Satisfying Randi’s Curiosity Ch. 03

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At the door, this time they immediately took turns embracing and kissing Randi, and then he also embraced and kissed Lisbet. Then they were off.

In the car, he remarked:

“I like this.”

“Me too, … and especially that you do. What if you had been all upset when I told you that we had done it?”

“Unlikely, as you probably assumed, since I had told you about the girls.”

“Hm-hmm! And not been upset. Besides, it was you who suggested that I would like doing what the girls do together.”

“Oh, right, … but you suggested including me, … and not just to watch you two!”

“Hm-hmm! Kind of forgot, she needed a cock to suck.”

“Thanks for sharing mine with her.”

They both chuckled with smirks, unseen in the dark. After a moment, Lisbet asked:

“I wonder if they do that with the boys?”

“Lick each other? Must have at the cabin with Lars, so probably.”

“Hmm? Of course.”

He turned on to another street, and after a couple of blocks she said:

“Why don’t you spend next Saturday night with her? We can say that you’re visiting my parents again.”

“You mean it?!”

“Shouldn’t make any difference to me whether you sleep with her or the girls.”

“Hmm?! … Guess you do …, from that logic.”

“And she would like it, … and the girls would, too.”

“If they do everything we can imagine.”

“Um-hmm. … Hm-hmm! Not much more than we do.”

“You really mean it?”

“Why not? … If you don’t mind what I do at my parents’ home?”

“We settled that, but won’t she be too surprised, if you suggest it for this weekend, and the girls, too? You should have mentioned last week that your brother wouldn’t be there.”

“Maybe you are right. … But you would?”

“Have you already discussed this with her?”

“Oh no. Maybe the idea came to me while we were setting the table.”

“Thinking we should do it on the table, and you told me that I should do that with her?”

“Um-hmm. Bet you both would like that.”

“Hm-hmm! Of course, but not better than doing it with you, … or the girls, before you ask.”

“I was about to. … Or are you just being polite?”

“Well, of course, the first time has a unique charm.”

“Um-hmmmm! It did. We have to do that again.”

“Of course!”

They exchanged glances as they snickered and then were home.

There was just a table lamp on in the house, but the girls called goodnight to them from their room. They had cleaned up, as told. He and Lisbet went to bed and slept very soundly.

They were awakened in the morning by the sounds of the girls’ making breakfast. They washed and dressed and join them. When the girls asked how their evening had been, they managed to make a story of it, the girls’ especially appreciating it, when they said that they were going to play cards again in two weeks. They didn’t ask how the girls’ evening had been.

The following weekend, Lisbet visited her parents. Friday night, the girls slept with him. When they told him at breakfast that Maren’s friend was out of town, he suggested that Britta could tell Lars that Maren was visiting her grandparents. The girls didn’t understand immediately, but then both grinned at him and Maren asked:

“You mean, just as an excuse for my not sleeping in my bed?”

“Um-hmm, something like that.”

“With you?”

“If you want, … just to be nice to Britta and Lars.”

They all laughed.

They agreed that she and Lars couldn’t come before his usual bed time and that Lars had to leave before breakfast. He and Maren were in bed long before his usual bed time ….

When Lisbet returned on Monday, she suggested at dinner that he join her again at her parents’ house. He wasn’t sure that she didn’t mean it, forgetting for a moment that his visiting her parents was the subterfuge for his spending the night with Randi. He suggested that one of the girls visit the grandparents. Neither of them looked enthused by this suggestion, so he agreed, catching his wife’s wink, but wondering if she had told Randi yet. The girls’ remarks about how nice they thought it was that he wanted visit his in-laws suggested that they were already planning in their minds how they wanted to spend Saturday night.

The following Friday night, he and Lisbet were again with Randi, and he got to lick and suck her nipples and also her pussy – among everything else they did together. As they were getting dressed, Lisbet surprised him and Randi – much more – when she remarked softly:

“Why don’t you two spend next Saturday night together.”

Randi looked shocked, staring at Lisbet, blushing as she glanced over at him. He shrugged and murmured:

“This wasn’t my idea.”

“Hmm?! You mean it?!”

“Why not, … since I’ll be visiting my parents? … Just seems like the nicest way for you two to enjoy the weekend.”

“Hmm!! Hmm?! You really mean it!”

“I think so, … I said so.”

Randi glanced at him again, and he shrugged again, but with wry smile. Randi returned it, raising her tesettürlü escort eyebrows questioningly. She looked back at Lisbet and then at him again. He murmured:

“If she wants us to?”

Randi broke into a nervous laugh, catching her breath and blurting out:

“This is crazy! You want us to sleep together?”

“Isn’t that what we’ve been doing? I just happen not to be able to be there.”

“It’s still crazy!”

Randi glanced back and forth at them – with very erect nipples. He smiled wryly again and snorted, remarking:

“The girls will think it is a good idea.”

“That you’re here sleeping with me?!”

“Oh no,” Lisbet interjected: “He’ll be visiting my parents.”

“Hmm! … The girls will think so?” Randi asked.

“Um-hmm, he has before, once. Should again, taking the train Saturday morning and returning on Sunday to be here for work.”

“But you want him to come here and spend the night with me?”

“I thought it would be more fun for him – for you both – than his visiting his parents-in-law.”

“Oh gosh! This is crazy!”

Randi looked at him, and he nodded with wry expression, agreeing:

“It is.”

“Do you want to?”

“Rather than visiting my parents-in-law, … a lot better.”

Randi snorted with a slight smile, nodding once slightly. She glanced at Lisbet, who also nodded. Randi sniffed and snorted softly and murmured:

“If you really mean it.”

Lisbet nodded again. Randi glanced at him. With another wry smile, he also nodded. Randi snorted again and remarked louder:

“This is crazy, … but if you want to? … Of course, I do, … just crazy.”

They all began to laugh, nodding and grinning at each other. Lisbet remarked:

“You’ll have a better weekend than I will.”

“I hope not,” he replied, knowing she would be sleeping with her brother that Saturday night, but then immediately corrected himself, glancing at Randi:

“No, I am sure we will.”

Randi gave him a slight smile, missing Lisbet’s wink. They parted with the now usual embraces and kisses. He had rubbed Randi’s ass while they embraced, something he hadn’t done the previous time. She had nodded slightly. Lisbet also had with a slight, approving smile.

In the car, she remarked:

“Oh, that was good. Of course, she was surprised, but she sure didn’t object.”

“Um-hmm. No, … yes, she didn’t object, just need a lot of assurance that you really meant it. I was also a little surprised, not expecting you to suggest it just then.”

“I had been thinking that I would call her and suggest it, but then it seemed better to do it right then, while we were all still enjoying what we had done, and with you there to speak for yourself, instead of my trying to.”

“Hmm, I guess so. … Hm-hmm! If she really knew what we both would otherwise be doing Saturday nights …?”

“Hm-hm-hmm! Yes! … Oh, she knows my brother, … well, who he was, two classes ahead of us.”

“Hmm! And he, who she was. … Hmm? Does he know what you two do?”

“No. … That would surprise him.”

“I bet.”

They chuckled and were silent until they got home. Again, the living room and kitchen were cleaned up, and the girls called their goodnights. He and Lisbet replied, she smirking at him and adding: “Your father won tonight.”

The girls replied, congratulating him. He returned Lisbet’s smirk, and they went to bed. As he curled up behind her, he murmured:

“‘Won tonight’? More like: you let me win, and arranged that I will next weekend.”

“Um-hmm. Hope you don’t mind.”

“Hmm? No, just crazy, as Randi said.”

When he came home from work the following Friday evening, the girls were open about expressing their delight that he would be also be away from early Saturday morning until late Sunday afternoon. When he asked if their boyfriends already knew, they both smirked and nodded, and one grinned and remarked:

“Their parents think they are going hiking and camping for the night.”

“Hmm! I was wondering about that. And tonight?”

“We’re just going to a movie, … so they can get an early start.”

“So we’ll be home fairly early.”

“But you don’t have to wait up for us.”

“Hmm, just as well; I need an early start, too.”

They had supper, and the girls went off. He wondered if they all had indirectly agreed that they wouldn’t sleep together that night. He snorted to himself, wondering when the last time was that they could have but didn’t. He couldn’t remember. He went to bed before they came home, thinking that it would probably be good if they didn’t join him, since he was going to be seeing Randi in the morning – and have plenty to do.

He was awakened by the key in the door, and then the girls’ calling:

“Are you still awake?”


“Sorry to wake you.”

“But if you are, now …?”

“If you want to …?”

“Hmm? Maybe, … no, just save it, … or do something with each other.”

He heard them türbanlı escort chuckle and one reply:


“We will,” the other replied decisively.

“If you want to.”

“Goodnight,” he called, and they responded.

He went to sleep envisaging how it would be to greet Randi in the morning, different scenarios of how she would greet him: tentatively, a little embarrassed about the situation; more directly, immediately enthusiastic; or even more directly, already ready to – undressed, dressing gown, nude already?

He had a confused dream. He was knocking on a strange door, but then recognized it as that of the house of a colleague he had once visited, who had a very attractive wife. But it wasn’t she who opened the door, but an also attractive woman, who in the dream didn’t have a face, since she was already naked, and he thought he recognized her body as that of an earlier girlfriend, the one with the best figure – better than those of his daughters, Lisbet or Randi.

Then he was in Randi’s living room, with lots of nude persons, and he was also suddenly naked, which seemed appropriate. He was a little surprised that Lisbet and Britta and Maren were in the group of men and women, but they seemed comfortable with the situation, also his brother-in-law, whom he hadn’t seen in several years. He was a little surprised that he had such a long cock. Even his father-in-law was there, which didn’t disturb him, nor did he seem to be uncomfortable with the situation. On the contrary, he greeted him with a smile and glances at Lisbet and his granddaughters. His cock was also longer than he expected, but seemed appropriately similar to his son’s.

He recognized the faces of a few of the other people, without recalling their names: a couple of colleagues with whom he had exchanged male jokes; the secretary from his first job – still looking as young and attractive as she had been then – not that he had ever seen her naked. Another woman was a saleswoman of supplies for his employer, who always dressed to emphasize her good figure. Naked – in his dream – it was at least as good as he had always imagined. No, he didn’t like the big circles around her nipples; reminded him of those of girls with too big breasts that he had seen in a male magazine. Those of that girlfriend were much nicer, but she had disappeared.

Then he saw Lars’ face, but he couldn’t see his cock. Then he felt that everyone was looking at his and began to feel uncomfortable with the situation, although the others still seemed unconcerned about their or his being naked.

When he woke up in the morning, he recalled the dream, wondering that he couldn’t remember how it ended, if it had just stopped with his becoming uncomfortable. But his cock was all stiff, inviting him to hold it. He did. For a few moment, he envisaged what he might have done with his daughters, and then remembered that he was going to spend the rest of the weekend with Randi – “randy Randi.” That was even more interesting to envisage, not knowing what would happen, but then he had to go to the bathroom. He got up and went in the washbasin, forcing his cock down, as he rationalized that he should save everything else for her.

He showered and shaved – more carefully than usual. Still naked, he packed his overnight bag, suddenly wondering if Randi’s neighbors would see him arrive with it and think the obvious, deciding to go to the station and check it and pick it up the next day. Pleased with this idea, he put his toothbrush and razor aside. As he was dressing, the girls called “good morning” and that they would start breakfast.

When he joined them, he was surprised that they were naked. They just gave him grins, and one said:

“Like that first morning at the cabin.”

“Hmm! Yes, but …, and you’re planning to stay like that till they arrive.”

“Hm-hmm! Maybe.”

“Hmm! I hope they don’t ring the doorbell with all their clothes in their rucksacks, but I don’t want this to be my last image of you two, … nice as it is.”

The girls grinned with nods, posing for a moment, and went off, returning in summer dresses, too light for the fall temperature. He nodded with a snort and remarked:

“I know, that’s all you have on, but maybe I can forget that on the train.”

They nodded with grins, and this time the other one replied:

“If you want to.”

He gave her awry smile, shaking his head. The girls snorted, and both gathered up their skirts and showed that they weren’t wearing panties.

After breakfast, he fetched his bag and raincoat, not letting the girls see him put his razor and toothbrush in its pocket. He wished them a pleasant weekend. They snorted and wished him one too, with greetings to their grandparents. Then one of them embraced him and gave him a better kiss than most daughters give their father, and he fondled her ass. The other one wanted the same, extending her kiss – and her tongue – until he fondled hers a little longer, and until tüyap escort his cock began to respond.

Then he was on his way to the station, snorting about their parting; and then smirking to himself about how they were going to be spending the weekend without him; and then snorting questioningly about he was going to spend the weekend with Randi, suddenly again recalling his dream: in her living room, but she hadn’t been there?

He checked his bag at the station, there in time for the early train to Lisbet’s parents, too early, he thought, to arrive at Randi’s place by bus. He decided to walk the mile or two, thinking it could still be too early, but she knew that he was supposed to be taking the early train. He didn’t hurry, recalling his thoughts as he fell asleep the night before, and liking that he hadn’t slept with his daughters, and liking the feeling in his shorts at the thought of what they might have done. When he saw a florist shop on the other side of the street, he crossed and bought some, deciding that roses would be too suggestive. Pleased with the decision, he continued, liking the idea that having flowers for her would add something to ease their greeting each other.

He thought it was still quite early when he arrived at her street, but he couldn’t just wait, possibly attracting more attention. As he rang her bell, he remembered the first time he had brought a girl flowers and had been a little embarrassed by the gesture, feeling somewhat similar at the moment. It was a moment or two before she opened the door. She also looked a little embarrassed, smiling slightly and extending her hand.

They shook hands, just saying “Hallo.” He gave her the flowers. She smiled, seeming more relaxed, and thanked him, as she closed the door. Then they were both silent, slight, nervous smiles playing at their lips. He felt that he was blushing, and thought that she was too. He murmured:

“This wasn’t my idea. Oh, the flowers were.”

“Nice, thank you. … It wasn’t mine, either. … But, … well, here you are.”

“Um-hmm, well, here we are.”

They exchanged slight smiles, and she said:

“Let me take your coat. You must have walked; with the bus you would have been here earlier.”

“Seemed too early, and then I wouldn’t have thought of the flowers.”

He insisted on hanging up his coat by himself, and they went in the living room – the one he remembered from his dream, but just with the two of them, and with their clothes on. He wondered if it was warmer than in most homes, or whether he just imagined that it was. She smiled at him and held up the flowers, thanking him again, and then repeating his “well here we are.”

They smiled and nodded, and she said that she would get a vase. He followed her, suddenly recognizing that she was wearing the dress she had worn four weeks before, when she had admitted that that was all she had on. Now too? No, he could see where her bra hooked, so she must also be wearing panties. In the kitchen, she gave him a smile as she put water and then the flowers in the vase, and they returned to the living room, where she put the vase on the dinner table, reminding him that it had been the catalyst for his being there.

They looked at each other, both snorting softly, and then she snorted more sharply with a wry smile and remarked:

“It’s warm in here; I forgot to turn down the heat.”

“Um-hmm, a little. … When did you turn it up?”

“Yesterday. … Hm-hmm! If you want to know, when I finish grocery shopping on Fridays, I clean house, … and … well, in recent weeks, I turn up the heat and take everything off.”

“Hmm! More fun than just being the cleaning woman.”


She grinned, and he grinned, then replying:

“And you forgot to turn it down?”

“I usually do.”

They smirked slightly. He snorted and said:

“And forget ‘everything’ else, too?”


They looked at each. He thought she looked as though she were about to say something, but she didn’t, and didn’t after a slight pause. Finally he smiled slightly and said softly:

“Sometimes at the cabin, when it’s warm, we forget, too.”

“With the girls?”

He knew he was beginning to blush as he replied:

“Only when they were little.”

“Hm-hmm! But you got to see them a few weeks ago, when you got home.”

“Um-hmm. Funny, well, surprising, very, knowing why they were.”

“I can imagine.”

They grinned again. Then she asked softly:

“Want me to turn down the heat?”

“Not if you don’t want to, but we could take a walk, … or something. Museum. Hmm? I could be your brother visiting. … Neighbors?”

She shook her head slightly with an even slighter smile and murmured:

“I think they know I don’t have one; only make them more curious if they see us go out and return.”

“Of course. Hmm, it is nice and warm in here.”

“I could turn the heat down.”

“Only if you want to?”

Randi shook her head again, this time with a slight grin. He returned it, remarking:

“Have to suggest to Lisbet that she cleans house that way.”

“It was her idea, … not getting that way to clean house.”

“Um-hmm, it sure was. The girls really think I’m on the train with the bag I checked at the station.”

“Clever. And they …”

” … are probably already waiting for their boyfriends, probably not by now.”

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