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I nervously headed into the restaurant, the last member of the party to join the group. I knew Sue and Dave, but Dave had arranged for a friend of his to make up the foursome with us. All I knew was that his name was Sean and he was older. I’ve always preferred older men, but was wondering if Dave’s definition of Older was like mine.

I also realize blind dates as a rule, are disastrous. In fact, the last time I did that, I swore never again. But, you know, it’s Saturday night and I’m not doing much more than living the life of a hermit lately. And there’s always that flicker of Hope that maybe this time will be different.

I spotted Sue right away as I approached the table. Dave and a really nice looking older man stood while Sue made the introductions. The man named Sean held my chair while I was seated. One of the neat things about being with older men is they remember their manners.

Ok, I remember my manners, too, usually, but there was just something about Sean that I couldn’t take my eyes off of him. We had several good conversations, but though I knew Dave and Sue and reminded myself I should look at them when speaking; for some reason, I just wanted to look at Sean. Then I became self-conscious that I was staring, so I’d just look down and hope he couldn’t see my face was hot and embarrassed.

I am not a schoolgirl with a crush on her teacher, I kept reminding myself, but I’m acting like I’m a love smitten adolescent. The waitress brought another round of drinks. Yes, when in doubt you’re not being socially acceptable, have another drink. That always helps. Here I just met this guy and I’m already talking to myself. This is not good.

Before I knew it, everyone was getting up, and saying their good-byes. Outwardly I stood, and said Good-bye and was walking out the door with the others. Inside, though, I was protesting, the evening can’t be over!!! I just met Sean; I can’t bear to go back to my small apartment alone!

The next thing I knew, Sue and Dave were driving away, and Sean, bless his heart, looked at me with something in his eyes I didn’t recognize. “You look rather reluctant to say good-bye.”

“Is it that obvious? I feel like a schoolgirl with a crush.”

“Yes, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen a grown woman blush so often.”

“Well, I may look like a grown woman, but inside I….uh…Oh, shit.” I looked down at my hands helplessly not knowing what to say. He stepped a little closer, took my hand and said, “Would you like to walk for awhile?” “Uh, yes, that would be nice.”

Thankfully he started out carrying the conversation, and I really can speak intelligently with just about anybody. When I’m not smitten with unspoken infatuation or lust or whatever this was I was feeling. We walked, and I guess I didn’t realize he was turning just where I was, until we stopped in front of my apartment building. I said, “This is where I live.”

He looked down and smiled and said, “You don’t say!!” Well, I felt a bit foolish. But, you know I had to try the line I’ve heard in all the movies. “Would you like to come in for a drink or coffee or something?” “Yes, I’d like that.”
Well, once I got him up to my apartment, I wasn’t really quite sure what to do with him. I mean, I’ve been with men before, of course, though not many and it had been some time. Still, there was a presence about Sean that unsettled me. Not in a creepy or bad way, just in an otele gelen escort …unsettling way. Like he could read my mind. Or look into my eyes and see my soul. Not good, Karen, be careful I told myself. Then as part of me was still wondering about all this, thankfully the courteous part took over.

“Would you like a drink? Or coffee?” I asked.

“What will you be having?” He looked all too masculine and large in my small apartment.

“Personally, I’d rather have a cup of coffee, but you can have whatever you like.” I stopped in sort of a panic, realizing that could be taken in a couple of different ways.
“Coffee’s fine.” He sat on my sofa while I quickly made coffee.

“I don’t know why I’m so nervous,” I admitted, and thinking it looked rude to sit Too far apart from him, I sat on the opposite end of the same couch.

“Perhaps I could just help you relax a bit. You know, break the ice, so to speak.” And suddenly he was right by me, holding me in his arms and we were engaged in the most luscious kiss. Oh. I’m not that nervous anymore. Well, maybe, but soon getting over it.

Finally we broke for a breath, and then resumed kissing. “A man who knows how to kiss has always been my weakness,” I said sounding stupid in my own ears. In the back of my mind, I’m aware that he’s using the oldest trick in the men’s dating guide; appearing to caress me with his arm around my back, all the while unfastening my bra under my blouse. Only I had no intention of protesting or trying to get him to stop.

Soon my bra was practically off me, my blouse was unbuttoned, and to make things easier, I just shrugged out of them. “Oh, my, you have the loveliest breasts.”

“Uh, thank you.” I’ve heard that just a few times before, of course, but still wasn’t sure how to respond. He began stroking my breasts, and running his fingers over my nipples, which were, by the way, instantly erect.

Now, at this point, even though I’m half undressed, I’m never sure about the protocol here. I realize his cock is growing under his trousers, but I never was bold enough to just grab a man’s privates, you know, as if I were Checking on their condition. I mean, he was all over my naked tits, but is it ok, to just manhandle a man’s crotch under these circumstances? Not knowing what to do, I just quit worrying, thinking it’s ok to just leave the pace up to the man. But, damn it, sometimes I wish I had a little more experience in these things.

I knew it was going to happen sooner or later, and knowing it was inevitable, it wasn’t all that alarming to me to have his hand running up my inner thigh, under my skirt, and rubbing slightly against my garter and the top of my stockings. “Wait a minute!”


He stopped moving and just backed up a bit, with an incredulous look on his face. Like a little distance would help him see me better. “You have no panties on!”
“Uh, yeah. Is that ok?”

“You mean to tell me you were at the restaurant this whole time surrounded by strange people with a short skirt and nothing on underneath except a garter and stockings?”

“Well, damn it, they weren’t ALL strangers. I knew Sue and Dave.” Though that sounded like a really dumb thing to say.

“But your pussy is naked and just….there…..for any man to see and touch.”

“Excuse me, Mr. Stranger, but I am well aware of that. pendik escort For your information, I didn’t want to keep this date, and had the distinct feeling Sue was setting me up. So, since I let myself be talked into this….Blind Date, I determined that I would go ahead and Risk being found out and it would serve her right. Plus whoever had a mind to Get that far with me, to discover it!”

I was pretty upset, but he just sat there looking at me with a look on his face, like he was watching the most amusing bit of entertainment he’d seen in some time.

“Well?!?” I said, emphatically, thinking at any time, he’s going to want to jump up and bolt for the door. He, by the way, was still fully dressed.

“Well, what?” He still was smiling at me but with a mischievous grin on his face. I’m not sure I like what I saw there. “You enjoy being the bad girl, don’t you?”

“Me? I’m not the bad girl! I don’t cuss, much. I don’t see men hardly at all, and I don’t date strange men I’ve never met before.”

“On the contrary, I’ve heard you cuss plenty tonight. You saw plenty of strange men in a restaurant knowing you were practically nude underneath. You asked me, a Complete Stranger, up to your apartment, and then allowed me to undress you after a brief interval of half a cup of coffee. I think you enjoy very much being the bad girl. And now I understand why you have that nervous, poor little girl me act about you. You’re just asking for it, aren’t you?”

“I’m sure I don’t know what you’re talking about,” I tried to sound indignant, but he was kissing me again. “Just this, I think you know you’re being bad enough to be punished. But now you’re going to protest and tell me that’s not what you’re asking for. All this time, though, I know you are.”

“You’re not going to beat me and rape me, are you?” I must’ve looked worried, but he chuckled and said, “No, Karen, I’ve never taken a woman against her will. And I promise you here and now I will never beat you. I do, however, know you’ve been practically begging me for a spanking ever since, well, apparently before we even met.”

At this speech, before I even had time to protest or argue or complain, he had pulled me across his lap, and held my back with his left arm, while his right hand was lifting my skirt, and I felt the cool air against my naked ass. “Just what do you think you’re doing, Mr….Mr. Sean?”

He was just sitting there stroking my ass lightly with his fingertips. “Didn’t your parents ever give you the spanking you so richly deserve?”

“No. No one’s ever done that…” and my voice just kind of trailed off into nothing.

“But you’ve always wanted them to, am I correct?”

“Don’t be silly. Why would I ever want…. that?” But before I could get that sentence out, Whack! His hand hit my ass. “Ow! That hurts.”

“Good. It was meant to.” Whack! He hit me again, and again. Ten hard sharp smacks on my ass, and, though I never would’ve admitted it to him, I did, in some perverse way I still don’t understand; like it.

I thought he was going to let me up, but he just held me there across his lap, running his hand over my hot swollen ass. Ok, maybe it wasn’t swollen, but it sure felt large and hot. Then before I knew what was happening, his fingers were exploring my pussy and to my dismay, she was really creamy. So much so, I was beginning to hope I was rus escort staining his nice trousers. Would serve him right!

He helped me up, and then stood, picked me up, and carried me to my bedroom. Somehow, my skirt just fell away, and when he set me gently down on the bed, I wore only my garter and stockings. He stood next to the bed quickly undressing, while I pulled my grandmother’s quilt off the bed. I’m sure she may have gotten cum stains on it in her time, but it just didn’t seem right to get our cum stains on it.

He sat up against the pillows and though I really meant to look at his face, all I could look at was his very large Cock. “Oh, My! Can I touch it?” He was smiling at me, but didn’t say anything. And knowing I didn’t really need permission, I just gingerly kind of….touched it. Lightly with my fingertips. Here and there, and running them around and under and encircling it with my fingers. He was moaning softly, but making no move to stop me, so I just got comfortably closer, and continued playing as if it were a new toy.

Soon, I was lying on my stomach, and bringing that large luscious cock to my lips. OH, he tasted good. I ran my tongue around and around. Holding him in various ways with my fingers and licking the seam up and down the center. Then ran my tongue around under the little ridge. A nice large head! How lovely! Oh, this was the most fun I’ve had in some time.

“Enjoying yourself?” His voice brought me back to the present.

“Yes, as a matter of fact, I am. Are you?”

“Very much so.”

Soon, I just pulled him into my mouth and made a game out of seeing how far in I could suck him. He hit the back of my throat, but I made room, and realized I could take him in much deeper than I’d thought. Oh, the suction part was kinda fun. I used to suck my thumb when I was little and it was pretty much just like that, only much larger of course. But comforting, and soothing to be sucking and humming….. The cock itself was the center of my world and for a time, I was able to almost forget there was a man attached to it! I hummed, and pulled him in tighter, latching him to the roof of my mouth, and sucking on it like I’d never let it go. It was getting fatter, and almost growing even more, as if that were even possible. Then the cum was oozing and shooting into my mouth. Oh, he had a good taste. I swallowed, and licked some from the corner of my mouth and swallowed again.

I raised up reluctantly and wondered what I should do next, but he pulled me up closer to his chest, rolled me over, and without so much as a preliminary tease, his cock found my pussy and shoved himself into her with a firm hard stroke. OH!!!! I haven’t been fucked in some time. But this was great!!! He wasn’t exactly mean or brutal, but it was definitely firm and insistent! He held me by the shoulders, kissed my sticky mouth and just fucked me like there was no tomorrow, and it just occurred to me, like maybe he hadn’t had sex in some time either.

We came at the same time, which I’d always heard about but it never really happened to me. Then I was lying like a rag doll in his arms, and laid my head against his chest.

“That was incredible.”

“Yes, it was.” What a stupid thing to say. Am I ever going to quit saying dumb things? Maybe after I get to know him a little better? I’m also going to have to quit talking to myself.

“Do you have to work tomorrow?”

“No, do you?” “No, but I was inviting myself to stay.” I wanted to say I’m not the only one to say dumb things, but I don’t know him that well yet to say that.

“You are the most amazing cock sucker I’ve ever met.”

“I’ll take that as a compliment, so thank you. And you taste marvelous.” He just held me, and soon we were both snoozing away…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32