Sandi’s Erotic Interludes Ch. 06

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Chapter 06(a). Ken. (August 1994.)

The next experience I’d like to share with you is perhaps a bit of an odd one. I was 30 when it happened.

Hubby’s company closes for a fortnight’s holiday towards the end of July each year. Normally we go away ourselves but this time he was having some work done during the closure and needed to maintain a presence to ensure the work was up to standard.

At the beginning of the second week a specialist firm from up North was brought in to complete the job, and it’s because the guys were from away that things were able to pan out the way they did. Due to the need for discretion the scenario which unfolded would not have been possible with a local firm.

On the Tuesday evening, hubby came in fuming, calling the guy doing the work an arrogant, supercilious ignoramus. I’ve no idea what had transpired between them but whatever it was left hubby loathing and detesting the guy. Well having briefly met Ken, the 45 year old guy in question, whilst calling in to see hubby on Monday I concurred that the fat bellied, tall and shaven head guy lacking in any sort of politeness wasn’t very prepossessing, positively Neanderthal in fact. Beyond that I knew nothing about the guy.

Hubby calmed down during the evening but then came out with a bombshell which initially shocked me. He wanted to seduce Ken!

“What! I thought you detested the guy??”

“Yes but that’s the very reason I want you to have sex with him. To know this loathsome creature’s fucked you and would be crowing about it really turns me on, the humiliation factor I suppose. After the big bust up we had today think how good he’d feel about fucking my wife behind my back, how he’d boast about it to his mates back up North!”

Well it would certainly be different!

The plan we concocted was that I’d be on site tomorrow instead of hubby, using the excuse that he was busy elsewhere. There was only Ken, plus a young lad doing the clearing up, a sort of general dogsbody, left on sight now that the work was almost complete.

I sat reading a magazine and deliberately showing plenty of leg, not that that’s an unusual occurrence with me, quite close to where Ken was working. He was openly looking, leering is perhaps a better word, at my legs which I crossed and uncrossed repeatedly to ensure my hemline crept higher. Ken even knelt on the floor grinning at one point, obviously to get a better view up escort ataşehir my skirt. Eventually he swaggered over to where I sat reading.

“Looking for a bit on the side are you? I thought the other day what a wimp your old man is. Am I right in thinking he’s not able to satisfy a sexy looking piece like you?”

I nodded; if hubby wants humiliation so be it.

Ken put his hand roughly on my thigh grinning broadly.

“From your display I think you’ve come in here because you want a real man to sort you out and can see that I’m the one to do the job.” Ken said complacently.

His breath was hot on my cheek and I parted my legs when his hand was thrust roughly up my skirt.

“Yes.” My murmured response provoked the arrogant Ken’s laughter.

“Look no further girl; I can give you what you need which is a damn good fucking, right?”

My skirt was high by this time and with Ken’s hand delving inside my panties I spread my legs further, murmuring my agreement.

There was no finesse with Ken, no foreplay other than a minute or two of rough fingering and then he yanked my panties off and pushed me to the floor. Standing between my feet undoing his trousers, Ken said arrogantly, “That’s it girl spread those legs, you’re going to enjoy this.”

Trousers and underpants round his ankles Ken came down heavily on top of me and after a brief fumble drove his cock into my cunt.

“Yes,” he called jubilantly.

Ken fucked me with little regard for anything but his own pleasure. The weight of the fat man on top left me little option but to lie passively beneath the onslaught of his thrusting cock, a bodily response of my own was virtually out of the question. He didn’t last long either and with an oath his semen spurted into me.

“Job’s a good un.” he grunted stumbling to his feet.

“Bet you haven’t been fucked as well as that for a long time.” Ken said complacently, doing his trousers up.

I was cleaning myself up with tissues and made no answer.

“Wait till I tell the lads back home how I shafted the bosses wife!”

Ken collected his tools and left the building laughing, his work complete.

Ken might have enjoyed himself but I was left up in the air feeling frustrated, which is my excuse for what happened next.

Part 6.(b). Dan.

Although the encounter hadn’t done a lot for me I hope hubby will be pleased I thought to myself, wandering through the building kadıköy escort bayan looking for the other guy to find out how much longer he’d be on site.

I found him in an office and he quickly turned his back as I entered. Not before I’d seen what he was up to though. There was a newspaper open on the desk and I had a glimpse of him standing looking down at it, cock in hand! Despite keeping his back to me I could tell the lad was desperately doing his jeans up as I approached.

The newspaper was open at page 3; I’d caught him masturbating to a topless blonde!

“A good looking boy like you can do better than wanking surely.”

He turned a scarlet face to stare at me as I went on, “Get it back out and let me have a look. You never know I might be tempted to do something for you.”

He remained motionless, looking very embarrassed so I undid his jeans, they weren’t done up properly anyway, and tugged them down. Yanking his underpants down the boys cock sprang up proud. It was a big one!

I can only put my promiscuous behaviour down to Ken working me up only to leave me feeling frustrated because I promptly knelt and took the lads cock in my mouth. He gasped and groaned while I sucked his cock, deciding on the spur of the moment to suck the lad off and then fuck him, despite having had intercourse with Ken 15 minutes earlier!

In no time at all the lads semen spurted down my throat and after licking the final drops from his cock I asked him his name.

It was Dan and he was 20, the lad told me in a hoarse voice.

Then, for the second time in a quarter of an hour, my panties were off and I was stretched out legs apart for a guy’s inspection, this time on a desk. It was hubby’s desk as it happened, a fact which excited him immensely when I related my experiences later!

Dan seemed very nervous but his cock was hard again as he stared open-mouthed between my legs.

“Your turn, I want to feel your tongue between my thighs.” I told him.

Dan was hesitant so I asked if he’d much experience of girls and sex.

“None at all, I don’t know what to do,” he mumbled.

“No problem, I’ll teach you.” I rubbed my pussy slowly with my fingers as I spoke and Dan’s eyes were popping out of his head.

He stepped forward and nearly fell over, forgetting about the jeans and pants round his ankles. We both laughed and it seemed to break the ice because removing the tangle escort bostancı from his ankles Dan promptly knelt at my feet and I spread my cunt lips for his inspection.

“I’ve never seen one close up like this before. Can I touch it?”

“Of course, I’m hoping your going to do much more than just touch I want to feel your hard cock inside it.”

“Shit yea, I want that!” he exclaimed.

Dan’s hands were on my thighs then, gently stroking, and I moved my hand away from my cunt. He seemed to be crooning to himself as he stared at the fleshy folds of flesh between my thighs before tentatively touching.

Well, he might be inexperienced but Dan proved a very quick learner and under my tuition moved his tongue in circles around my clitoris eliciting squeals of delight. Growing in confidence, my little cries of pleasure reassuring him that he was doing it right, Dan sucked my engorged clit into his mouth. Nervousness absent now the lad pushed his fingers inside me, all the time nibbling my clit. He seemed both surprised and pleased when I exploded in orgasm.

Slipping from the desk, it was none to comfortable; I quickly undressed urging Dan to do the same. Naked but for the inevitable stockings and suspenders, I stretched out on the carpet next to what I subsequently learnt was my husbands desk. The now confident and other than his socks naked Dan, stretched out beside me. No hesitancy now, he just grabbed my breasts to suck a nipple. Next he gave my other nipple the same treatment. I held the lads cock and soon felt his fingers burrowing between my thighs again.

“It’s very wet!” Dan sounded awestruck as he pushed his fingers in and out of my cunt.

I was arching upwards against Dan’s probing fingers and soon urged him to get on top.

“Do it to me now.”

For the second time that afternoon I felt the weight of a male body on top of mine, this one much lighter and more acceptable. Dan’s fingers fumbled between my thighs while he endeavoured to introduce his cock into me. It slid home and the lad smiled down happily at me. I ran my hands up and down his back as Dan began fucking me with very slow thrusts. We kissed, tongues entwined before I urged him to speed up.

“What you’re doing is very nice.” I told him. “But don’t hang back, fuck me as hard as you like.”

At that Dan upped the tempo, his cock now drilling me like a piston. I clung to him moaning happily, fingers digging into his bottom; knees raised either side of the lad who was by this time fucking me like a thing possessed. What happened to his shyness?

It was over, a few final twitches from his cock inside me and the grunting Dan rolled off to lie gasping on the carpet beside me.

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