Sarah Comes Out Ch. 01

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Although I have changed the names and identities of Sarah, Lucy and Jill the story is based on something that happened about ten years ago. This is Chapter One of a two chapter story. Enjoy!


Feeling refreshed after the long flight I stood in front of the mirror drying myself. My name is Sarah and I am a slim fairly fit, five foot six woman with small hand sized breasts. I believe my ass is my best feature, being tight and well-shaped and I have always won compliments from the men and even some women at the large help desk where I have been employed since leaving university. Having dried and applying my makeup I returned to my room and sitting naked on the bed phoned my husband Brian to tell him that I had arrived safely.

As we chatted I had this uneasy feeling that there was another person in my house. This was not new because over the past ten months I have been getting reports that my husband has been seen in the company of a beautiful blond. I have also seen an old yellow VW parked at the back of my husband’s office block. Then as we were saying our goodbyes I heard the kitchen door squeak. Ever since we bought the house the kitchen door has had this fascinating squeak. We have oiled it and even re-hung it but it still squeaks when opened or closed. Seeing I was phoning my husband on his landline I knew he was remote from the kitchen and so there had to be someone else in the house.

When we finished our chat I crumpled up on the bed and cried. Then shaking myself I decided to phone Jill who lived opposite our house. She is a good friend and she and I love to take off on girly shopping excursions together. When she answered I asked her to look across at our house and tell me what she saw. Three minutes later she told me that there was a shabby yellow VW parked in the driveway. Having my proof, I asked her to take a photo with date and time included and the following morning to try to see who leaves the house for work. She promised to text them to me in the morning.

Suddenly I felt really hungry so I walked down the stairs to the ground floor and entered the bar. Looking around me as I ordered a cool Chablis I was surprised to find that other than a man in his early thirties sitting by the big open fire I was alone. The woman serving was not much older than me and strikingly beautiful. She was much my height but her breasts were larger, something that I envied. I had always been embarrassed with my small bumps which were more like a mans who spent long hours in the gym doing weights. With her larger breasts, slim waist and full hips she had the classic hourglass figure. I found myself becoming attracted to her as I watched her clean the bench tops yet I was surprised to feel my thong start to moisten up. At university I had a very active sex life but other than a flat mate trying to chat me up I had never had any experience with the same sex and yet here I was sitting in a quiet bar almost feeling horny for a beautiful barmaid whom I had only just laid eyes on forty minutes ago.

When she returned with my second drink I asked her why they were so quiet and was told that first it was out of season and secondly they were expecting a storm and so the locals had gone home while the roads were still open. At that moment the man walked by saying that it was time to get home and so I was left alone with the beautiful woman and my naughty thoughts.

As I slowly sipped my drink I again thought back to an evening in the flat that I shared with my best friend from school. This was the night when she finally came out announcing that she was lesbian. At the time this did not concern me and I simply told her that her secret was safe with me but as the drinks continued she began to try and lead me on. When I explained that I was not like her Uzun porno she became defensive and for the rest of the semester our long friendship was under a bit of stress and it wasn’t until the first semester the following year that we finally talked about it and she understood that our love for each other was only platonic.

Although this was a number of years ago and my old school friend is now in a relationship with another woman I have never stopped thinking back to the evening when she came out about her being lesbian. Although it had never given me thoughts about what it would be like to have sex with a woman I did think how my friend must have felt whilst growing up. This made me feel sorry for her and yet I am so happy that she has finally found what she has been looking for ever since she turned eighteen and left school.

Then my chaotic thoughts returned to the present, my obviously cheating husband and my feelings about the beautiful barmaid. I couldn’t understand what was happening. Here I am appraising this woman and then it occurred to me am I bi-curious or just a late maturing lesbian. My thoughts went back to my last year in school when I returned to the changing room an hour after school had finished. Entering I saw the sports teacher helping a classmate celebrate her eighteenth birthday. I stood in the shadows and watched as he began to spank her butt and then take her with his cock. Later that night I couldn’t forget the sounds as he spanked her with a table tennis paddle.

Suddenly I was woken from my dreams and asked if I cared to order something to eat. The barmaid apologized explaining that because it had been so quiet she could only make me an omelette and light salad. Accepting gratefully, I sat and waited for my meal to be delivered to the table.

Looking up from my meal I saw that she had brought me another drink joining me at my table. “Hi I am Lucy and I am managing the hotel for my uncle and aunt while they are on holiday. Although it is quiet at this time of the year we usually have more customers than this. You see we are expecting a very nasty storm. Although it is early in the season, when the weather turns like this the storms are usually very cold and can even become dangerous. Are you here for the telecommunications seminar?”

“Hi Lucy I am Sarah and yes that’s why I am here. I am staying at your Hotel because it was much more reasonable than the resort where the seminar is being run and anyway I don’t like crowds. Tonight there will be a hundred people or so all trying to outdo the other. It’s so boring and after spending a large part of the day travelling all I want to do is relax. Yes, I accept that I will have about half an hour’s drive in the morning but that is much better than spending a small fortune at the crowded and very noisy resort.”

After my meal Lucy suggested that she make a coffee and join me round the fire with a whisky. Being the perfect host she took me down to the fire and motioned for me to sit on the large leather sofa in front of the fire.

About twenty minutes later she joined me with coffee, whisky and after turning up some quiet relaxing music we sat making small talk for a good forty minutes before Lucy asked me about my home. For some reason I found myself blabbing on about my husband and the three years we had been married. I told her about our amazing sex life and then I explained how it had changed to making love maybe once a month. When Lucy asked me what had caused it I couldn’t reply because I found my eyes filling with emotion and sat there with a dumb look on my face. Lucy was the perfect listener and she just sat waiting for me to calm down. Then I began again and explained that I had an uneasy feeling that Brian was having an affair. I told Öğrenci porno her about tonight’s phone call and that he seemed almost impatient to end the conversation. I even talked about Jill finding the yellow VW in our driveway and asking asking her opinion.

Then I found myself talking about Jill and how we had met at the annual street barbecue. I told how we would spend a girly day trying on clothes and the afternoons we spent around at her house and how we would skinny dip in her swimming pool. When I told Lucy this she asked if Jill was a lesbian. I stopped trying to answer but all I did was begin to blush as my thoughts went back to the times in the dressing rooms and around her swimming pool.

Blushing even heavier I told Lucy about when we try clothes on, how we strip down to our bra and thong … again it hit me when I then told of Jill’s habit of touching as though by accident. Lucy’s sable eyes seemed to burn when I told her this and she asked if I enjoyed the surreptitious touching. I felt the heat in my face as I told her that I had not thought about it: after all it was an accident … wasn’t it.

Lucy smiled as she asked me if Jill ever spanked me. When I told her that sometimes as I got out of the pool she would playfully slap my butt. Looking at me with a half-smile Lucy let her hand drop to my knee and begin a slow massage.

“Do you like me touching your knee? Does Jill touch you like this?”

I was about to answer when Lucy lent into me brushing her lips across mine. “Does she kiss you like that? Do you enjoy her hugs and kisses? Kiss me Sarah.”

When Lucy asked these questions it again dawned on me that I did like the touching and little kisses and hugs. I lowered my eyes to my lap because I was too embarrassed to continue looking at her.

“Do you like Jill spanking your butt?”

Too embarrassed I lowered my eyes feeling the blood rush to my face.

“I believe you are submissive am I getting closer to the real Sarah?

“Sarah I told you to kiss me are you usually this disobedient?”

Leaning in I kissed Lucy’s lips and as I went to pull away she held my head and her tongue thrust between my lips. We kissed like this for what seemed to be ages and then she asked me if I was feeling the same things she was.

I was so confused that I just sat there with my mouth opening and closing like a fish out of water.

Nothing was said, and other than the crackling of the fire and the soft music all was quiet. As Lucy’s fingers became bolder I found my nipples begin to swell and my breathing become shorter with excitement. I had never thought of women like this and yet everything seemed perfectly normal. My thoughts clearing, I looked into Lucy’s sable eyes: wet marbles gleaming behind canopies of thick dark lashes. Finishing my drink, I watched Lucy quickly top up my glass before continuing her subtle massage her hand now sliding onto my lower thigh.

The room began to get cooler and it was only warm in front of the fire, while outside the wind had really gotten up, rattling the shutters on the windows. As time went by so the temperature continued to drop and the drafts in the room began to create an unpleasant chill in the air and I looked enquiringly at Lucy when I began to hear a strange sound against the windows.

“My God it’s snowing. We were told to expect heavier than usual rain with local flooding … but snow? I am twenty-six and I have never seen snow at this time of the year. Sarah I think you need to be prepared for a longer stay here because I think the roads will be completely snowed in by morning.”

“Oh my God what can I do I am expected to present one of the afternoon sessions.”

“Let’s look at the situation in the morning if it’s impossible for you to get to the resort you will have to phone and explain that you are snowed in.”

As Lucy had been telling me this her hand had not stopped the naughty massage of my knee and when she slid closer I looked up into her eyes accepting the feather like kiss as her lips brushed across mine. Sitting back for a moment she then drew me close offering her thick tongue. With open mouths and fluttering tongues my breathing became fast and shallow. My breathing became fast and shallow as with open mouths our tongues began an wild wrestle.

As the kisses became deeper and more urgent I felt Lucy begin to release the buttons of my blouse giving her access to my swollen nipples. I moaned quietly as her fingers slid between my breasts continuing to my throbbing nipples. As her fingers squeezed and lifted my nipple I moaned louder and I began to fee l the guilt complex begin to take charge.

“Oh God Lucy please stop I can’t do this it is so wrong after all I am married.”

“Married? With your husband sleeping with the yellow VW? Sarah relax, turn off how can you be cheating when your husband is sleeping with another woman.”

“It doesn’t matter; I am still cheating.”

“Shhh Sarah relax everything is fine just allow your senses to take control.”

Wearing a short dress and thigh highs I felt the goose bumps exploded on my thighs as her fingers slid up my bare leg and under the hem of my dress. Her hypnotic eyes never left mine as she slowly continued her erotic seduction. My breathing that had been short and fast slowly relaxed back as I began to accept what was happening. Other than the flickering light of the fire everything was a soft muted light and with the silence I was certain that she could hear my excited heart beats as her fingers continued their knowing massage.

Again I tried to pull back but slowly, ever so slowly she slid closer easing me back onto the couch as her other hand took possession of my heaving breasts. Her eyes now had a look of heated determination and I found that even if I had wanted to, I was powerless to look away. I knew what was happening and to make matters worse I wanted it to continue.

Every time her fingers pinched my nipples my pussy would throb and I felt my thong become drenched with the juices that were now freely flowing from my pulsing fanny. Suddenly I tensed as her hand slid up the wet crack of my pussy coming to rest on my clit and again I saw a change in her searching eyes and I understood that she had won. There was no longer any idea of my escaping the inevitable.

Finally, Lucy decided it was time to peel off my thong and again I was powerless to prevent her. Easing my legs wider she gently lowered her mouth to the swollen lips of my pussy and I moaned as I felt her tongue slide up and down my slit. As Lucy lasciviously tasted my wet and throbbing pussy my breathing came in deep ragged gasps. When I tried to sit up Lucy reached out and pushing me back as her fingers continued their stimulation of my nipples. Although I had experienced many orgasms before what I felt with Lucy was so different. It began slowly but quickly developed into a sensual explosion, my legs flew wide and with straining stomach muscles my hips took charge and cum flowed across Lucy’s tongue and down my thighs.

Lucy never stopped and I screamed as her tongue repeatedly flicked across my love button. I was crying her name as I felt the forbidden pleasure as Lucy caused orgasm after orgasm until with a scream to wake the dead I experienced the wildest most perfect orgasm of my life. It continued to erupt through me; my juices flowing like molten lava. After what seemed a life time Lucy looked into my eyes asking how I felt. “Oh God Lucy, darling Lucy it was sooo wrong and yet sooo right and I feel so fucking good.”

Lucy lent in for another deep kiss and I tasted my juices on her lips and tongue. Standing up Lucy took my hand I and I padded along behind her to continue our carnal adventure.

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