School’s Out Ch. 02

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Note: This story is based on a personal experience. There are no minors in this story – all characters are over 18 years of age. * To all those that were eagerly waiting for the continued story, let me apologize. I’ll call it writers block for want of an easier explanation. * Five friends have the use of a beach house after graduating from senior school. Their adulthood was opening new possibilities, relationships taking on new intensities. Terri had confessed her feelings to an excited David. Their sexual exploration had begun, leading each other through an adventure.

The need to go to the bathroom overtook the need for sleep around 6am. I lay there watching Terri, listening to the steady rhythm of her peaceful sleep, her brown hair tumbling across her forehead and over one eye. I couldn’t believe I was lying here next to this young woman. She was so beautiful. Facing away from me, I could study her toned back muscles, moving slightly with each breath. Fighting the urge to kiss the spot between her shoulder blades, I had to relieve myself …….. desperately. I crept out of bed and snuck across the hallway to the toilet.

Directing my stream into the bowl, I began to recall the pleasures of the night before. By the time I’d finished, my cock had become semi hard. I’d noticed it was shiny and a little sticky from our lovemaking. I flushed the toilet and turned to go back to the bedroom bumping straight into Terri as she stretched her arms up and around my neck, standing on her toes to give me a teasing, short wet kiss. Her nipples scraped across my chest through her tiny black satin singlet. As she lowered her arms, I could see the side of a firm breast through the arm hole.

“Good morning sexy,” she purred. “I’ll see you back in bed.”

Squeezing past, giggling, she shook her tight arse at me, clad in black bikini pants.

I removed my boxers and climbed back between the crisp white sheets. Within a minute, Terri quietly entered the room, closing the door behind her. She turned her back to me at the foot of the bed and slowly peeled her singlet up over her head. She half turned at the waist to blow me a kiss, accompanied by a teasing wink. Then, she slid her panties down her legs, the gusset resisting, holding in place across her lips and then releasing, revealing a shiny, wet, pink slit between her golden toned thighs as she bent at the waist.

“Oh fuck Terri, that is sooooooo hot. You have to come up here.”

She turned to crawl up the bed towards me, pulling the top sheet off me as she moved. She ran the tip of her tongue the full length of my throbbing hardness, once, before licking across my right nipple. She continued upwards, her tongue darting out to lick across my lips, still moving up. She stopped when her left strawberry nipple was above my mouth. My hands held each side of her ribs as I pulled Anadolu Yakası Escort her slightly lower, until I could suck her delicate pink bud into my mouth, flicking the tip inside with my tongue.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh. David! Nnnnnnnnngggggggh haaaaaaaaarrrrrdder.” I sucked almost her whole breast into my mouth before she pulled away, creating a sucking smacking sound as the breast released from my lips. She reversed her crawl slightly, enough so we could kiss, deeply, tongues rolling around each other, breath surging, hands feverishly searching each other.

Terri raised her left knee sufficiently to move her thigh between mine. She pressed firmly upwards against my hard cock, my hips rising in a spontaneous thrust. My cock left a thin smear of precum across her upper thigh. The kiss ended, Terri collapsing in my arms.

“Terri, I want to fuck you again.”

“David, I want to try a different position.”

“Ok, what do you want me to do?”

“Can you stand beside the bed for a moment?”

I slid off the bed and stood next to it, my cock waving around like a wand. Terri, on her back slid around until her legs were towards me. This was the position she wanted to try. As her lightly haired pussy, swollen with promise and opening slightly before me came into view, I slumped to my knees. I had to taste her. I held her legs behind each knee; she draped them over my shoulders. I leant in and kissed her full on her pussy, the silky brown hair parting to reveal her shiny pink inner lips. I delicately pushed my tongue into her. She tasted so sweet, a pool of moisture released as my tongue thrust into her. She smelt so good. I sucked her small lips into my mouth, savoring their silk like texture. I licked from her arsehole to her clit in one long wet drag before assailing her clit with little kisses and licks. She held my head in place, encouraging me to continue targeting her clit. Her hips thrust upward to match each pass of my tongue over the bump. With my right index finger I probed just inside her vagina, feeling the moisture leaking out.

Suddenly Terri pushed my shoulders back pleading “Will you fuck me? I need you to fuck me now.”

I stood, her legs straightening, her calves remaining against my chest. I rubbed my cockhead up and down her slit, wiping the moisture around. I felt a catch as Terri tilted her hips just as I was bringing my cock back up her slit. The head popped into her wet, slippery hole. I held her thighs in my hands as I pressed forward gently.

“Mmmmmmmmmm yes” I heard myself say as I slipped half my length into her tight tunnel. Our eyes met and we smiled at each other. I pulled back a little, Terri frowning slightly before I again pushed forward. Her smile returned.

“Oh David, fill me. I need your cock to fill my cunt now. Come on, push it in.”

I Pendik Escort responded, driving forward until my balls nestled above her firm arse. I paused to absorb the sensation of being in this tight hot sheath. This was fantastic. Her pussy began gripping my cock in a squeezing motion, bringing a groan from me. It also served to stimulate me into beginning a rhythmic motion. Out, in, out, in. Each time I pushed in, my balls were compressed between my thighs and her arse, each time they were moistened further by her juices, dripping behind her. Each time I bottomed out, her small firm breasts trembled, her breath expelled in a rush.

“Ohhhh yes, fuck me. Ohhhhh yes, faster…….I’m nearly there” she gasped.

I pulled harder on her thighs, my thrusting increasing in pace and force. I could feel a pressure building at the base of my cock.

“Mmmmmmmmm Terri, I’m getting closer………arrrrrrrghh yessssssssssss its so gooooooodddd”. Our breathing out became grunts, until Terri suddenly lifted her hips and arched her back. Her eyes flew wide open, her mouth agape in a silent scream. She froze for maybe 5 seconds when a rush of breath and the collapse of her hips back to the bed announced the finish of a gut wrenching spasm on the arrival of her orgasm. I restarted the thrusting, knowing I was almost there.

The pressure built and built until my toes curled, my hips pushed forward and my arse cheeks clenched as the first eruption of cum raced along my cock, spitting deep into Terri’s vagina.

“Aaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrgh yyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeessssssss! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Terrrrrrrrrrrrrrri!”

Pull back, forward, another spurt shoots into her.

“Nnnnnnnnnngggghhhhhhhhh. Ogggggoddddddddd mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!”

Back, forward, back, forward. Each thrust depositing more cum into her tight hot pussy. As the contractions lessened in strength, I relaxed my grip on her legs. She let them slip down to circle my waist, pulling me forward so I collapsed onto her for a long tongue swirling passionate kiss.

Just as our lips parted, we both heard a sound and turned towards the door. Small shadows moved below the door, reflected by the polished boards. A little whispering could be heard followed by footsteps running down the stairs and then silence. We turned to face each other before I rolled off onto my back, both of us shaking with uncontrollable laughter.

Terri half rolled towards me, placing her left thigh directly across my balls. My right hand cupped her breast as we kissed. Her skin was hot, and soft, slightly sticky. Her lips moist, tongue exploring inside my mouth.

“We should shower before we do anything else, I love the smell of your body but I don’t think we should go to breakfast like this.”

“What a great idea David, come on. We can share.” Terri replied, springing out of bed to gather Kurtköy Escort a clean bikini to wear. Her firm breasts trembled slightly with each step as she quickly pulled the bedding back into place.

I found my toiletry bag and two towels and guided her into the main bathroom. After locking the door I turned to see her inside the shower stall, adjusting the water to a comfortable temperature. I dropped my boxers and stepped in behind her, admiring the firmness of her pert arse. I reached my arms around her slim hips to run my palms over her flat muscled stomach, sliding them up to cup each handful of breast, kissing her neck as she leaned back into me. My cock quickly hardened, poking against her arse as she pushed back against me.

Terri turned in my arms with the soap in one hand. “Wash time Mr.” she grinned at me as she began rubbing the soap over my chest. I stepped back slightly so she could have easier access to my stomach. As she lathered around my cock, the soap suddenly dropped to the floor, her hand rubbing and then tightening around me. She started a slow milking movement as I bent to kiss her full on the lips. The combination of the slippery soap, her firm grip and the forceful kiss had me close to cumming very quickly.

“Ughhhh, Terri, I’m gonna cum if you keep doing that.” I warned. She knelt in front of me, continuing to pull on my shaft, and closed her mouth over my cockhead. Her other hand cupped my balls, softly rolling them together. I felt my orgasm beginning, thrusting my hips forward. Terri sucked harder until I burst forth, pumping cum into her mouth. Her mouth was hot and wet, her tongue pushing against the rubbery cockhead. As I began to soften a little, she let my cock pop out, cuddling her cheek against me as she licked along the side.

I pulled her back to her feet, pushing her hair away from her face, to look into her eyes. “I love you so much Terri.”

We washed each other’s hair and stepped out to dry each other, our bodies glowing from the morning’s activities. I pulled my board shorts on as she stretched the bikini pants over her trimmed thatch atop her mound. I helped her tie the string top behind her as she adjusted the tiny triangles to cover her strawberry pink nipples. Standing back to admire each other I asked “Ok. Ready to face the others?” She took my hand and led me towards the stairs.

As I reached the bottom of the stairs with Terri holding my hand, the 5 others at the table paused over their breakfast and broke into applause at our arrival.

“Ok, ok, very funny guys” I beamed at them as Terri squeezed my hand in hers, “cut it out now.”

Nothing more was said about the bedroom noises. They’d obviously been eaves dropping, their unashamed grins told of their curious delight in what they’d heard upstairs.

Our first full day at the beach house was ahead of us. The weather was warm, the sky clear and we were all in the mood for some relaxing time to soothe away the tension of the final exams of last week. And with my dream girl Terri reciprocating my previously secret love for her, every minute together was just heaven.

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