Sand and Sex

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It’s nearing sunset as I walk down the private beach with my Goddess, playing in the surf and spray. She is wearing a long white T-shirt and bikini bottoms and as I splash her I try and steal a look at her firm dark nipples peaking out from under the wet shirt. She laughs and dances away from me. She is soaking from the warm water and as she moves this way and that I watch as the shirt clings and slides over her body. Finally I reach out and grab my Goddess, pull her tight into me and kiss her deeply. I can feel the warmth coming off her full breasts as I reach down and pull her waist into mine. I know she can feel my presence now as my cock jumps to life pressing urgently against her.

I lick the salt water from her neck and trail my tongue down and away to the top of the tee shirt. I pull the top out with my teeth and look down at her beautiful breasts smiling. Her nipples are rock hard and straining. I know they want to be licked and sucked upon and I move my hands to remove her shirt so that I can do just that. She laughs and catches my arms behind her back with one hand and the other strays down into my shorts as she begins to play with me. I moan and with nothing else to do I continue to stare at her milky white breasts. She teases me by moving her chest around as she tortures the head of my cock, moving those lovely breasts this way and that, rubbing her nipples against the rough fabric of her T-shirt and making them even harder. I moan loudly and the T-shirt slips from between my teeth. She giggles and swings her hair around to slap me in the face. She feels my cock jump and begin to drip, becoming very wet. She does it again sancak escort and I gasp out, my cock now soaked with pre-cum.

Then suddenly she sprits away calling, “If you catch me I might have a surprise for you.” I run harder than I have ever run in my life. I am sprinting behind her trying not to notice the way he ass moves, or think about what she must look like in front as those sexy tits bounce about. Then suddenly I notice she has stopped and in my haste to try and catch her I trip and fall foreword rolling across the soft sand. I roll for a minute and then stop lying flat on my back, dazed and winded. In that state she pounces on top of me straddling my chest. “Well I caught you instead, I guess that means I get to have a surprise for me.” With that she rips off my shorts. I can feel the snaps that she put in place on them for this very purpose give way.

“What if some one comes along?” I ask.

“Well I guess that you will have to tell them that you are mine to do with as I please. But I guess you are right, it might be improper for and proper lady to see a dirty toy like you. Humm what should I do?” She wonders. “Ahh I know” She leans in close to my head and I am granted another view down her shirt. “Don’t move or this is the last time you will see those for a long, long time.”

“Yes Goddess” I whisper. With that she begins to bury me in the sand, starting with my toes. She digs trenches under me burying my legs and torso low but leaving my waist and head high. My arms are completely pined but my now simi hard cock and face are not covered. Then I feel sarıyer escort the cool sand being placed on my cock and I shiver with pleasure and wonder.

Finally I am completely covered except for my face. She the straddles my chest and I notice she has taken off her shirt. She dangles her nipples over my face and I desperately lick at them, tasting the sweet mixture of salt, sweat and her. She slides her nipples back and for the over my mouth. I also can feel my cock wanting to get hard. Straining, but the sand is too heavy. I moan in frustration.

Then she speaks. “Now my little love slave I am about to put my shirt back on, but that shouldn’t matter much because you are not going to be seeing anything but my sweet pussy anyway. These are the rules. I am going to sit on your face and you are going to eat me for all you are worth. I am going to be facing the setting sun and I am going to cum as the sun sets one way or the other. If you can get that lazy cock of yours strong enough to poke through the sand then I will come on your cock and let you cum with me, if not I will cum on your face and you will have to stroke yourself all night without cuming. Grunt once if you understand.”

I grunt and she disappears for a moment and then the next thing I see is my Goddess lowering her naked pussy toward my face, and then I can see nothing. I lover to eat her pussy and I attack it with a burst of energy. I slide my tongue up and down between her wet lips and flick it over her clit; I suck her clit into my mouth letting it slide in and out of my lips. Then I remember that I sefaköy escort could be rewarded if I can do the thing she asks of me. I concentrate what she must look like up there, fucking a mound of sand, making love to the beach. I listen to her moans as they come with the sound of the surf. I think about her breasts and wonder if I am really good someday if shell let me cum on them, I would clean them up latter but oh for that chance. I can feel my cock becoming like steel and I try and move my hips up and down to thrust my cock out of the sand, all the while sliding my tongue in and out of her pussy, fucking her with my mouth.

My cock is now able to slide up and down in the sand and I realize that while she might look like she is fucking the beach, I really am. I have to concentrate on not cumming then as I almost blow my mind and cock at her creativity. I redouble my efforts on both her pussy and my cock. She is now sliding her pussy back and fort over my face like a wild woman. I know she is close so I work even harder. Finally I feel my hips thrust through the sand and come out in the open air. I continue to thrust away and I feel the rest of the sand fall away. Then her sweet pussy is lifted from my face as she leaps from there to my waist impaling herself on my cock.

Now cum now she is screaming as I franticly thrust in and out of her. I rip myself from my sandy prison, sit up wrapping my arms about her grabbing her breasts, biting her back and exploding deep within her and she dances all over my slick cock. I keep thrusting as I my cock jerks and jerks and jerks again spilling myself into her. She is still screaming wildly as he body quakes all over mine and then we are both spent, I slide back down into the sand and she falls forward on my legs, my cock still buried in her. I can feel the after shocks of her orgasm on my cock and I know she is teasing me. Keeping me hard. I know that with the power of this first orgasm of the night that she is far from done with me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32