School Friends Reunite

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Michael strolled into his local bar, Jack’s Place, to find a quiet drink and somewhere to unwind after a busy week. Finding a seat along the bar, Michael orders a beer, and peers around the room. Jack’s Place is one of Michael’s regular haunts, so he recognises about a dozen faces from the crowd. However one face stands out from the crowd in particular, but Michael can’t place where exactly he knows her from. Clutching his beer, Michael attempts to remember. However, at this stage of the evening his brain isn’t working too well, and Michael begins stares off into space.

“Hey Mike!” A voice exclaims.

Michael swings around and finds the woman he noticed before, standing right next to his chair and her hand resting lightly on his shoulder. Michael can feel his face growing red, embarrassed at being caught staring off into nowhere.

“Hi, umm, how are you?” Michael replies, more to his beer than to the woman.

“You don’t remember me, do you?”


“Oh, I can’t believe you! You really don’t remember me!”

Now Michael’s face is completely on fire. “It’s not that,” Michael complains, “you look so familiar, but I can’t remember where I know you!”

“Does Oakley High School ring a bell?”

A second passes. Then two.

“Jasmine? Is that really you?” Michael exclaims in sudden recognition of this mysterious woman.

“You’d better believe it, buddy! I never thought that I’d bump into you again, especially not in a place like this!” Jasmine comments.

“Well, things didn’t really turn out how I planned.” Michael explains. “I was offered several scholarships to play basketball in America. But Mum got sick, so I had to stay here to take care of her and work.”

“Oh,” Jasmine’s face falls, “I’m sorry to hear that.”

“Don’t be. It took a while, but she’s better now. But now I’m stuck working at the local sports store. bostancı escort bayan I just don’t see myself going to university now.”

“Well Mike, you’ve got to tell me everything that happened since high school. I can’t believe its been almost three years!”

With that, Jasmine hauls Michael off his bar stool and leads him to one of the unoccupied booths lining the far walls. They had not seen each other for three years, yet both immediately felt comfortable. They talked about their work, their old high school experiences and life loves. As the drinks flowed, the pair became more intimate. Michael would lay a hand on Jasmine’s leg while telling her a joke. She would grab his arm and squeeze it in excitement at a piece of interesting gossip. Both Jasmine and Michael begin to feel the excitement and desire both once felt during their final years of school, yet never acted upon.

At 2 am a very drunk Michael asks Jasmine, ‘so, umm, do you want to head to my place?” Michael squeezes Jasmine’s firm, upper thigh, emphasising his question. Jasmine smiles coyly back and agrees.

In the taxi Michael and Jasmine can’t help but continue where they had left off at the bar. Michael nibbles at the side of Jasmine’s neck, just below her ear, while running a hand up and down her leg. A soft moan escapes Jasmine, and she leans her head away from Michael, allowing him better access to her soft neck. Jasmine responds by lightly stroking his arm while it continues to caress her thighs. Impatience gets the better of her, so Jasmine grasps Michael’s wandering hand and presses it firmly to her pussy. Even through her jeans, Michael can feel the heat radiating. He needs no further invitation, and cups her entire mound in his large hand, and begins to manipulate her flesh, moving it between his fingers. She feels her nipples become even hard, pussy become even ümraniye escort wetter, and desperately desires the taxi ride to be over.

Somehow they manage to reach and enter Michael’s apartment without simply ripping off each others clothes off and fucking in the apartment block hallway. Michael shuts the door, with Jasmine pressed up against him in a sexually fuelled embrace. He pushes her against the closed door — hard. She lets a short, soft growl escape as she thuds hard against the wood. Jasmine pulls his head hard against her face, sharing an open mouthed kiss, and with several sharp movements, undoes his belt.

Michael moves slightly back, allowing Jasmine the room to finish undoing his pants. He half-whispers, “I’ve wanted to do this with you for so long.”

Jasmine knees down in front of Michael, looks up into his eyes and says, ‘so have I. Now be quiet and let me get to work, will you?”

With nothing more said, Jasmine yanks down Michael’s underwear, his hard cock bobbing free. She grasps it firmly in her small hand, relishing the contrasting softness and hardness of his circumcised cock. She promptly pulls the cock in her mouth, her lips engulfing its hot head, and sucks hard while pulling her head back, making a satisfying wet pop as Michael’s cock breaks free from the suction. Greedily she moves forward and begins to take all of him into her mouth, moving back and forward. Michael groans in appreciation, which makes Jasmine all the more turned on.

After several minutes of this treatment Michael has had enough. He pulls Jasmine from his cock, stands her up and kisses her deeply while groping a firm breast. Michael leads Jasmine further into his apartment, towards his bedroom. There he promptly begins to undress Jasmine, his fingers managing all of her buttons and clasps despite the countless drinks he’d consumed earlier.

With escort kartal Jasmine satisfactorily undressed, Michael embraces her and lowers both of them onto his bed. Jasmine opens her legs, allowing Michael to lay between them, on top of her. She reaches between herself and Michael and takes hold of his cock, whispering, ‘I need you to fuck me.” She guides his cock towards her shaved pussy, placing his head against her entrance. Michael thrusts forward firmly, already lubricated from the blowjob before. He slides easily inside, feeling her adjust to fit his manhood. Michael behinds to thrust in and out, while Jasmine rotates her hips, making her pussy circle around his cock.

Jasmine begins to moan, slowly at first, then lower, as Michael increases his thrust inside of her. “Hmmm, that feels so good. Don’t stop” Jasmine pleads with Michael.

Michael reaches back towards Jasmines arse, and begins to lightly probe her anus. This is all too much for Jasmine, and she tips over the edge into a powerful orgasm. Michael can feel her muscles contract inside her pussy, and a new wave of wetness engulfs his cock. No sooner had she cum that Michael withdraws from her wet pussy.

Jasmine gives Michael a questioning look. “What are you doing?”

“I’m going to cum inside your arse.” Michael responds, proceeding to rub his slick cock around her arsehole. Jasmine reaches around his hips, and pulls him forward, trying to make him enter her. Michael every so slowly slides into her arse, centimetre by centimetre. Jasmine gasps as she feels him inside her tight arse.

Once fully inside, Michael begins to slide in and out of her tight hold. With each thrust he could feel his orgasm building. Jasmine rub her clit in slow, lazy circles, captivated by the feeling of Michael’s cock inside her arse. Slowly he reaches the point of no return, and shoving his entire length inside her arse, begins to cum deep inside of her. Feeling Michael’s hot cum erupt inside, Jasmine begins to shudder with an orgasm too.

Hot, sweaty and still drunk, both Michael and Jasmine fall into a sex sleep, a tangle of sheets, clothes and body parts.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32