Sand Dunes Photoshoot

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Sand Dunes Photoshoot

“I’m afraid I have some bad news, Phil,” my photographer friend, Rob, on the other end of the line said. “Francine forgot she was supposed to pose in the dunes for the club today, and she and Kirk went out of town. I’ve talked with a couple of other wives and husbands, and I can’t convince anyone to pose, even with a promise of no nudity. I guess we’ll have to cancel the photoshoot today.”

I belonged to an amateur photography club led by one of the professional photographers In the city. We took photographs of most everything, but, because most of the members were men, it seemed that figure photography sessions, both didactic classes and live photoshoots were the best attended. The model for the figure photography shoots was one of the wives who didn’t mind a bit of nudity so long as it wasn’t frankly pornographic. She had a stunning figure, although, I thought, not better than my own wife’s figure. We didn’t have a lot of money in the club, so Francine was usually the model because they were the only couple in which neither the wife nor husband objected to her being photographed nude by the members. There were a couple of other wives who wouldn’t object, but their husbands did, and vice-versa…my own included. The club had strict rules that none of the figure photos could be shared anywhere outside the club, and all the members, wives included, had to sign a non-disclosure agreement to that effect. It was grounds for being kicked out of the club and legal action if it were discovered that the rule was violated. In spite of that, most wives and / or husbands just found it too embarrassing to pose, or let their wives pose nude for the club.

I wouldn’t have minded. In fact, I’d have found it thrilling to watch my wife in front of all those guys with their cameras, posing and being posed naked for photographs. In reality, even though they were supposedly non-porn, there was always the occasional pussy shot with the model totally unaware that she was exposing it all. Every guy in the club had shots of Francine which showed her nipples and her pussy! They also respected the rules of the club. Evie wasn’t a prude by any means, but since we married, she’d been naked only with me. She always dresses sexily, and flirts harmlessly, and men often show their interest in her. She is about 5’4″, a short-haired brunette, a gorgeous face, and hourglass figure with a narrow waist, flat abdomen, trim hips, and 34C breasts which were all her. She kept her pussy shaved bald at my request, and her clit is always engorged, clearly visible between her inner pussy lips, and unfettered by its small hood. It was always quite sensitive, and she was always ready for unbridled sex…but…at least so far as I knew…with me only, even though she knew I’d think it sexy if she posed nude for the club. She knew I didn’t mind it if she posed naked, but she just couldn’t bring herself to it. She’d posed for many glamour and frankly pornographic shots for me in a makeshift studio in our garage but wasn’t ready to do it in front of others…yet, although she’d made some inuendoes lately that she might be loosening up a bit.

When Phil heard that Francine wasn’t available, and the photoshoot would have to cancel, he perked up immediately. “Well, Rob, would you be interested in having Evie as the model for today?

“Oh, HELL yes!!” he blurted out. “How do the two of you feel about nudity?”

“Hang on. Let me ask Evie. Honey! Rob’s on the phone. Francine has had to cancel her modeling today and Rob’s in a bind. Would you pose for the club? We’re going to the beach and shoot in the dunes, so it’ll be secluded.”

“Well…I’ve only posed for you so far, but…if he can promise no nudity, I’ll do it. You’re going, aren’t you?”

I was disappointed. I would have loved seeing my wife posing naked for the guys, but even though she’d given inuendoes that she might consider posing for other men, apparently today was not to be the day. “I wouldn’t dare miss the opportunity to photograph you in the dunes. Of course, I’ll be there!”

“OK, then. Tell Rob it’s a go.”

“Rob…she’ll do it but wants no nudity.”

“No problem, Phil. How about sexy?”

“Honey, Phil says he can guarantee no nudity if that’s what you want, but how about sexy?”

“Tell him I said sexy is OK. What should I wear and bring?”

Phil, she wants to know what she should wear and bring.”

“Just tell her to wear a shift and no hosiery or underwear…nothing with elastic because of the lines. Oh…and comfortable beach shoes. She’ll be mostly barefoot except where the sand might be hot. I have several outfits that are pretty much ‘one size fits all’ she can change into for the photo shoot. I’ll bring them. You know the place. It’s pretty secluded and there’s that dune that she can use to changing cover. Just be at the studio at 1 p.m. I’ll have water to take, also. Now, I have to call everyone back and tell them that we’re back on again, after all.

I did know the place. It was secluded gaziosmanpaşa escort and there was a dune which would hide her from the photographers for changing. There was also a fallen log which was weather-worn and smooth which could be used as a nature prop.

We were at the studio as instructed at 1 p.m. Evie was ready, and somewhat excited about having so much attention given to her. She wore only a sundress as instructed, and a cursory inspection by me before we left (which we both enjoyed immensely) she exhibited no elastic marks to mar her body. The dress had shoulder straps which buttoned to the bodice in front, and the dress buttoned bottom to top in front. The bottom button was about a foot above the hemline, and about 6″ from the knee. To be enticing, Evie left the top 2 buttons undone, allowing a look at her ample cleavage. Apparently, “Sexy” was OK, as she had said!

Phil had given Evie one earbud of a pair, hoping that one wouldn’t be noticeable by the others, he wore a small battery-powered wrist-mike to let her know if she were showing a bit more skin than she wanted without realizing it. The earbud would pick even whispers from the mike. He put the other earbud in his pocket just in case the one Evie was wearing got lost. Of course, it could also be used to make posing suggestions, just in case she could afford to be more ‘sexy’ in any given pose. She’d placed it in her ear on the way to the photoshoot site.

Apparently, Phil had managed to reach everyone to tell them that the photoshoot was back on because there were eight out of the ten male members of the club, and even one of two of the female members. Joanie was a member who had been an amateur model before she married Richard but gave it up when she married Richard because he didn’t want his wife posing for other men…in any state of dress, but especially nude! She often had good ideas for Francine, both clothed and unclothed. Given the protection of the photos within the club, Joanie found the idea exciting, but hadn’t pressed the issue with Richard. It was too bad, because Joanie had a model’s body…at least as good as Francine, and rivaled Evie’s!

After the usual greetings, and thanks to Evie for filling in for Francine, Phil took time to let the group know that Evie would pose but had requested no nudity, although she had no objections to ‘sexy’ photos. Then, the group got into Phil’s van and headed for the beach. The group drove past the houses and condos on down to the undeveloped area consisting only of dunes. It was an offshore island, and there was a gulf side, where the water was near the road and the beach was short, and the sound side, where the water was warmer, calmer, and 3/4 mile from the road. Phil had selected a spot on the sound side long ago, and nearly all the beach photoshoots occurred there. Only the dunes near the water were high, and one could see anyone else coming from the road long before they got near the photoshoot. It was also easy to see anyone coming along the beach from either direction long before they go to the photoshoot site.

“Rob, can I just start with the sundress?” asked Evie.

“Of course. You’ve posed a lot for Phil, so I know you’re used to doing it. If I want something in particular, I’ll direct you.” Here’s the bag of sexy outfits I brought. You can rummage through there and pick out what you want to wear for the shoots. Might wan to take it behind the dune where you’ll change.

As suggested, Evie went behind the dune, Joanie took the opportunity to come over and talk with her for a second.

“I hope you don’t mind my saying so, but I think it’s a real shame you won’t pose nude for the group. I’d do it in a second if Richard didn’t object. It couldn’t be safer. Nobody in the group is going to take advantage of you. They’re all nice guys, and your husband is here. Plus, I know he doesn’t mind like Richard does. He’s made that clear to the club before…and they’re bound by contract to keep any photos within the confines of the club membership. Most of all…you’re stunningly gorgeous, and the club needs a backup to Francine,” she said.

“Oh, Gosh, NO! I don’t object to your saying that at all! I’m flattered!! I’m just too shy to do it in front of all these guys. I have to admit that I enjoy posing for Phil at home. I find it sexy and arousing, and the sex we have afterward is fantastic. I might do with these guys if I had someone else doing it with me, but I know your husband objects. The guys will just have to be content with some sexy shots today and in the future if I’m asked again, until I build up some nerve.”

“Well…you may get pissed at me, but I’m gonna continue to encourage you to do the nudes. You’re just too stunning.”

“I won’t get pissed,” Evie said. “At the least, you may give me some ideas for Phil’s and my private shoots.”

Joanie smiled and returned to the photographers’ group.

“Ready, Evie?” said Rob, more rhetorically, than actually expecting gölbaşı escort an answer.

As Evie and Joanie came from behind the dune, Rob said, “Let’s start by slipping off the shoulder strap on your left shoulder and bending over like you’re fixing your left shoe. You can put your foot up on the log.”

Evie did as asked and the bodice gaped open, revealing a significant amount of cleavage, since the top two buttons were already undone, but neither nipple showed, and nothing in the shot would be considered nudity.

“Now sit on the log facing us and spread your legs widely. Hold your skirt between your legs with your right hand and unbutton the skirt all the way to the upper thigh the left hand. Still holding the dress in your groin with the right hand, fold back the left-side of the bodice to expose a bit more breast and reach behind your head with your left hand and tussle your hair as you throw back your head and smile broadly!!”

Again, Evie did as she was asked, carefully checking both her bodice and groin area to make sure not too much was exposed, and let the cameras click away!! She glanced at Phil, to see him smiling at her broadly as he shot, moved, and shot again, as did all the others. Joanie gave her a big ‘thumbs-up!’

“It’s OK, honey,” Phil said into the mike. “You aren’t showing anything, but you look sexy as hell!”

Rob said, “Just pose however you want…what feels sexy and natural to you Evie.” Rob was giving her free rein. Cameras were clicking non-stop. After a while, he asked her to change outfits.

She chose a pair of denim short-shorts and a bouffant sleeveless top which was full at the bottom and showed a hint of the bottoms of her breasts!! The crotch barely covered her shaved-bald pussy, and the fact that there was no hair between her legs was not missed by anybody. The outfit elicited another ‘thumbs-up’ from Joanie, and another broad smile from Phil! Rob gave her free rein again to pose as she wanted. Each time she checked her pussy quickly to make sure it was still covered, albeit barely, but covered nonetheless!! She had to admit to herself that she was really getting into this far more than she thought she would and was becoming very aroused to watch the bulges in the men’s pants, including her husband’s!

Phil whispered into the mike, “I know you feel uncomfortable in those short-shorts, honey, but you’re showing nothing that you don’t want showing. Just watch it.”

She posed suggestively and sexily, but showed nothing of any pornographic relevance, which was continued to be verified by Phil.

Rob told her to pick another outfit, and Evie once again disappeared behind the dune. When she came out this time, she wore a white Bandeau top and a vertically-belted short skirt! This was the nearest thing to exposing herself she’d tried so far. The bandeau top was slightly sheer and gave a hint of her nipples as the pink showed through the white just slightly. However, the skirt was more risqué.

The ‘skirt’ was a series of 2 1/2′ belts held at the top by a 3″ waistband. The front belt was slightly wider and had a zipper cutting it in half when opened. The other ‘belts’ were 2″ wide, and swayed back and forth as she walked, and separated at each side showing a lot of leg. They also separated in back to allow her ass-cheeks to show through the separated belts. Her upper thighs also showed through between the belts, and the belts, fortunately, slid inward to cover her pussy nicely. She wondered about her crack in back, but could feel the belts sliding in ward there as well to cover her private places…she hoped. Phil chimed in to verify that she was covered where she wanted to be covered, but that she’d have to be careful if she sat if moved to certain poses!! She posed with he legs apart and standing, with one knee bent and her hands on her hips. Then, she unzipped the skirt a bit, hooked her two thumbs into the waistband, and held the waistband down toward her pussy. Then, she sat, legs apart, with the belts hanging down, covering her pussy, then stood again, bent over with her back to the photographers, and let them get a good shot of her ass-cheeks between the belts in back! All the while, Phil was confirming that she was covered where she wanted to be covered!

Evie realized she was really getting turned on by the risks she was taking in allowing herself to be photographed in “sexy” poses, but with no frank nudity.

When Rob told her to pick another outfit, Joanie came over to her again behind the dune. “MY GOD! I knew you’d be good, but I never expected you to be THAT good! I can tell you’re getting into it too! C’mon. Just go all the way! Work into it slowly…a nipple here…pussy shot there…mostly clothed…except when YOU choose to show more than just ‘sexy.’ Who knows? I might even join you if I can get Richard to agree.”

“Do you really think I should? I might…if Phil directs me. I don’t want to accidentally do something that he thinks is keçiören escort slutty, or too much or too ‘pornographic,’ even for him. Go talk to Phil and Rob for me. See If they’ll agree. And…one more thing…I WOULD like you to do it with me! See if you can’t get Richard to agree to both of us doing nudes together. You obviously like me, and vice-versa. Would you like me to go talk to Richard?”

“Let’s see how it goes with Phil and Rob first. If they agree, then you can talk to Richard. You know I want to be partners with you in a nude photoshoot. God!! I’m already sooo turned on by the idea of watching YOU pose for the guys naked and my photographing YOU naked, but even more so at the idea of posing for them myself, and with YOU! Joanie went over to Phil and Rob and came back with them both in tow!

“OK…Joanie says you’ll do nudity, but only if Phil directs you,” Rob said. “I understand, since you’re used to posing for him and know what he likes. It’s certainly OK with me.”

“One more thing. We both want to do a partnership in a nude photoshoot if Richard will agree. Is that OK with you two, as well? I’d like Phil to direct that, too if it’s OK with Richard. He has the experience. Richard doesn’t,” Joanie said.

“Sure. But getting Richard to agree will take some talking.”

“I’ll talk with him, said Evie. And off she went.

Evie came back after talking with Richard. “After considering the club rules about what can be done with any photos and knowing that he’d get a chance to see me naked and posed in revealing ways, too, he reluctantly consented, and consented to letting Phil direct us…both together…and separately.

Joanie ran over to Richard and hugged him and kissed him all over, thanking him over and over amid the kisses!! She could tell that, in spite of his somewhat conservative nature, he was aroused at the prospect of seeing Evie and his wife posing naked in front of a group of male photographers, both individually, and together, in an explicitly erotic photoshoot!

As for me…well…needless to say I was already sporting an erection at my wife’s posing only ‘sexily’ for the group! I had been tempted to lie to her about how much she was exposing, but I knew she’d see the photos on the club’s restricted website and would never trust me again. Now, I didn’t have to worry about it.

None of the photographers other than myself, Rob, and Richard knew of the decision to change the rules regarding the model, and now, Joanie, showing some nudity. I figured I’d let Evie take Joanie’s admonition to ‘get into it slowly’ to heart.

“Evie, I saw a “Jeanie-type harem costume in there. It’s tan, very sheer, open slits in the lets, and a sheer thong to match. You wear that.”

She came out wearing a ‘Jeanie’ harem outfit, with totally sheer, side-slit open legs, a sheer top, and a sheer thong! Her breasts were totally exposed through the sheer top and swayed gently as she danced appropriately for the outfit! The cameras clicked away, and everyone’s hard-on grew! The skimpy sheer thong was clearly visible through the slits in the legs as she moved, but her pussy was largely obscured.

Joanie, on the other hand, with no direction from Phil, came out showing it all right away! I could tell Richard was shocked but he didn’t protest. He was too busy capturing both girls and all their charms on film! Joanie had picked a totally sheer black body stocking which left absolutely nothing to the imagination. Her figure was much like Evie’s, except her breasts were slightly larger and swayed a bit more as she posed and danced. Her pussy was even shaved-bare as Evie’s was, and she was about the same height and weight. Together, the girls were magnificent models for the guys!!

“Evie, I think you’re ready to get rid of the thong,” Phil said into the mike. As Joanie continued dancing, Evie went behind the dune and stripped off her thong. She returned quickly and resumed her ‘Jeanie’ harem dancing, but now her pussy was clearly fully visible as both girls were uninhibited in spreading their legs and showing us their asses from behind! Placement of hands and swirling and stretching of cloth were tactics they used to tease the guys and their cameras, but there was no shortage of full pussy shots!

Phil had an idea, and he thought, given the way Evie and Joanie were looking at each other, he thought both girls would go for it. He said into the mike, “OK, girls. Time to change. Go behind the dune and strip full naked. Face each other and wrap the pareo in the bag around both of your bodies under your arms and tuck it in above your breasts, Joanie. Come out and straddle the log. I’ll tell you what to do.” The girls went back behind the dunes and came out stark naked, covered only by a single pareo, as instructed. None of the photographers were expecting anything like what happened next. I had no idea that Evie had any interest in women, and I’m sure Richard new nothing about Joanie’s having any similar interests, but apparently, my hunch was right! I was eager to see just how far they’d go for the cameras.

“Joanie, raise your hands over your head and hold the pareo up and around you both so your bodies are still hidden, and Evie, I want you to slowly lick and kiss your way down Joanie’s front all the way from lips to pussy. Linger there and come back up to another kiss. I’ll tell you what to do then.”

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