Sarah’s Story Ch. 05

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Things were a bit easier, more relaxed after our tea time love making session. Dad stayed dressed up for a while and we had a little giggle, all of us. I was pleased. It felt that we’d made some progress, breaking down the barriers of their moral reserve.

After I had gone to bed I heard them in their bedroom. Dad was obviously giving Mum a good seeing to, probably still dressed up in his little girl outfit. I was amazed that a man of his age was still had the sexual energy and I was so proud of him.

I slipped my hand into my panties and stroked myself to sleep.

I woke to my alarm firing off telling me another work day was in store. Images of the previous evening flooded into my head and I started to feel horny again. When was I not.

I heard Mum get up and go to the bathroom. Mum always got up first.

I tried to put my feelings to one side and got up to get ready. As I was slipping off my knickers I remembered something from last night and a very naughty thought crept into my head. I pulled my pants back up again, took a clean pair out of my drawer and slipped out of my room and headed across the hall to my parents bedroom.

I knocked and went straight in. Dad was still in bed and looked a little surprised when I came in.

“Sarah, what’s up, darling?” He asked putting down a book he was reading.

“Nothing, Daddy. Just thought I’d bring you a little present.” I smiled.

I pulled my hand from behind my back and dangled my clean silky knickers off the end of my finger.

Dad looked shocked.

“Sarah, really. There’s no need .. I mean it’s only 7 o’clock and Mum’s only in the next room.” He protested.

“Come on Daddy, don’t be silly.” I chided playfully. “It really turned me on when Mum said you liked to play with your lovely stiff cock with my knickers. And besides why should Mum get all the fun?”

He gave me that admonishing look. The one he always gave me when I was naughty as a child.

“Anyway these,” I said swinging my clean knickers around on my finger, “are not your present.” I threw him my knickers which he deftly caught while still looking at me. I lifted up my oversized t-shirt Maltepe Escort up to my waist, “These are.”

I paused for dramatic effect, letting him take in the sight of my white cotton knickers.

“I’ve had these on all night, Daddy, and I’ve been very naughty. When I heard you and Mum having sex I just had to play with myself while I was wearing them.”

Dad’s face was a picture. I could see him swallow hard and I even heard him groan a little just picturing me rubbing myself off into my knickers. I was shaking a little myself and my stiffening nipples I could feel almost burning through my t-shirt.

“Would you like to play with my panties, Daddy?” I teased.

There was a pause while Dad tried to get his voice working. “Yes, Sarah. Please.” He managed.

I smiled and reached under my t-shirt and slipped them off, not letting him see my pussy. Not yet anyway. I tossed him the small cotton undies and he held them in his hand as if not sure what to do with them.

“Do you want to just hold them Daddy or do you want to hold them to your face and sniff them?” I continued to tease him and treat him like a small boy.

“I want to smell them, Sarah.” He eventually replied bringing them up towards his face.

“What is it you want to smell Daddy?”

“I like to smell your scent, Sarah.”

“My scent, Daddy? Do you mean my cunt?”

You could see he almost winced when I said ‘cunt’. But he was getting turned on. My dirty knickers were up by his nose now and I could see him breathing in deeply, savouring the nuances like a professional wine taster getting the bouquet of a fine wine.

“Yes, Sarah. I like smelling your cunt.”

It sent a shiver down my spine when he said it and I felt a little pang heading down my front too.

“Are you getting hard for me, Daddy?” I asked quietly.

“Yes, Sarah.”

“Show me, Daddy.”

He looked up at me from behind my knickers still pressed to his face. Reaching down he pulled the duvet away from his body. I looked down his frame to his long stiff prick that lay against his tummy like a beached whale. His balls sagged down between his thighs Anadolu Yakası Escort and I watched as they seemed to swell and roll all by themselves.

“It’s lovely, Daddy.” I cooed.

He grunted a bit and was lost in his reverie with my aromatic knickers. I stepped over to the bed and knelt down next to him just watching his large penis pulse slightly against his hairy tum. I reached over and retrieved the clean knickers that he’d discarded when I threw my dirty ones at him.

I arranged them in my hand and slowly drew them over his stiff manhood so that the tip was buried in the gusset and wrapped the rest of the silky material around the shaft. I closed my hand around his swaddled cock and slowly stroked it up and down.

“Mmmm, Sarah. That feels so good, darling.” He moaned above me.

I lazily lay my head on his stomach as I continued to stroke my hand up and down his thick cock wrapped up in my silky knickers. I could feel the material slip up and down the skin and every time it did I heard another little moan of pleasure.

“What are you thinking of, Daddy.” I asked casually, still watching fascinated as my hand wanked him off.

Again I had to wait while his consciousness came to the surface. There was no hurry.

“I’m thinking how good your cunt smells, how you were touching yourself when you heard Mum and me last night. I was thinking about how good it felt inside you last night too.”

I smiled. He was so lovely. I decided to treat him.

I clambered up on the bed and placed my knees either side of his chest. I reached down and pulled my t-shirt up over my back. I knew he was looked up between my legs now: He had the perfect view.

“Do you like that, Daddy?” I asked resuming my rhythmic stroking.

“It’s lovely, sweetheart.”

“You like looking at my cunt?” I teased some more.

“Your cunt is lovely.” He almost repeated like a child learning by rote. I wanted more than that.

“Tell me what you see. What you like.” My hands were working a little faster now.

“Your bum, Sarah. It’s lovely and round and smooth. And your beautiful cunt. Your lips are slightly İstanbul Escort open and I can see how moist you are in there. And your little puckered hole is all wrinkled and dark brown.”

“You like my bum hole, Daddy?” I was getting worked up now and I could feel me losing control of this situation.

“Yes. It’s a beautiful bum hole.”

“Would you like to do things to my asshole, Daddy?” I couldn’t believe where this was heading and frankly I didn’t care. My hand was slipping up and down my Daddy’s pole and I could feel his hips rising up against my pumping fist.

“Oh, Sarah, yes, so much. I would like to make it wet.”

“Wet, Daddy. How would you make it wet?”

“With my tongue, Sarah. I’d lick your lovely, hot little asshole and make it all wet and slippery with my tongue.”

“Oh god, yes Daddy.”

“I’d love to push my tongue up against your asshole and lick around and around it until my tongue pushed inside. Oh, Baby, you’re going to make me cum.” He was starting to buck up against my hand.

“Oh yes, Daddy. Tell me what you want to do to my tight little asshole and cum for me. Spurt off into my panties.”

“Oh Sarah, I’m cumming, I want to fuck you, baby, fuck you in the ass. Oh fuck, rub me, rub me, Oh baby I’m cumming.”

His outburst sent a little shiver through me, a mini orgasm if you will. It was so erotic. Dad’s straining cock leapt in my hands and I could feel jets of his hot sperm pulse through his shaft. I could see the darkening stain grow larger in the gusset where the top of his prick was. Slowly I felt the hot dampness seep through the material all the way down the length of his rod as his jerking hips slowed and became still.

Out of the corner of my eye I could see a little movement in the doorway to the en-suite. I knew then Mum had watched, and probably revelled in seeing me wank Dad off in my panties.

I smiled and dismounted. I slipped the slimy pants off Dad’s deflating cock and raised them to my face. I sniffed and looked down at Dad.

“Mmm, fresh cum. I’m going to wear these to work today, Daddy. I can think about you all day then.” I laughed.

I bent down and gave him a kiss on the forehead.

“Dad, that was lovely. Thank you. Maybe we can work on that dream of yours, huh?” I said enigmatically and slipped out of the bedroom to get ready for work.

I couldn’t wait to tell Jan and to let her get her hand down my cummy knickers.

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