Saw this girl one time…

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Saw this girl one time.

My name isnt important. I make a habit of refraining from telling people my name for as long as possible… I enjoy the mystique. Though the mystery surrounding my origin doesn’t fully exist through my lack of name. Many would say it comes from my way of operating. My nature in itself is shady. My walk, something between the swagger of a man weighed heavy with sexual deviance and some kind of curious animal. Sexual curiosity threw me beyond my years. My age isnt important either, but i can tell you ive experienced more than a lot of other people. I feel like telling you a story. In keeping with the mystique… the time it took place isnt important.

So here we go.

Lights refracted through the darkness. It bounced off her skin, a gorgeous complexion of tanned white. Hair cut to medium, my fingers twitched with the urge to pull it back. Eyes a natural hazel. I usually find the colour so average, i usually find people in general sub par, but this girls eyes, let alone her manner in general intrigued me. Her hazel was a deep pool of something i cant describe. Something i just had to drink in deep. Something i had to get inside. She danced across the floor, she was with a myriad of her friends. Her body, curvy, supple… tight. She stood out from her friends.

I was with my friends near the back, a joint going around the group. I had refined the art of contemplative party chat amongst my friends years ago, parties were an illustration of the social medium to us, we were geeky in that respect.
As one of my friends finished his toke and passed it to me he wondered off to find his girlfriend. The group dissipated as i stubbed it out with the last three pulls.
My eyes glanced over to the girl. I never get this excited by just looking at someone. I knew this girl was such a gorgeous exception to my routine, i had to pursue her.

Talking like this about someone i barely knew was insane. I had a habit of being a little offbeat amongst my friends i guess, and once i set my mind on something i was like a bull to the asshole of a spainard.
I muscled in through the crowd of people dancing to the beat of some crappy drum and bass i barely knew, hopped over a couple of people monged off their faces and skipped past a few girls getting a little to into their guys for the public eye.

I dont enjoy parties. I love music and i love dancing but alot fo the people in my age group (16 – 18) are extremely small minded and boring. This party didn’t have good music and it was full of shit dancers and fuck damn were the people terrible.

All except the girl i managed to casually bump into. She seemed a little out of it but when her eyes sparked aflame as they looked at me i realised she wasnt so bad i couldn’t talk to her.
I had seen her around a bunch at the college we went to,
Turns out ive talked to her a bit in the past but im terrible with my memory.

We talked more, i kept the flirtacious side of me down, i didn’t want her to get the wrong idea, that i just wanted to fuck her or something. She seemed a hell of a lot more interesting that i originally thought, i had to get her number.

After a little bit of small talk she thrust her number in my face and admitted to being a little to drunk to talk anymore.

I happilly swapped numbers with her, she left shortly after and i decided to leave the party with a few from my group. I left for a friends house.

We got high and burned the night away.
I woke up to a text from the girl, apparently she wanted to see more of what she saw last night and she wanted to meet up sometime.
I punched in the name of a friends flat i was going to this weekend, i figured she may as well a come along seeing as it was going to be a chill session with some drugs.


After consuming an inordinate amount of alcohol i found myself Completely wrecked Gaziosmanpaşa Escort and craving the comfort of bed i retreated back into the bedroom of my friends flat. Nice place, penthouse with four rooms. The girl followed me in.

She sat on the edge of the bed as i sprawled out in intoxicated comfort.
She urged me to massage her and i complied, she had her back arched over, her neat, tight body in between my legs. My hands pressed into the curves of her spine. Her muscles were tense, wound up by a stress i knew nothing of. I intended to become closer to her but for now my mind was focused on keeping my cock from ripping a hole in my jeans…

My whereabouts became unknown to me. Just a sweet ignorant bliss washed over me as the walls became a null value.
As i worked the tension out of her smooth back, i let one arm rest on her thigh… i felt our fingers interlock in a moment of want between us. I felt a lot of intensity in that one touch and i knew i wouldn’t be able to walk out the door with my hunger dissatisfied. I released her hand from mine and grabbed her thigh… temptation took the better of me.

My right arm pulled the back of her hair, i looked up and down her body. My eyes scanning her gorgeous eyes down to her neck… My hand gripping her cunt tightly.

I lent in, my lips closed around the length of her neck. Kissing it gently, my teeth occasionally giving into a flood of lust and biting her. I pitched my body up and over hers, my hand sliding from in between her legs, warm with her anticipation and excitement. I pitched my body up and over hers, pinning her arms down with a force that dwarfed hers.

“You know you can tell me when i go to far”

“I don’t think your capable of going to far with me”

She smiled at me, that gorgeous face of hers sparked to life with notions of sexual lust underlying her features.

“You don’t know me to well”

Without warning i descended upon her body. My tongue met hers as our lips touched, anticipation building up in our bodies. I knelt down and kissed my way out of her mouth and down her body. Teasingly dragging my tongue across her waistline… My hand surged forward and gripped her cunt. Warm with sexual frustration. She was wearing a thong to… Another thing that tipped me further into my sex crazed mood. I tipped my fingers inside her and pushed against her G spot.

My tongue slid down to her clit, I swirled around her cunt in a maelstrom of pleasure. Her hand pushed the back of my head into her cunt as she moaned out in pleasure.
I released my grip on her, temptation had my hands rip my belt out from my jeans, then in a split second i found her ripping my pants down. My cock throbbed infront of her face. Her mouth opened, anticipating the sensation a moan escaped from my lips.

She shot me a smile, her mouth still open, teasingly parading around the head of my cock. Her face was breathtaking, in the heat of the moment i truly saw her as she was designed. A sexual entity of integrity, temptation surrounded her and it drew me in. I gripped the back of her head, she anticipated the thrust and threw her hands around my waist as i slammed my cock into her mouth. She gagged and choked as my cock pulverised her mouth, she then took me by surprise as she opened her throat wide and forced the whole length of my cock down her throat.

Breathtaking. She knew how to work a cock.

All of a sudden i found myself on the bed, she had full control over me as she swallowed the length of my cock down her throat. Sucking and choking on it, biting on it to… Kinky, i loved this girls style.
We were playing with each other. Wrestling for power. As she went down on my cock i grabbed her by the waist and pulled her body over into a sixty nine. My tongue plunged inside her warm, dripping wet cunt, my cock Gölbaşı Escort sliding in and out of her tight little throat, her spit dripping down onto my balls.
After a few minutes of non stop oral pleasure she spun around ontop of me.

I lent up and kissed her. Passion passing from my lips to hers…

She blushed.

“Im not used to guys like you.”

“What do you mean?” I unclasped her bra slyly… my eyes gazing deeply into hers.

She blushed deeper.

Before she could answer i pitched up and grinded my cock against her pussy.
A gasp escaped her lungs and she forced her pussy down on my cock hard, making my dick glisten with her cum.

My hands jolted forward and gripped her hips, pushing her upwards, her cunt dragging my cock into an upright position.

A moment of hesitation struck as time made each second span a lifetime.

A glimmer of light illuminated her features for one simple second. She was biting her lip, a kinky expression painted accross her features.

In that second i felt a waterfall of lust crash over me and send my body into a blissful rush of ecstasy.
My cock slammed deep inside her tight little cunt, her hips gyrated around the length of it, her senses still rocking off her massive orgasm. My member plunged in deep, pulverising her insides.
The pleasure in the air was tangible. She let out screams and moans as my cock pounded her.

Eighteen years on her and she had a pair of eyes that already scream out shameless cries of ecstasy far beyond the confines of her tight young body.

I threw her over into doggy, she braced for impact as i drew out the length of my cock and slid myself back inside her, the ferocity in my thrust growing with each swift motion. My balls slapping against her as my cock met the end of her cunt. Her pussy closed in around me as she clenched.

That was all i managed to think to myself when she yanked my cock out of her tight cunt and slammed it down her throat.

Pleasure ignited my nerves then and there
Her cunt juice rushing down her throat, she willfully drank in the desire.
Her eyes captivated me as she worked my cock down.
So simple and easy to see all of her thought processes.
She was acting out on her desire, my cock her tool to exact pleasure upon her body.

But there was something behind that glimmer of lust, something beyond her innate sense of sexual prowess that captured my interest especially.

As her tongue licked my shaft all the way to the tip and down again, as she drew upon my balls i was overcome with a conflict of concience.

Intriguing, gorgeous sure, but different somehow.

My impulses took over, a thirst to know what made her tick deep down inside manifested itself in the real world through my hands.

The hands gripped her by the neck, pulling her off my cock, using all my strength i practically lifted her off the ground by her neck alone.

I pulled her up to eye level and stared deep into her eyes.

She plainly enjoyed being choked, but as our eyes met her facial expression changed from a lustful daze of a face to a focused and intense stare.

We kissed.

Her arms dropped to my waist and gripped me tightly. One of my hands tugging on the back of her hair lightly, the other fell in a stroke from the side of her face down onto her breast, i lingered for a fell moment and dropped to her hips.

This was something different all together.

There were complexities that painted this moment a very different shade to the passionate red that colours most of my sexual ventures.

There was a history to us that had yet to be written and we knew it.

As our tongues swirled against each other our bodies pressed closer upon each other, we felt the moment of intensity had driven our sexual natures Keçiören Escort to the brink of insanity.

It was almost like we both knew what was going to happen next would be almost to much to bare.
Like we were already tipping over the edge of a climax. Holding off an orgasm until the last possible moment.

Like we were savouring the last few moments we had on earth, for oblivion would follow next.
We acted in unison.

She fell back onto the bed and kicked her legs up, my cock grinded against her pussy as i gripped her hands and pinned her.

She laughed.

I laughed.

My cock fell down past her cunt and pressed against her asshole.

She gasped.

I slammed my cock deep inside her tight fuckhole.

She screamed.

I moaned.

Her hands scratched against my chest as my cock buried deep inside her tight asshole, flooding her body with pain and pleasure, shocking mine with an overflow of tight sexual euphoria.
My cock pounded further inside her, our lungs breathing in unison as i the air out of her with each swift motion.

I was brutalising her insides, she madly toyed with her clit as i destroyed her.
Her lips parted eternally in a moan, constantly begging for more air with which she would scream a yell of complete and utter climax.

I felt her cum, her ass tightened and her cunt became wildly wet, dripping down onto my cock… lubing up her already dripping asshole.

As she yelled out in ectasy i choked her neck, her nails dug into my forearm.
I was pulling her attention towards my eyes.

Intensely focused, my cock still slamming the insides of her tight asshole, she knew i was close to cumming.

She bit her lip and smiled, she worked her clit up again and i began to fuck her harder than i ever have.
My cock was brutally pounding the walls of her little fuckhole, her cum forming a pool around the entrance to her asshole, making my cock glisten wildly in the fragmented dark of the room.

“I cant believe this” I gasped out as my cock pulsed inside her… On the brink of orgasm.

“I cant believe you…” She managed to let those words escape her exhausted lungs.

She gazed deeply into my eyes, a lustful look passed and she grabbed my balls, commandeering by body, forcing me to stand to attention… her cunt literally dripping to the floor, she knelt down and jerked my cock off, her hand sliding against her own cum, her mouth licking agains the tip of my cock…
That glint that intrigued me to begin with sparked again in her eye.

I tipped over the edge, i had to brace my hand agains the wall as the cum started rushing from my balls through the length of my cock.

An orgasm of immeasurable intensity erupted.

The cum fell from my cock in massive strands, i stood strong and arched my back, letting out a breathless roar of ecstasy.

The white strands fell over her face, dripping into her mouth and onto her tits. My cock throbbing and pulsing, delivering an inhuman amount of cum, she took my cock in her mouth and let the last of my supply shoot straight down her throat…

My body ran cold and hot at the same time, my cock pulsing and throbbing inside her throat as it expelled the last of its load.

I looked down at her face, glistening with my cum, she smiled through it all, bearing her teeth with my cock still in her mouth. She sucked hard and drew the last bit of semen locked in my shaft and swallowed.
We shared a stare at eachother, i was laughing at the insanity of it all. Such a powerful orgasm, it had me faltering with my footing, i was dizzy.

I fell to the bed and she fell ontop of me, smiling and laughing, our cum lining the bed, the floor, her face and her throat.

“You intrigue me”

She said, in a daze of ardour.

4 in the morning.

We had fucked for hours.

“Your of mild interest to me” I smirked.

And with that we drifted off ontop of eachother, waiting for the brutal light of morning to rip us from the bed, and back into the real world.

We have to wait for the next time to dance with eachother in a dream state again.

I know ill need my fix soon.

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