Sarah’s Journey Ch. 019

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019 I think I finally mastered my gag reflex.

As I unbuttoned Russ’ jeans I could see his erection straining against the denim of his pant leg. After his pants moved down far enough his hard cock sprang out like a Jack-In-The-Box, slapping him when it did. I pulled his shoes and pants off then buried my face in his crotch completely burying his cock in my throat. He curved up he was so hard, that made too difficult to try and deep throat him as he wouldn’t bend down at all. While I could swallow him into my throat I wasn’t able to with his pronounced curve. I vigorously hammered my head in his lap, almost violently masturbating his cock with my lips and mouth. I could feel him twitch after only a minute or so.

He grabbed my hair and forcefully pressed my face into his pubic area with his cock firmly pressed against the back of my throat, that made me gag and recoil. He let go immediately. Pulling his cock out of my face I gagged a bit and then inhaled deeply.

“Oh I’m so sorry.” he said with sincerity. So far he’s a really nice guy, being concerned about me as such.

“Not a big deal hon, you let go when I needed you to.” I said still clearing my throat from his stabbing the top of it that triggered my gag reflex.

“You’re ok right?” he asked, with a tone of hoping that I would continue.

“Yep, just a bit sensitive from that last thrust.” I said a bit croaky.

“Ya sorry I got carried away, wasn’t meaning to…” he trailed off.

“No, no it’s fine, another thing I take as a compliment is you getting carried away and consumed in the moment. It lets me know I’m doing something right.” I said with a smile, and a wink.

My eyes still watering and looking at his still saliva covered cock, I picked my breasts that were still resting on top of his thighs, pressed them together and dropped them on his still throbbing erection. I’d heard that guys love tit fucking, but I don’t see why, it doesn’t seem that it would feel all that good. But Russ’ reaction seemed to say differently. He let his head fall back almost like he’d had a drug that took him somewhere else. I continued rubbing my huge breasts up and down, masturbating him with them. As I pressed them down his cock head just came out the top, sticking it’s head out to greet me. I couldn’t reach it with my mouth so I continued masturbating him with my breasts pressed together.

After a minute of this he arched back and grunted. A half second later his cock erupted with a shot of cum that caught me in the chin and splattered all over my boobs, hands, and his lap. I kept pumping my huge tits on his cock. He squirted again and this shot hit me right in the face and was on my cheeks, forehead, nose and dripping down to my chin. I immediately recoiled as that had never happened before. I’d only ever had Brandon cum on me and it was always a small bit on my tummy.

Right after that thought, as I was pumping my boobs around his spasming cock, he came again and I turned my head so I didn’t take another shot in the face from his erupting cock. That shot missed my face and went above my head, only a second later to land on top of my head and in my hair.

GROSS my brain screamed when that happened along with my face having cum dripping off it.

I definitely didn’t like cum on my face and in my hair I quickly discovered. He was still cumming and I lifted my tits up and pressed them around the head of his dick but kept it down between them as I reached under and grabbed his cock with my hand and pumped it with it completely engulfed by both my tits. His next few squirts were caught by my cleavage and his cum started to well up from nişantaşı escort bayan between them and run down the valley from them being pressed around his cock. I kept jerking him off into my tits for several seconds after he stopped cumming to make sure I didn’t stop too soon.

He looked down at my cum covered face and the wad that landed in my hair. I looked up and without saying a word pulled his cock out from between my tits, got up and went straight to the shower. I hurriedly washed his jizz off my face and started on my hair before I even realized that the hot water wasn’t here yet, and jumping back out of the shower stream.

The hot water got there and I was able to get it adjusted as I could open my eyes at least. I proceeded to shower off my hair and boobs. A second later Russ knocked on the bathroom door.

“Ya, come on in.” I said still scrubbing my face and tits.

“Really sorry about that, but technically it was your fault.” He said grinning as he pulled open the door.

He stepped in with me and rinsed his cock off that still had my saliva and his cum still dripping from it. I had grabbed the shampoo and started washing out my hair. As I did he ran his hands over my hair to get them soapy, and started rubbing my boobs with both hands. It was a smooth caressing feeling that I liked. It was a change from the vigorousness of my experiences. He continued as I had my eyes closed and my head back finishing washing the cum out of my hair. As I turned around he kept rubbing the almost basketball sized globes on my chest. After a few seconds as I was finishing rinsing off I felt his cock start to rise and press against and up between my ass cheeks.

He started to slide it forward and back between my legs and I squeezed them together as he continued thrusting. He lowered himself as he was trying to get the right angle to enter my vagina. I gently stopped him and squeezed with my thighs. He got the message and kept fucking my thighs squeezed around his cock. With his hands now forcefully grabbing my tits that were much to large for his hands, he kept trusting. He backed up and leaned me forward, with the shower water running over my back, down the crack of my ass, to his cock that was pistioning between my thighs now. Still grabbing my tits with his hands he started pulling me back into him and after a minute or so he exploded again.

His cock stuck out from between my thighs only about 1″ as it once again launched a jet of cum at the shower wall in front of me. I saw it hit the wall, then splatter on my face, shoulders, and tops of my tits. This was followed by 3-4 more, all splattering on my face. I kept squeezing his cock between my thighs as he feverishly pumped his cock between them. I was surprised at how hard he came only 4-5 minutes after the last time on the couch. I thought to myself, this is why I love younger guys!

His shots turned to smaller spurts and then to a dribble as his cock slowly stopped spasming. He pulled back, grabbed his cock and dribbled the last few globs on my ass. Finished, I stood up and rinsed off my front, then turned around to rinse his cum off my lower back and ass. He was still breathing heavily and obviously coming down from the high of what looked to be a great orgasm. I stood there with my hands on the side of his torso smiling.

He took a deep breath and had a relaxed but satisfied look on his face. I kissed him and got out of the shower to dry off. Russ quickly soaped up and rinsed off. Turning off the shower he stepped out as I handed him a towel. As he dried off he looked at me with almost a look of pity and şişli escort bayan understanding as he pointed that I still had my shorts on.

Holy shit he was right! I felt like a complete idiot as I took them off, wrung them out and tossed them in the laundry.

“Well I really couldn’t open my eyes and wanted to wash off.”

“Oh sorry, I didn’t know you don’t like cum on you.”

“I don’t mind, but until now it was always on my abdomen. Never had it anywhere else. Having cum on my face and in my hair was the only part I didn’t like, everywhere else didn’t bother me.”

“Really!? With those huge tits, they’re a big target.” he said smiling and picking up my boobs.

“Well these are sort of new in the last about 2 years.”

“Ok, but you haven’t ever had a guy since then cum on you?”

“No actually, I’ve always been a shy type, until my separation and I decided to make some changes. And honestly it has helped my confidence, a lot.”

“Oh you’re separated?”

“Yes, we should be divorced in a couple of months.”

“Oh is that why you’re not ok with sex yet?”

“Well that and condoms are a must.”

“Got it, I can respect that.”

We didn’t bother getting dressed, got drinks and sat down on the couch to watch some TV. I’d never just been naked except while changing or bathing before. It was a new and different feeling to be totally naked and just hanging out around that house. Sitting there Russ put his arm around me and was rubbing my breast as we sat there. So I reached over and grabbed his still semi hard cock, and was just lazily playing with it and stroking it while watching TV. This was another first, to be sitting watching TV and just playing with a cock, that got hard almost as soon as I touched it, this was another new experience that I also found erotic. I was imagining Russ fucking me from behind as we watched TV. I don’t know why that popped in my head but it did, something about getting fucked while doing something else totally non sexual. Kind of like a back rub while doing something but sex instead. That thought really turned me on, and I felt my vagina getting wet. With that I leaned down and started licking the head of Russ’ cock and lightly sucking on the first couple of inches, playfully. I wasn’t trying to get him off, I was just entertaining myself while watching TV. This was really nice. Some women will knit while watching TV, I guess I liked sucking cock. Again I wondered what was wrong with me, this was so far outside my normal behavior I felt like a completely different person.

“Hey, what was that thing you did in the park that made me cum almost instantly?” Russ asked.

Smiling I replied, “Oh that’s a secret hon.”

“Well it was amazing, can you do it again?”

“Sure, but don’t cum in my mouth.”

“Promise.” he said with sincerity.

I grabbed a couple of paper towels in case he did cum again. I would be impressed though, that would be 3 times in an hour. I turned over and knelt on the couch and bent over on all fours, gently licked his cock then in one smooth motion swallowed him to his balls. He curved back a little and I couldn’t quite get the angle right, so I kept trying to get that right. Russ had his hand under my breast and was rubbing, squeezing, and playing with my nipple. I kept trying to find an angle to get him to the back of my throat so I could swallow with his cock just inside my throat, but couldn’t make it happen. Honestly if he was longer I think I could have gotten that angle to work.

“Wrong position maybe?” Russ asked as his hand had just moved down to my pussy and he was rubbing kağıthane escort bayan my clitoris.

“Ya, you curve and this angle isn’t working well.”

With that I got off the couch, despite me liking him playing with my pussy, and moved in front of him kneeling on the floor. I could then get him just past the back of my mouth. I sank my head to his balls forcefully pressing into his crotch, felt the head of his penis at the back of my throat and swallowed again. His feel came off the floor, he groaned and shuddered with delight.

“Like that?” I asked, obviously knowing the answer.

“Oh God yes! Can you do it again?”

“Sure, just don’t cum in my mouth. Ok?”

“I won’t.” As he picked up the paper towels I brought over.

“Watch TV that will help take your mind off of cumming maybe?”

“Never been told the before but it sounds like a great idea.”

With him watching TV I kept stroking his cock with my mouth, jamming it into the back of my throat every time I went down balls deep. I dabbled and jerked on him for a while, after probably 45 minutes he still hadn’t cum. I started swallowing him from tip to balls stroking the entire length of his cock with every stroke of my mouth. I went faster until I was practically headbanging on his cock, gripping it with my lips as tightly as I could and hammering my mouth tip to balls. He was still trying to watch TV but I could tell he was starting to lose this fight, I felt a bit of pride noticing that.

I reached over and handed him the paper towels that were on the couch with us.

He looked down and smiled. I stuck him in my throat, and swallowed. He shuddered and moaned a little. Pulling my head back just an inch, I did it again. Now he was so hard I could feel his heart beat in my mouth through his cock. I went down again and swallowed, but I tried to keep him in my throat. I managed not to pull him out of my throat but had to really try not to gag.

Holding still for a few seconds I swallowed again, and I almost pulled back because I was gagging a bit, but I managed to keep him solidly lodged just inside my throat about an inch.

I did this a few more times slowly adjusting to the slight gagging when I left the head of his cock in my throat. After probably 10 minutes or so I was getting pretty comfortable with this, but my jaw was starting to get sore so I tapped his hand that he still had the paper towels in and looked up at him. With that I reached around to his ass and yanked ensuring that I had him as deep as possible and to keep him there no matter if I gagged or not. With his cock as deep as it could go I swallowed, never moving a few seconds later I swallowed again, Russ was definitely reacting to this and I loved it. It’s like I was in control of him. Still holding tight I swallowed again, it got easier. I did it again, then again, and again, it was getting easier and I was getting faster. After maybe 10 times without taking him out even a little bit I was able to swallow almost rapid fire on the head of his dick. I swallowed over and over and over. I don’t know how many times but I could tell he was getting close, thankfully as my arms and jaw were starting to cramp. But holding on I swallowed 2-3 more times and he urgently patted my shoulder. With that I pulled him out of my mouth and throat. I began jerking his cock as fast as I could, he covered the end with the paper towels as he came. This time it wasn’t as forceful or as much.

I looked up at him; his head was laying back, eyes closed, and his body was quivering a bit. Several minutes went by and he finally said, “That was the most amazing thing ever!”

With that I actually felt proud of my newly discovered ability. I got back on the couch, laid on my back and rested my head in his lap. As we both watched TV he never let go of my breasts, moving his hand from 1 to the other, rubbing over the entirety of each breast, as I drifted off to sleep.

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