Saving Mom Ch. 13-16

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This is a total work of fiction. Any similarities to real world people places or events is purely coincidental. All characters portrayed are 18 years or older. This work contains graphic depictions of diverse sexual acts. If you are not of an age to lawfully read this material, please move on.


Saving Mom

Chapter 13

We arrived at the mall just after it opened and there were a few patrons wandering about. I mentioned to mom that we could find a nice clothing store that was more modern and stylish as opposed to the stores that dad let her shop in. No discount stores today! We weren’t looking for the ‘fat girl’ store, as mom called it, either! From what I had seen at college, you could get a wide size range at most of the stores catering to the college crowd and I wanted mom to be stylish and young looking. Mom wasn’t even forty yet for crying out loud! Asshole made her dress like a 1950’s house cleaner.

So we looked in one shop and it wouldn’t do. It was for the skater scene. They’re cool people but definitely not mom’s style. The next place was too preppy. The next was perfect! It had a mix of fashions that I’d seen around college on both students and some of the professors around moms age so I figured we’d try there.

Mom was flitting around in clothes heaven! She got what she called separates. What do I know! All I did know is you could take the slacks and change them for a skirt with the same blouse and so on. She got what to me looked like two outfits but she said it would make six. Go figure! All I knew was I wanted to see her in the jeans miniskirt she got!!

We went for a quick snack at the food fare and I thought a thought while we were sitting there.

“Mom! Yesterday we got you a lot of lingerie didn’t we?”

“Yes we did?! Why do you ask?”

“We’ll I was thinking….almost all of what we got for you was shall we say….activity wear. We need to get you some very sexy everyday wear don’t we?!”

“Thomas Brown! You are a devil! But I totally agree!” She replied, having an equally devilish look on her face.

“They don’t have a boutique here in the mall per say but the do have a really nice franchise lingerie shop down the other side of the mall. Wanna check it out when your done your cinnamon bun?”

With that, mom shoved the remainder of her bun in the bag, stood, threw the bag and her half finished coffee in the bin and turned to me. “Well, what are we waiting for!”

We were greeted at the door by whom I thought was a lovely young thing. As you have all guessed by now I love my gals on the ample side. ‘Pamela’ as her name tag said, fit in with my favoured look perfectly. She was just a smidge taller than mom as they stood but mom was in heels and Pam was in ballet slippers. She was not fat but not skinny either. She was delectably soft all over with a nice booty and tits to die for. I mean like 40D or something like that. And what a smile! Blue, blue eyes and……I’m drooling!

“What can I help you with today?”

I was able to speak but just. “Um, we’d like to get a few nice sets of bras and panties for everyday wear. Um….Inga’s current collection is a bit behind the times and needs some sprucing up.”

Mom was dressed in her clothes from the Gilded Lily which I think influenced Pam’s reply. “If you’ll follow me to the back, the merchandise is of higher quality and I’m sure more in keeping with your tastes. What we have up front here is for the teen crowd with limited budget.”

“Wow!” I thought. “Pam is good at her job. If she is on commission she’s gonna make big money! And she can talk and her ass can chew gum at the same time! I was gonna embarrass myself if I had to stare at those two asses walking in front of me much longer!”

My concentration was broken by Pam’s voice and huge boobs entering my personal space. “Sir if you will have a seat here I will personally attend to your…….girlfriend?”

I just smiled and took a seat letting Pam make her own conclusions.

As mom and Pam went from rack to rack I perused an old sports magazine and got myself a complimentary coffee.

In short order mom and Pam whisked by with an arm load of dainties to try on. Mom came to me quickly.

“My personal attendant is going to fit my bras for me! I’m so excited!” Then she winked at me and scampered back to the change rooms.

So again, I was left to myself. I remained in my seat. As much as I wanted to get up and browse, I didn’t want to get labeled a pervert by other shoppers by being a single guy floating around a lingerie shop.

I had just about exhausted the supply of half dead magazines when Pam showed up in front of me with a bit of a flushed look in her face.


“Tom,” I replied.

“Tom….um…your…um…girlfriend? would like…um…you to come and…um…approve her selections.”

Poor Pam was totally flustered!

I indicated, “please lead on.”

She nodded and headed down the hall. We entered and there was mom in her altogether waiting for us to return. I could smell female arousal in the air and it wasn’t all mom. Hmmm!

“Pam will Kıbrıs Escort you please help me with my first selection?”

“Yes Inga.” Replied Pam, calmly and with some deference.

Pam picked up a silky rose coloured thong and went to her knees in front of mom. Mom put her hand on Pam’s shoulder and lifted her leg slightly. Then the other as Pam assisted in getting the thong started on its journey upwards. Mom adjusted her stance and Pam scooted closer to pull the thong up. She was practically hugging mom’s legs as she pulled them up. Pam’s positioning had the effect of having her face in mom’s pussy!

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing! Pam had not turned her head to the side. To the contrary! She was looking straight at mom’s bald mound. And I noticed her breathing becoming heavier. She was sniffing my mothers pussy aroma!!

In order for Pam to bring the thong to its final resting place, she had to lean back and away from the pussy she obviously enjoyed being so close to.

“Thank you Pamela!” Mom said cheerily. “Now the bra dear!”

Pam hopped up and retrieved the matching demi cup bra. Instead of going behind mom, which I thought was unusual, she held the bra in front of mom so she could put her arms through the straps. This brought the two women in to close proximity once again. Pam got even closer as she reached around mom to hook the straps together.

I was gonna cum in my pants! Mom and Pam’s boobs were squished together and it looked like Pam was gonna kiss my mom! Mom’s arms came around Pam and tightened the contact.

She looked into Pam’s eyes as she said, “you do that so well sweetie! Now could you adjust me so it fits just right?! And then I’m sure Tom will want to inspect your work.”

Pam nodded shyly as she moved away a bit and began manipulating the front of the new bra.

“No Pamela, like you did earlier. That way was soooo much better!” Mom said in a hyper sexy tone.

Pam’s face coloured as she nodded. “Oh course ma’am.”

She went around behind mom and her hands and forearms appeared out front of mom. Pam was peeking over mom’s shoulder as she started to manipulate mom’s boobs. Mom moaned. Pam really started to play as well as kiss and lick mom’s neck.

Mom continued to moan as I stared in disbelief as this young shop girl made sapphic love to my older mom right in front of me!!

Mom let out a bigger moan. Her aroma filled the air. I looked at the front of mom’s new thong…it had darkened. Pam had made her cum!!

Ok! A guy can only take so much! I pulled my steel rod out and started to give it some slow strokes. This scene was smoked hot!!

“Pam, you’ve made me cum but someone else in this room needs your attention. Take my sons cock in your mouth and make him cum too!”

“Pam didn’t say a word as she scrambled to me and shoved her face halfway down my wood. She made a gack sound but came up and back down repeatedly. She couldn’t deep throat me but my cockhead did jamb into the back of her mouth over and over!! She had me very close very fast!

“I’m gonna cum!” I warned.

“Pamela, take his seed! Swallow it all!” Ordered mom.

Pam just kept going and I had no option! (Like I was complaining). She had a hand on my sack so she could feel it coming. And did I ever cum! I think like four big jets and a bunch of smaller pulses.

Pam did indeed take all my seed! She was awesome! She kept at it till my meat was all clean and shriveling back up.

From her kneeling position she rocked back on to her heels. “Thank you, Sir, for feeding me!” She winked.

“Good girl Pamela!” Mom said. “Now I need out of this set and we need to try another.”

Pam scooted back over to mom and knelt before her.

“Proceed my dearheart!”

Pam grabbed the sides of the thong as she raised up off her heels, bringing her closer to mom’s dripping hairless kitty. As she drew the thong down she was so close!

She looked up at mom. “Please?!” Was all she said.

Mom nodded.

Pam dove into mom’s slick V like a girl possessed!! She knocked mom back into the change room bench and was shaking her head and growling! Mom’s head was thrown back in ecstasy!!

Mom must have been so close. I could hear the splashes of her squirt as they hit Pam and the floor. I wondered if we could be heard and I was also worried for Pam and her job as well.

It was all just a fleeting thought as the scene before me had me hard as nails again. Mom looked over at me and mouthed to me, “fuck her.”

Great idea mom! I moved behind Pam and lifted her skirt. She looked back at me and shook her ass at me and nodded. Permission granted!

I yanked her thong aside and smooshed some of her juices around a bit. Then I notched my stick into her hole and slowly entered her. I stopped at about three inches and pulled back until only the head was in then I moved to put in about four inches.

Pam had other ideas. As I was pushing in she rammed herself back as hard as she could! Her body convulsed more than it already was and she just kept pounding back into me.

She was wild! So Lefkoşa Escort was mom. They were both nonstop orgasm factories!

Pam pulled her head out of mom’s crotch just long enough to say, “Seed….me! Give…it!”

So I did! Then I was totally spent. I plopped back on my ass heaving for air. When I looked up, mom had her eyes closed and was sucking wind but calming as well. Pam’s head lay on mom’s thigh also trying to find enough oxygen. The only sound any of us heard was breathing.

I also had a thought that it was a good thing that there was no mall security beating the door down or irate customers yelling!

After a few more minutes, “I have a question? You said son earlier?”

Mom was struck dumb and frozen in shock. I just looked at Pam and nodded to the affirmative.

Pam’s answer? “Fucking cool!!”

I grinned.

Mom started to breathe again.

Then we all started to laugh!!

We got up and started to gather our clothes and the erstwhile purchases.

I was truly worried so I asked Pam. “How much trouble will you be in? I mean nobody seemed to hear us but you haven’t been out on the floor for a while and…”

She cut me off. “I do work here but this is my aunt’s shop. I’ve caught her with other women and girls in the past so no biggy! Besides I don’t really come in until noon! I have a change of clothes in a locker in back, so all is well. I grabbed you guys at the door because you’re both hot!!”

Mom and I looked at Pam and the looked at each other and laughed some more! What a morning. What a holiday!!

After we gathered everything up, Pam took us to the cash. Thank goodness that mall traffic was still lite. Mom and I, and Pam for that matter, we’re a wreck! We were all sweaty and smelled of fresh sex. I wonder how that happened?!

We made the purchases and I grabbed for the receipt. Pam put her hand on mine. “Give me your phone. I know your mom is visiting but I know you’ll still be around. I want you. You are a nice guy, you fuck real good and I love your cock. Don’t be a stranger.”

With that she opened her phone and gave it to me as she took mine and put her info in it. I caught on and did the same.

We said our goodbyes and she waved at me shyly as mom and I departed.

As we walked out to the car to head back to the dorm, mom said, “When I finally get away from your father I’m getting tits like Pam,” she said emphatically.

I visualized for a second. Mom would look fantastic!

We forgot all about a suitcase.


Chapter 14

We both needed a shower badly! We dumped mom’s purchases off in the room and I changed into my shorts and flip flops while mom just stripped down to her bare skin.

“Mom shouldn’t you at least put on a robe to go down the hall?”

Mom put in a face. “Am I not sexy enough to be seen in my birthday suit?” She challenged.

“You absolutely are but if anyone sees you, we would both be in serious trouble! You can be naked in this room for me all you want.”

“Poo! Ok.” She put her robe on but steadfastly refused to do it up. Gawds had she changed in such a short time.

In the shower room mom was getting her things set up. “Do you prefer a bald kitty or a bushy one?”

“I love your slick smooth pussy! What is your preference?”

“I definitely prefer hairless. So if you like it too, it’s settled. This will be my third treatment. I will be permanently hairless from my neck down!”

As she stepped into another stall she said, “I’d love to shower with you but I don’t want to get any of this on you. The first application worked incredibly fast and my hair just fell out!”

“No that’s fine mom….I like my hair!”

I could hear mom laughing.

When we were back from the shower I got the food I bought earlier out of my mini fridge along with some bottles of water. We enjoyed a nice lunch and finally talked about normal stuff. My courses and how I was doing in them, how my professors were and that kind of stuff. We also talked for the first time about my love life. I told mom about my lack of a love life until recently. I told her about my brief sexual encounters in high school and how very limited that was. I also confided that she was my first in college and we laughed how she wasn’t even a student!

She asked about what I thought of Pam and would I call her. Pam had my attention and I told mom so. I probably would call her and see her when mom was back home. I did assure mom that I was not interested long term in Pam. I had a sexy vibrant sex machine that needed constant looking after. Mom punched my shoulder playfully and blushed when I said that.

I did bring something up to mom though. I asked her her thoughts about Anne and Griz. Mom confessed again that being with Anne in a sapphic way had thrilled her and seemed to open her life to new possibilities, hence her fun times with Pam. But she also reiterated a closeness to Anne that was somehow deeper almost spiritual. Mom also said she had little to go on with Griz as she hadn’t really spoken to her and saw her just fleetingly.

I Magosa Escort thought for a minute about that and realized that mom and my contact with Anne and Griz was compartmentalized. Mom had Anne for the most part exclusively with her and I had that exclusivity with Griz. Then a thought came to me. Mom had dreams of Anne and I of Griz. Mine of Griz were ones of attraction. She was not my type with all her piercings and tattoos but I felt a heat from her when we were together. This was all the more curious to me because I vaguely remember her saying she was into girls. I gave mom the readers digest version of this train of thought.

Mom changed the subject again to her wanting to change her appearance. She doubled down on the idea of getting bigger up top as she said. She said she felt that her big body in general was what she had and didn’t want to try and change that. And considering her newfound sexual confidence, I agreed with her. She did say that with a big set of boobs she would be more balanced. I told her not to do it for me or anybody else except herself. She promised that she wasn’t contemplating this for anybody but herself. Mom also said she was thinking of changing her hair as soon as she was away from asshole. I loved that she was calling him that too now. I asked if she had some ideas as to what changes. Mom said that part of her conversation with Anne had been about just that thing. Anne was good with judging skin tone, hair colour and the like with clothing colours and style. She said mom could go with a much shorter hair style and change the colour to red. It would bring out different tones in her skin and make her look different. It would even influence her eye colour to some extent. Mom got a kick out of telling me that with the new clothes, big fucking knockers and new hair nobody would know who the new foxy milf was, that Tom Brown was shacked up with! She laughed and laughed! It was good th hear mom laugh.

It took me a bit to catch that mom had said she wanted to live with me. I smiled inside.

I wanted to know if mom was hungry.

“I’m starving!” Mom replied. “Can we get more food from that Italian place? Do they have ravioli and garlic bread? I’d love that!! Can you go pick it up? And get some of that wine from last night too. I think four bottles.”

“Wow mom! Excited for food or what?!”

She flushed a bit. “Well yes but you know what comes after food and wine. Especially after wine!”

I fained shock. “Mother! Am I just a cheap slut that you think you can get drunk!”

Mom giggled. “Just go get the food! I think I’ll go for a walk while you’re out. I want to burn off some of this energy.”

“I’m just gonna pee before I head out for the food. I’ll be right back for my coat.”

“Ok!” Mom said. She was all of a sudden so cheery! That talk must had made her feel good.

I came back and got my coat and keys.

“Don’t forget your phone!”

“So 45 minutes to get the food?”

“Uh huh”

“I’ll be back from my walk by then.”

I gave mom the thumbs up and headed to the car.

Almost an hour later I opened the room door with dinner and wine in hand.

“Good evening Sir!”

I just about dropped the wine!

“You were going to get dinner so I got us dessert!”

Pam was on her knees in a black latex bra with nipple cutouts and matching latex crotchless panties. Her hands were behind her head. She was stunning!

I looked at mom and back to Pam and back to mom. “How did you….Pam you look delicious….how did….”

Mom let me off the hook. “You left your phone here when you went down the hall earlier. I knew Pam’s number was in your phone so I copied it to mine, went for a walk and….tada!…desert. And we can take all night to eat her!

“Yes ma’am!” Pam replied joyfully.

Mom walked over to Pam and helped her up. The two embraced deeply and were heaving for breathe when they disengaged.

“Um…let’s eat some food and drink some wine so we can truly enjoy this delightful dessert you’ve gotten us!” I announced.

Mom blushed again and replied, “Yes, of course! I did ask for ravioli and wine.”

Pam piped up. “First food then fucking!”

I chimed in, “That sounds like a toast! Remember those words and I’ll get the wine poured!”

We all laughed!

Pam’s words were made into a toast and we all ate and drank our fill. I was glad the restaurant served large portions.

We topped up the wine and engaged in conversation to kind of prolong the inevitable blissful evening to come!…or is that cum?

We asked Pam a little about herself. She told us why she could respond to mom’s offer so quickly was that she lived on the edge of the college grounds. She was actually a senior majoring in history. She’s working toward being a mythologist or more precisely a folklorist. She said she always had a fascination with elves, fairies, mages and the whole Earth Mother idea.

“Did you know that the Earth Mother(s) were the naturopath’s of old?” Pam said. “These women were blessed with wisdom beyond modern understanding in the arts of health and healing along with the health and balance of the world around them. They were most often put to the question and burned at the stake in the dark ages. This was so wrong! There were very few that had evil designs in what they did. Most were and are pure good and maintain the balance of good and evil in the world.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32