovers had told me that the sensation was often ticklish and erotic at the same time. I felt her thighs twitch and tremble again, knowing now the signs that I’d triggered an orgasm. I wanted more.

“Turn over for me, baby.” I begged for it from behind. She obliged, showcasing that same broad ass I’d first seen in the photos.

Tenderly getting up on my knees, I slid my erection all the way into her. I savored the sensation and lingered for a few seconds before fucking in and out. She kept her eyes closed, biting hard on her lip to keep quiet.

“You know,” she said, “in any other circumstance, I’d be so loud right now. I bet you didn’t know I’m normally a screamer.”

“I appreciate your compliance, sexy.” I think I mentioned before that I wanted to shoot onto her swollen folds, watching the semen trail drip down. I was so hot that I knew I was going to cum and cum hard. I reconsidered. Maybe I should use a bit more discretion and blow my load inside her. Less chance of sticky, moist bedsheet stains.

“Are you on the pill, sis?”

“No,” she replied, “but I did have an IUD put in and I love it.”

“So we’re safe?” I wanted to be sure.

“Yeah, we’re safe. Go ahead”

Like all the other times before, I felt myself topple over the edge. Her pussy squeezed me back as I ejaculated, hard and deep. Combine a dream come true with an almost impossible reality and you’ll feel your very best. “God yes, God yes.” It had happened again.

Our lovemaking had only lasted fifteen minutes at most, but that was not bad, really. Still, we were going to have to make a change. After my sister and I had moved out, Mom and Dad felt that hard wooden framed futons were superior to a bulkier, heavier Üsküdar Escort box spring. They were not. We were both a little sore now, maybe even mildly bruised, but nothing to make us regret what we had done. Henceforth, fucking on the floor might be a better alternative.

After the sex haze subsided, my sister rose up from the bed and placed both feet on the hardwood floor. “I’ve got to take a shower now. I am so stinky from the sex, both last night and this morning. I can’t remember the last time I got fucked back to back like this.”

The bathroom was only right down the hall. I heard the ancient wooden door lightly shut and then latch. Then I heard the shower curtains part and the water taps turn on.

I was frozen in place for the moment, savoring part two. What would follow next. I guess, shower-wise, I was going to get sloppy seconds. I bet she’d take forever in there, but it’s fortunate that my parents think that hot water has got to be scalding by default. Even if she drained the hot water, there was nothing wrong with a lukewarm five minutes for me. I rarely ever took very long, in the shower, that is.

I could smell the coffee wafting in from upstairs. Our parents were up, or at least one of them was. We’d gotten in just under the wire. Sis and I would have to play pretend for the rest of the day, but I figured Mom and Dad would want to hear about the direction our lives had taken for a good long while and that they wouldn’t suspect a thing.

Getting together again was obviously going to be a late-night affair. My parents had a whole list of things they wanted us to do with them. In any ordinary year, we might take a short trip or welcome guests, but not with COVID. We’d be in close quarters the whole time, which were becoming increasingly tempting with every passing moment.

The taps abruptly shut off. The bathroom was now available. I quickly threw a towel around myself as my sister dashed past me, naked, grabbing two handfuls of clean clothes to change into from her luggage. Then she made a beeline for what had been her old room growing up and I heard the door shut behind her resolutely.

Time to wash off the funk. The coffee smelled delicious and I knew I’d be welcome to a cup upon my arrival downstairs into the kitchen. This kept getting better and better.

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