Sarah’s Journey Pt. 01

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During college I had a pretty busy life. I would get up and be at the school between 8:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. every morning. I would usually be done with classes between 4:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. After that I would often go over to the restaurant where I worked and work till it closed at midnight or so. Then I would go home and start my homework and work till I was too tired or finished it. The next day would be a repeat.

On some days I wouldn’t have to work so these were the days that I would spend time with my friends, family, boyfriend or try to do my homework at a reasonable time. Needless to say I didn’t get a lot of sleep and some of my social life was lacking.

One area that could have been a little better was with my boyfriend. We had been dating for a while and were also friends but it had been tough as of recently. He was working long hours and so was I so the time we often spent together was napping next to each other. It caused one or two fights since it seemed the nights he was awake I wasn’t and the nights I was awake he wasn’t. Not only that but he worked with some women he seemed to be getting close with and I worked with some men I was getting close with.

To add to the tension my brother’s friend moved in with us at this point as well. He had been living with his family but they had a huge fight and it ended with him moving out. He had no money saved up so he needed a place to stay. Him and my brother had been long time friends and he and our parents got along so he moved into our basement. I had no problems with Matt and got along with him but him and my boyfriend had butted heads a couple of times. So when we already are having some tension telling him I’m going home to where a guy he doesn’t care for is also living was like pouring gas on the fire.

Life continued on and my boyfriend and me had some good nights and some not so good nights. By now I was used to coming home and being the only one awake but more and more I noticed Matt was in his bedroom on his computer or watching TV. We would say hello and ask how the other’s day was and then go about our own business. I guess he had gotten a night job so he was awake most nights.

One night our little passing hall banter changed though. My boyfriend and I had just had a fight and since I was tired I ended the fight by just going home. I didn’t have the energy to argue with him that night. When I got home Matt was in his room watching TV and asked how my day had been. Normally some small talk and I would have been on my way but for some reason I just unloaded on him. I told him about our fights and how bad my boyfriend was pissing me off. I gave details and basically just vented to him. Surprisingly in return he began venting to me as well about his girlfriend. Apparently they were having scheduling conflicts as well and she doubted the direction his life was heading in. With this it became our new bostancı escort thing to vent to each other when I would come home. We would sit in his room and talk for about an hour or so.

One night it reached a boiling point. I finished work late and went to see my boyfriend. I was tired and got to his place to find him working on his truck with my brother and another friend. They were talking about cars and trucks and I was exhausted. I decided instead to fall asleep on his couch.

I’d say about an hour later my boyfriend woke me up and told me to go home since I was exhausted. They were still trying to fix his truck and it was going to be a while. I got my stuff and headed home.

I was surprised as I drove home how much the little cat nap had revitalized me. It was a good night to do homework. As I walked to my room I saw Matt just sitting in the chair in his room spinning circles. I asked if he was okay and he said no. I went in and sat down and he told me how he had just broken up with his girlfriend.

I hadn’t noticed my brother and my boyfriend had come over to our house to borrow a tool from my father’s garage. I was sitting in Matt’s room talking with him when the door opened and my boyfriend was staring at us. He didn’t say anything and he didn’t have to as he walked out because I could tell he was pissed. I left and proceed to get into an hour long fight with my boyfriend about how I fell asleep at his place but had enough energy to come home and talk to Matt. I tried to explain the cat nap and how I had been bored by talking about trucks and how Matt had just been venting to me.

In the end we made up but it seemed like something had changed between us. I found out what that was a couple of days later when I fell asleep again at his place and he suggested I go home and talk with Matt to wake up. It became his new thing when we would fight and it pissed me off so much I couldn’t even begin to explain it.

Now when I went home and talked with Matt I felt as if I was doing something wrong and I wasn’t. Not only that but I couldn’t really vent about what my boyfriend was doing that was pissing me off because God knows how that would turn out.

Two weeks later I snapped. I had gone out to my boyfriend’s and I was exhausted. When I got out there he had tried putting on the charm and asking me to have sex with him. When I explained that I was tired and smelled like the restaurant where I worked, which was not a huge turn on, he got upset saying we never had sex anymore. The fight was on but it ended pretty quickly when he said I should go home and fuck Matt like I was probably doing. My only response was fuck you and out the door I went.

The whole way home my blood boiled. I didn’t know how he could be this big of an ass and how he could think things like this. I understood people all have their insecurities but to plain out accuse ümraniye escort bayan me. The more and more I thought about it, the more I wanted to hit something or hurt someone.

I got home and rushed inside heading for my bedroom. I stopped as I looked in Matt’s and saw him sitting on the bed watching television. Fuck it. I stepped into his room and closed the door. I dropped my purse onto the floor and went over to the bed. I think he said hello but my intention wasn’t talking. If my boyfriend thought I was doing this, then to Hell with him and he could be right. I crawled on the bed and straddled Matt and looked him in the eyes, “fuck me.”

Apparently he had been thinking about it because there was no hesitation. He pulled me tight against him as our lips met and his tongue went into my mouth. I returned the excitement by wrapping my arms around him and meeting his tongue with mine. I drove my hips against him as hard as I could and I could feel him pushing back.

Soon his hands released on my hips and grabbed my shirt, pulling it up above my head. After mine was tossed to the side I grabbed hold of his and pulled it over his head. His skin was pale but he was in shape. His chest and abs were hard and defined. I’ll admit I was enjoying running my hands over him. I felt my bra unclasp and loosen up. I pulled the straps off of my shoulders and let it fall between us. Matt took one breast into each hand a squeezed them softly. It felt good. I closed my eyes and leaned my head back and he began to suck and lick each nipple while continuing to massage my breast.

Now I had felt a man get excited before and had a good idea when they were fully aroused but this time it was different. The bulge in Matt’s jeans seemed to be larger than what I had felt before and it seemed to be spread out more. I enjoyed my massage and the growing anticipation for only a couple of minutes before I had to see. I slid back from Matta and reached down undoing the buttons on his jeans. As I did it seemed like each one was breaking free and the bulge increased in size. After the last button I grabbed the sides of his jeans and boxers and pulled down. I had not expected what was waiting for me. Up to this point the men I had been with had been five or six inches in length and as thick as a tube of tooth paste. Matt did not fall in with them. In between his legs was a snake ten to twelve inches long and maybe just a little less thick than a soda can. Matt just let me stare for a moment before he asked if I had been with anyone as big as him. I told him that I hadn’t. He said that I had only been diddled by boys then and it was time to be fucked by a man.

Matt grabbed my head and guided it down to his waiting member. Thought of how I was going to do this and how bad it was going to be hurt ran through my head but soon were replaced by excitement. I took the head of his penis into my kartal escort mouth with eagerness. As soon as I felt it and tasted it I was in love. I tried to open my jaw as much as possible and found myself trying to push as much of him down my throat as I could. I would push until the sides of my mouth hurt and I needed breath before I would back off. I would take a couple of quick strokes and then push him as deep as I could. A couple of times I began gagging but I wanted more and wanted it deeper. Each time I would break for air strings of spit and saliva would fall out of my mouth onto him and then I would dive to retrieve them back. I had no idea how long I had been going but apparently it had been long enough because two strong arms pulled me away.

The motion was quick as Matt pulled me up and pushed me over onto his bed. I went to push up to my hands and knees but his hand pushed my face down again to the blanket with the single word “stay.” I felt my pants being taken off and pulled down and that’s when I felt the pressure. The usual feeling I had when a man pushed into me was a small tingle to this. My lips and walls stretched to the maximum receiving him. Matt had no interest in being slow and gentle with me. He was going to fuck me hard and fast and I was going to take because I didn’t have an opinion in the matter and that was fine with me. The pressure continued to build and expand and I thought I might have an orgasm right then and there.

Matt began thrusting hard and quick into me. I could hear the sounds on me being wet and his penis covered in my spit and saliva slapping against each other. He put both hands on my hips and began driving me into his bed. With every thrust I felt as though I was going deeper and deeper. After a dozen or so thrust I wasn’t even on my knees anymore. I was flat on the bed just getting assaulted and loving every minute of. The orgasm I was on my way to was building immensely and the only noises I could make were small gasp for air and moans.

A few more thrust and my body had it releasing the orgasm that had been building up. I immediately felt warmth wash over me and my legs and hips went numb. Matt continued to drive me a couple more times before using all his body weight to pin me to the bed. I was shocked that I could feel him squirting into me. This might have been the proper time to worry about the fact that we had no protection on but I didn’t care and was loving every minute of it.

After that we just lay there, Matt on top of me and still inside. I was trying to catch my breath and come down from cloud nine. Matt pushed himself up and crawled off of me. I tried to push myself up and found my body stiff and already sore. Matt was pulling his pants back up and I did the same. He turned to me and started to say something but I just put my finger to his lips and smiled. I put my shirt back on, grabbed my bra and purse and left his room.

When I got to my room I collapsed onto my bed and let out a sigh of actual relief. I knew I had just cheated on my boyfriend and ended our relationship but for some reason I was okay with that. Before I could do too much thinking I fell deep asleep.

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