Sarah’s Submission: Ch 11 – The Interview

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Readers: I appreciate everyone keeping up with the story. I will continue to try to post new chapters as quickly as possible. But I have a couple of questions I pose to you that I hope you will respond to with comments below. One valued commentator suggested that the tags should reflect the individual chapter and not the story as a whole. That people might feel they didn’t get what they expected if the tags didn’t happen in that particular chapter. Do you agree? Would that be enough to make people give it a negative vote? I think I may have been in error and so for this chapter and future chapters, I will try to make the tags reflect the chapter and not the overall story. Second, I add a summary of the chapter at the beginning. Again, this is in an effort to make sure people know what they will be reading. But is that a mistake? Am I spoiling the surprise by giving a summary? Should the introduction be a recap of the previous chapter or chapters? Please let me know. Or if you don’t like the story and feel the need to give it a negative vote, please tell me why. I would appreciate the feedback.

Sarah put the Lush vibrator in her purse in a baggie in the morning on her way to school, despite misgivings over having to use the vibrator and worried about it going off in front of other people. Finding Jenny at school before class, she verified Jenny had hers as well. Sarah stressed to Jenny again the importance of following instructions to avoid even tougher punishments.

Not having to wait long, she got her first instructional text from Mr. Michaels, ‘Lush in’, between the second and third period. She gulped. Of course, he wanted her to do this right before Mr. Sheahan’s class. In compliance, she ducked into the bathroom and stuck the vibrator in her mouth while she rubbed some saliva on her pussy. Her smooth hairless pussy still felt wonderful. Well lubricated, she pressed the vibrator in and turned it on.

Feeling very self-conscious about the vibrator lodged in her pussy, she had trouble concentrating on the lesson, waiting for it to go off. But nothing happened.

The lesson droned on. She kept shifting in her seat. Just having the egg inside of her put her on guard. While focused on Mr. Sheahan’s lecture about twenty-five minutes later, she felt it start. It started on low, but it felt like it shook her whole body. She clamped her knees together and had to control her breathing. The tempo rose and fell. “That fucking asshole,” she thought to herself, while looking back over her shoulder to see if Jenny’s had gone off as well. Jenny just had her normal disinterested and bored expression and Sarah could see her doodling idly on her notebook.

The vibrator started to go through waves getting up to about a medium level. Her pussy got wet from the torment, causing her to continue to shift in her seat. It kept up for over five minutes. Her face flushed and she had to actively stave off an orgasm when it suddenly turned off. Her soaked panties clung to her skin, making her uncomfortable.

Mr. Sheahan had just posted the problems to the board. As everyone started to work on the problems, Mr. Sheahan came over to her and leaned down to ask her quietly, “Is everything okay, Sarah? You look flush and I could tell you looked a little unsettled. Do you need to go see the nurse or anything?” He looked concerned.

She felt so embarrassed. “I’m fine sir.” She startled when she realized she had called him sir. Being so flustered, she had fallen back on her rules for addressing Mr. Michaels, making her embarrassment grow. “My stomach is just a little upset. Could I run to the bathroom and put some water on my face?”

“Of course. Go ahead and take your time.” He smiled innocently, but she felt his eyes on her as she walked out. Jenny looked up and gave her a knowing, anxious look. A drip rolled down the inside of her thigh as she got to the door. Rushing to the bathroom, she went into the stall and got the vibrator out. The experience had her so pent up she knew she wouldn’t calm down until she rubbed her clit to a quick orgasm. It only took a minute before she felt it tremble through her body. But she felt better. The bathroom remained empty, so she quickly washed the vibrator and put it away, washed her face, and then ran back to class.

After class, she and Jenny found a quiet spot and Sarah told Jenny what had happened and asked how noticeable it had been. Jenny assured her that it hadn’t been before they hurried off to their next class.

By the end of the day, Sarah had been told to put the Lush in one other time, but nothing happened. His idea of playful torture she knew. Finding Jenny by her car as she walked up, she could tell that Jenny’s vibrator had activated. She told Sarah it had been on for about ten minutes already and it kept getting stronger. They jumped in her car and Jenny howled while she complained that it had starting ramping up and down to full. Sarah wanted to help her but could only sit by and watch. Seconds later, Jenny whimpered, and her body clenched. “I’m cumming,” she whispered. It lasted about twenty seconds. She took a couple of cleansing deep breaths and smiled. “Well, that was interesting.”

“How many times did he get you today?”

“I had to put it in three times, but it went off twice. Once during history class, but without an orgasm and it only lasted a few minutes and just now. Is he just going to mess with us the whole time?”

“I guess this is his idea of fun. The bastard.” They both laughed.

“Actually, a pretty decent orgasm though,” Jenny admitted. They talked for a few minutes and Jenny reminded Sarah she had to start on her anal training. Sarah tried to be as encouraging as possible and assured her that she could do it. Compared to cumming at school in the middle of all the other students, it would be easy.

Over the rest of the night and on Saturday, he got them a couple more times. It became clear that he wanted them off balance with the anticipation of something happening being the main goal. Most of the time it either didn’t go off at all or stayed on low and didn’t appear to have orgasmic intent. But each day, each of them got one big orgasm with the vibrator ramped up to higher levels and climax inducing programs. They had both been instructed to charge the vibrators each night so they would be ready the whole next day.

Sarah went over to Jenny’s on Sunday. Jenny told her the first two plugs went okay. But knowing that the bigger ones were coming next and then having to have anal sex on Thursday had her agitated and scared. Other than the one failed attempt, Jenny had never had anal sex or even much anal play. Sarah got an idea. She sent a text to Mr. Michaels, “Master, may I please please help Jenny with her anal training?”

“Yes, I’ll allow it,” he responded. Sarah showed Jenny the response.

“Are you sure you want to do this?”

“Of course hon. I can find a way to distract you while I am doing it,” she said with a devilish grin. They had the house to themselves for an hour, so they decided to get it out of the way. Sarah took off Jenny’s shorts and underwear. She lubed Jenny up and got her ready. Then she started licking her friend’s pussy to get her warmed up. She had just started when both phones dinged with the instruction to put their Lushs in.

Sarah turned to the camera clock and said out loud, “You are such a tease MASTER!” Then she smiled and they both got their Lushs and made a show of inserting them into each other. Almost immediately, they started to vibrate. They were both on a very slow ramp up. Sarah went back to licking Jenny’s pussy. Within a few minutes, the vibrators were going through more intense waves, but out of synch with one another. When Sarah’s hit the high setting, Jenny’s would be on low and then they would switch.

The girls got into a 69 and Jenny started attacking Sarah’s vagina from on top, pulling her pussy lips wide open and taking long strokes, working around the vibrator’s tail. Sarah had the number three plug and started to insert it into Jenny’s asshole from underneath while sucking on her clit. She worked it very slowly, but eventually popped it in. Continuing to slide it in and out of Jenny’s relaxed sphincter, she never stopped teasingly licking her stiffened clit. Before long, Jenny came hard and wrapped her arms tight around Sarah’s thighs while moaning loudly.

Jenny’s vibrator turned off and Sarah’s started pulsing up to full speed. As Jenny redoubled her efforts, she soon had Sarah cumming loudly against her face. When Sarah had caught her breath, they both sat up with their faces glistening from each other’s pussy juice and thanked their Master to the camera.

For the next twenty minutes, Sarah would have Jenny bend over every five minutes and carefully work the plug in and out of her friend. By the end it moved in and out without any difficulty.

Monday brought more teasing and torment, but again only one orgasm for each of them. Monday night Mr. Michaels sent them both a notice via text. As a reward, he would give them Tuesday off with the Lush, but wanted each of them to stop by his house to give him a blowjob. One of them in the morning and one in the afternoon, but he wanted to be surprised as to who would take which shift. They acknowledged, excited to escape some of the daily torture. Sarah took the morning duty and Jenny took afternoon.

Sarah got there early before school arriving before 7:00am. Mr. Michaels still slumbered naked in bed. She stripped off her clothes and crawled in bed and under the sheets and managed to get his cock into her mouth without waking him. Taking his flaccid penis in her mouth, she sucked and played with it until she felt him start to stir with his dick stiffening in her mouth. It continued to grow until it reached full engorgement.

Mr. Michaels threw back the sheet and shifted her body around until her pussy planted on his face, allowing them to go after each other’s genitals with vigor. Sarah bobbed up and down quickly, fully intent on getting him off before he got her off. She wanted to win this battle. But before she got him over the top, he pushed her off. She momentarily worried she had done something wrong and looked at him confused waiting for him to say something.

He just rolled her onto her stomach and slid in between her legs. His now angry member found easy access to her well lubricated canal. He shoved himself in deep with two thrusts. She grunted pleasurably at the powerful intrusion. Reaching under her armpits, he grabbed her shoulders from underneath. With hard thrusts, he pulled her body back to him, sinking his dick in as far as he could.

“But I thought you wanted a blowjob?” she mockingly protested. He picked up his tempo and slammed harder into her pussy without responding. The slapping of their bodies got louder and her pussy gushed at the assault. She felt like a ragdoll in his arms but had no complaint.

“I did until I saw that hot little body. Now I just want to fuck you!” he growled while continuing to slam into her. After a few minutes, he shifted and wrapped his arm around her neck like a choke hold, but not clenching hard enough to cut off her breath, just hard enough to totally control her body. She kept her body loose and let him do whatever he wanted. Enjoying how he completely dominated her.

He kept thrusting over and over. She felt another orgasm starting to shake her. “May I cum Master. Please. It feels so good. Please don’t stop!”

“Yes my little slut. You may cum for me,” he responded. He slowed his thrusts, but not the power. He pushed has hard into her as he could and pulled her body back to him. But at the same time, he pulled up on her torso, bending her like a limp noodle, and sunk his teeth into that magical nerve junction in her shoulder. He ground his teeth just hard enough to make the bite tinge with pain, but it released her orgasm completely. She shook and her lower half vibrated. She yelled “Oh my god”, “Don’t stop”, and “Fuck me” at random. He thrust himself all the way in and nutted deep in her vagina. She felt it spray out of him as his dick throbbed in her.

He collapsed on her and they both panted. She couldn’t move and didn’t want to. She loved the feel of him on her and the weight of his body comforted her. His arm remained around her neck. Finally he rolled off with a big smile on his face as she looked over at him. “Now that is the way I like to wake up!” They both laughed.

Without being told, Sarah slowly turned around and took his now shrinking member into her mouth and sucked off all of the mutual juices. Once finished, she looked at the clock and knew she had twenty minutes before she needed to clean up and head to school. She wrapped her naked body onto his and they lay there resting for those twenty minutes. Then she reluctantly popped up, cleaned up, got dressed and gave him a sloppy kiss before running to the car. Getting to school five minutes late, she thought herself, “Totally worth it,” as she ran through the halls.

Jenny called Sarah right before dinner. She had just gotten back from giving Mr. Michaels his blow job to his positive comment on how much she had improved. Zeytinburnu Escort He made her lean back and he came on her face and then watched her scoop it all into her mouth and lick her lips. They were both happy to have a day off from vibrator teasing.


Tuesday night, Sarah got another shocking text from Mr. Michaels. He told her to bring a change of clothes to school on Wednesday. They were to be casual business attire. She had an appointment after school with Mr. Andrews at a property development company for a summer internship. He had set this up, but she would have to impress Mr. Andrews if she wanted to get an offer. Mr. Andrews would explain the job during the interview. But he also insisted that she have her Lush in during the interview as he wanted to see how well she could do under pressure.

The information overload took her a few minutes to process. How could he want her to have a vibrator in her during a job interview? “The man is so sadistic!” she whispered out loud to nobody in particular. He did something great like get her an interview for a real job and then turned into a total asshole wanting to mess with her during that interview. Again, her head and emotions were in knots. She wanted to like him, and she did. But she also hated him so much! “What a dick!” she screamed to herself.

Still, the news excited her. It could be a real job. Working for a development company. She called Jenny and begged her to get over to her house right away. When she got there, she explained about the interview, but needed Jenny to help her pick out the outfit. Sarah didn’t have a lot to choose from, but they found a professional looking blouse that still showed a little cleavage and a dressy mid-length skirt, some low heels and simple jewelry. Jenny insisted on a belt to dress up the outfit. Satisfied, Sarah set it aside.

Jenny had made it to the fifth plug. Sarah asked if she wanted help. Jenny had brought hers, so Sarah got her own plug out and they took turns putting them in for each other. It helped Jenny feeling like they were going through it together. Sarah assured her the training would really help with Thursday night. With both their plugs in, they walked downstairs to get a drink and some dessert. Sitting at the table felt especially weird. They could still sit despite the big handle, but it pushed it in deeper and the girls made eyes at each other while they ate. After several more rounds of insertions back in Sarah’s room, Jenny felt pretty relaxed while Sarah fucked her loosened anal knot.

On Wednesday, Mr. Michaels went right back to the bag of tricks with the vibrators. Sarah had to put hers in right as she got to school, and he gave her an orgasm during her first class. She managed to endure a small one without anyone knowing. But she missed most of the lecture. Jenny’s went off during Mr. Sheahan’s class. Sarah had looked back and saw Jenny with her eyes closed and knew immediately what had happened. Knowing what to look for, she could see Jenny’s hips slowly grinding and her legs clamped together.

Right after school, Sarah changed into her outfit and headed to her car to get to the interview. Her student advisor saw her heading out and asked about the outfit. Sarah explained about the internship interview for the summer job and her advisor wished her luck, obviously impressed.

Sarah got to the address about ten minutes early. Deliberating in her car on whether or not she should really do as Mr. Michaels had instructed and put the vibrator in, but knew that ultimately, she had to acquiesce and did it quickly.

She went inside a nice office building and found the right suite. The receptionist took her name and told her to take a seat. Within a few minutes, Mr. Andrews came out and introduced himself. He told Sarah that she had come highly recommended by Mr. Michaels and they were excited to meet her. He started to tell her about the company and what they did and then went on to describe the job.

They wanted an intern to work up some financial spreadsheets and to enter data on different properties. They developed both commercial and apartment buildings. There would also be some property management duties that would include logging rent payments, paying bills, handling some tenant complaints and the like. It would require using their accounting software, but that she would be trained on all of it. And they were looking for somebody three days a week during the summer. Halfway through his de***********ion, the vibrator turned on.

She cursed silently to herself as she felt the vibrations begin to ebb and swell. Thankfully, they were at lower levels, but it still drove her crazy and distracted her, barely managing to ask a number of questions, mainly to get Mr. Andrews to keep talking. At one point, the vibrations got stronger, and she asked Mr. Andrews if there was any way to get a glass of water. He stepped out to get it for her and she had to reach under her skirt to pinch her clit hard to make a growing orgasm stop. She got herself set just in time for his return. Thankfully, the vibrator slowed down at the same time.

Mr. Andrews asked her about her educational plans. She talked about her upcoming college courses and her scholarship. He nodded and looked impressed. Shifting constantly in her chair by crossing and re-crossing her legs, she did her best to cover it by leaning in to ask more questions. Finally, the vibrator shut off as they were getting close to wrapping up. Mr. Andrews asked as they stood if she was okay as she looked a little flushed and she confessed to just being nervous because she really wanted the job. He promised to get back to her before week’s end via email. They only had a few more interviews before they would make their final decision. She thanked him again and shook his hand and got out of there. She swore she could hear her pussy squelch as she walked out and prayed it was just her imagination.

When she got home, she tore off her clothes and got the hand held vibrator out and put it on high until she came hard, causing her to shake heavily from the power of it. But to finally get all that tension out proved to be a huge relief. She sent texts to both Jenny and Mr. Michaels to let them know how it went. And she wished Jenny luck with her final ‘training’. She knew tonight would be the hardest for her friend.


On Thursday, Jenny asked more questions about the interview and told Sarah how difficult that last plug had been. Describing it as putting a tree stump up her ass. Going to Mr. Michaels terrified her even more. She had only been alone with him once, for the blow job, but this would be a full sexual encounter. Sarah hadn’t thought of that, and she also found herself a little jealous that she didn’t get to be involved. She had just cursed him earlier, so her feelings were confusingly conflicted. But she kind of wanted to be manhandled again like Tuesday morning. This vibrator thing made her horny all the time. She made Jenny promise to call no matter how late to tell her how it went.

Sarah found herself pacing in her room and trying to find something to keep her occupied. Thinking of Mr. Michaels holding Jenny and fucking her in the ass made her envy grow and she had to fight an urge to go over there. Wanting to watch. Wanting it to be her. The more she thought about it, the more her own pussy got wet. Finally, when she couldn’t take the anxiety of the moment anymore, she got out her vibrator and dildo and impaled herself with long strokes while rolling the vibrator around her clit. Remembering her first anal sex while huffing through a leg shaking climax.

She stopped and got into her box and got out the big butt plug and lube. Adding lube to both herself and the plug before reaching around her leg and sliding the plug up against her asshole. She couldn’t believe she voluntarily wanted to violate herself. But she wanted to feel it like that first night. She started pushing it in. By halfway, it started stretching her wide. Taking her time, she worked it in while using the vibrator again. Waves of tingles built in intensity, but she refused to let herself cum until she got the plug all the way in.

She pressed harder and started really fucking her tight hole. Finally, it pushed to point of cresting her ring. It hurt but she kept going until it popped into place and her ass clenched. The vibrator had her on the edge. She grabbed the dildo and shoved in into her pussy roughly, pressing it all the way in. She turned the vibrator up and fucked her pussy hard, pressing the dildo in as far as it would go. Feeling the dildo and plug rub against each other inside her vagina, she pressed her ass up off the bed and held the vibrator right on her tender button, making her bite her tongue not to scream as an almost violent orgasm shook her young body. She fucked the air while still holding the dildo in place as deep as it would go.

Despite her best efforts to stay silent, a low moan escaped, and a second wave of orgasm rocked her enflamed vagina. Before it fully ebbed, she reached behind her and slowly pulled the plug out of her ass. She had to let go of the dildo and it forced its way back out of her pussy, but she kept the vibrator on her clit. Right as plug’s widest point popped through her tight ass ring, her stomach clenched and the orgasm that never really stopped started again. She trembled and finally pulled the plug the rest of the way out and dropped the vibrator as she rolled to the side, laying there panting for several minutes before finally reaching for the vibrator and turning it off. Fully satisfied, she thought to herself, “I’m such a slut. Just the cum whore that he has turned me into. His cum whore. Now well trained.”

She cleaned up, put everything away and watched a show on her computer. 11:00pm came and went and she the anticipation threatened to kill her. Finally at 11:15pm, Jenny called.

“Bitch, how was it?! I’ve been dying for your call!!” She talked quietly, just above a whisper, but she wanted to yell.

“Oh….my….god!” Jenny let out a deep sigh. “That was unbelievable.”

“So what happened?! Tell me everything.”

“Okay. So first he teased me and asked if I had been a good girl. Of course, he knew I had. And he asked about the butt plugs and all. And then he spanked me a little and reminded me that I wasn’t allowed to cum tonight without permission and that I had to ‘beg my Master and answer my Sir’. But I knew those rules from being with you.” She paused and started more dramatically. “Then he told me I had to do a striptease for him. Like a full one. He had on some stripper music. But I’ve never done anything like that. So I started, but I felt so goofy. I started laughing while I was trying to shake my ass and he got angry and spanked the shit out of me and told me to start over. He got so angry! So then I took it really seriously and took my clothes off and bent over a lot. I played with my tits and climbed up on the chair and spread my ass cheeks right in front of his face. I even rubbed by pussy lips right on his nose. He seemed to really like that.” She giggled a little.

“What next?”

“Well, he must have liked it because he licked my pussy right up to my asshole and started to stick his tongue in my ass. Then he just like grabbed me and took me over to the mirror and stood me in front of it.”

“He did that to me too. I loved it!”

“Oh my god. So he is kissing from my ass right up my back and it sent shivers all through me. And he was real light and barely touching me. And he made me watch in the mirror as he ran his fingertips all over me and all around my nipples. I got goosebumps everywhere. Then he did this thing where he like held his hand flat and just moved my nipples in a circle. And then, I swear to god, he bit my shoulder right in the middle.”

“Did you like that? He did that to me and I loved it. It’s like a nerve junction or something that feels like it is connected directly to my pussy.”

“It felt good, but nothing like that. He only did that for a minute or so. But he rubbed little circles around my clit until I was begging him. Then I think he put me on the bed and ate my pussy. He was barely touching me and I was still begging like every ten seconds to cum. He finally put me over his knee and spanked me a bunch to get me to stop. Next he got out the cuffs and put them on my wrists and ankles and then one around my neck.”

Sarah didn’t want to take anything away from the story so was just encouraging and didn’t try to continue to compare their two nights. “Then he had me on all fours and put a butt plug in my ass, one of the middle ones, and nipple clamps and then ran a string through the collar back to the plug. And he told me I had to keep it in the whole time. I didn’t think that was a big deal until he started pulling on the string. It popped out like right away and he yelled and scared the shit out of me and spanked me with his hand. Then he fucked me from behind slowly while pulling on the sting. Between my nipples and my ass, I could barely concentrate.” Jenny had become breathless describing all of this and sighed heavily.

“I kept begging to Escort Bayan cum and he kept saying no and I really thought I was going to blow it. Then he pulled the butt plug out and told me to look right at the camera and I was like, ‘oh fuck, this is it’. And then he stuck his cock in my ass. It hurt like hell at first, but not a whole lot worse than the plug last night. But once it was in, it went so deep. And it felt so weird, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. He had so much lube in me, it went in pretty easy. Then he started really fucking my ass and it was making my pussy feel good. And he started to rub my clit and it was like maybe two minutes and I was like ‘you have to let me cum Master. Please please please. I’m gonna explode!’ And he finally said yes.”

She took a deep breath and continued, “And I mean, between that giant thing going in my ass and my clit, my whole body just jerked. It was a huge orgasm! Probably the biggest I’ve ever had. And then he pulled me up so I was like almost sitting all the way up and he continued fucking my ass and he started slapping my clit. I think I came like three of four times. I’ve never felt anything like that! It wasn’t a really hard slap, but like each time it made my whole pussy shake while my ass clenched his dick. Then he bent me forward a little and grabbed my shoulders and fucked really hard until he came in my ass!” She blew out a big breath. “I could feel it all the way in there and it was so warm. So he made me go clean up and get a washrag and clean him. Then we took a little break and he played with my tits. He really loves sucking on nipples, doesn’t he?”

“Yeah definitely.”

“So we talked until he was ready to go again and he started by using a hitachi on my pussy.”

“It’s so intense, isn’t it?! A lot stronger than the other vibrators.”

“Yeah, I thought it was going to vibrate my teeth out. So he had me on my knees again, but my head down on the mattress and he started putting that hitachi on me while he finger fucked me, but he like curled the fingers down and played with my g-spot the whole time. I think that g-spot thing is my favorite now. It’s like a whole different kind of orgasm. Deeper and makes me shake more. But he kept denying me again and wouldn’t let me cum and kept slapping my ass. Then he finally started fucking me from behind, but he like grabbed both arms and pulled them straight back holding me up off the bed. Every time he would thrust, he would pull back on my arms and pull my head and chest up. My tits were literally bouncing everywhere!”

They both giggled, but her story kept going. “It kinda hurt but also felt good. And his dick got sooo deep. I could feel him pressing right up against the back of my vagina. It kinda hurt too, but also made me cum really hard. I think that was the time I forgot to ask and this time he got the paddle and pushed me forward and spanked me extra hard. I had to beg him to stop. Then he pulled my legs together and was like sitting on my legs and rolling right over my ass while he was fucking me. And he grabbed my hair and pulled by head so far back. And he made me tell him how much I love being his fuck doll and that I was a cum dumpster or cum slut or something like that. I mean, I would have said anything at that point. Oh, and I had to tell him he owned my pussy. That is a real thing with him. He loves shit like that.” She laughed. “Hell, fuck me like that and I’ll say anything you want, right?”

“I know what you mean.”

“Oh, that last time he did come in my pussy and he made me reach in and then take my fingers out and suck on them. And suck his dick again. And then he ate my pussy for like fifteen minutes. Sarah, I came like twelve times. TWELVE TIMES. It was unbelievable. I am a total limp noodle.”

They were quiet for a minute, both thinking about their nights before Jenny continued, “I mean, I know he can be a dick, but he can also be amazing. I never thought I would like anal sex, but I kind of already want to try it again. Am I crazy?”

“No. I’ve felt like that since this all started. And now he set up that interview for me. And I’ve made a ton of money in the last couple of months. I mean, not even counting the stuff that we took, he has given me so much.”

“And the sex is unbelievable.”

“Yeah and the sex is unbelievable. I didn’t know if I even liked sex before this all started. Now I’m like a horny slut all the time.”

“Me too. So I guess we just wait to see how it plays out?”

“I guess. I mean, we don’t really have a choice anyway, do we?” Sarah asked.

“No. I guess we don’t. Oh, he was asking again about Amanda. He made it really clear that we need to start reaching out to her and being friends with her. I’ll try to find her at school tomorrow. He said that he would get us all massages on Sunday if we invite her to go with us.”

“Wow, really? Okay. I mean, I don’t really know Amanda.”

“I know. But I’ll just tell her that I’ve been thinking about her and I’m sure she will be in. She has been trying to get back together with me for a while.”

“You know what this means though, right? He is going to want us to try to get together with her at some point. Probably have her ‘babysit’ with you at some point. He plans everything. Are you okay with that?”

Jenny was quiet for a while. “Well, if it is the same thing like us and she has the opportunity and takes it, then it will be up to her what happens. I mean, you and I made our choice, right?”

“Yeah. But trust me, it is a little different when….when you know you are helping. I didn’t feel great about knowing you were being put into that position.”

“Let’s just cross that bridge when we come to it. It wouldn’t be for a long time anyway. Who knows what happens between now and then.”


“And even if she ‘joins the ranks’….the sex is incredible. I’m not sure I regret any of this anymore.’

“Me neither.” Sarah stayed quiet while she thought about what that meant. “I’m exhausted. I’ll see you the morning.”

“Yeah, I’m gonna sleep like a rock. Good night fuck toy.”

“Good night cum whore.”


Sarah almost forgot her Lush in the morning. Tucking it in her purse, she rushed out of the house worried about when she would be called upon to use it again. Finding Jenny after arriving at school and giving her a big hug, they whispered some more about the previous night and then headed off to class.

Jenny and Sarah were sitting together at lunch when both of their vibrators went off. They kept eating, but it got very intense. Sarah had to pretend she was coughing while she had an orgasm right there at the table. Jenny got up and made it to the bathroom before she succumbed to her orgasm. When she got back, they both just rolled their eyes and kept eating.

Just after lunch she got the email. Mr. Andrews thanked her again for the interview and said he was happy to offer her the intern position. Sarah almost jumped out of her seat but kept reading. They wanted her to start as soon as she graduated. She would work three days a week. Monday, Wednesday and Friday, although there could be some flexibility. Her hours were 8:00am-4:30pm with 30 minutes for lunch. Her pay would start at $25 per hour. She had to read that again. She couldn’t have hoped for more. And he went on to say that if it went well and she liked it, there might be some part time work while she took her college coursework and there might even be some educational reimbursement if she agreed to continue her employment after graduating. She couldn’t believe what she had read. Running to find Jenny, barely able to contain her excitement while Jenny read the email, they quickly started jumping up and down gleefully together.

Before her next class, she asked Mr. Michaels when he would be home and if she could come see him after school today. He didn’t respond for more than thirty minutes, but told her to come by at 5:30pm. Floating on cloud nine the rest of the afternoon, she barely heard anything any of her teachers said.


Sarah had another date with Conner scheduled for that night, but warned him she might be late. Getting to Mr. Michaels house a little early, she let herself in. When she heard him come in, she ran and jumped into his arms and wrapped her legs around him and kissed him all over saying thank you again and again.

She told him all about the job offer and how excited she had been all day. Hearing him say how proud he was of her touched her even more. But she let him have it for teasing her with the vibrator during the interview, lightly slapping his chest. He just laughed and pointed out it must not have distracted her too bad.

Getting more serious while he still held her, she asked, “Why did you do this for me? You didn’t have to do anything like this.”

He set her down, but still held her close and looked right into her eyes. “This is how this relationship will work. You take care of me, and I will take care of you. Always. You give me a lot with your body and your trust. And I will be there to help you on your way. Discover who you are and what you can be. As well as show you how to get the most out of sex.”

She took that in and kept looking him in the eye. Such a strange man. An enigma to Sarah. But an unbelievable one. “You have to let me thank you. What can I do? I’ll do anything you want. But I want to fuck your brains out Master. Please let me,” she pleaded.

He considered. But then asked, “Don’t you have a date tonight?” Of course he knew about the date. He always knew everything. She had no secrets from him.

“Yeah, but I can push him back. Or reschedule. Or just cancel. I don’t really care about going out with him,” she protested.

“I told you, you still have to live your own life. I will be here, and we will continue to find time with one another. But you have a lot of living to do too.”

“Please Master. I want to fuck you. You have to let me,” she pouted.

He considered some more. Finally, he relented. “Promise me you will still go out after and we can have some fun first. But you take that boy out and show him a good time. Understood?”

She brightened. “Yes sir!”

He smiled back at her. “Okay. I have something we can try,” he said with a devilish grin, causing Sarah’s stomach instantly to flutter. That look could only mean something unexpected was about to happen.

They went upstairs, quickly stripped her out of her clothes, and got out the regular massage table. The legs were adjustable, so he lowered it to be under waist high. Then he got out some rope and wrapped it around her midsection and wrists and then used several wraps around the ropes between her waist and her wrists. It effectively created handcuffs locking her arms to her sides. He completed the intricate rope work quickly and precisely, even with the special knots he used. Next, he did the same thing just under her breasts around her arms. With the ropes all locked in place, she couldn’t move either her arms or hands.

Then he shocked her. He came up behind her and put a thick, soft nylon sleeve over her head. It completely covered her eyes and ears. She couldn’t see a thing and could only hear him if he talked loudly. A moment of panic hit her when he suddenly picked her up and laid her on the table. Her feet hung just over the bottom edge of the table and he tied her ankles to each table leg so her legs were separated. She could kind of roll from side to side, but effectively, he had her trapped again. He liked constricting her she thought herself.

Not being able to see or hear freaked her out. He left her laying there for what felt like five minutes. But the sensory deprivation made it hard to tell for sure. Unlike most of the ties he put her in, this one remained comfortable, but not being able to see made her extremely edgy. She almost jumped out of her skin when she felt fingertips start at her ankle and trace up her inner calf and thigh. They left and then started right by her armpit and traced down and around her breasts and over her stomach. She just started to relax when several sharp slaps stung her inner thighs.

Nothing else followed for half a minute, so she winced and jerked when something touched her nipple. After the initial shock, she realized a tongue slowly circling around her areola. Then more finger traces down her sides. Right after that, something sharp and pointy rolled up her stomach, over her ribcage, and then over her breast. It hurt and felt like little pinpricks as it rolled. She tried to hold still but as it rolled over her nipple, she let out a wail.

Every sensation amplified. Her skin felt tingly. Not knowing what would happen next sent adrenaline coursing through her. She tried to struggle but it proved unsurprisingly useless. She felt something on her skin. It started at her neck and moved down between her breasts and down to her navel. At first it felt hot like fire, but soon revealed itself to be the opposite as the ice left a wet trail on her skin and suddenly felt very cold.

It went down around her pussy and then back up to her nipple and circled istanbul Escort her right nipple, never leaving the skin. He rubbed the ice back and forth over her nipple making it rock hard and numb. His wide-open mouth sucked most of her breast into it while his tongue warmed her nipple back up. He did this to both nipples taking his time. Sarah moaned and thrust her hips up hoping to find something to rub.

The sharp pinprick thing rolled back down her side over her stomach and pubis before rolling over each labium. Sarah kept extremely still for fear of accidently hurting herself against it. He pressed it just hard enough to hurt. Then he went over the hood of her clit. She screamed. She didn’t mean to, but the sharp points scared her. The ice rubbed along the same path and then between her pussy lips and around her clit. The cold hurt as well, but in a completely different way.

The ice cube pushed slowly in and out of her pussy until it finally slipped inside of her. She felt her body heat melt it away, but she cursed and thrashed when he inserted it into her. It felt uncomfortably cold. As soon as it fully melted, his warm tongue went up and down her slit and his mouth sucked her clit warming everything up again. The contrast of the heat from him against her cold skin felt electric.

He finally pulled away and she felt a feather drawn all over her skin from her pelvis and thighs, across her chest and to her neck. It tickled and she thrashed again. Everything stopped for several long minutes and she asked tentatively, “Mr. Michaels?” wanting to know if he had left.

Right then something splashed on her left boob, just below the nipple. It took a second to register as hot and burning. Really hot and burning. Knowing instantly it had to be candle wax. More drips were falling all over her chest and stomach. She threw her head back and screamed again and thrashed against her restraints. Unable to do much but lift her ass halfway off the table. “Please stop Master. Please stop!! It hurts. Ouch. Fuck it burns.” More big drops continued to fall including one big blob on her right areola. Every muscle tensed.

She felt something touch her lips and she jerked her head to the side. He pulled her head back and it touched again. It felt soft and yielding and it rolled around her lips. She realized he had been rubbing his dick over her lips and face. Relaxing, she tried to open her mouth and suck on it, but he pulled his cock off of her and smacked her on the face with it. Not too hard, but hard enough to shock her still. The dick went back to rubbing her lips and chin. She again went to try to suck his penis into her mouth only to get dick-slapped again. She finally got the message and stopped moving at all. He rubbed his cock all over her mouth and face. Doing it slowly and very deliberately. The head touched her upper lip, and she felt a drop of pre-cum drip on her lip and into her mouth. The slightly salty taste spread out on her tongue.

Finally, she felt her head being tilted to the side and the head of his cock gently pressed between her lips. She parted them and accepted his member without moving or doing anything until it filled her mouth. Right then, something pressed against her pussy lips just below the clit. She jerked but kept enough control to not bite down on the penis resting between her lips. Suddenly her pussy vibrated. Her senses and body being in such a heightened state sent her off toward climax as soon as the vibrator hit her clit. Her tongue swirled around the head of the penis that slowly thrusted into her mouth. He kept bringing it all the way out so that her lips just kissed the head of his prick and then he would press it deeper and deeper in her mouth very slowly.

Sarah spread her legs as wide as she could, slightly bending her knees to get them farther open. He continued to thrust into her mouth while running what felt like the smaller handheld vibrator up and down her pussy slit to her clit. She even felt the head of the vibrator push about an inch into her pussy, stretching it wide.

One hand held her head still while he continued his ever-increasing thrusting deep into her mouth. It went right to the back of her throat. She stayed totally focused on the penis so that she wouldn’t gag and forced herself to stay relaxed. But the vibrator made her hips rotate every time it pressed into her clit.

After several minutes of the constant stimulation, Sarah finally let go with a big orgasm that shook her lower body. Her mouth involuntarily clamped down and sucking hard on the organ wedged in her mouth forcing it to stop moving and unable to do anything but emit a guttural groan. The teasing of her body bringing it to this point through fear and overstimulation made the orgasm that much more intense and she rolled from one orgasm to the next. When he finally pulled his cock completely out of her mouth, she knew she looked like a baby losing its pacifier with her mouth and tongue looking for it’s plaything, moaning loudly while continuing to press up against the vibrator head.

When he took that away too, she collapsed against the table and realized that her entire body had been clenched that whole time. He slid the sleeve off over her head and sight and sound rushed back to her, momentarily disorienting her making her blink. Then his mouth found hers and a passionate tongue battle started between them as she hungrily returned the attack.

Breaking the kiss, he worked to release her from her bonds while she surveyed the damage. She had dried candle wax all over her and she could still see red lines in long trails that the pinprick wheel had left. Her drenched pussy had sprayed sticky fluid all over her thighs.

He picked her up and laid back on the bed with her over him. Unbalanced but determined, she reached down to guide the head of his cock to her love tunnel and sat up straight as he thrust upward from underneath impaling her. With little preamble, he started to fuck her hard from underneath, lifting her several inches with each pelvic thrust. He had his hands on her waist and pulled her down with each thrust up, slamming into her. All gentleness had disappeared. He wanted his turn to cum and Sarah did everything she could to oblige. She put her hands on his chest and helped to slam down with his timing, but he still did most of the work. His frequency never slowed. One hand snaked up her body and grabbed her breast and squeezed hard enough that some of the candle wax came off and fell back on him.

With Sarah still being in orgasmic afterglow, she buzzed from oversensitivity. The penis ramrodding her cunt soon had her going at full tilt and she knew would cum again on that gorgeous cock. She grabbed two handfuls of chest hair and squeezed as she yelled out, “Fuck me! Make me your slut. I want to feel you cum in me!” Sarah started convulsing from another orgasm as he thrust up and held it. They both groaned and he grabbed her and pulled her to him, his face buried in her chest. She continued to shudder as she felt his familiar release deep inside of her. She clutched at his head and rode out the orgasm for several long minutes.

They panted face to face as she lay on top of him. When his receding cock finally fell from her, she fell to the side and lay by him. When the first gush of his seed starting to seep out, she idly reached down and scooped some up with her fingers and brought it to her mouth while smiling at him. “Fuck that was good!” she said as she savored his taste on her lips again.

They laughed and then spent several minutes peeling the wax off of her body. “Another first,” she announced. “That was crazy intense. Not knowing what you were going to do next. It felt like every nerve had been exposed.” She pondered for a minute. “What was that prickly thing? When you rubbed that over my nipple and my clit, I thought I was going to scream.”

He laughed and said, “You did scream! Loud!” He got up and went over by the massage table and brought back a small handheld device that had two wheels of small pointed spikes. He lowered it to her thigh and rolled it across her skin making the wheels turn and she could feel the spikes press against her skin. They weren’t sharp enough to penetrate the skin, but she could feel each point press into her. “It’s called a Wartenburg Wheel. Some have more wheels than others, but it is used to test sensation of the skin.”

She took it from him and rolled it in different spots and then once across her nipple. It tingled and still felt sharp, but nothing like she remembered. “That is so weird. It felt like it was cutting my skin while you were doing it. But it’s not nearly as painful now. I mean, I feel it and if I pressed hard enough it would hurt I guess, but it’s nothing like earlier.”

“That’s the effect of being blindfolded. Your senses heighten. It’s the anticipation more than anything. But it can make for very intense sensations.”

She put it down and jumped in his lap and started kissing him again. Pushing him down, she started kissing down his neck and chest. Repositioned him back to the middle of the bed and got between his legs. He started to protest and told her he needed more time, but she ignored him. Taking his soft cock in her mouth and playing with it. She licked and sucked his balls and played with them as well, bound and determined to get him off again.

It took a while, but his body responded, and she got him semi-hard. She rolled her tongue around his testicles when he rolled backward and pulled his legs back toward his chest. His ass came up and she realized what he wanted. Pressing farther back on his legs, trailing her tongue down the soft skin under his balls. Once again, this was something she had never even considered doing, but if made Master happy, she wouldn’t be deterred.

Her tongue timidly circled his anus several times while she got up the nerve. She took a deep breath and with one long stroke went right over the puckered balloon knot. Getting more courageous, she licked more directly on it and all over. Then she slowly pressed her tongue against it. The tight knot released only enough for her to get the tip of her tongue in. She kept licking and pressing. Gaining more and more entry with every attempt. Soon her tongue slid in about an inch. He moaned and she felt his body shake and knew it had worked. She was giving a man older than her father a rim job, but she liked it. A feeling of power washed over her having him in this vulnerable position as she assaulted his hidden hole.

She full on fucked his ass with her tongue and continued to lick all over the area and cup and fondle his balls with one hand. His dick had become fully erect, and she reached up to stroke him as well. She continues to play like this for several minutes enjoying herself. Eventually she let him roll back into position and dropped her mouth on the stiff male meat stick. She licked and kissed the head and looked right into his eyes and kept eye contact as she started her final attack. Sucking his dick in earnest and squeezing the head with each pass of her hand and mouth. Getting his dick deep enough that her mouth slobbered all over it, ignoring the gag reflex it caused. She could hear her own slurping sounds as she felt his balls tighten in her hand as his lower body clenched.

Seconds later, with the first hot jet hitting the roof of her mouth, she pulled her head off just inches from the weeping hole and continued to jerk his prick hard. Most of his cum hit her lips and nose as she continued to look right at him. His body jerked from her hard stroking. Most of the cum dripped from her face down to his stomach and pelvis, but some just dripped down the shaft. Reaching down to the base and slowly pushing along the underside of cock until she reached the head, watching the last big drop of cum squeeze up through the tube with a big impish grin and her eyes glued to his face, she stuck her tongue out as far as it would go and ran the tip of her tongue through it. She leaned down and sucked on the head to suck out anything left and started then cleaned him thoroughly in no particular hurry.

When she finished, she looked up at him still holding his partially hard cock in her hand and said in a happy tone, “You really have turned me into a cum slut Master.” She kissed his prick head one more time and bounced up to nestle in his arm.

After a few minutes of relaxation, he lightly spanked her ass and told it her she needed to get cleaned up for her date. She had a young boy expecting some trim and she shouldn’t disappoint him. They laughed together as they headed to the shower, before taking a long slow shower and washing every part of each other’s bodies.

She checked the clock as she dressed and saw it was already 7:00pm. She sent a quick text to Conner and told him she would meet him at 8:00pm. They were going to get a burger and go to a small party at one of his friend’s houses. She kissed Mr. Michaels and thanked him again and headed out to get ready for her date.

Unsurprised to find Jenny with Terrance at the party, she and Conner joined them. Before long the two snuck off and managed to find an empty bedroom and she rocked his world for ten minutes before he came. She didn’t but she didn’t need to having been thoroughly taken care of earlier in the night. On the drive home, she gave Conner head while he drove. He called her amazing and kissed her before she ran in to beat curfew.

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