Sea Tramp Summer Pt. 01

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Sea Tramp Summer

Part 1

(Author’s note: This story is a little bit different from my usual stories in that it builds much more slowly in the first chapter than my works usually do. This tale was intended to have several parts from the moment I first conceived the basic idea, and I feel it’s necessary to the story line to provide a more detailed and lengthy character build-up before getting into the ‘nitty gritty,’ so to speak. So please bear with me, I don’t think you’ll regret it!

This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to any person(s) living or dead is purely coincidental. All characters depicted are at least 18 years of age.)

“Uncle Dan! Hey, Uncle Dan!” a feminine voice called from the direction of the dock.

Dan looked up from the rope coil on the bow of his boat that he was working on, squinting in the mid-day sun from beneath the visor of the well-worn and weather-beaten black captain’s hat he was wearing. He was wearing the hat, a pair of bathing trunks, and deck shoes without socks and nothing more. He never did wear much more when he was on his boat, and he rarely left his boat when he was in port except to get supplies or an occasional Red Stripe beer from the bar at the dock. He also never wore sunglasses as he thought it obscured his view of things on the horizon, and after years of sailing the Caribbean without them he was very good at spotting things at all distances with little trouble.

He immediately saw that the source of the voice calling out to him was his 22-year-old niece, Lucy. She was grinning and waving at him from the dock, a backpack slung over one shoulder. She was wearing a sleeveless white shirt with blue horizontal stripes and a matching pair of skin-tight, very short blue shorts and sandals on her feet, and Dan thought that she looked very much at home in her attire, like she belonged there.

Dan stood up straight and waved back, returning her smile. Lucy had always been his favorite niece, and he hadn’t seen her anywhere near as much as he wanted to while she was growing up. He was in the US Navy at the time and was out to sea for at least six months out of the year, and when he was in port he was on the other side of the country from where she lived with her family. When she contacted him several months ago and told him that she wanted to spend the summer sailing with him on his two-masted ketch in the Caribbean as a college graduation present to herself, Dan immediately agreed.

“Are you sure it’s okay, Uncle Dan?” she had asked during their phone conversation. “I mean, it won’t put you out or anything like that, having a giddy young girl running around on your boat all summer, getting in your way and everything, will it?”

“Of course not!” Dan replied, chuckling. “I’ll put you to work and make a real sailor out of you, and by the time the summer is over you’re gonna have a tan that will be the envy of everyone you know!”

He loved Lucy as if she were his own daughter, and he was looking forward to having her stay with him for the summer. Living in the Caribbean had its drawbacks, one of them being that he didn’t see some of his family anywhere near as much as he wanted to. Lucy was one of the ones he wanted to see more often; her father (his brother), not so much. Henry was a bit of a pompous ass, always needing to be the center of attention and pontificating about anything and everything in groups of people whenever he got the chance, and Dan could only take him for about ten minutes before he was ready to kill him. Lucy was Henry’s saving grace, and Dan tolerated him on account of her. Now Lucy was running down the dock towards his boat, a 60-foot two-masted ketch named the ‘Sea Tramp.’

Which was pretty much what Dan was these days, a tramp who did nothing but sail the seas. He was a career Navy man who had enlisted when he was 18 and spent 23 years in the US Navy, retiring as a Senior Chief Petty Officer. He had just gotten a new job and was getting ready to start the second half of his life when he was involved in a very serious automobile accident; a tractor-trailer from a prominent national shipping company had rear-ended him at a high rate of speed while his car was stopped at a light, and he had nearly died as a result. He spent six months in the hospital and was very lucky to have survived, much less without any permanent injuries. The trucking company offered him a paltry settlement which he refused, after which he got a lawyer and took them to court. Rather than settle the trucking company let the lawsuit go to a jury, which was a huge mistake. The jury found in Dan’s favor and awarded him a total settlement of $25 million; the company appealed and lost.

Dan literally took the money and ran. He quit his new job, moved to a small seaside town on the east coast of the island of Andros in the Bahamas, bought a boat and learned to sail. Ten years and three boats later (with each boat being a little Maltepe Escort bigger than the previous one) Dan now spent his days sailing the ‘Sea Tramp’ around the Caribbean, doing nothing but enjoying life ala Ernest Hemingway and living off of both the money from the settlement and the dividends coming in from the investments he had made with part of it. He even looked like the late author, tanned from the sun and with a sailor’s beard that was just starting to go gray. The ‘right woman’ had never come along, so Dan had never married and had no children. But at 53 years old he was now as healthy as a horse despite his previous accident, and he was happier than he’d ever been in his entire life. And with his favorite niece boarding his boat to spend the summer with him, he was even happier still.

“Hi, Uncle Dan!” Lucy cried as she boarded his boat, dropping her backpack and running up to the bow to where he stood. She threw herself at him, wrapping her arms around his neck and giving him a big hug which Dan returned, a big smile on both of their faces.

“Hello, Lucia!” Dan said, his arms wrapped around her as he hugged her tight. He had always called her ‘Lucia’ instead of ‘Lucy,’ saying it was a more fitting name for a lady like her.

And what a lady she had turned out to be! Dark brown hair down to her shoulders, a lithe, trim body with a tapered waist, flat stomach, long slender legs, an ass to absolutely die for, and a pair of tits big enough and firm enough to give a corpse an erection. Couple that with the cutest button nose on the prettiest face with the most alluring almond-shaped eyes and the biggest, brightest smile he had ever seen, and you had every man’s wet dream come to life standing right in front of you. She kissed him on the cheek and then stepped back, holding him at arm’s length as she looked at him.

“Wow, Uncle Dan, look at you all tanned and toned and everything!” she said, grinning from ear to ear. She reached out and ran her fingers over the fouled anchor tattoo on his right bicep, the only visible evidence of his time in the Navy. “Life in the Caribbean must agree with you! And I just love the beard!” she said, running her fingers through it and making Dan smile.

“Thank you, Lucia!” he replied. “I grew my beard about two years after I joined the Navy and saw no reason to shave it off when I retired. Did you have any trouble getting here?” he asked. He had offered to pick her up at the airport but she had refused, insisting that she was “a big girl now” and could do it on her own. She shook her head as she replied.

“Nope, not a bit! I took a taxi here from the airport, and once I got here all I had to do was ask one of the locals about you. Everyone here knows you, and boy, do they love you! They call you ‘Cap’n Dan,’ did you know that?” she said, and Dan nodded as he replied.

“Yes, I knew that,” he said, smiling.

“What did you do to get everyone to love you the way they do?” she asked, genuinely curious.

“I guess it was just my stunning good looks and sparkling personality!” he replied, making her laugh.

“Still the comedian, I see! No, seriously, Uncle Dan, what did you do?” she asked.

“Well, I kinda did something for them, for the community, that needed doing,” he replied, trying to avoid the answer.

“And what was that?” she asked, not giving up.

“I…uh, I kinda… built their hospital for them,” he replied.

“You did what?” she said, her eyebrows shooting up at his answer.

“It’s not a hospital, really, it’s more of a clinic,” he explained sheepishly. “And I didn’t actually build it myself, I paid to have it built.”

“Holy crap, Uncle Dan, that’s fantastic!” she exclaimed, grinning up at him. “But why would you do that?”

“Because these are nice people down here, they needed a clinic, and the community didn’t have the money to pay for it,” he explained, tilting his captain’s hat back on his head. “So, I paid for it. No big deal, really. It wasn’t anywhere near as expensive as people think it was,” he continued, crossing his arms across his chest.

“So that’s why they love you so much!” Lucy said, grinning at him. “I bet they’re grateful as hell, too, aren’t they?”

“Well, yeah, now that you mention it, they are,” Dan replied, slightly embarrassed.

“How so?” Lucy asked.

“Well, for example, the dockmaster lets me moor my boat here for free, and he also doesn’t charge me for the water and electrical hook up,” he explained. “And the owner of the only grocery store in town won’t let me pay for my groceries. Plus, the owner of the nautical repair and supply house only charges me ten cents on the dollar for any supplies I need or repairs to my boat. Things like that,” he said.

“Wow! Is that all?” Lucy asked, smiling in amazement.

“Oh, yeah, the local bar owner won’t let me pay for my beer!” he replied, grinning down at her.

“That’s fantastic, Uncle Dan, it really Ümraniye Escort is! And that explains why they all love you the way they do,” Lucy said.

“Yeah, I guess it does,” he agreed.

“Anyhow, one of them told me where your boat was docked and how to get here, and even gave me a ride here! So here I am, Uncle Dan, and I’m excited as hell about spending the summer with my favorite uncle!” she said, still grinning.

“I’m pretty excited about it myself,” he replied. “I have a lot planned for us this summer, with most of it being out on the open ocean. There are a lot of beautiful islands to see in this part of the world and a lot of ocean to sail, and we’re going to see them all and sail as much of it as we can while you’re here! Oh, and congratulations on your graduation from college, I’m sure your parents are very proud! And you should be proud too, you know. Graduating from college is quite an accomplishment!”

“Thank you, kind sir! Central State University, Class of 1995, that’s me!” she replied, smiling at him. And the trip sounds fantastic, Uncle Dan! Or should I call you ‘Cap’n Dan?'” she teased, the tip of her tongue sticking out between her teeth. She had done that her entire life and it always made Dan’s heart skip a beat when she did.

“You can call me whatever you like, Lucia,” he replied, meaning it. “I just hope you’re ready to learn how to sail, because by the time this summer is over you’re going to be almost as good a sailor as I am, and I’m the best there is in this part of the Caribbean,” he bragged.

“Oh, I’m ready! I even bought a couple of new bikinis to wear while I’m here!” she said. “I mean, that’s okay, isn’t it? Me wearing a bikini and everything? You won’t be embarrassed or anything, will you, Uncle Dan?” she asked.

“I’ve seen women in bikinis before, Lucia,” he said, smiling. “Besides, it takes a hell of a lot more than that to embarrass an old salt like me. Hell, the women down here run around topless most of the time anyway, so seeing you in a bikini is no big deal, even if you are my own niece!”

“Good!” she replied, returning his smile. “But I have to warn you, Uncle Dan, I’ve grown up a bit since the last time you saw me in a bathing suit. I’m not a little girl anymore, you know!”

“No! You don’t say?” he said, feigning surprise on his face. “Is that where all those curves and bumps and lumps came from?” She laughed as she slapped him on his upper arm, her hand smacking loudly against his sweat-covered skin.

“You’re terrible!” she said, giggling.

“Guilty as charged!” he said, laughing at her.

“This is a beautiful boat, Uncle Dan! I just love it!” she said, looking around at the boat they were standing on.

“Thanks, I’m pretty fond of it myself,” he replied.

“What kind of boat is it?” she asked, curious.

“It started out as a Formosa 51, but when I bought her she was in dire need of some pretty serious repairs and restoration. The previous owner had neglected her and basically left her to rot. So I not only restored her but modified her as well, changing some things around so that it was more to my liking and so I’d be comfortable,” he explained.

“Like what?” Lucy asked, drinking it all in.

“Well, I had the ship’s wheel moved back away from the main cabin to give me a better view when I’m at the helm, I had a cushioned bench seat built along the back railing behind the wheel, and I had the door leading below deck moved to the starboard side of the rear of the main cabin facing the wheel,” he said.

“Starboard side?” Lucy asked, a quizzical look on her face.

“I’m sorry, Lucia, the right side of the main cabin. Port is left, starboard is right,” he said, smiling at her.

“Oh, okay, gotcha!” she said, smiling back. “But what’s that little cabin sticking out above the main cabin in the front?” she asked, pointing at what she was talking about.

“That’s the auxiliary wheelhouse, where the secondary ship’s wheel and diesel engine controls are located,” he explained. “That’s where I control the boat from during foul weather. The view isn’t quite as good as from the stern — the back end — but it sure beats standing out on deck trying to hang on to the wheel during a storm!”

“Have you ever had to use it?” she asked, and Dan nodded as he replied.

“Several times, yes,” he said. “Now, what say we get your gear stowed below deck and then go into town and get something to eat, eh? I’ve been working on the ‘Tramp’ most of the day and I’m famished!” he said, taking Lucy by the arm and leading her back to where her backpack lay on the deck. She picked it up and then he showed her the way to the cabin below deck, and after she dropped her backpack and Dan put on a shirt, they left the boat and walked down the dock towards the town. Halfway down the dock Lucy reached over and took Dan’s hand, making him smile.

‘This is gonna be a great summer!’ Lucy thought to herself as İstanbul Escort she looked up at her uncle and saw the smile on his face.

* * * * * *

After a fantastic lunch consisting of the best seafood Lucy had ever eaten, they stopped by the grocery store on the way back to the boat and picked up enough food and supplies to last them for two weeks. And true to what her uncle had told her, the owner of the store wouldn’t let Dan pay for the groceries and supplies, no matter how much Dan insisted. He even had one of his employees deliver the groceries to the boat instead of making them carry it all themselves. The only thing Dan ended up carrying out on his own was a six pack of Red Stripe beer because he intended to drink some of it as soon as he got back to the boat.

They spent the rest of the afternoon getting the ‘Sea Tramp’ ready for the next day’s voyage. Dan intended to leave the following morning as soon as it was light, and there was enough for them to do that they were busy all afternoon. They finished just about the time the sun went down, and while Lucy showered in the boat’s tiny shower stall and changed into fresh clothes Dan went ashore and picked up their dinner consisting of Caribbean jerk chicken, rice, and fresh pineapple.

When they had finished eating Dan went below to shower and change, and when he returned he went into the auxiliary wheelhouse and came out with two portable canvas deck chairs. He set them up on the bow so they could watch the stars sparkling in the clear Caribbean night sky, with Dan firing up a Cuban cigar as they sat. He took a deep drag on the cigar and then blew the smoke out into the night sky, smiling as he did so.

“Man, this is the life!” he said, looking first up at the stars and then over at his niece. “Moving down here and buying a boat was the best thing I ever did, no doubt about it!”

“You certainly seem happy, Uncle Dan,” Lucy replied, looking back at him and smiling.

“I am that!” he said, returning her smile. “And I’m a lot happier now that you’re down here with me, Lucia,” he said, meaning it. “You were always my favorite niece, and I hate not being able to see you more often than I have. I’m sorry for that, but now that you’re here I’m just happy as hell about it!”

“Me, too, Uncle Dan, me, too!” she said softly. She looked into his eyes for a moment before continuing. “Is that a real Cuban cigar?” she asked, and Dan nodded as he replied.

“It most certainly is,” he said, looking at the cigar in his hand before taking another pull from it.

“Aren’t those kinda illegal?” she asked, a sly smile on her face.

“In the United States, yes, but down here in the Caribbean, no,” he said, looking over at her.

“So where do you get them?” she asked, curious.

“Where do you think I get them?” he replied, toying with her. Her eyebrows went up when she realized what he was getting at.

“No! Really? You get them from Cuba?” she said, incredulous.

“Absolutely!” he said, “Cuba is only a little more than a day’s sail to the south-southwest, so why not? I make the trip about once every three months or so, stock up on cigars, stay the night, and then sail back.”

“Would you like a beer to go with that cigar, Cap’n Dan?” she asked, smiling as she called him by his local nickname for the first time. “I don’t know about you, but I could certainly use one!”

“That would be absolutely perfect, Lucia m’dear!” he replied. Lucy got up and went below to the galley, returning a few moments later with two bottles of Red Stripe in her hands.

“Here you go, Cap’n!” she said, holding one of the bottles out to him.

“Thank you, m’dear!” he said, taking the bottle from her. As Lucy sat down in her chair he reached into the little pocket hanging from the arm of the deck chair and produced a bottle opener. He opened Lucy’s beer first and then his own. He dropped the opener and the bottle caps into the pocket on the arm of the chair, then held his beer up between them.

“A toast!” he said, and Lucy held her bottle up next to his. He grinned at her as he continued with the toast.

“Here’s to swimmin’ with bow-legged wimmin!” he said, clinking his bottle against hers.

“Uncle Dan! You’re terrible!” she said, laughing as she reached over to smack him on the arm.

“This is gonna be one hell of a summer!” Dan said as he leaned back in the chair and pushed his captain’s hat forward, the bill sitting low over his eyes. He chuckled to himself as he got comfortable, crossing his legs at the ankles.

Two hours and a six pack of Red Stripe beer later (with Dan drinking 4 of them), they found themselves ready to call it a night. Dan led Lucy below deck to the main bedroom cabin at the stern of the boat directly beneath the wheel, and Lucy was surprised at how big it was.

“Wow, this is really nice!” she said, looking around the cabin. “I expected something a lot smaller and much more cramped, but this is great!” She walked over to the double bed at the end of the cabin and leaned over it to look out of the three rectangular windows on the bulkhead above it, giving Dan an unintentionally perfect view of her shapely ass, which Dan truly appreciated.

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