Sara’s First

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Sara stood in the shower enjoying the sensation of a warm, steady flow of water caressing her petite body. Cupping her very small but firm breasts, one hand slowly slipped down to her light pubic hairs. Her palm began rubbing against her mound. Next she probed the entrance to her small slit.

Now her fingers began working their magic and found her clit. Soon she began moaning, breathing heavy, threw her head back and let out a muffled cry of pleasure.

Sara stood before her mirror totally nude examining herself. Her light brown hair flowed over her shoulders. Sara was only 5’3″, thin with a boyish figure. Being extremely smart, she had already finished one year of college at 18. Her father suddenly died leaving Sara and her mom, Pam, devastated. A year has passed and her mom seemed to be returning to the social world thanks to the “help” of their neighbors.

Sara was another story. Even though she’s 18, her sex life has been nil. Her infrequent dates were disasters. When the college guys got serious, Sara appears to be an awkward, unsexy, teenybopper, like 13 or 14, and the guys backed off immediately fearing this girl is jail bait or at best, very immature.

Crying softly, Sara fantasizes about losing her virginity to the right person. Examining her very small breasts and young girl body, she knows it will be an uphill battle.

One morning Pam announces she would be out of town on business for the weekend. Normally an 18-year-old girl would be very happy about having the house to herself but Sara is extremely fearful of being alone, ever since her dad died.

After discussing with her mom and checking with their very friendly neighbors, Sara would stay with them.

Dennis and Jan were very much a comfort during their grieving and recently Pam spent more time with them resulting in her old self returning.

Dennis and Jan greeted Sara with hugs. Dennis could not help but to notice this sweet young girl from a male’s viewpoint. Although curve less and tangerine size titties, she wore tight fitting jeans and a sleeveless t-shirt with obviously no bra, figuring one was not needed. What message was she sending as her nipples were certainly not invisible. Her long flowing hair and obvious total look of innocence were also turn on’s-but wait, this is his “adopted daughter” who he’s known for years and use to hold in his lap. Wish he could now…

After dinner and a round of chit chat they told Sara that if she became upset for any reason, let us know and we’d be at her side. She gave Jan sweet kiss, then awkwardly kissed Dennis, brushing his cheek as their lips barely met. He savored her young sweet lips if ever so briefly. Then he remembered her soiled panties he had “borrowed” when entertaining her mom. Sara’s distinct female fragrance returned to his memory.

Later upstairs, Sara was now in her shorty cotton pajamas tops and matching panties as she crawled into bed. She was fantasizing again but this time about “Uncle” Dennis”. He was probably 50 but still well built, and “hot” as far as she was concerned. Sara always had this strange attraction to older men. This was only a fantasy though, as Uncle Dennis was like eskişehir escort her dad, giving comfort and good advice as she was growing up. She knew her mom also found her “Uncle” Dennis appealing and his wife, Jan, seemed understanding. She had a gut feeling there was something going on between them.

That evening Dennis couldn’t stand the thought that this sweet tantalizing girl was so close. Jan and Sara had retired early so Dennis decided to quietly take a peak up stairs. His excuse was to visit his study next to Sara’s bedroom. Fortunately her door was ajar and plenty of light was provided from outside.

Sara was asleep on her side with the covers kicked off, facing away from the door. She wore a shorty peach, print cotton nighty and petite matching panties. Her top leg was drawn up causing her nighty to ride up, exposing her panties that that were all but hidden in her ass crack. Dennis’s imagination ran wild. He thought he actually saw her slit and pubic hairs peaking out from under those revealing undies. Dennis now rubbed his growing manhood. A damp spot appeared through his shorty pajamas.

After a few minutes there was some far off thunder and Sara rolled to her other side. Now her very small but very firm breasts were partially exposed.

Dennis took a deep breath to gain back his control as he drank in the beauty of this young nymphet and her tiny but so desirable breasts.

Suddenly there was another clap of thunder, this time closer and louder. Sara rolled over on her back and whimpered.

Dennis sat down on the edge of the bed. He brushed the back of his hand lightly over her face then her hair. What a beautiful young girl. Another clap of thunder and her eyes opened. At first she was startled by his presence then her arms went out to him.

She was so glad he was there in her time of need. He cradled her in his arms and couldn’t help to catch a full view of those tiny titties as her gown bulged away from her body.

Dennis lightly kissed her on the forehead.

“Oh Uncle Dennis, you are always there for me like my dad. Can I call you dad?”

“Sure sweet girl. I’d be honored”.

“You know you are developing into a very attractive young lady. I’m going to have to watch closely to keep all those guys away.”

“Don’t worry ‘daddy’, they seem to think I’m 13 or something and are afraid to date cause I’m too young.”

“Dennis didn’t believe that. “Well just look at you.” With that he began slowing brushing his right hand over her nighty covered body, then up to the side of her face and on into her long soft hair.

Sara didn’t flinch. “Oh god, its decision time now,” he realized.

“Do really think I’m desirable, really?”

“Oh come on. Look at you,” as he slowly began running the back of his hand down one leg than up the other. Now he explored her thighs just above her knees. His hands brushed against her, working their way up to just below her dampening panties.

Sara was a little tense but then mentioned it was warm and began unbuttoning her pajama tops. She noticed he was sure admiring her partially exposed body.

“Yes, I see what gaziantep escort you mean,” as he removed his top.

Dennis explained, “Sara you are so very desirable and it’s hard for even me to control myself. Are you sure you want me to go on?”

“Oh yes ‘daddy Dennis’, Please teach me the things I need to know.”

“Now you stop me if you get uncomfortable. Promise and remember this will only be a beginning for you.”

“Yes, I guess that’s okay. I trust you and really do need you.”

Next he pulled her to a sitting position, took hold of her unbuttoned nighty slipping it up over her head. Sara at first covered herself looking down demurely.

I gently moved her hands revealing the smallest but most wonderful titties I have ever seen. Her nipples seemed abnormally big for her breasts.

Finally she looked at them, then me. “They are so small. Why don’t they grow like other girls?”

“Sara, size means nothing. With you they fit just right and look absolutely delicious.”

Dennis then leaned over and fondled them playfully, pinching each nipple.

‘That does feel good, daddy!”

“You haven’t felt anything yet.” He then leaned further and took turns sucking each totally into his mouth. Her hands now urged him on as her breathing became heavier.

“My darling little Sara. Do you realize we still have not kissed like a man and woman..”

Dennis took her head in his hands, drew his lips to hers and crushed her wine sweet lips to his. Sara knew how to kiss. Their tongues probed and entwined. Her hands were now behind his head.

“Oh daddy Dennis, this is so wonderful. I do want to go on,” as she stared at him intently.

“Sara, we can’t. I do not want to be the first, but at the same time I adore you and want to explore every inch of your sweet young body. I want you to be ready for that first time with a guy your age.”

“Oh Dennis, I totally wanted you but I do understand.”

Sara now was wearing only her dampening panties. I looked down at this tantalizing site and rubbed a knuckle against her covered mound. She was just smiling contently and waiting for what came next. My finger now slipped under the panties softly caressing her vaginal lips.

“Oh, daddy, oh my. That feels sooo good. I love it when you touch me there.”

Now “Daddy” pulled down her undies a little, exposing a small but full pussy, to die for. His middle finger began exploring the inside of her love nest.

“Yes, yes, right there, a little higher, oh yes, that’s it, right THERE!”

Sara was humping and pressing against his hand, moaning softly.

Dennis’s withdrew his finger and then with her watching, slowly licked off her love juice.

“Oh that’s really naughty but please, oh please go on.”

“Now as I said before I am NOT GOING TO SEDUCE YOU and that’s final,” as he moved her panties back up.

“Okay then daddy, if you won’t then I’ll “do” you.”

With that Sara was suddenly stood up, removed her undies , quickly straddled her adopted daddy. Sitting on his chest, she leaned over and kissed him passionately. Dennis realized this was a dream about to come giresun escort true. This young girl, who was more like a Lolita, was easily seducing him.

He instinctively tasted her sweet mouth, then pulled his “daughter” up and took her left breast totally into his mouth. This is nothing but foreplay, he rationalized. Sara moaned with pleasure and urged him on. Now her right tit was in his mouth as his tongue played with her hard nipple.

Sara took control, moving down his body and positioned herself right over his 7 inches of very hard, pre-cum covered manhood. With a naughty smile, she directed his cock to her small, moist vagina and plunged down. Dennis was powerless to stop her.

“Oohh it hurts so bad, oh god it HURTS”. Then, “there, yes, oh yes, I’m now free.”

Dennis realized this was the smallest pussy he ever entered. All he had to do is lay back and enjoy and fight not to ejaculate early.

His young “daughter” caught on quickly and was now riding her daddy relentlessly. Her tightness was getting the best of him. He was in position to look into the mirror and see his cock appear and disappear into her tight, lush pussy. It was like peeking at his own fucking. This did not help his control. Faster and faster she pistoned up and down his rock hard cock while his balls wantonly slapped against her.

“Sara, I am about to cum. you’d better stop.”

“No, no, my sweet daddy. I want you to flood me with your love seed.

Needing no further invitation,, daddy thrust up and exploded in his “daughter’s” love canal over and over, experiencing a shattering three part orgasm- like a 20 year old.

Now it was Sara’s turn. He could feel her suddenly increase tempo, then stiffen and scream out, “Yes, yes, I’m doing it, yes, oh yes, feels sooo good. ahhhh!, ohh daddy.”

Daddy Dennis had been trapped and seduced by his “daughter” but as long as they went this far, why not complete the act.

As his cock softened and slipped noisily out of her tight box, he positioned this nymphet till her engorged dripping pussy was over his head. Now he pulled that oozing love hole to his mouth and began savoring the nectar like cream, dropping on to his tongue. His mouth was able to consume her entire little slit, sucking and tonguing all of their mingling juices possible with a final tickle of her clit.

In response, Sara twisted, turned, and moaned as she climaxed and again from this new wondrous oral sensation.

“Oh daddy, I never knew real sex could be this good. You are now my father for life,” she purred mischievously.

Before returning downstairs, Dennis asked if he could keep her panties as a souvenir.

“Oh yes my daddy love. That way you can always be thinking of me.”

“Thanks kitten.” Then Dennis with panties in hand, cleaned off any remaining cum from her still slimy pussy.

Returning to Jan, I knew she knew. “How was that young stuff she casually asked.”

“The best…,” then catching myself- maybe with one exception.”

With that they were in each other’s arms, exploring Sara’s hot panties, inhaling the sex fragrance, and tasting the essence of what happened upstairs.. This was followed by uninhibited fucking between a very horny wife and an always willing but exhausted husband. Dennis had really fallen into a love nest. Wife, neighbor and now her daughter. Three wanton women all wanting his services. He couldn’t wait for the next rendezvous.

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