Sandal Tales 03: Sex Therapy

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Sandal tales
: My new old sex therapist.

My therapist Marcia called me for an appointment. Not the usual thing- I usually called her. I had not needed an appointment for almost a year.

Originally I had gone to her in the aftermath of a bad accident I was involved in and she helped put me back together. Along the way she also learned that I had an addiction: masturbation.

She said it was linked to the pornography I liked so much- movies, magazines, stories. I knew better. I just really like to get off. The materials were just “props” and helped intensify the outcome.

I told her how I could watch porn videos at home for hours- slowly stroking myself into oblivion- getting so aroused that when I finally came it would be what I called a “whole body” orgasm of incredible intensity.

It also came out during our original sessions that I had quite a fetish for high heeled sandals. To me they were equal in arousal factor to most guys seeing breasts. In the Summer time I would drive through town at lunch time just looking at all the girls and the latest high heeled sandal fashions. I would get a hard on the same way any other guy would if they had all been topless. I didn’t understand it either- it just was.

She had also had me make a scrapbook of my feelings during our sessions. There were lots of pictures of tornados and car wrecks- which she said meant anger that the accident had happened. But at the end of my pictorial essay I included a picture of a guy watching TV and lots of magazine pictures surrounding it of women in- you guessed it- high heeled sandals having all sorts of sex.

Not too sure what she thought about that. She didn’t say a whole lot- but she did look at that section for quite a while. In my fantasies I imagined her going home that evening- putting some sandals on- and masturbating to the memory of that session.

Probably not, I thought. She is not a pervert like me. But things can change…

I arrived at her office for the appointment at 4:15- our usual time from the past. She usually had some later appointments available for those who actually work for a living. Sitting on the couch I enjoyed seeing what I had missed about our sessions. Marcia was a nice looking female. She was dressed in her typical dark business attire of a sleek pants suit and a dark print blouse which really set off her dark hair- and her cute forty-something face beaming quiet relaxation.

She was very slender and had very little in the chest department. The few times I had seen her without her jacket one could make out the outline of small braless breasts and pointed nipples through her knit top or silky blouse- which were her standard choices.

We talked old times and caught up on things in a semi-professional way (she wasn’t taking notes) and was glad to hear I was doing fine. Then she asked if I still had my “addiction.” I informed her that it was still alive and well.

To which she replied that was the reason for asking me in for a visit. It seemed that she had been taking a class on such “problems” and for her thesis she was required to do a case study.

She read the directions out loud to me: “You need to select an individual with an intense case of their particular addiction- but make sure it is a self-oriented type of behavior. This is because your assignment is to be interactive if at all possible. You need to observe the behavior first hand. By the term “interactive” it is not implied that you interact with the client. However, in this close observation of the particular person and their actions it is recommended that you, too, participate as much as possible in their routine so that you gain a full understanding of their thought process.”

She ended by outlining that she would like for me to be her case study and would like to set up an extended evening appointment in the near future. She explained that her associates did not approve of her tackling this subject and the appointment would need to be at eight in the evening- after they were gone- and be “open ended” to allow for the whole perspective to evolve.

Hey- I got hard sitting there thinking of masturbating in front of her and having her see the length of my cock as I stroked it until I came (told you I was a pervert). But one always has to try and play things to one’s advantage. I quietly outlined that I was not sure I could maintain my private routine if I were being observed with scientific accuracy and note taking-that would make me too nervous to perform.

She surprised me then by saying, “Oh, no. That is not how this works at all. I will be sitting on the other end of this same couch here in my office and mentally, if not physically, going through Urfa Escort your same routine in order to fully understand it. I will be following your same moves to a certain extent that I can feel comfortable and learn the most I can about your ‘addiction.'”

We agreed, then, to the following Friday evening. They had a TV and VCR in their office for training materials and I would supply a couple of adult movie tapes. I also insisted that she wear exactly the same thing that she presently had on- the black pants suit and dark colored silky blouse was very attractive.

And did I forget to mention? She also was wearing black high heeled sandals- first time she ever had for any of my sessions.

With about a three inch heel and very strappy and with ankle straps- they were of the shape that curved her foot and accented her delicate toes- which were not painted but were plain and pretty. I am sure she knew I would make this request and that her wearing them was a move to entice me to agree to this project. But I also had a few ideas of my own…

When I arrived the next week it was getting dark outside- and the only light on in their office (which was in a large renovated house) was a window that I recognized as where her room was. The outer door was locked so I knocked and she quickly appeared and opened up- relocking the door behind me. Marcia led me straight back to her office room and shut that door behind us. She was indeed in the same outfit from the last week- and in the incandescent lamps on the end tables on either side of the couch she looked rather seductive.

The TV and VCR were on a cart by her desk. She looked just a bit nervous (not typical for her) and chit-chatted about the day with me as I volunteered to move the video cart to the middle of the room and plug it in. My XXX tapes I set on the far end table where I wanted to sit- they were in a paper bag. Instead of centering the TV to the couch- I put it more over towards the side where she would be sitting. My strategy for this is that I would be turned somewhat to view the movies and could move my eyes to look at her at the same time without being obvious.

All set. I retrieved the adult videos. The ones I picked were not full length movies- but were each two hour compilations of various scenes. What she would not know is that- even though I now made a show of peeling the wrappers off of each as if they were unopened- I had previously taken them out and “custom made” them to fit my evening’s plans.

As we settled onto each side of the couch, with about two feet in-between us, I explained, “I use the videos as an enhancer and teaser- and sometimes to play a gambling game about how I am going to continue or not continue as I stimulate myself. I will try to explain as I go- and I guess you can follow as you feel comfortable. However, I’m thinking that if it seems too much that I am a spectacle this may not work. So I guess we’ll see how it goes.” She replied that that would be fine. I picked my pre-determined tape and popped it in.

At first I had let the “commercial” at the beginning of the video remain- the one that said selecting an adult movie for satisfaction was a safe and wise choice and to enjoy. Then it moved into the first scene. I had picked one where a girl was showering and self stimulating and ended up continuing in her bedroom and just fingering herself to an orgasm. I thought starting “slow” would be good. The next scene was a young couple doing it for the “first” time and slowly removing each other’s clothes and having rather normal sex. The third one was an actress “making love to the camera.” In it she was looking straight at the camera and explaining how she would like to fuck a big cock as she massaged her breasts and played with her pussy. It was when she reached for a dildo that the camera backed up and her black, strappy, high heeled sandals came into view (amazingly like the ones my therapist had on at the moment…).

I said, “Oh, I’m sorry. I said I would explain how I do things and here we are. I always tease myself by not allowing anything to happen until I see some sandals on the screen. You know how much they turn me on. Then I can begin. Each time I see sexy sandals it is a signal to do something. With the first ones I can begin to touch myself. So at this point I can remove my pants (I stood up and kicked off my shoes and pulled off my pants) and touch myself through my briefs.”

To take any pressure off her I just continued to watch the video and began stroking my already hard cock through the material of my shorts. Would it happen? Yes! Marcia stood up and removed her pants and hung them over her desk chair. Then she sat back down with only Urfa Escort Bayan a tiny glance at me- her legs tight together. But then she did put her left hand at her crotch (I didn’t remember she was left handed- but this gave me a better view) as she continued watching the girl on the TV pleasure herself.

I could not help but to continually glance at her- both to watch her progress and to run my eyes up and down her nice slender legs ending so-sexily in those delicious high heels.

Through the next several scenes I watched with total pleasure as Marcia began to press her hand against her panties and relax her legs a bit. Then she began to move her hand up and down. Soon she was tracing the center of her clit with one finger. I began to notice that her white panties began to show a bit of dampness in that same line. Her legs gradually moved apart.

In perfect timing another scene began with no hiding of the wearing of sexy shoes. They were on a pair of women both wearing sandals- one pair white and the other clear. As they began their moves on the screen I stood up again. “Sandals are always my trigger for deciding my next moves. So at this time I will remove my underwear.” Which I did. My normal sized but throbbing seven inch cock stood out straight and I could feel her eyes on it.

As I settled back to the couch Marcia, too (Oh my God, she’s doing it), stood up and pulled off her panties and quickly sat back down. Self conscious again- her legs were tight together. I began to stroke my cock slowly- making sure to look at the video. I saw her in my peripheral vision watching me begin stimulating myself. I encircled my dick with my right hand and moved it up and down. She lowered her hand back down to her pussy and began rubbing again.

She gradually began once again to get into the sex scenes on the TV and forget about me. Soon her legs began to spread and her movements became more deliberate. Then she actually shifted to spread further- and I saw her pussy. Lord have mercy- I had never seen such a sight. The lips of her dark pinkness were like a small butterfly- at least an inch long. I almost stared right at her as I watched her finger move vertically up and down- not yet penetrating her cunt- but almost hidden between those luscious lips. Then the finger began to move into her pussy- a little at a time. Then she again shifted a bit and spread those amazing lips apart with two fingers and began stimulating her clit with the middle one. I was about to pop. Then her middle finger began to dip into her wetness- which showed on her glistening fingers.

Back to the video- which had moved on to a scene that I hoped would be extra stimulating for her (it was for me) in which a blind-folded wife was led into the bedroom and her husband began to stimulate her through her open blouse which showed no bra and up her short skirt which revealed no panties. She is showing all the signs of total arousal as he slides his dick into her mouth. Then quietly out of the closet a friend of his appears- totally nude and with a huge long pecker sticking straight out. He moves between her legs and in one stroke enters her to the hilt. She moans in a distressed manner from around her husband’s cock- but in moments you can tell it has become sounds of pleasure.

I hear Marcia moan softly and turn my eyes to see she now has two fingers sliding in and out of that luscious place where I hoped to soon be invited.

The next scene was a short one- but the couple is fucking in a campground on a picnic table. And- not quite fitting in the scene- which makes it all the more erotic- the woman is wearing gorgeous pink sandals with interlacing straps. She has to take them off to remove her jeans- but then puts them back on as if making the statement, “I don’t want to just look naked- I want to be seen as a fuck toy.” The man quickly obliges by sliding his schlong deep into her as she sits on the picnic table.

Another set of sandals on the screen means another move on my part and I say that now we (and I say “we” this time) must unbutton our shirts.

I do mine without looking at her- afraid to break the spell- and begin to stroke my own chest- which does little for me. But the purpose is the example and Marcia sheds her business coat and unbuttons the silky blouse and reaches in with her right hand to play with her small breasts while continuing to manually work on her pussy with the other.

I now make the statement “Now is gambling time. I gamble with myself to heighten my arousal. If by the end of this video there are no more scenes involving sandals then in the next video we will simply bring ourselves to orgasm at the first one that does. If there is Escort Urfa another one with sandals then in the second video if the first scene also has sandals we have to do whatever they are doing in the movie. If not- we just masturbate to orgasm.”

Of course I know the video outcome of this gamble- but not the real one.

I hold my breath as the very next- and last- scene appears on the tape. A young girl is riding up and down on top of a well endowed stud with her legs folded under her. I notice that Marcia’s shirt has now opened to reveal her small but perfect breasts ended by dark perky nipples. I might as well not have been in the room because she was in full arousal and did not seem to care that she was all but naked before me.

As the scene progressed in the movie the girl moves off of the hunk to roll to the side and offer her ass to his slick cock- which he takes her up on. But the move uncovers her sandals to the audience and I hear Marcia gasp. With whatever is left of her willpower she realizes that half of my “bet” has been satisfied.

I am wondering how obliged she will really feel as I stand up to change to the second tape. As I do she stops her self-stimulation, but her eyes are staring at my hardness and her hand she leaves on one breast and two fingers of her other are still resting in her pussy.

She makes no move of modesty as I turn to sit down and her spread open position on the couch makes me throb even more. I can feel a drip of wetness on the tip of my dick- and with the intensity that she is staring at it I know she can see it. As I sit down I pull up the length of my shaft and pre-cum leaks out- which I spread over the head of my stiffness.

The video now begins and I had it rigged to go straight into a scene. A girl is shown licking and orally enjoying a young man sitting on a couch. She is rather slender with long dark hair and small breasts (and similarities come to mind?).

They continue to administer pleasure to each other for some time- and I am worried that it may be too long for Marcia until my perfect ending. She is bucking her pussy on her fingers and pinching a tart nipple and the rest of the world has gone away for her. Spread even wider- she is now resting her right leg up on the couch turning towards me. I, too, could come at any second and am barely moving my hand on my cock.

The movie now moves to my planned ending. The slender young woman stands up and turns around while he slides back to position his cock straight in the air. She straddles him and lowers herself slowly onto his cock. The camera pans back as she is riding up and down his wet slick shaft and wallah! She is wearing black high heeled sandals so tantalizingly close to the ones that Marcia is wearing that they could be twin sisters.

Does she remember my “bet” that we are now obliged to perform what is on the video playing before us?

Marcia gasps again and slows to a stop. My heart is pounding- this could be the beginning or the end. Without looking at me- her eyes still on the movie- she removes her hands from breast and pussy. Then she stands up and grabs either side of her blouse. Oh-well, I think, she is going to button up and this is over. Well, at least I am going to finish masturbating- which I begin. She stands for a minute like that- looks at me jerking off- then at the movie with her “twin” riding a huge prick.

Then in one move she drops her shirt to the floor. She steps towards me and straddles my legs, her little round ass towards me, and begins lowering herself towards my rigid pole. I watch as those dangling pussy lips are spread by her fingers and she slides her wetness completely down over me and is soon sitting on my lap impaled on my pulsating cock.

She begins to whimper in a rhythm with her movements as she rocks back and forth. I feel her cunt tighten in just a few minutes and she begins to slide up and down on me. She moves further and higher each time until only the head is left between those large cunt lips at each stroke. I notice she is watching the video of the same thing still happening on the screen as the movie is playing and then I notice her looking somewhere else, too. Across the room is a wall mirror and for the first time I realize from her vantage point that she must also watching my cock going deep into her pussy in the mirror — a duplicate porn movie!

The thoughts of her getting a full vision of fucking me in that mirror sent me over the edge. With a groan my cock releases my full load up into her. At the same instant her head lowers and I hear a low “mmmmm…..” issue from her as her pussy pulses around my hard throbbing member.

Marcia sits there for a few moments with my cock deep inside her. I feel our juices running down my balls. Then- while still on me- she says, “Now I understand why you like that so much. Would you care for another session tomorrow night? I’m sure that there is more that I can learn from the experience…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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