Same Career, New Venue

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Big Cock

This short story is fiction and erotic fantasy. Please read it as such. The thoughts and opinions presented by the fictional characters in this fantasy story may not represent those of the author.


Jeff had been cutting hair since graduating from beauty school, and as a young man fresh from the grind, he was lucky enough to find a chair with one of the city’s old-timers in the barbershop game. When Jeff started leasing a chair from him, the old man had been cutting hair in his shop for 50 years already and had built up quite the regular clientele. As was usual for the low man at the shop, Jeff was given the clean-up duty and the only cutting for the younger kids and teenagers who came in with their parents. Jeff couldn’t get any tips from these kinds of customers and it was hard to make a living on the price he could charge.

But when Jeff found out that the old-timer was retiring, he thought this would finally be his chance to start making some money. Jeff thought he was going to inherit all of the shop regulars, run the shop as his own, and start making a living doing the only thing he knew how. Boy was he wrong. The old man didn’t trust him, told his regulars to find a new shop, and closed the business for good when he had finished his final cut.

It seemed as quickly as Jeff had found a steady job in the barber business he had lost his dream because some old guy didn’t trust him to run a business he had built from the ground up. Jeff felt as though he had been tricked into doing the dirty work for an old man, only to lose his job a few months later.

Jeff was back to selling himself to any barbershop he could find. But for every inquiry he submitted he was turned away and told to come back when he had more experience and some clients that would follow him to a new shop. Jeff had run out of options and in a last ditch effort he applied to cut hair at one of the chain shops that usually only hired young, attractive women to do quick, efficient cuts for men.

It was an embarrassing low point in his short career, and he quickly received an email back from the chain store telling him he wasn’t the kind of hair stylist they were looking for. Jeff knew he could cut hair better than any of those airheads they hired for those chain shops; he was just the wrong sex to even merit an interview.

It looked more and more like Jeff would have to go into retail or food service to make any sort of a living. After speaking to his friends about his rejection from the chain barbershop, a friend of his forwarded him a story about some gender-swapping pill scientists had been testing. Jeff’s friend was making fun of him by sending the story, but Jeff actually looked through the information with an eager interest in learning more if it meant the ability to advance his career as a barber.

As he read more of the article though, his heart sank. The pill was not FDA approved and therefore would be hard to get a hold of in the United States, and even if he could find someone to sell him one, it would be especially expensive.

There were different pills for different situations; some that would change you from a man to a woman or a woman to a man. Depending on the pill of choice, the transformation could last from 24 hours to a permanent change. One pill would allow a man to change and be a fertile woman so they could get pregnant if so desired. And there were a plethora of scary side effects for those who were anxious about even trying the more basic pills. The pills could give you an increased sex-drive, change your mental state so you couldn’t control any new desires and one side effect even said you could lose your mind and forget who you originally were before taking the pill. There was a pill whose main objective was to change the man taking the pill into a sex-hungry bimbo. Jeff was concerned about anyone who would want that kind of change.

Some of these more basic changes and effects sounded great for people who wanted to start over from scratch. They could leave their old lives behind and no one would know what happened to the person they had known before. But, that’s not what he wanted at all. For Jeff’s situation, the most interesting part was changing genders for the day, applying for the job at the chain shop as a woman, getting that job, cutting hair for a while, then never taking the pill again and using that experience to move on to a regular, privately-owned shop. He would have to figure out later how to get clients who knew him as a woman to follow him as a man.

Jeff left the article open on his computer for the next week but let the notion slip from his mind, deeming it an unobtainable reality. He found a dirty job bussing tables at one of the restaurants down the street from his crappy apartment, earning minimum wage.

After a miserable night wallowing in despair, he went back to the article and tried to figure out where he could get his hands on one of those pills. Jeff scoured the internet and the dark web, Kurtköy Fetiş Escort basically looking for any drug dealer who was offering the basic version of the pink pill that would let him become a woman for a day.

Through some anxious searching and messaging, he got in touch with some guy who was able to purchase some of the pills over in Europe. They messaged back and forth, and Jeff ordered two of the basic pills from him as a trial and paid for the international shipping as well. The real question was whether these pills would be able to make it through customs and make it to him, and whether he could trust that they were truly only a basic, 24 hour change, rather than one of the pills that would change his mind and body forever. The contact had assured Jeff that he knew a way to get those kinds of things to the U.S. without raising any kind of suspicion. The dealer also convinced Jeff he would get exactly the kind of pill he had ordered; shipments were always 100% correct.

About two weeks later, a small package was waiting for Jeff in his mailbox, with the shipping label from Sweden. He ran upstairs to his apartment and grabbed a knife to get the box open. There were two bottles of Ibuprofen with black X’s written in sharpie on the top of both bottles. He grabbed the first bottle, spun off the lid and pulled the sealed tab off. Between the red Ibuprofen tablets, was a small pink pill stuck in the middle.

He tipped the bottle over into his other hand and tapped it until the pink pill fell out. His heart started racing and he considered if he wanted to test the first pill out right now before even having an interview as a woman set up in the first place. He went over to his computer with the pill still in hand and decided to start the job application process right away. He created a new email address with a woman’s name and it didn’t take him long to settle on the name of his former high school crush, Jessi.

Jeff emailed a chain barbershop from the new email address with a revamped resume that reflected the name change but kept most of his real experience on the page. He closed the lid of his laptop after hitting send on the application email and walked back to his kitchen counter. Looking at the pill again, he decided he would wait to take it until he heard back from the shop. That way he could get used to his new body before walking awkwardly into the store and trying to convince the supervisor he was truly a woman.

It was hard to sleep that night, knowing the mysterious experience that awaited him. Jeff had no idea what to expect and could barely imagine what everything would feel like if the pill really did change him

into a woman. He was hit with a wave of skepticism that this pill could truly do what it claimed, and dread filled his mind that he had wasted what little money he had on some far-fetched promises.

The dreams he had when he finally did fall asleep were vivid and frightening. In the dream, Jeff had decided to take the pill after all and had turned into a horrible looking woman. His face had stayed the same, and his body turned into a short, stubby brunette will very little to offer in shape and assets. When he tried to talk, his voice had stayed the low tenor that fit his male body, and everyone knew he had taken the pill and was actually a man. Jeff ran away crying from the mocking, but couldn’t get away from the shame.

He woke up that morning in a full sweat, with his sheets and covers thrown every which way. It was obvious that he had been restless in his sleep. He walked out of his bedroom and back into the living room. He sat down on the couch and opened the lid of his laptop to see one new unread email.

The manager at the shop had read over his application during the night and sent him a late reply. It read:

“Jessi, thanks for sending in your application today. We’re in desperate need for someone to fill one of our vacant chairs, and we’d love to have you stop in tomorrow (today when you’re reading this) to give it a test run. Shoot me a text in the morning letting me know when you’ll stop by. Thx, Jen.”

She left her phone number in her signature for Jeff/Jessi to use and included the shop hours as well. The only thought that ran through Jeff’s mind was that he was going to have to take that little pink pill right now to be ready for the interview. He couldn’t let this opportunity pass him by or there would never be another one.

Jeff grabbed the pill off of the kitchen counter and took it into the bathroom. He filled a cup full of water, took a deep breath, looked at himself in the mirror, then, with as much determination as possible, popped the pill into his mouth and swallowed it down.

What Jeff didn’t know at the time, and what everyone except him probably realized, is that you should never trust a drug dealer over the internet, even if they guarantee a perfect product. The pill he had taken wasn’t a basic, one day change. He was not going to change Kurtköy Gecelik Escort back. This change was permanent, and he was slowly going to lose his true identity along the way.

Jeff wasn’t sure how long it would take for the pill to kick in, but not long after swallowing, his head started to spin and his stomach felt like it was doing somersaults. It was a terrible pain as his body began to change in front of his eyes.

The first thing that started to change was Jeff’s hair. His once short and curly brown hair began cascading down his shoulders and back with a bright blonde shine and modest wave. His eyes seemed to grow bigger and bluer and his nose became smaller and narrower. His lips were beginning to puff out more than usual and were downright plump and pouty. His chin narrowed and shortened and his cheeks were softer, rosier and the bone seemed higher but more delicate. His neck narrowed with the rest of his body and his shoulders went from broad to slim and fit.

Jeff’s chest lost its muscle but was expanding and becoming heavier. The once flabby abdomen became a tight, flat tummy that was completely smooth and athletic looking. As his waist shrunk, his hips expanded, and a once flat ass rounded out full, firm and peachy.

While his legs were shorter in female form, they seemed longer as they became slender and proportionate. There was a new gap between his thighs around the newly rounded and flat groin. His smallish penis had disappeared, and in its place was a tight pair of lips folded neatly together.

As these final changes were taking place, Jeff was left in complete shock by how completely different he had become, and how attractive he was a woman. There was a huge sense of relief with this discovery. The good news was he remembered who he was, why he had taken the pill and that he still needed to text Jen to set up the interview today. Everything he had been told by the dealer seemed to be checking out, and he became excited about test-driving this new body for just the day. The bad news was that he hadn’t prepared at all to be a woman in his nervousness and doubt in the days prior. Jeff didn’t own any clothing that would fit this new body. A terrifying thought hit his mind full force, and he realized he was going to have to go out, in public, and try to figure out how to buy clothes for a completely different body.

Jeff’s deviant male mind wanted to stay around his apartment all day and explore the body of the hot little woman he saw in the mirror, but there was no more time to lose. He threw on an old hoodie, rolled up some gym shorts around the waist so they would fit the slender and short body better, and texted Jen that he/she would stop by the shop after running some errands earlier in the day. Jen texted back thumbs up and a smiley face and Jeff went out the door headed to the mall.

Jeff’s first stop was the lingerie store, since that’s what he thought was going to be the hardest part to get through. This new body was of a 19 or 20 year old student, and he knew he’d have to come up with a backstory that would fit the resume submitted the day before. Once he entered the store, Jeff/Jessi was approached by a young saleswoman asking if he was in need of anything specific. Jeff told the clerk that he didn’t trust the size of his previous bras and needed to get resized to see what new products he could buy. Proud of how clever his response had been, Jeff was lead towards the back of the store.

The saleswoman took Jeff to the changing rooms and asked him to take off his current bra to see what size he was currently. Embarrassed, Jeff told her he wasn’t currently wearing any underwear. Obviously surprised and with a quick judgmental glance, the clerk asked him to remove the sweatshirt so she could try and take a guess just by looking. After what seemed like forever as she checked him over, the clerk left Jeff in the room to fetch some options. After a few attempts, they landed on 32C as an ideal size and she helped Jeff try on some styles that would look best with his figure. The saleswoman seemed to sense his anxiety and lack of knowledge and used it to her advantage to get a better commission. She pushed the most expensive bras on him and coupled them with matching panties. Jeff wasn’t about to question her and prolong this already terrifying experience and followed her to the checkout with more than he had bargained for.

She kept pushing more add-ons while they were at the register and convinced him to sign up for their rewards program. After finally making his escape, the next goal was to find some jeans, shorts, shirts and maybe a sun dress or two.

This experience went more smoothly, and Jeff let the next saleswoman take him around the store and sell him on different outfits that she liked. He tried on what seemed like everything in the store just to

figure out the correct sizes, and ended up buying two pairs of blue jeans, size 0 slim, one pair of tight, tiny white Kurtköy Genç Escort shorts, a button-down plaid shirt, a soft, short-sleeved grey V-neck, and a blue sun dress that landed higher on his thighs than he had expected. Jeff was just glad that the two saleswomen he had dealt with didn’t seem to catch on he had taken a pill to become a woman only an hour earlier.

Finally, Jeff made his way to a discount shoe store in the mall. After measuring his new size on his own, he picked out a pair of blue sneakers, and pair of high wedges, and some sluttier looking white pumps, just for a bit of fun back at home.

Jeff was still in his hoodie and shorts on his way back through the parking lot, but this time he had three large bags in hand. Either Jeff had been completely oblivious or entirely focused and anxious during the whole adventure, but he was glad he hadn’t noticed anyone checking him out while he had been walking around during his first time out in this new body.

Once Jeff arrived back at his apartment building, he ran upstairs to his unit with the bags and opened the door. Letting the door swing closed behind, he quickly found the most modest pair of underwear he had bought, stripped out of the shorts and hoodie and hooked his new, black push-up bra together like the saleswoman had shown him. He slipped into a silky pair of boy shorts to match and was impressed again by how they hugged his hips and with his curvy cheeks poking out the bottom.

Checking himself out in the bathroom mirror was once again an astonishing experience, and Jeff was completely blown away by his new appearance. Being alone in his apartment as a young woman wearing nothing but the lingerie he had bought was doing weird things in his head, and his mind kept wandering to thoughts about buying more cute lingerie when his next chance came about.

Jeff shook his head trying to clear those foreign thoughts, remembering that he was just a guy trying out a woman’s body for the day and this wasn’t going to be a permanent thing.

Next, he grabbed the blue sun dress and slipped into it. It hung dangerously low over his breasts and the extra push from the bra created quite a sight. It felt tight yet comfortable around his chest and abdomen. The skirt ended just a few inches below his butt and may have been a little too short to be professional, but he had been really out of his element when shopping for this new body. And the saleswomen hadn’t helped any in that matter. Again, Jeff looked at his new appearance in the mirror and suddenly, another strange thought ran across his mind. Jessi felt as though she should have bought something tighter, shorter and deeper in the chest. Maybe something that would show off her ass better. Something found at the club to really entice the boys.

These strange thoughts were starting to worry him, and Jeff had to remember that he was still a straight guy, just in a different body. Finally, he stepped into the peep-toe straw wedges and the 4″ heel made him feel closer to his usual male self in height only. For a third time, a strange thought rushed into his head taking him further out of his true self. Jessi thought about how she really wanted to wear the pumps that she had bought. The taller heel and platform base was sluttier and made her backside and slender legs look sexier. That would obviously be the best shoe to wear to get some heads to turn while walking around.

Getting out the door on his way to the job interview took a ton of self-convincing, but Jeff was eventually back in his car getting used to driving in wedges. It took about 20 minutes to reach the small strip mall that housed the chain barbershop. Parking towards the back of the lot, he awkwardly swung

his slender leg out of the car, trying to cover whatever he could with his sun dress. His legs felt increasingly shaky as his nerves got the best of him on the walk towards the entrance. Finally reaching the door, his hand stayed on the handle for a few breaths until he pulled the door open and stepped through.

The fluorescent lighting hurt Jeff’s eyes as they adjusted from the bright sunlight outside, and he was greeted by a big open barbershop, with bright linoleum flooring and 3 chairs and sinks lining the walls on either side. Some light pop music filled the air and a few flat screen TVs hung in the open spots along the wall with sports highlights and talk shows filling their displays. As he took in his surroundings, a bubbly blonde approached him with a wide smile on her face. In his male state of mind, Jeff would have been incredibly nervous in front of such a gorgeous woman. But, his ever transforming mind and body just saw a cute, friendly looking girl who could almost compete with how Jessi looked.

“You must be Jessi,” she said in a high voice to match her bright characteristics. She almost seemed ditsy and dumb. “I’m so glad you could make it on such short notice. We don’t have a customer right now, which is great timing, but some of our regulars should be on their way.”

They awkwardly hugged and Jeff gave her his best smile and prepared for a nerve-wracking interview. Jen showed him around the shop and rattled on about how cute he looked in his sun dress and that he’d definitely fit in with her and the other girls’ styles.

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