Saving Gina Ch. 11

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The next day, all seemed normal. Gina and Tinba were still in the capital. Gina called saying they were getting a lot accomplished and asked where Yoni was. I answered, “Right now, I do not know. Yesterday, she was over at Kinba’s working. She may have stayed there last night. I don’t know where she is right now. But I sure do miss you.”

I got the obligatory, “I miss you too. Have to get back to work. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Tomorrow came. Kinba and Gina returned. Yoni was still missing. We all searched for her, worried and thought the worst for a week. Then word came through her uncle’s family that she had fled the country. Another week passed and Yoni called Gina. The call was forwarded several times, finally coming from France. “Gina, I’m so sorry, I could not tell you. I was afraid that you and Dave would finish the project, leave and I would have to go back to my old life. You and Dave showed me how wonderful life could be. I could never go back to the beatings, pain and sexual slavery again. Please forgive me.”

Gina and Yoni cried on the phone together. The line went dead after exactly four minutes. Gina was very depressed for days. I had hoped against all hope, but now I knew, I could not keep her. I had to let her go.

“Gina, go with me for a drive. I have some very important things to discuss with you.”

Without life, Gina got dressed but did not respond to my playful touches. She made no attempt to put on make-up.

We drove all the way into the capital just to find a green park with a bench. “Gina, I have so many things to tell you. First I love you with all my heart, I would love to marry you and be with you the rest of my life.” She did not flinch, smile or blink. There was no chance for conversation right now. I handed Gina her I.D. and Passport.

She took them and looked puzzled at me. I added, “You leave for Portland in four days.” I watched the last part of her breakdown. She sobbed and shook uncontrollably. Half way through her thirty-minute cry I heard, “Thank you.”

The feelings I had were neutral. When she used to respond to me years ago in the bar, she used all the right words but the well-practiced responses were canned and flat. I never felt I could believe what she told me even though she insisted how special I was to her. I always knew something was not right.

I loaded her into the car. My heart was breaking. I reverted to thirty years of experience protecting myself from hurt while succeeding in business.

Half way back, Gina asked, “How did this happen.”

“Prince Tulan was so happy with the project’s progress, he asked me if he could do anything for me. I told him your health was suffering and I requested, he let you go home. He made me promise that you will never discuss your time in Albai. I said you would honor that and that I would be responsible for your silence.”

“Did you have other things to tell me?”

“Gina, there are a million details, but in a nutshell, I wanted to apologize to you for a secret I’ve kept from you about something I did. I arranged for Yoni to escape the country.”

Her eyes flashed and her demons took over again. “You got her out before me. You could have gotten me out months ago, couldn’t you? You were hoping I’d just give up and stay with you. You said you loved me. You just lied and lied.” Her voice was quivering in rage and sarcasm. “Well thank you for this, anyway.” She waved her passport at me.

So much for happy departures.

For the next two days Gina avoided me. On the morning of the third day I forced her to listen. “Gina I need to tell you what is arranged.” She sat and listened.

“Your bank accounts have been reopened and some funds have been deposited to help you get started. In a few months, I’ll have a friend contact you and tell you how you can visit Yoni. You each know things the other does not know. If you compare notes, you both will understand a lot more.”

“Is that all?’

“Your plane leaves at eleven tomorrow night.”

“Can I take some of the presents and clothes you gave me?”

Her anger and coldness were destroying me. I started for the door, “Gina, I’m not your enemy. Anything you want is yours.”

“Yeah, I’ll bet. How much do I get paid for being your whore for four years?”

That did destroy me. I turned my back to her, “Five Million.” I closed the door behind me, went to the car and drove to the nearest pump station to hide.

I didn’t see Gina off. The chauffer gave her a ruby heart pin and a note from me, “I wish we could have had a kiss goodbye. All my love, Dave”


It had been seven months since Gina returned to the good old comfortable USA and her home in Portland. One morning her telephone rang and a very professional man’s voice asked if she were Gina Claxton. The man said he was a friend of Dave Carter’s and had a message for her. She was elated. Dave had promised to get in touch with her and tell her how to get suriyeli porno in contact with Yoni. The man gave no information except when and where to be.

Waiting another month and a half was going to be difficult. Gina had quickly settled back into her comfortable life in Portland. Life was even more comfortable with the fortune Dave had put into her accounts. Her son and his family were secure for life, she had helped some struggling friends and had become active in several organizations to help abused young girls. She was even dancing a day a week again, just to stay busy and get back into familiar activities. But something was different now, the desire wasn’t there. Truthfully, Gina had to admit her age was catching up with her. Her priorities and what was important had changed.

She missed Dave, all his energy, his ideas, his passions and his strength. She often remembered her times with him in Albai. She could remember the love in his eyes. She had not wanted him to love her, just keep her safe and get her home. Every day she had wondered, “How much does he really love me? He has other women. Other women want to cater to him; he has so much work, pushing him to exhaustion.”

Now safe at home, when she tried to sleep, Gina could feel Dave’s arms around her, wanting to protect her through the night. She remembered the almost daily silly little gifts he found time to bring to her. She remembered how she would pretend to be asleep, when Dave would snuggle against her, wanting her. Those nights, he would touch her, trying not to wake her. He would press his dick into her ass or thighs a few times and then just lay close until he softened and went to sleep. Once, when he got no response, he turned over and made love to Yoni. Before he went to sleep, he whispered to Yoni, “Gina is so wonderful and special, I wish, she could love me.”

The April morning was clear and comfortable, as Gina walked off the plane in Dallas. She wondered if Yoni would look the same. She didn’t. Running, pushing through the passengers to get to her, was a smiling, crying, very American looking Yoni. She was wearing shorts and a blouse tied just under her breasts. She was as tiny, beautiful and desirable as ever. Her outfit would have gotten her fogged in Albai.

As they hugged, Gina could see a small bald man back in the crowd. Each of his hands held the hand of a beautiful, tiny, priceless art object. Objects, too beautiful to be eighteen-month old children.

On the drive to Yoni’s, Gina learned the basics. Yoni’s name was Joani now; she was married to Trey and she was the consummate stay-at-home housewife in their new sprawling, four thousand square foot home. The kids couldn’t get close enough to their newly found Aunt Gina. There was so much to catch up on, the words flowed and flowed.

For the next two days, Joani and Gina talked, staying mostly in the kitchen, while Trey kept the kids occupied.

Gina was spell bound by Joani and Trey’s story. From their training, to his three years with Tinba, to their escape from Albai dressed as nuns and smuggling the twins. Both women cried as Joani described the meeting where Dave told her and Trey, they had been sterilized in their youth. They cried again when Joani told about Tinba and Dave getting the twins. Gina was amazed and shocked at how many risks Tinba and Dave had taken.

Both women found out that they each had been given five million dollars, had a “godfather” watching over them and got a few anonymous telephone calls giving them pieces of information. As they compared notes they both developed a rather clear picture that everything was going very well in Albai. That was good confirmation, because the evening news often reported how the women of Albai were getting healthy water to the population and bringing the entire country into the twenty first century with electricity available in every home.

Gina confessed, “After I got settled back in Portland, I began thinking a lot about the times you, Dave and I were together. They were strained times but good times.”

“Yes, they were. But thanks to Dave, times are better now for Trey, the kids and me, for you too. You got what you wanted most; he got us all out. Do you know he has a person who tells him all about you? Tinba tells Trey that hearing about you is the only thing that makes him happy.”

“He never made any secret about being in love with me but I did not realize that I had fallen in love with him until I got home. Joani, I keep reading the Internet for progress reports. I’m just dying to go to him when he finishes that damned project and returns to the United States.”

The joy and happiness drained from Joani’s face. “Gina, I’m so sorry. You don’t know.”

Gina was instantly worried. What could she not know after two days of talking from morning till night? “Don’t know what?”

“Remember, before Trey and I left, Dave disappeared for a few days? He said he met with Prince twitter porno Tulan but was very secretive. When he came back, he wanted to be alone with you, swept you away and took you shopping.”

“Sure I remember, he bought me a beautiful necklace with a large diamond. He said it was to celebrate getting a reward from Prince Tulan.”

“There was much more to it than that. What Dave had done, was renegotiate his compensation with the Prince. He got everything he asked for. The main thing he asked was for the Prince to let you return to the States. He took you away hoping you would say you loved him. He wanted to hear that before he told you that you could go home. That is one of the reasons I did that special night for the two of you. Gina, to get you out, Dave had to agree to work for the Prince and make Albai his home for the rest of his life.”

All of Gina’s life giving spirit rushed from her body. Some how her heart kept beating. She was pale, speechless and totally numb. Joani leaned forward to hold her, but Gina did not feel anything; her brain did not work; there was only meaningless, vast emptiness. For her entire life, Gina had searched for someone to love her and care for her. She had found that someone. She now knew how much Dave loved her. She saw how much she had resisted his love. She cried when she remembered how she spurned him before she left.

Gina wound up lying on her bed looking at the ceiling, through the afternoon, through dinner, through the night, until morning. Joani and she spent three more days together before her flight back to Portland. Her hopes and dreams were gone. What had been so important before had little meaning now.


Dave Carter wasn’t doing well. He worked very long effective hours. Often he forgot to eat and seldom smiled. Tinba knew the best “procurer.” Dave sometimes asked, her to arrange for tall dark haired hookers. Usually, he never slept with them; sometimes he paid them but never even came home to meet them. He never wanted the same one twice. He knew, everyone knew, his weakness. If he talked with them, saw them a few times, he would care about them and that never worked out in Dave’s favor. He started saying, “Sex is only good with strangers.” And, “Old guys have to pay for someone to care about them.” He was loosing weight, acting old. The medical staff worried too and was starting to visit him at his office.

The project was doing well. Dave really wasn’t needed. He had trained his replacements and organized ongoing operations to survive the loss of anyone. What made him feel good now was giving things away. He had expanded the end apartment in the compound into a beautiful, modern three-bedroom home and presented it to Kinba along with a generous bank account. He loved knowing she was secure, no matter what happened. He even liked that she had found a “male friend” to share it with.

He had given a nice home to the sisters, acquired Tonya from the Prince and taken care of her too. The six key managers were handsomely provided for. All were still there and working from dawn until night.

Occasionally, there would be flashes of the former “Dave.” The day the medical staff began being paid, he asked the Prince for Tonya and five other women for a week. That week was whispered about for months among every worker in the project.

Dave had obtained a box of contraband — sex toys. The highlight of the week was Tonya stripping the five women, Dave fitting vibrating butterflies directly on their clits and putting them on their hands and knees. They were arranged in a circle. He was in the middle with asses and cunts pointing at him from all sides. Tonya would signal Dave as each women started to reach a climax. He would mount and pump into her until she came, then he would wait for the next signal. No matter how much they objected the women were not allowed to stop the vibrations.

For two hours he did not cum. The entire time, Tonya kept chiding him, “Why didn’t I get a vibrator? Why don’t you fuck me? Can’t handle me again, can you? You know I like it rough. You’re lost it, haven’t you? Are you going to leave me horny? What about me, Dave?”

Finally, he had had enough from Tonya. Dave stood, his dick throbbing, stiff and dripping wet from the five women and his own precum. He growled like a mad man, “Alright you noisy, obnoxious bitch.” He walked behind the kneeling Tonya reached over her grabbing a nipple in each fist and pulled her onto her back. Tonya screamed. She fell hard on her back. Dave knelt behind her head, grabbed her hair and pulled her lips to his and French kissed her passionately. When she reached for him, he forced her down and slipped his dick into her mouth. The upward curve in his dick was perfect. He leaned over her, sucked her pussy and slowly slipped his dick into her throat cutting off her air. Tonya did not fight against him but her body began to tremble and her hands travesti porno gripped Dave’s sides signaling she was in trouble and literally dying.

Dave raised his hips enough for Tonya to breath. She was cuming from the thrill of near death and having her cunt licked. She wanted more and pulled on Dave’s hips, forcing him down into her throat again. Her arms flung out to her sides and her hands closed into tight fists. As her air was used up her body arched; her arms raised and her clenched fists shook and shook. Dave pulled back again. Tonya breathed but her body stayed arched. Five women stood in a circle wondering if they were watching the last minutes of life of a woman who was freely giving her life for sex.

Again Dave sunk his dick into Tonya’s throat but when she thrashed about this time he stood trailing her saliva and his juices across her face and down her body. He moved between her legs and knelt. Starting with three fingers Dave sunk roughly into her wetness. Tonya reached out to protect herself. He pinned her while he directed a woman to straddle and hold down each leg and each arm. To the fifth woman he said, “Feed her your cunt.” The woman turned her back to Dave, put a leg on either side of Tonya’s head and lowered her clit to a begging tongue.

Tonya had never quit struggling. She continued to fight as Dave reinserted his fingers, found her g-spot and molested her cunt. His thumb was on her clit and that brought a climax quickly but not what Dave wanted from her. Tonya brought off the woman on her lips and was rewarded with juice to lap. She felt something very different begin to build inside her. A little like she was going to pee. She quit struggling; her belly was tighter than it had ever been. Dave’s fingers were rough and fast, the strange feeling was building. Tonya did not scream, but her body did, just as a stream of liquid shot from her pussy, splashing over Dave’s hand, face neck and chest. He opened his mouth and caught what he could as he closed his lips over her squirting cunt and drank from her body. He was in bliss like a vampire feeding and Tonya wanted him to drink the life from her.

Tonya’s mind was racing and her body was still convulsing. She had heard stories about what had just happened but thought they were not true. She wanted to relax, but Dave had not cum. He pushed the women away from Tonya, raised her knees and lowered his body, sinking his dick quickly into her. She could not cum again. She wanted to move, give him pleasure and watch his face contort and enjoy controlling him with her body.

Dave did not thrust in and out. He ground his hips, pushing hard and deep, bumping against everything inside her.

Tonya was above it all. She thought and felt. She was full. Her organs were being pushed around. It was strange; it did not hurt; she thrilled knowing he was inside her. The hard pubic bone grinding into her clit was uncomfortable. Her body was tensing again. All these unusual feelings were giving away to a familiar one.

Dave said, “Grip the skin on my sides with you fingers.” She didn’t know why but she did. Her nails digging into his flesh like Gina had done.

Tonya felt him scoot tight against her butt; his weight was on his knees. His dick was not all the way inside anymore but was thrusting in short strokes. Familiar warmth flowed from her cunt up through her body. Dave leaned forward and closed his hands firmly around her throat.

Much of his weight shifted to her throat and his demanding cock sank deep and began to pound her in long hard merciless strokes. It slid along her clit on both the slippery up stroke and the jarring down stroke.

She pushed up to make Dave’s thrusts even rougher. Tonya was rapidly approaching an unexpected fright-filled climax. She could not breathe. Her eyes rolled back leaving the whites showing. Her pleasure started, but consciousness was slipping away. Was he going to kill her? It didn’t matter, she just wanted to cum and know she had satisfied him. Tonya signaled her need by tightening her entire body and gripping Dave’s skin with all her might.

As Dave came, she was desperate for breath. She felt his hot semen bathed her insides. His hands squeezed even tighter, as he leaned forward and kissed her lips sweetly. Her climax spirled higher and higher. She was flying and knew there were more strange new wonderful levels of pleasure just moments away. She soared; she was out of her body, watching; she was free; then, she blacked out.

When Tonya awoke, Dave was gone. The women were washing her, soothing her and touching her. They were totally at her disposal for two more days. She used them, degraded them, had them please her in every way she could imagine. But it was not the same without the power, the fear, the controlled pain and the unpredictable excitement that he brought to her. Other men were rough with her; that is not what she wanted. They wanted to hurt her, delighted in her fear and were thrilled at her pain. Dave used those things to please her. She was not afraid of Dave; she wanted to give herself to him; her body needed from him what she hated from others.

Dave drove back to the villa that was now his. He knew he had found at least one way to escape his memories and a new way to enjoy sex again.

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