Sarah’s Funeral

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Sarah Shelton had lived more than half her life with all the needs of her husband Samuel uppermost in her mind.

Running a distant second were her music students including Phillipa’s niece, Su-Ann. Phillipa was a childhood friend of Sarah’s. Through a series of coincidences, the two old friends had re-acquainted, and gradually as Su-Ann began to make her way through her adolescence, her priorities changed and the lessons ceased, although the lesson times became the regular weekly opportunity for Sarah and Phillipa to catch up on each other’s life and times. They shared a number of interests and when they were together, Samuel had the good sense to leave them alone. This gave Phillipa the idea that Samuel didn’t like her very much.

It came as a complete shock to Samuel, when on returning from a weekend fishing trip away with friends, he found Sarah lying in bed with laboured breathing and a severe pain in her chest.

He called for an ambulance and within less than 20 minutes they were driving her back to hospital in a specially equipped ambulance to assist her breathing and administer her a pain management drip with Samuel on board holding her hand.

Sarah she told him to call Phillipa to tell her she would be unable to meet her for their usual cup of tea next morning.

Samuel stayed with her beside her bed that night after her initial emergency treatment and she appeared to rally in the morning sitting up in bed and talking quietly, but expressed over-whelming tiredness.

Sarah’s health deteriorated quickly over the nest three days and Samuel stayed with her the whole time. She passed away in her sleep on the third day holding Samuel’s hand. She kissed him as she drew her last breath. He continued kissing her as if trying to summon her back. Then he looked at her beautiful face and started to weep bitterly.

Some hours later, Phillipa returned from the hospital café and put her arm around him and said. ‘Come on Sam. I’ll drive you home’.

When Phillipa rang Samuel the day after Sarah died, he was still in shock. She and Samuel spoke about details of the funeral. She insisted she make all the arrangements for his wife’s funeral.

During the next few days she came to know him in the context of his grief. Sam was appreciative of her attention and care and particularly of the sensitive awareness she showed counselling him and ensuring that her life would be remembered.

Sam began to get back to gradually return to normal, although some reminders would readily reduce him to quiet contemplation.

Phillipa was busy on the day of the funeral with last minute arrangements she asked Su-Ann to call on him and accompany him to the funeral.

As Phillipa had arranged, Su-Ann dropped her mother at the chapel and left her to arrange the distribution of cards with images of Sarah at different ages and the lyrics of some of her favourite songs as well as making sure there were tasty snacks to be had by the attendees after the service.

With two and a half hours to go before the outdoor service, there was a knock on Samuel’s front door. He opened the door and Su-Ann stood on the front step wearing a short dark purple dress and a pair of yellow high-heeled shoes.

‘Hi Mr Shelton,’ she said. ‘I’m here to accompany you to the funeral. Mum’s busy with last minute calls and details to attend to for this afternoon and asked me to go with you. We have plenty of time. Would you like to make me a cup of coffee, or will we go to a café and get one?’

‘Come in Su-Ann. I’ll put the kettle on. You look gorgeous.’

‘I thought you might need a brightener. Do you like my dress?’

‘Sensational. I haven’t seen you for a few years now. You must have been busy with study. Take a seat and I’ll make a cup of coffee.’

He went to the kitchen and made two cups of coffee and returned to the lounge and placed them on the coffee table with a selection of cookies, and sat beside her on the couch.

They made conversation for a few minutes and then there was an awkward silence while they drank their tea leaving the cookies untouched.

Su-Ann broke the silence when she said, ‘Show me your favourite picture of Mrs Shelton. I’m sure she turned a few heads in her day.’

Samuel stood up and went to the mantelpiece and held a picture of them, standing on the beach together on the 10th anniversary of their wedding. He held it out for her to look at.

She stood up and looked at it.

‘We tuzla escort were younger then. She was the prettiest girl in school and anywhere else she ever went,’ he said, proudly.

‘You and Mrs Shelton are my favourite couple. Truly! Everyone else is fighting or separating or divorcing and you two are as tight as anything. I’m really sorry for your loss Mr Shelton. You two seemed to be so happy together and losing someone so quickly must be a big shock for you,’ she said replacing the photograph back above the old fireplace.

Samuel looked at her silently for a few seconds as tears welled up in his eyes and he slowly began sniffing, with emotion building up in him until he began quietly crying.

She moved next to him and put her arms around him. She was almost as tall as he was. He leaned his head on hers and could smell the shampoo in her hair. She didn’t crush herself against him but was just close enough that he could feel her breasts lightly touching his chest.

‘I’m sorry Su-Ann. I don’t mean to make this awkward or embarrassing for you.’

‘You don’t have to be strong all the time Mr Shelton. It’s natural for you to let go sometimes. Better with me than in the supermarket check out or somewhere public.’

She looked up at him and could see how sad he was and her heart went out to him. She moved closer to him and let his leg move between hers. She held him close with their bodies touching from their shoulders right down to their knees. They both stood still like that for some time. She became aware that she could feel his penis against her abdomen.

She reached up and kissed him on the cheek, and held him prolonging the kiss for 7 or 8 seconds then she rubbed her hips against him and thought she could feel his penis getting harder. All the time she was kissing him, she slowly moved her hips from side to side, lightly rubbing his hardening prick against the lower part of her stomach. She was becoming uncontrollably aroused, and obviously he was too.

‘I’m terribly sorry Su-Ann. How could I be behaving like this at such a time? I’m so embarrassed.’

‘Don’t be so hard on yourself Mr Shelton. Sometimes when your emotions are running so high, I’m sure our bodies act in ways that are a complete surprise.’ She put her hand on his leg and moved it upwards stopping just short of the swelling at the top of his leg. ‘I’m Sure Mrs Shelton would not want you to put your whole life on hold just because she’s not here to share it with you.’

He burst into tears. ‘What am I going to do without my beautiful Sarah?’

He buried his face in her hair as the sobbing racked his body and she held him close until he stopped.

Su-Ann quietly said, ‘You will keep doing all the things you have to do, and then you will start doing the things you want to do Mr Shelton. You will never forget Mrs Shelton, but soon you will keep living your life full on like you always have,’ she reassured him.

She moved her hands to his face and looked into his eyes and saw the tears running down his cheek. She could almost feel her heart breaking for him as tears filled her eyes too. They broke and looked into each other’s eyes and could see each other’s tears.

‘I’m such a sook Mr Shelton,’ She said, embarrassed for both of them.

They dried their wet faces on Samuel’s pullover, and she giggled at their seeming adolescence. She moved closer and kissed him softly on his mouth and an interminable time passed. She reached for his right hand and held it for a few seconds then moved it to her left breast, never breaking the kiss.

‘Why don’t we lie on your bed and just give me a big cuddle. You’ve made me all teary and I need you to hold me for a minute.’

He led her to his bedroom and standing by the bed, she asked, ‘Do you mind if I take off my dress Mr Shelton?’

She removed it without waiting for an answer. She was naked underneath and he was shocked that she would go out in public, not wearing any underwear, but he was also delighted by the firmness of every part of her beautiful body. She stood still in her high-heeled shoes with her hands on her hips with her breasts thrust forward and her perky round derriere thrust backward.

“Maybe you could get undressed as well,’ she said loosening the buttons on his shirt.

He quickly removed his footwear, shirt and pants underwear.

She looked down and his pulsing cock.

‘Goodness ucuz escort me,’ she said, ‘You’re getting an erection, and you have such a big cock.’

She looked intently at it. It hung down about 6 inches. She could feel her self getting wet between her legs

They fell on the bed and embraced. They held each other for a minute in complete silence although his heart was beating so hard that he was sure she could hear it.

Maybe it was her own heart she could hear because the more his hardening penis grew, occupying more and more space between them, the higher her level of arousal increased.

She ran her hand lightly along his side and around the top of his leg and started lightly scratching his buttocks with her nails.

He allowed her to push him onto his back and she ran her fingertips in circles around his stomach, reaching lower with each circle. She watched his penis fill with blood and grow to its full size, then watched as it began to harden and move so a standing position, hovering over his stomach.

She reached for his swollen seven-inch penis and found it was so thick, that her hand wouldn’t reach all the way around it. She began lightly swivelling her fist around the head, pushing his level of excitement to such a feverish pitch, that he was sure he was going to ejaculate if she continued.

‘Your beautiful cock feels so good in my hand Mr Shelton. Thank you for letting me hold it,’ Su-Ann said, almost whispering in a husky voice.

Samuel was shocked at her use of the word ‘Cock’.

As they lay on the bed together, their arousal was increasing and Samuel was thinking of the beautiful body that Su-Ann had grown into and the familiar erotic reaction he had just like foreplay with Sarah for all those years.

It reminded him of when he and Sarah were younger and he had held back from seeking sex with her until she was ready.

In spite of himself, he began wondering what it would be like to make love to one so young after all these years with his devoted wife Sarah. At least he could feel all the curves and experience the touch and wonderful clean smells of Su-Ann’s shampoo and soap and perfume as he embraced her on his bed.

He heard her voice softly saying, ‘Feel how wet I am Mr Shelton.’

Su-Ann raised up to all fours and straddling Samuel, she spread her legs wide. She tried to hold her nether lips open with her fingers, but they were too slippery. He ran his fingertips between the lips of her cunt and became even more excited.

He hadn’t had sex with anyone other than Sarah for the last twenty-eight years and it almost felt like he was entering a foreign country for the first time as she placed the head of his thick cock at the entrance of her dripping vagina. As the thoughts of Sarah were swept aside, his doubts about getting intimate with such a young woman came at him with a rush.

He had an erection that was primed for penetration and Su-Ann’s cunt was dripping with the slippery moisture of desire.

‘I really don’t know what I’m doing Su-Anne.’

‘I’m very sure,’ she almost wept. ‘Would you mind fucking me. I’m so desperate, I don’t know what I’ll do if you don’t put this in me,’ she pleaded, holding it up to feel the frightening size with the arousing hardness of his throbbing cock.

He watched her as she took up her position above him holding the head of his very thick cock. She ploughed the head of it slowly back and forward between her pussy lips tickling her clitoris and heightening her arousal even further.

He looked at Su-Ann’s face as the swollen head of his rampant cock disappeared into his wife’s friend’s daughter’s sopping wet, slippery vagina.

He had entered his cock into another cunt and the guilt he felt faded as he looked at the calm, soft, very understanding face of Su-Ann. She slowly swivelled her hips, sliding it in. He watched fascinated as half of his cock had was inside Su-Ann, and until it completely disappeared and his balls had tightened up and were jammed up hard between her wet legs.

She sat on him arching her back and he couldn’t keep his hands off her beautiful tits, lightly twisting her nipples.

‘MMMMmmmm. That feels so good,’ she murmured.

She leaned forward, hovering over his body and Samuel began moving his obscenely swollen cock back out, then in to the hilt and out, over and over again. He began building up the ümraniye escort tempo, slowed to a stop and hugging her close for a moment, she began swivelling her hips feeling the brutal hardness filling her wet cunt and pushing her close to a climax. She began whimpering as her unstoppable climax held her rigid, then gasping as her orgasm released her from the grip it held her in. She collapsed on him he remained still until her aftershocks subsided.

Samuel let her rest for two minutes to recover her breath, rolled her onto her back, and began fucking her again very slowly. Somehow, she could feel the build-up of another orgasm approaching as Samuel increased the pace and she could somehow feel his cock hardening and swelling even further as his climax erupted. He let out a deafening roar as all the pent up tension and grief was let loose. He jetted gush after gush of thick cum into the core of the young woman whose body seemed to be created to arouse him to this height passion, and the beautiful young woman who seemed to understand his need.

Su-Ann’s face was languid as she experienced the full pleasure of being fucked so comprehensively.

As he was wringing the last of his cum into her, she suddenly gasped, ‘Keep fucking me Mr Shelton. . . . . I’m going to COME AGAIN.’

His cock remained hard and to her delight very serviceable, and she began squealing frantic cries as another orgasm gripped her body. Samuel watched her pretty face straining during the long series of twitching spasms he could feel as her cunt gripped him, and then soften again as her climax passed. He fell on her while they both recovered their breath.

Later he withdrew his cock and she felt its long withdrawal tickle the entry of her vagina. She rested to gradually restore herself from rampant twitching female to the young lady visiting the grieving widower.

* * *

They lay on the bed side by side holding hands for five more minutes before Samuel fell asleep. There was a funeral to go to. Su-Ann didn’t want to wake him as he lay peacefully by her side, but she knew he must get ready to go to the church in less than forty minutes.

She knew he would awaken to the nightmare of the loss of his beloved wife and she thought she should get him moving as soon as possible.

Imagining his profound loss, she tried to think of the nicest way to wake him. She removed her hand from his and began to touch the hair around his balls and watched fascinated as his penis hardened in his sleep.

She placed it in her mouth and began licking it around the head like an ice cream. He began bucking his hips up and down as he stirred back into consciousness. As he awoke, she held his cock lightly in her hand where he discovered it as he opened his eyes.

Su-Ann said, ‘We only have half an hour to get to the church Mr Shelton. We’d better clean up and get going.’

She took his hand and led him to the bathroom where they showered together. They soaped each other and as they rinsed the suds away Samuel placed his thick middle finger into Su-Ann’s vagina and began curling his finger as her cunt began a series of spasms and her muscles gripped his finger.

She gasped ‘Mr Shelton, you’re making me come again.’

She hugged him as her twitching cunt throbbed for half a minute, before she was released from its hold on her.

‘Let’s get out of here before we ruin both of our reputations and disgrace ourselves,’ she reminded him.

Samuel smiled and turned off the shower. They dried themselves, dressed and she drove him in silence to the funeral service at the church.

On the way to the funeral Su-Ann handed him her mobile phone and said ‘Here Mr Shelton. Ring your number and hang up”

He did so and asked, ‘Why?’

Just do it. He did so like an obedient schoolboy.

‘Now we have each other’s number,’ she replied with a cheeky smile.

It was a beautiful service and after it was over Phillipa drove him home with Su-Ann sitting in the back seat. They farewelled him declining an offer for a cup of tea and they returned to Phillipa’s house.

Phillipa asked Su-Ann what she thought of Mr Shelton.

She answered, ‘He’s a lovely man mum. He’s probably going to need some friends around the place shortly when the shock starts to wear off.’

‘You’re growing into a thoughtful young woman Su-Ann.’

‘Thanks Mum.’

* * *

Next morning, Su-Ann received a text message. She read the screen and it was from Samuel Shelton.

It read “Su-Ann,

Thank you for visiting and taking me to the funeral today.

You were very understanding and kind.

I hope we can catch up before you go back to your study next semester.

Sam Shelton.”

Su-Ann replied immediately.

“How about tonight?”

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