Scent of a Woman

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Lark Tisdale was the kind of girl who always got what she wanted. A typical Southern belle in almost every way, she had long, flowing, blond hair, blue eyes, and a tall lean body with athletic legs, medium sized perky breasts, and attention grabbing hips. She dressed in a traditional prim and proper way that enhanced her best features and left just enough to the imagination. She was used to getting attention from every man in the room and drew a certain sense of power by making them all want her, even though she sported a large engagement ring on her finger.

Lark was a senior at the University of South Carolina, working part time as a hostess at Quincy’s Steakhouse. She drew and welcomed attention from every man who walked through the front door, and many an evil eye from their significant others, who noticed her flirtatious manner. She was indeed a wonderful flirt and went out of her way to become a pleasant distraction for any lucky man of her choosing.

On this evening the object of her attention was Troy Carter, a third year college student and one of the waiters at Quincy’s. He had just started working there a week ago and he was warmly received by all of the female employees. Troy had curly, dirty-blond hair, light blue eyes, a perfectly chiseled face and body, and a charming presence about him that had quite an effect on women. However, Troy was fully committed to his high school sweetheart Jaime, who was back in New Jersey attending Rutgers.

Troy relished attention from females but also knew where to draw the line. He made it clear to everyone that he was taken and that he had the woman of his dreams back home. Although often tempted, Troy was a faithful boyfriend and didn’t want to do anything to jeopardize his relationship with Jaime. This was the girl he intended to marry after graduation. He had only been intimate with two women in his life and Jaime was one of them. He sometimes wondered what he was missing out on by staying monogamous, but never long enough to act on his curiosities. He was fully committed to Jaime, even though there were 800 miles between them.

On this night Lark decided to test his mettle and find out just how committed he was. She had met Troy briefly and was instantly attracted to him. She was drawn by his handsome face muscular body and charming smile and couldn’t help but notice she was not the only woman with her eyes on him. She heard that he had a girlfriend but that only seemed to make him a more appealing target. At the end of the night, all of the servers ran their check summary reports and cashed their money out with Lark. She had made sure to seat the last several guests in Troy’s section so he would be the last server to come see her. Lark, always proficient in piquing men’s curiosity, had strategically undone two buttons on her blouse before he reached the desk.

“Hi Troy, this is the first chance we’ve had to say more than three words to each other. How was your night?” she asked.

“Not too bad, I guess. Can’t complain about the tips but I was hoping to get out of here earlier.”

While Lark was counting the money, Troy let his eyes slip down for a glance at what she was displaying and she immediately looked up to catch him in mid-stare. He had fallen for her little trap and she knew exactly when to pounce.

“Yeah, I can’t see why any man would want to be alone with me at the end of the night,” she teased, with a naughty smile on her face. “Guess I shouldn’t have put those last three parties in your section, huh?

Lark was adept at taking conversations right where she wanted them and enjoyed planting tasty images in men’s active imaginations. She knew he had seen the huge diamond engagement ring on her finger yet the inviting tone in her voice had Troy both excited and confused.

“Well…” he tried to think of a witty retort but she cut him off.

“So I hear some girl in Jersey has made an honest man out of you.” she probed.

“And where did you hear this?” he asked, wondering how she knew bostancı escort so much about him already. “Oh, a little birdie told me,” she offered innocently.

“Well, it appears that you are also accounted for, unless of course that’s just for show,” he said, gesturing towards her ring.

“Oh this, yes. David is in the Navy and is on assignment for six months.”

Lark finished cashing Troy out and handed him his money, making sure he could notice her soft hands on his, just a little longer that he expected.

“I suppose I’ll let you go on your way,” she said looking straight into his eyes holding his glance for an extra moment.

Lark was so beautiful and he couldn’t help but notice the sensation she had created in his pants. Her piercing blue eyes, full, moist lips, open blouse and teasing manner had had quite an effect on him. If her intention was to make him think about her later that night, she was successful.

“It was nice talking with you Troy. I think you are going to enjoy working here.”

“Goodnight,” he said, then headed out the door, hoping she wouldn’t notice the extent of his interest.

On the ride home, Troy’s mind raced as he thought about this little interlude with the beautiful hostess. Was she coming on to him or just being a friendly flirt? All he knew was that he was driving home rock hard thinking about her. He called his girlfriend Jaime every night at midnight and had fifteen minutes to get Lark off of his mind. He had been dating Jaime for six years and she could read him like a book. If his mind was elsewhere, she would detect it and start asking questions. Troy managed to regain composure and he was back to focusing his thoughts on Jaime. He had never been unfaithful to her and wasn’t about to start with someone who was engaged, even if Lark was one of the sexiest women he had ever met.

Towards the end of their conversation, Jaime began telling Troy how much she missed being intimate with him. They hadn’t seen each other in three months and it was a considerable test on their collective libidos. They had a wonderful sex life when they were together but Jaime she wanted provide Troy with plenty to look forward to. She had a vibrator next to her bed, which she turned on put it up to the phone so he could hear. She let Troy listen as she teased him and brought herself to an intense orgasm.

“Just wanted to give you something to think about until next week when you can have the real thing” she teased, leaving him wanting more than she was going to provide.

And with that Jaime said good night. Like Lark, she enjoyed sending Troy away with naughty thoughts. After he hung up, Troy lied in his bed began stroking his cock thinking about these two women who had both driven him crazy within the same hour. He chose Jaime at the point of release, if only because of the unfair advantage her little toy provided.

The next day Troy arrived at work and he was met with a big smile from Lark.

“Did you miss me?” she asked, confident he did.

“Hi Lark,” he offered, smiling, then walked past her to clock in.

He resisted the urge to go talk with her, knowing this would only weaken his resolve to get her off of his mind. Over the next few days Lark made this increasingly difficult for him, ramping up her flirtation, and he soon was a very willing participant.

They both knew they could only push things so far, given that they were both in serious relationships but in some ways this allowed them to be even more flirtatious which added to the quickly intensifying chemistry between them.

That Friday night, at the end of his shift, Troy changed out of his uniform and into his regular clothes. He was meeting up with some friends and was in a hurry to get out of work. In his haste, he left his Quincy’s shirt and dress pants in the office, and quickly headed out the door.

“Be good!” Lark warned him, smiling and grabbing his arm. “Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.”

He smiled and was on his way. ümraniye escort bayan Lark knew how to press his buttons and keep him guessing until he saw her next. As usual, he thought about her as he drove in his car, wondering if he would be able to resist her much longer. He also knew his girlfriend was arriving the next day and he had to get this tempting Southern belle off of his mind.

At the end of the night, Lark noticed Troy’s pants on the floor, and curiously looked in the pockets. She pulled out a printed e-mail from his girlfriend Jaime.

“Can’t wait to see you tomorrow. You have NO idea how horny I am!! I am touching myself right now as I type this e-mail to you just thinking of your delicious cock. My flight gets gets in tomorrow at 5PM. I’ll see you at the airport. Oh yeah, one more thing. Let’s just say that you’re going to enjoy the ride back from the airport. Don’t be late! I love you. -Jaime”

As she slid the paper back into the pocket Lark smiled and knew exactly what she needed to do. She hated competition and needed to put an end to it.

At 2:30PM the next day Lark got ready and put on one of her sexiest summer dresses that showed off all of her best attributes. She wore nothing underneath. She looked amazing and she knew it. Her perky breasts were pressing against the fabric of her dress with just a hint of her hardening nipples visible, her lean waistline, shapely hips and firm ass perfectly accentuated, her beautiful blond hair blowing in the wind as she walked towards her car.

It was now 3:30PM. She had a five-minute ride to his house and about 30 minutes to work with before she knew he would be leaving for the airport. She drove with one hand, leaving her other hand free to play as she thought about the mischievous plot she was about to enact. By the time she arrived at his dorm room she dripping wet.

She knocked on his door.

“Lark? Wow, this is a surprise!” said Troy

“Hope not an unwelcome one,” she replied, looking straight into his eyes, holding the silence for a moment.

“Of course not! Please come in,” he said, forgetting momentarily that he had 30 minutes before he had to leave for the airport.

This stunning blond that he had fantasized about several times was now dressed to the nines and paying him an impromptu visit. The timing could not be worse but he was not about to tell her to leave. Lark closed the door behind her and moved a little closer to him.

“So, to what do I owe this visit?” he asked, hoping he already knew.

“Troy, I have been thinking about you a lot and I just wanted to stop by and see you before I leave,” she said, lying about the latter.

“What do you mean? Where are you going?” he asked

“My fiance really wants me closer to and I am transferring to Charleston. I have to leave in thirty minutes but I really wanted to come say goodbye to you first.”

“Wow, that was kind of sudden, I had now idea you were leaving. I’ll definitely miss seeing you.”

It was now 3:45PM and Troy had a 1-hour ride to the airport. Fifteen minutes. Lark was right on schedule.

“Well, I was hoping for a little stronger reaction than that,” she beckoned, as she moved a little closer to him. “Come on Troy, I think we both know there is an attraction between us. Wouldn’t you like to have a little fun before I go? It’ll be our little secret,” she persisted.

“Lark, you know I am attracted to you but you know I have a girlfriend and the timing is horrible. She is flying down here right now and I have to leave for the airport in less than 10 minutes.”

“Shhhhhh, she pressed her wet finger to his lips. “I promise this won’t take that long.”

As he took in her wonderful scent, he relented and Lark unbuttoned his pants and slid them to the floor. She pressed him back onto his chair and looked down at him. Hiking up her dress, she lowered herself onto his throbbing cock so just the head of his cock could enter her. Lark smiled as she began slowly riding him, knowing kartal escort her juices were dripping all over the head.

“Mmmmmmm…don’t move. Let me do all of the work,” she said, taking complete control.

Slowly, she moved on him, still only allowing the head of his cock to enter her. Watching him squirm beneath her only made her wetter which would help her ultimate cause. She gradually allowed Troy to enter further inside and her juices dripped all over him. His cock was impressive; certainly capable of hitting spots that David couldn’t dream of hitting.

When he was fully inside of her, she reached down and started rubbing her swollen clit.

“Mmmmmmm…that feels so good. Do you like watching me, baby?”

“Yessss!!” was all he could say.

Next she slid her finger inside then removed it to slowly trace Troy’s lips. She wanted her juices everywhere and Troy was in no position to resist.

Lark knew she could make him cum whenever she wanted but needed to leave him no time to shower. Slowly grinding on his rock hard shaft, feeling just the right amount of pressure on her swollen clit, Lark looked down at Troy, knowing how badly he wanted to release his hot load inside of her. He felt amazing and she was going to enjoy every delicious second.

Troy suddenly looked at the clock and realized he had to leave in 3 minutes. He wanted so badly to cum and started thrusting his hips to increase the intensity. As Lark sensed this and pulled back, frustrating him even more. She slowly continued to ride his cock until she decided it was time to let him cum.

“Mmmmm….drive that cock and cum for me, baby!! Show me how badly you have wanted this!!!”

Troy dutifully drove his throbbing cock deep inside of her and came instantly. She continued to mount him for another minute as his erection slowly subsided, making sure all of their shared juices seeped down onto his cock and public hairs.

“Mmmmm…that was wonderful.” She leaned down and kissed him. “I promise this will be our little naughty secret.”

Then she climbed off of him and they both quickly got dressed. His mind began to race as he remembered what Jaime had promised in her e-mail. Oh Shit!! There was no time for a shower. He was already running late.

“I am so sorry I kept you so long! Please don’t be mad,” she said, knowing full well that he had no complaints.

“Oh yeah, one more thing” She slid a piece of paper into his pocket brushing he hand against his cock one last time. “That’s my cell number if you want to reach me.”

He ran to his car and drove off. Lark grinned as she walked back to her car.

Driving 80 mph the entire way, Troy manage to arrive at the airport on time. Jaime looked captivating and she met him with a loving hug and kiss. She had spent the entire week getting ready for this visit.

“Baby, I can’t wait to get into the car with you!!” she whispered into his ear. “I have been thinking about it the whole flight down!”

When they got into his car, Jaime’s hand immediately moved between Troy’s legs. She felt his body react the way she wanted and she slowly worked him with her hand, through his pants, until the coast was clear. Troy’s cock had sprung back to life and was begging to be released. He started moving his hips in enjoyment and anticipation, forgetting about the surprise that was about to meet his beautiful girlfriend’s mouth. She had done this for him countless times before and she knew he loved every minute of it. She enjoyed the added excitement of knowing other drivers might catch a glimpse of their act and knowing she had complete control as Troy had to keep his eyes on the road.

As they hit the highway, she unbuttoned his pants and slid down his zipper. His cock, now in open view stood straight up awaiting its reward. She leaned down onto him and took his stiff cock, loaded with Lark’s juices and Troy’s recycled cum, into her eager mouth.

Lark got home, lied down, removed her dress and took out her vibrator. She had executed her plan perfectly and became aroused at the thought of another woman taking in her juices. She placed her little friend on her clit, leaned back and brought herself to a wonderful, powerful climax.

The phone should be ringing any minute now, she thought.

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