Scientific Experiment

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Scientific experiment

Jeff, a young handsome man, graduated from the college a couple of weeks ago. He was looking for a job and last week he had passed an interview for a position promising him a one-year-contract with decent payment for the entry-level position.

The guy was 6′ tall and 182 pounds of weight with brown curly hair, a neat mustache and a small beard resembling Colonel Sanders, the founder of KFC fast food.

Jeff was still living in a college dorm after graduation. Facility management allowed him to stay for certain time, paying rent on a weekly basis until next classes would start and rooms would be needed for new students again.

At that time, the dorm was almost empty. All alumni had already moved out and students had left for summer vacation. There were only some occasional maintenance teams doing renovation. But nothing happened on Jeff’s floor yet and the entire block with eight rooms stayed empty and quiet.

It was pretty hot. The A/C was turned off as management said, “For maintenance,” but Jeff believed just to save money on electricity. Also, Wi-Fi and Cable TV were turned off perhaps for the same purpose. It was very boring having nothing to do and no live soul hanging around, especially in evenings.

Due to indoor temperature around 81, Jeff wanted to dress as lightly as possible just on the edge of ‘indecent exposure’ in case of some strangers entered the block. Hence the man wore no shirt and oversized running shorts going commando allowing air circulating around his private parts.

Jeff woke up after a day nap and was going to take a shower located in the same block but outside of his room. He grabbed a towel and exited his room going to the shower through the kitchen.

Suddenly the guy noticed a pretty woman about 36 cooking chicken fajitas on a stovetop. She was 5’3″, slim with foot-long red hair tied in a ponytail. The lady was in a small white top made from cotton and very short skirt covering her body just about three inches below her crotch. The top had a big single button below her breasts and most of them were exposed except for her areolas and nipples.

The flat and smooth lady’s belly was also fully visible with a golden piercing ring hanging on her navel.

“Hi. How are you? My name is Jeff.”

“Hi, Jeff. I’m Samantha. Glad to see you. It’s awful hot, isn’t?”

“What are you doing in this freaking dorm during summer vacation? Are you a student?”

Samantha smiled and answered, “Kind of. I’m working on my postdoctoral studies. Summer is the best season for that as my professor can give me more of his time. Also, lab equipment is less busy this time.”

Jeff smiled saying, “Wow! Glad for you to be back to school. I just graduated and don’t want to have any studies again.”

“So, what are you doing here?” asked Samantha.

“I’m living here. However, it’s temporary until I find a job or will be kicked out before new students arrive,” said Jeff, staring at Samantha’s skirt. Then he added sighing, “It’s hot here and boring as hell.”

Samantha turned to the fridge, opened its door and bent to take out some vegetables from the bottom drawer. Her skirt rode up exposing buttocks and Jeff saw the woman didn’t have any underwear on her. Her pussy quickly flashed in front of him and then vanished when Samantha stood straight again.

Looking at the woman, Jeff felt like an electric shock went through his body and his penis came to life causing a bulge in his thin shorts.

He realized that Samantha noticed it, but she said nothing. Being embarrassed with his body reaction, Jeff stepped to the table, hiding his erected dick behind it.

Samantha turned to grab a spatula and ‘accidentally’ her elbow pushed her breast out of the top, exposing her nipple. The lady said, “Sorry,” pushing her boob back inside her cloth and added, “Damned heat. I wish I could take all clothes off. But that would be totally inappropriate.”

That would be very nice and sexy, thought Jeff, I wish you would do it, but just mumbled, “Me too. But I think you won’t like to see a naked man in the kitchen.”

Samantha just laughed saying nothing, grabbed her pan with the finished fajitas and walked to her room.

Jeff’s dick was already rock-hard with prostate juices sipping through the shorts’ tissue and forming a wet spot. The guy walked to the shower, doffed his cloth and stepped under cold water to quench his arousal. But Samantha’s pussy and boobs still flashed in front of his mind.

The guy thought, it would be nice to fuck Samantha. But she will be upset with my advances towards her. She is a PhD, and I’m just a fresh alumnus. Also, I’m ten years younger than her.

Jeff’s hand touched his penis and he started masturbating to get relief. But then he stopped with the idea, why not to try? She won’t kill me for that.

He turned off water and dried his body with the towel, wrapping it around his hips. When he opened the shower door, he heard Samantha yell, “Have you finished? malatya seks hikayeleri Come here to share my meal. I cooked too much.”

Jeff peered in Samantha’s room through her open door and saw the woman sitting at the table with steaming food on two plates, a bowl of salad, a bottle of wine and two glasses. She waved to the guy, “Come on in. Don’t be shy and help yourself.”

Jeff said, “Thank you,” and walked in. When he was about to sit, his towel suddenly untied and dropped to the floor exposing him fully. He flushed saying, “Sorry,” and was about to grab the towel and put it back.

Samantha slightly giggled and smiled saying, “Don’t worry. It’s too hot and I’m not a teenager girl to be shy of you. Toss it, relax and enjoy your food.” Then she unbuttoned her top and threw it on the bed.

Jeff realized Samantha was fully naked now sitting at the table, already bottomless hiding her pussy under it.

He stared at Samantha’s boobs. They were pretty large, but not saggy. Her nipples were hard and erect showing the woman was aroused as Jeff was himself. His penis was popping up as a bone and ready to burst.

Samantha laughed saying, “You are the man!” and added casually, “Let’s fuck and then eat. Or we’ll starve to death looking at each other with lust.”

Saying that, the woman lay across the bed on her back positioning her legs like an ‘M’ and stretched her arms to Jeff.

The guy crawled onto the bed and without any words swiftly thrust his dick down to the end of Samantha’s pussy.

The woman moaned and clasped her arms around Jeff’s back pressing his chest tightly to her boobs.

Samantha’s pussy was hot and wet inside. Jeff started his rapid pounding in it feeling her muscles pulsating.

Samantha moaned with each penetration of Jeff’s dick grabbing his butt and pulling it down to her body while she pushed her pussy towards him. Then she briefly let go allowing Jeff to exit only to pull him back in, over and over again.

Jeff’s penis alternated between completely out of Samantha’s vulva and back down balls-deep. Their genitals made smacking noises, and he felt his groin and scrotum wet with their mixed juices.

Jeff’s movements ran faster and faster bringing the guy to an imminent orgasm. He tried to withhold it as much as he could to extend his pleasure but suddenly tipped over the edge. Being deep in Samantha, Jeff pumped all his juices accumulated for two weeks into her body.

Samantha moaned loudly and Jeff felt her vagina and entire belly quivering with orgasm, sucking Jeff’s cum deeper and deeper into her uterus. With all the strength of her arms she pressed Jeff’s butt towards her body, encouraging the guy to cum in her as deep as possible.

When their orgasm was over, Jeff stood up saying, “Let me take a shower again.”

But Samantha just pulled the guy with back on the bed and started cleaning his privates with her mouth. She said, “I enjoy cum. It’s a great appetizer before meal.”

When Samantha finished, Jeff saw a large thick creampie bulging on her pussy. Saying nothing, he squatted in front of her and ate it scooping leftovers with his tongue. Still naked he sat at the table and watched Samantha to do the same.

Samantha smiled and told him, “You are a good man with lots of juices. Did you enjoy our sex?”

“It was wonderful! I didn’t even expect we’ll start it so quickly.”

Samantha chuckled, “I’m a grown-up girl and it’s boring here. Why wait if we can have good time?”

Suddenly Jeff jerked yelling, “Dammit!”

“What happened?”

“I just realized we banged bareback, and I don’t have condoms. Won’t you get pregnant?”

“Nah, I have contraception.”

“Are you on pills?”

“No. But don’t worry. It’s more powerful than pills.”

Jeff was curious, “Did you have anything done to your body like surgery or installing an IUD?”

Samantha smiled saying, “It’s more powerful than that and requires absolutely no body modifications. The method came from ancient Greece. It was used only by the upper priestess of their goddess Cybele, and it’s absolutely reliable.”

“What is it?” the guy was totally intrigued.

“Let’s eat,” the woman suggested, ignoring Jeff’s question.

“Sure,” said Jeff, chewing his meal and pouring glasses of wine. “Cheers,” he said lifting his glass and waiting for Samantha to lift hers.

Enjoying the meal, Jeff asked Samantha, “Can you tell me about yourself? Do you have a family? What’s the topic of your scientific work?”

“My research is in the field of DNA, stem cells and genetic engineering to achieve human longevity. The ultimate goal is to delay and reverse aging. That process it programmed into live beings and I’m trying to hack into that biological program,” explained the woman.

“Did you have any success?” asked Jeff.

“Some of it,” said Samantha smiling and lifted her glass again.

When both Jeff and Samantha became pretty full, the woman stood in front of Jeff placing her left foot on the table exposing her widely open vulva. She spread it even wider with her fingers on one hand and rubbed her breasts with the other. “How do you like my body?”

“It’s gorgeous,” answered Jeff and his dick popped up hard again.

Samantha stepped up to Jeff still sitting on the chair and hovered her vagina over his dick. Without words she sat down on it, impaling herself on the guy’s penis.

Jeff moaned slightly, embracing Samantha with his arms and said nothing. It was unexpected and very exciting to feel their two bodies merging into one single entity.

Samantha rubbed Jeff’s hair with her hand saying, “Sweet boy. I love you,” and made several movements up and down on his dick.

Jeff thought, love, really? It’s just lust and she is a fuckin’ beautiful whore. Should I care? Fuck her with so much fun.

Samantha said, “Time for dessert now,” and opened a can of Jell-O. She grabbed a teaspoon full of it and waved it in front of Jeff’s mouth beckoning to open it.

When Jeff complied, the woman treated him and instantly started kissing. They played with the shared Jell-O, pushing it there and back and twisting their tongues around each other.

Meanwhile Samantha rubbed her large breasts on Jeff’s chest, touching his nipples with hers.

All that made Jeff very horny. He felt prostate juices slowly leaking through his urethra into Samantha’s body. It was less powerful than an orgasm, but it lasted endlessly instead of just a few orgasmic seconds.

Samantha kept sitting on Jeff’s laps with his dick deep inside her body almost motionless, maintaining the guy’s erection and his juices flowing into her.

Every time Jeff’s erection started fading, Samantha squeezed his cock, milking it with her vaginal muscles and made few shallow motions to keep his arousal alive. Meantime they continued eating Jell-O and kissing each other sharing the sweet dessert between their mouths.

That continued for about half an hour making the process pleasant but exhaustive for Jeff. Every time he approached orgasm, Samantha stopped any motions and relaxed her pussy preventing the poor guy from cumming.

Jeff glanced down where their genitals connected. His cock was still deep in her body, exposing just a half inch of his shaft between his pubes and her clitoris. That space was generously covered with a foamy mix of male and female juices smelling powerfully musky.

Samantha noticed Jeff’s look, smiled and collected those juices with her index finger. “Do you want to taste?” she asked and touched Jeff’s lips with her finger without waiting for his answer.

Jeff licked Samantha’s finger, tasting the slightly salty thick juice with his tongue and feeling its powerful fragrance. His arousal went over the edge and finally the guy pumped lots of cum into the woman without making any motions.

When Jeff’s dick pulsated with orgasm, Samantha synchronized her vaginal contractions along, relaxing her muscles at Jeff’s pulses and contracting her pussy at moments between them. That made Jeff’s orgasm even more powerful pumping lots of cum into Samantha and finally relaxing his body when the process was over.

“Good job,” said Samantha slightly kissing Jeff’s lips. However, she didn’t get up as Jeff expected. The woman continued sitting on his lap with his limp dick staying inside her.

Samantha reached down where both were still connected and brought back more of their blended juices. “Do you want them?” she asked.

Jeff shook his head refusing her offer. So, Samantha licked it off herself and kissed Jeff.

The taste of cum on his lips sent an electric shock trough Jeff’s body. He could feel his arousal return and his juices starting to flow into Samantha again, even though he didn’t feel another erection. The process was totally uncontrolled, but pretty pleasant for the man.

Suddenly Jeff realized his need to pee. Having Samantha sitting on him was still pleasant, but he couldn’t hold his bladder anymore.

“Can you get up? I need to use a bathroom.”

“Number 1?”

“Yes,” mumbled Jeff and blushed.

Instead of getting up, Samantha pressed herself even tighter on him.

“Pee into me,” whispered the woman.

“What!?” asked Jeff, not believing what she said.

“I want you to pee inside me,” repeated Samantha and asked, “Can you do it?”

Her words sounded awkward to Jeff. One time he dreamed about peeing into girl when he was 18. And later he realized it’s not possible as erection totally disabled urination.

But the situation was totally different at that moment. Jeff’s penis was still inside the woman, and he didn’t have an erection. So, the guy just asked, “Are you sure?”

Samantha winked to him, and said smiling, “Go ahead,” pressing her body even closer to his.

Jeff tried to pee but failed. His bladder was still blocked by his sexual arousal even without an erection.

Samantha noticed that, “Relax and think about peeing into flowing water like river or creek.”

Jeff closed his eyes and recalled his experience about peeing into a waterfall from the cliff he had visited with his friends on a hiking trail a couple of years ago. Roaring water had masked all human noises and had washed away all shyness and embarrassment from the guy’s mind.

So, that imagination helped dispelling Jeff’s reservations. The guy relaxed and pushed a few droplets of urine into Samantha.

The woman slightly jerked and pressed her pussy tighter to Jeff.

The man already couldn’t control himself and his pee flowed with all his strength into Samantha. Her vagina quickly became full and overfilled squirting fluids around Jeff’s penis still plugging it.

Samantha moaned rubbing fluids around her body and splashing them on Jeff’s chest.

That made Jeff very horny, and his penis instantly hardened again. The guy grabbed Samantha’s butt with his hands and moved it up and down impaling her pussy on his dick.

This time Jeff didn’t want to delay his orgasm and in a couple of minutes he added a large portion of his cum to the fluids already stored in Samantha’s vagina. Then he totally relaxed with his limp body resting on the chair.

Samantha got up. Streams of fluids were leaking from her pussy down her legs and to the floor. She smeared them with her hands on her belly and tits. Licking them, she said, “Yummy.”

She offered her hand to Jeff and said, “Let’s go shower,” and escorted him there.

They stood for long time under the shower kissing, hugging and washing off all traces of sex from their bodies.

Samantha asked Jeff, “Are you tired?”

“As hell,” the guy mumbled standing on his trembling legs.

The woman said, “Ok. Go and relax. I’ll clean up all our mess by myself.”

“Thank you,” whispered Jeff kissing Samantha’s lips and walked to his room on limp legs. Being still wet and naked from the shower, he laid on the bed with his face up totally exhausted. Nevertheless, the man was completely happy from his encounter with Samantha.

What a cool woman, Jeff thought. He knew that Samantha was not going to be his girlfriend and dating was not expected. They had big difference in age, education, social and even marital status. Nevertheless, Jeff’s feeling about Samantha was like about a person he could absolutely trust. She was like his old best friend with whom he could share and experiment all his wildest fantasies.

Jeff crawled under the bedspread and instantly fell asleep.

Encounters with Samantha continued for the entire week, starting at dinner time when the lady was back from the university, and Jeff had finished his daily itinerary of job hunting.

On Sunday morning the guy got up and decided to say hello to Samantha after his shower. He came to her room, knocked on the door and peered inside.

Nobody was there. So, Jeff walked into the room to see if he could find Samantha.

The woman wasn’t in the room, but her laptop on the table drew Jeff’s attention. The entire screen was covered with large Excel spreadsheet showing dates and multiple columns. Those columns had cryptic names and numbers in them. Few of them were familiar from Jeff’s own medical card like ‘BP Hg’ or ‘A1C’ but most of them weren’t.

The most interesting green section looked like this:

Skin 34

Heart 28

Kidneys 19

Liver 17

Lungs 18

Brain 2

Uterus 3

Ovaries 0

Joints 27

Muscles 38

Intrigued, Jeff wanted to scroll the spreadsheet down to read more data. But suddenly he heard steps and turned away from the laptop.

Samantha entered the room and said smiling, “Hi, Jeff. How are you?”

“Great, and yourself?”

“Good,” answered Samantha. “Today my daughter came to give me a ride to shopping mall with her. We need to try her wedding dress and buy the other stuff for her wedding. So, I’m leaving now until late afternoon.”

A daughter and a wedding, thought Jeff, how old might be that girl if Samantha is about 36? So, she might have given birth to her daughter when she was 18 if her daughter is 18 now, the youngest age eligible for marriage.

Jeff was curious to see Samantha’s daughter. As a confirmation of his thoughts the woman glanced out of the window and said, “There she is.”

Jeff walked to the window and looked outside as well. The dorm room was on second floor and the parking lot directly under it was completely empty except of large black shiny BMW parked right under the window.

Jeff saw a girl, about ten years old, in a nice pink dress. She was standing next to the car looking at Samantha, smiling and waving with her hand.

Jeff said in total shock, “Do you trust a young girl to drive? Is she going to get married?”

Samantha laughed, “Oh, no! That’s my granddaughter Nicole just waving hello to me. And her mom Lily is waiting for us inside the car. Sorry, I need to run as we have an appointment with the tailor in 10 minutes and we are already late, considering traffic.”

The woman kissed Jeff’s cheek, grabbed her laptop and rushed out.

Now Jeff was totally confused. A 10-year-old granddaughter and Samantha 36 herself?

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