Sandra’s New Neighbors Ch. 03

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Jac and Jill had been talking about the past. In particular a trio of cheerleaders from their high school’s rival high school. Sandra had asked them why they had gone after the cheerleaders. This part will answer her question.

The three nude young ladies were in the pool. Jac was in the shallow end leaning on the wall, jutting her chest out. Jill was treading water in the deep end; the only thing visible was her head. Sandra was still a little embarrassed and sat on the steps with her hands over her crotch.

“Jill and I were cheerleaders for our high school. Our squad went to a meet and ran into the squad those three were on.

“There was a lot of hissing and bitching at each other. Almost every adult in the building had to come separate us. Both their team and ours were in competition to make nationals, so the rivalry went deeper than usual. After we were separated our team went where we were told, but we could still see that team. Since our team was due to go last we were able to relax for the first thirty minutes or so. So Jill and I sat back and watched them. While watching them a nasty idea came to mind to ruin their chances.

“I told Jill my idea and she loved it. We had just had our eighteenth birthday a few weeks before this.

“We waited for a small group to break away from their team to go use the restroom then went into motion. We went to another restroom, took our uniforms off and put the street clothes we brought with on, sans underwear.”

“We had actually known them since we were all ten, but lost touch when we moved. They are all older than us by at least two months. We didn’t recognize each other because of the changes we all had gone through,” Jill interrupted. She got back to the story, “Actually we changed before Sharon, Jane and Martha went to the restroom. We changed so they wouldn’t know if we were on a team or just spectators.” Both twins grinned evilly and moved closer to Sandra, partly because they didn’t want to yell the story to her and partly because they both wanted to be closer to her. Jac sat on the edge of the step Sandra was on at the opposite end from her. Jill leaned against the wall near her sister.

Sandra’s eyes were focused on the water in front of her. She was afraid they would be able to see how excited she was to be so near these two very attractive young women that seemed to have her under their spell. She figured that if she just looked down she wouldn’t get herself into trouble.

Jac took up the story again, “Upon entering the restroom they were in, we found all three at the sinks, primping. I stepped up to them and asked them which team they were from, acting like a dumb blonde while Jill locked the door. They were happy to talk with us. We both would touch and look at them with longing as often as we could while we were talking. We didn’t have much time so we figured the quickest way to their hearts was through putting down our school. Neither of us liked doing it, but we figured we were taking one for the team.”

Jill broke in with descriptions of the three, “Sharon’s the tallest of them, being able to look us in the eye. She’s also heavy chested for a cheerleader at a D. She has blonde hair, at the time it was in a ponytail, and hazel eyes. Her face is full and heart shaped with a small nose and full lips.

“Martha’s the smallest in height and chest. She barely has a chest, but her large nipples are very sensitive. She has short light brown hair that was tied back with a ribbon. Her pixy like face held dark brown eyes an upturned nose and thin lips.

“Jane’s about an inch shorter than you, Sandra. She has an oval face with hazel eyes and bee-stung lips. Her face is always framed with her milk chocolate brown curls. She has a C-cup chest like us.”

“After getting their hearts, getting their bodies was a piece of cake. They all had wanted to try having a girl lover, but were afraid. They were a little afraid that they would get caught when we suggested we give them that experience right there. Jill assured them that everything was taken care of. She and I told the girls that we couldn’t stay long, but we were more than willing to help them get a feel for what a girl lover was like, with us eating and fingering them to orgasm. We even threw in the comment about sex was a good way to kill nerves. I think Jill said that, but by then we had them eating from our hands,” continued Jac, with an evil grin.

Jill, smiling too, took up the story, “Jac and I undressed to show them we were willing to go all the way at another time. At the time we were both thinking that was a lie. They then undressed and Jac and I leaned in to kiss two of the girls. I think it was Jane and Jac while I kissed Martha. Sharon was standing between us and we both reach a hand out to play with one of her tits. Our other hands were on the chest of the girl we were kissing. All their hands went to our chests. We stopped and stepped back telling them that we can’t do that. şişli escort They agreed that they wouldn’t touch us and we bent in to kiss them again, this time I kissed Jane while Jac kissed Sharon. Eventually we all kissed each other and there were a minimum of three hands on any one of their chests.

“We used their uniforms to protect ourselves from the cold floor and laid them down. Jac and I kissed every single nipple they had before we touched any pussy. Every hand in the room was touching one of the three pussies. There was a lot of moaning, but noting compared to when Jac and I bent down to kiss and lick two of the pussies. After maybe a minute of licking the girls’ clits, we changed partners and repeated until we had licked all three pussies. About the second time Jac and I switched, the one that wasn’t being eaten by us pushed her pussy into the face of one of the girls we were eating. We were able to switch once more, pulling the girl getting eaten by her teammate off her friend to do it. I don’t remember who it was; all I know was that they all tasted good. It quickly became about those three helping each other and we weren’t needed anymore.

“At that time, Jac and I quietly dressed and slipped out.” Jac, still grinning, pulled herself out of the water to sit at the edge with her feet still in. “We went to the other restroom and changed back into our uniforms just in time for our routine. After ours came theirs. Their team was screwed up with the loss of three members. In the end they ended up at the bottom of the tournament and we won.”

“As we left with our team, those three saw us. I saw them try to approach us, but their coach was reaming them,” Jill said then the sisters laughed. “About a week later they came by our school just as we were leaving school. They were still pissed, especially since we had gotten them suspended from their team. They had gone to our school looking for a fight. We convinced them that we could meet up at the gymnasium by the park, so we didn’t get stopped before they could get their anger out. Our dad had the keys and the place was supposed to be closed except for special occasions. They agreed to meet us there at four o’clock the next day.”

“We skipped school the next day and went to set up the gym. We pulled every single mat out and laid them across the basketball court. The plan was to have a fight, but we didn’t want to really hurt anyone,” said Jac. She started to kick her feet. Sandra was really starting to feel like she had when she was getting the lotion put on and when she had watched the twins before coming over. To try to bury those feeling she climbed out of the pool and went to sit on the chaise that she had dozed on earlier, still covering her crotch.

Jac spun and sat Indian style facing her while Jill hopped out of the water to sit next to her sister, right leg laid down like her sisters and left leg bent at the knee. Jill took up the story, “While we were setting up the gym, we were both dressed in sweats. At three we took showers and dressed in sports bras, spandex pants and cross trainers.”

“Why didn’t you just set up dressed for the fight?” asked Sandra. She had started to relax. She closed her legs tightly and crossed her arms over her stomach.

“We didn’t want to put on sweaty clothes after showering,” answered Jill, looking at Sandra like she was dumb. “We had told those three that the door was going to be open and to meet us on the basketball court. They arrived at three forty-five, anger in their eyes. Jane was wearing jeans, boots, and a t-shirt. Sharon was dressed in loose shorts, tank top and tennis shoes in their school colors. Later we found out that she had been wearing her old PE clothes. Martha had come dressed similarly to us in sports bra and tight sweat pants, both black. On her feet was a pair of black slipper shoes. You know the kind martial artists wear.

“Before they came close enough to touch us we talked.

“‘How about we do this with out shoes,’ said Jac. We were both eyeing Jane’s boots, thinking those could hurt if she kicked. Jane said, ‘Ok,’ and we all took off our shoes. ‘Please try to be careful with the facility. Our dad will be pissed if anything is broken,’ I said. They agreed and approached us.”

“Jane walked up to me and put her face in mine,” said Jac. “My vision was full of her, but I did see her swing just before her fist connected with my stomach. As I doubled over, she backed up. Still fighting for breath, I dove into her and we went down. I rolled away from her; she was stunned for a second. I glanced over to see Jill block two punches at the same time. I crawled over and pulled Martha to the floor and we started rolling, trying to get the upper hand. As I finally pinned Martha, Jane came and kicked me in the gut. That kick knocked the air from me again as it pushed me off Martha and onto my back.

“Jane tried to kick again, but I grabbed her foot and twisted. I didn’t do anything to her ankle, but I did cause her to fall on her ass again. I stood up to see how my sister was doing. Jill had just dropped to a knee and forced Sharon to roll over her shoulders. My sight was short lived, because Martha jumped on my back and covered my eyes, presumably to gouge my eyes out.

“I dropped to my knees and did a forward somersault which caused her to lose her grip and her breath. I rolled off her as she fought for air. Jane again tried kicking. She was still on the ground, but I wasn’t paying attention when I rolled off Martha. I had rolled toward Jane and I caught one heel in my chest while the other was blocked by my arm.

“I was able to get away from her and we stood up at the same time. She tried to kick me again, but again I blocked her leg and spun in close to her. I grabbed her shirt and pulled her to me as I fell back. Also while falling I brought a knee into her stomach. I threw her over me as I fell, hoping that I was going to finally get her out of the fight.

“The funny thing about that move was that, with the momentum, the grip I had and her choice of clothing for this thing, I stayed holding the shirt front as she went over my head. The next thing we all heard was Jane scream, ‘You Bitch!’

“This froze all of us and caused us to look at her. I don’t know how I didn’t notice, let alone feel that she wasn’t wearing a bra. In the lull, she came back and sat on my stomach, since I hadn’t moved when she yelled. Her hands went to my bra and pulled it up to uncover me. Then she turned and started pushing my pants down. Martha came and helped her get them down and off.”

Jill took over as Jac started to get a far away look, “I had been handling Sharon easily, even when Martha was helping her. When Jane screamed I had Sharon in a headlock, but let her go in surprise of how she was dressed. My attention was on Jane and I even tried to stop her from sitting on Jac. I was stopped by Sharon, who had still been behind me. She grabbed the spandex and fell, pulling my pants down painfully, and causing me to fall too. She yanked the pants off over my feet then let go. I rolled over to get back up. Both Jac and I had on pink thongs.

“I faced Sharon again. She didn’t approach or take an aggressive stance. Instead she grabbed the bottom of her top and pulled it up and off. I stood there in surprise again, because she too was topless. She tossed the bra away and then pushed her pants down, making her nude. She spun around to show off her body. I glanced at the others to find Martha was the same as Sharon and Jane was lying on top of Jac, who was nude too. Martha was removing Jane’s pants while Jane was kissing my sister. I was stunned.

“Sharon came to me, closed my mouth with a kiss while her hands pushed my thong down as far as she could. When it was as low as her hands could get it she hugged me to her and turned the kiss into a French kiss. I also felt her right foot slip under the tiny band of fabric about halfway down my thighs and tug it down far enough to drop to the floor.

“By the time the panties hit the floor, I was into the hug and kiss too. We slowly dropped to the floor and Sharon started to kiss my body starting with my face then down over my tits, pushing my bra up in the process, with small nips from her teeth on my nipples,” as Jill said that she started to rub her nipples, making them hard, “then she licked and kissed over my tummy to my then untrimmed bush and the sensitive lips it hid. When she hit my pussy with her tongue I was in heaven.” Her right hand stayed on her tits while her left hand slid over her firm stomach to play with her bush.

Jac too had taken to touching her body. She had placed the bottoms of her feet together and had her hands in her crotch. She was having trouble doing that while sitting upright, so she stopped herself and crawled to her lounge chair. At the chair she climbed on and reburied her hands into her crotch, left hand dipping into her pussy while the right hand went to her clit and started to slowly circle. Sandra had been trying to not watch, but was becoming entranced by what the girls were doing. Her hands were now on her own chest, kneading her breasts.

Jac, slightly breathless, continued the story. “As Jill said, I was being kissed by Jane while her pants were being removed. She was being a little rough, but she told me later that she did that because I destroyed her shirt. After her pants were off, she quickly crawled down my body and pushed her face between my legs to kiss me on those lips too. Her hands found my tits while she started to eat my pussy.

“I didn’t see Jane put her mouth on my pussy, because Martha had tossed Jane’s jeans away then sat on my face. By then I was more than happy to eat her. I had been kinda hoping this would happen all day while Jill and I set up.”

“Same…uh…here,” groaned Jill. She was now lying on the pool deck; legs spread and left middle finger sliding in and out of her wet pussy while the thumb on that hand was rubbing her clit. She was able to catch her breath a little better to continue, “I don’t know if Sharon and Jane had set it up this way or not, but Jane’s ass and juicy pussy were hanging just a couple inches away from my face. I squirmed around a little and was able to get under her. I then pulled her down to start to eat her.

“We stayed like that until every one of us came. We got off almost as one. After those three caught their breath they switched and we went back to enjoying the sex of the girl in front of us. Once we got off again they switched again and we repeated again. The only pussy I didn’t even touch in that room was Jac’s and she mine.

“After the third round the girls lay next to us and cuddled. We all relaxed as good friends should. Which is what we were at that moment. Once we all felt good enough to move we got up and dress…” Jill broke off as her orgasm broke over her.

Sandra’s eyes were glued to the fast plunging left hand, the hard nipple pulling right hand and the deep convulsions of Jill’s entire body. She had started to loosen up watching these girls masturbate as they told her of one of their sexual exploits. She had uncrossed her legs and was on the verge of opening them when Jill started to cum. Jill’s convulsions scared her to the point of freezing and watching.

A moment later Jac screamed dragging Sandra’s fear numbed eyes to her. Jac was violently rubbing her crotch with one hand while the other pushed in and out of her. Jac’s body was racked with muscle spasms that continued to scare Sandra. Sandra’s eyes were the only thing moving on her body and they were moving back and forth from one sister to the other. Finally with a huff they both just kind of collapsed in on themselves. This caused Sandra to go into a higher state of fear, the fear that they were dead, but after a few seconds she was able to tell that they were breathing.

A few seconds later Jill was able to sit up a little. She saw the fear in Sandra and cringed. “Sandra, honey, are you all right?”

No answer came, but she did see that the girl was at least looking at her. As a way to help calm Sandra down, Jill decided to finish the story. “As I was saying before my body interrupted, once we all felt good enough to move we got up and cleaned the mats, the court and ourselves before dressing. Jane put her shirt on backward to cover her chest.” She grinned at the memory. “We all exchanged numbers and hung out when we could. That’s also when we realized that we had known each other before. We still had to stay enemies in the real world until we graduated.”

“And apparently we both would get in touch with the girls without the others knowledge,” chipped in Jac. She gave Sandra a reassuring smile. “Sorry if we scared you.”

“Have you ever had an orgasm?” asked Jill. This time Sandra was able to shake her head to indicate a no. “OK. This next question will require you to talk and be honest. How do you feel right now, besides scared?”

“I’m all tingly. I’m hot and wet, but not sweaty. The wetness is mainly between my legs,” answered Sandra once she found her voice. “It feels good to touch my chest, especially my nipples.” She demonstrated what she said and moaned. She also felt the sensation move from her chest to just below her tummy. The moan made her stop moving again.

“Honey, don’t stop if it feels good. But since you have stopped, why don’t we go inside where we all can be more comfortable,” encouraged Jac. She stood then pulled her sister to her feet. They then grabbed Sandra, Jac by the legs and Jill by the shoulders and carried her into the house. They moved to the living room and laid Sandra on the couch. Jac placed one foot on the couch and one on the floor, spreading Sandra’s legs a little. Jill sat with Sandra leaning into her. Jac pouted for about a second then lifted the foot on the couch and sat, laying the foot in her lap.

“Now you were saying something about touching your nipples,” whispered Jill. She encouraged Sandra with a gentle push on one hand.

Sandra needed no more encouragement. She felt safe and the thing that had scared her while watching them was the fear of the unknown. Both her hands moved to her chest. They crossed to knead the tit on the opposite side. Her thumbs started to tease her nipples causing pulses of pleasure to shoot to her crotch. She closed her eyes to more fully enjoy the sensations.

After a few moments instincts started to kick in. Her legs moved farther apart and she started to pull on her nipples. This brought a moan to her lips, but she continued after hearing it. As if they were waiting for a special cue both her hands slid down to her hairless crotch. When she touched there, she paused for a moment in surprise at how slick she felt to herself before moving to the soft folds. Those folds she had thought of as a nuisance for shaving now held a great appeal to her as great lines of sexual sensitivity. She was now moaning more and more and all she was doing was gently rubbing the outer lips.

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