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My parents were very strict, and even though I had just celebrated my 18th birthday they still insisted on me being home, where they considered me safe and sound, before 8 o’clock in the evening, and I took a lot of teasing from my girlfriends about that. It often seemed to me that they had complete freedom and could be out until all hours of the night, but I guess that was an illusion born out of my own frustrations at being house bound so often.

I’m sure they had restrictions too, they just didn’t seem as harsh as mine. So, it was with very little expectation of success that I asked mom and dad if I could spend the weekend at my friend Amanda’s house, even though I produced a letter from her dad saying that it was ok and that I would be well supervised and he would appreciate it greatly as Amanda really needed a friend at this time – her mother had passed on suddenly about 9 months ago, and she was still very upset.

Imagine my surprise, therefore, when after a long consultation in the kitchen, they came out and said I could go, as long as I promised to abide by the same rules there as I had here in relation to not being out late, and that I did whatever Amanda’s father told me to do – my parents were very big on obedience and responsibility! Well, I couldn’t wait to ring Amanda and tell her the amazing news, and she was every bit as shocked as me, and laughingly asked me if I was drunk.

Actually I felt that way a bit, intoxicated with this new freedom, but I held it in check around mom and dad, as I didn’t want them to see how excited I was. The weekend couldn’t arrive quick enough for me, and time seemed to hang like never before, but finally it arrived and mom carefully packed some clothes in a bag for me and somewhat reluctantly walked me over to Amanda’s house, a couple of blocks away. I almost giggled as it seemed so much like my first day at School all over again with an almost tearful mom walking me there and telling me if I needed anything to ring, and not to do this and not to do that.

But eventually the door of Amanda’s house opened and there stood her dad, a tall man with a grin a mile wide on his face and the most amazing twinkling eyes, I swear my mom was almost simpering as she handed over my bag to him and thanked him for his invitation and for looking after me, and if there was anything….. at that point he grasped her hand and kissed it, thanking her for allowing me to come and he told mom how pleased Amanda was going to be and how he could see from meeting her that he would have absolutely no problems with me, as clearly mom was a class lady. Well, she was like butter in his hands after that, and as I watched her walk away, I could have sworn there was an extra lightness to her step, an extra swish to her hips, gosh, if I didn’t know better I’d swear she flirting a little as she looked back over her shoulders and waved to the both of us standing on the steps.

I heard Amanda’s dad chuckle, “Ok, let’s get inside before Amanda bursts” he said, and as I turned around I saw his eyes slowly sweep up and down my body, and I felt my face flush, “Amanda’s really been looking forward to this weekend, and so have I” he added, and once again his eyes seemed to drink me in completely.

As I walked ahead of him into the house, I could feel his eyes on me and it felt strange, but at the same time nice, maybe I even wiggled my hips a bit too, just to tease him a little. I’d only met him a couple of times before at School functions and had always been struck by how handsome and sophisticated he seemed, now being so close to him and almost alone, his presence was almost overwhelming and I felt my heart begin to beat a little faster. Then I was in the lounge and Amanda was hugging me and we were squealing excitedly, and chattering a million miles an hour, and I saw him smile softly and move away, carrying my case with him. “Oh, we’ve moved the spare bed into Amanda’s room” he said, “So you don’t feel uncomfortable in a strange house, you don’t mind sleeping there do you?”

“Oh, no, that will be lovely” I spluttered, trying to tug Amanda’s hands from around my neck and smile at him at the same time. Then he was gone, and I was able to focus on Amanda, and we literally fell on the couch and hugged some more, then sat back and talked and talked as if we hadn’t seen each other in years – although it was only a matter of hours that we’d been in School together. It just seemed so different somehow, being here, being together in a social setting instead of a School setting, and then I was checking out her CD collection, and asking for this and that to be played. Gosh she seemed to be able to play whatever she wanted as loud as she wanted, so different to me at home, and I found myself relaxing totally.

Her dad, who’s name was Gerald, moved in and out of the room a few times as he was preparing supper in the kitchen, and each time I felt his eyes on me and felt myself glow, but I tried not to look in his direction bursa escort in case Amanda noticed. Then he called us in to supper and I was surprised by the array of food, all of which Amanda told me proudly, her dad had cooked. It looked delicious and it tasted delicious and I think I may even have made a bit of a pig of myself, but it didn’t seem to matter, there was a lot of laughter and witty repartee flying around and I watched in awe the incredible interaction that Amanda had with her dad, so totally different to me and my dad who tended to be a little on the somber side and certainly didn’t believe in frivolity around the dinner table, they were like friends more than close relations.

It wasn’t long before my own inhibitions flew out of the window and I joined in the laughter and the jokes, even when they were at my expense like when Gerald suddenly stopped and looked at his watch then looked at me and frowned and said in mock seriousness “Well past your bed time young lady!”. We all fell around laughing. It was such a fantastic meal, and it carried on in the same light vein afterwards when we all went into the lounge and sat around playing records.

I was still stunned when Gerald actually got up and danced with us, even though Amanda was giving him heaps for his lack of rhythm, and I couldn’t believe my ears when he responded by telling her you didn’t need rhythm for this modern dancing, just a tight butt, and he turned and wiggled it at her. Amanda just dissolved into laughter, and pointed out that he didn’t even have that! Which I thought was a little unkind, in fact, I thought he had a gorgeous butt, and even as I thought that I felt the color flood into my cheeks, and get even worse when I saw him grinning at me.

I meant to turn away straight away, but then I would have had to face Amanda and I knew my face was flaming, so I had to dance facing Gerald, and I saw his eyes drop down to my thrusting breasts and stay there, and the heat really exploded through me and I realized that I was suddenly very conscious of him as a man and of me as a woman. Worse still, I found myself thrusting my breasts out even further as if inviting his eyes, and he knew what I was doing and grinned even wider, letting his eyes roam slowly up and down my body, before Amanda swung around me and deliberately bumped into him saying “Daddy, you are awful, you’re deliberately making Samantha feel uncomfortable by staring at her”

“Who me?” he said, his face taking on a totally innocent look, “I wasn’t staring, I was just mesmerized by her incredible beauty, and couldn’t move my eyes” he said. His facial expression and the way he said it sent us both into gusts of laughter and we fell on the floor clutching our sides, but underneath I was secretly delighted, he actually thought I was beautiful! The laughter served to cover the heat that was flowing through me, and by the time we’d stopped laughing Gerald had pretended to be offended and pranced out like a sulky boy, sending us into fresh laughter.

The rest of the evening Gerald stayed out of sight, playing with his computer so Amanda said, and we chatted and laughed and generally had a great time, until Gerald appeared at the door and pointed at his watch, “Definitely time for bed now” he said, “Or your parents will have my hide”

Even as he spoke, the telephone rang and he picked up the receiver, “Hello, Gerald here” he said, “Oh, Mrs. Reed, yes everything’s fine, Samantha has been no trouble at all. Yes, they went off to bed about an hour ago, I thought I’d let their first evening together go a bit longer that normal, was that ok? Ah good, no, don’t worry, I wont tell her you called, I know how sensitive children can be if they feel they’re being checked on. Goodnight, thank you for calling”

How Amanda and I managed to contain our laughter when he was speaking on the phone I’ll never know, but when he put the phone down we just whooped with laughter, “Daddy” Amanda said, tears rolling down her face, “Didn’t you always tell me I shouldn’t tell lies?”

“Lies?” he said questioningly, “I didn’t tell any lies, my watch stopped so it still says an hour ago, so if you get off to bed before I rewind it I’ll be saved from purgatory!!” and made a shooing motion towards the bedroom. Amanda, still laughing, rushed over and threw her arms around his neck and kissed him full on the mouth – much to my amazement – and then rushed from the room. I hesitated a moment, not quite sure what I should do, then I walked up and put my hands on his shoulders and lifted my face sideways for a peck on the cheek. He chuckled, “You don’t think you’re going to escape that easily do you?” he said softly and tilted my face straight and kissed me flush on the lips. Not a fleeting kiss, but a long, firm kiss, and he even slipped his arms around me and pressed me close. I was shocked, and excited all at the same time, and didn’t know how to react, then he pulled back and looked me right in the eye, “I really meant bursa escort bayan it earlier, you are incredibly beautiful!” and he brushed his lips across my forehead. Then he pulled away and walked into the kitchen without a backward glance.

For a moment my legs refused to operate, I just stood there shaking slightly, feeling the heat coursing through me and feeling incredibly turned on. Then Amanda’s voice exploded down the hall, “Hey, come on Samantha, what are you too up to in there?”

I flushed once more and dashed down the corridor to the bedroom, “I’m sorry, I needed a drink of water” I stammered, and she just sat on her bed and grinned at me. Then I turned my back and slipped out of my clothes – feeling very self conscious, as I’d never shared with anyone before – and slipped into my silk pajamas and into my bed. Amanda switched the light off, but we didn’t go to sleep straight away, we chatted and giggled like girl friends invariably do when they get together, comparing our views on all the boys at school. She did ask what I thought of Gerald at one point, but I pretended not to hear and changed the subject quickly, I still wasn’t sure about my reaction to him, it was something more powerful than I’d ever experienced before. I fell asleep with that thought on my mind.

I don’t know how long I was asleep, or what it was that woke me up, but suddenly I found myself lying in my bed wide awake, listening to the unfamiliar sounds of a strange house, the squeaks and groans as the wind outside the window bent the branches of the tree, and I shivered slightly. I looked across at Amanda in the dim light filtering in from the moon outside and saw that she was apparently fast asleep, and for a long moment I stared at the ceiling, my mind going over the events of the day. Then I realized that I needed to go to the toilet, so I slipped from my bed, crept across the thickly carpeted floor and eased the door open. The corridor itself was quite dark, but there was a faint light at the end as if a small light had been left on in the lounge room. I crept down to the bathroom and did what I needed to do, making sure that I flushed the toilet completely before opening the door so that the sound didn’t carry throughout the house. Then I stepped outside and decided that I needed a drink of something, so walked down to the lounge, which was lit by a small table lamp, and through to the kitchen and opened the fridge.

Out of the semi gloom a soft voice spoke, “Anything I can get for you?” and I nearly died of fright, jumping back with a startled yelp and turning around, to find Gerald standing in the doorway to the lounge grinning at me. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you” he said, “I heard a noise and came to investigate”

I flushed and stammered, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to wake anyone up I just had to…”

He grinned, “I know, it can get you like that sometimes, usually when it’s freezing cold and the bed’s all warm and you don’t want to venture out”

His grin was infectious and I was soon grinning back at him. Then I saw his eyes drop, and I realized that my silk pajamas weren’t doing a very good job of covering me up. I automatically lifted my hands and pulled my top more closely together, but could do nothing to hide the thrust of my hard nipples against the material. Then his eyes were back on mine and there was a warmth in them that hadn’t been there before. “You can grab a drink and head back to bed if you like, but now I’m up I think I’ll have a drink and watch TV for a while” he said and moved across and got a drink from the fridge, and walked into the lounge and switched on the TV real low.

I stood there a moment in total uncertainty, then grabbed my drink and followed him in, and stammered, “Well, I seem to be wide awake too and if I go back to bed now I know I’ll never get back to sleep”

He smiled and beckoned, and his eyes guided me to sit beside him on the couch, “Well, we can’t let you get cold, can we” he said, and to my surprise slipped his arm around me and pulled me close. For a moment I froze, then seemed to melt into his embrace, cuddling up to him, mmmmm, I can’t remember the last time I cuddled up to my dad like this, Amanda was just so lucky. I sipped my drink and set my eyes on the TV screen, but I wasn’t really conscious of what was going on there, I was just so aware of Gerald’s closeness, the heat of his body, his breathing, and I felt myself snuggling in even closer.

Then he leaned over me and placed his glass on the side table and took my empty glass and placed it there too, and his face was close to mine, and he was staring into my eyes. One of his arms was around my shoulder, the other was free, and it was that free hand that lifted my face up, and for a moment held it poised, then he leaned down ever so slightly and brushed his lips over mine. It was almost a feather touch, but it electrified me! And I think I gasped out loud, because he quickly pulled back and looked at me. I escort bursa thought he was going to apologize, tell me he hadn’t meant to do that, beg my forgiveness, but he did none of that, he just looked me deep in the eyes and smiled. “Mmmm” he whispered, “You taste as beautiful as you look”

A shudder ran through me, fighting with the fire that had been racing through me since the moment his lips touched mine, and I was unable to speak. Part of my mind was screaming out stop, but the word wasn’t making it to my lips. The other part was saying kiss me again, but that too failed to make it to my lips. But I guess that latter message must have made it to my eyes, because after a moment’s hesitation he leaned forward and kissed me again, this time more deeply and more passionately, and my lips responded, perhaps a little reluctantly at first, but then with a passion I didn’t know I possessed.

The kiss seemed to go on forever without either of us taking a breath, and when we pulled apart we were both almost panting. Then he lifted his hand, and to my astonishment, cupped my young breasts though my silken pajama’s, folding his hand around one, then the other and just rubbing them lightly, and immediately my nipples soared into life, thrusting up into his palms with an eagerness that amazed me, and he took them between his thumb and finger and rolled them around, making me gasp loudly. All the time he seemed to be staring into my eyes as if assessing my reactions, looking for some sign that he should stop, but the sign never came, my body was on fire, welcoming his caresses. My tongue was licking across my lips as I gazed back at him, and from time to time dropped my eyes to stare at his hands caressing my breasts, and it was as I was looking down that his hands moved from my breasts and slowly began to unbutton my pajama tops.

Once again part of my mind was screaming stop and part was screaming go on, and I was left floundering in the middle, a spectator almost, as he moved my pajama tops aside and slid them from my shoulders, releasing my naked breasts with their stiffly swollen nipples to his gaze for the first time, and he sucked in his breath sharply, “My god, you have absolutely beautiful breasts” he whispered hotly, and I felt them swell and stiffen even more from his tone of adoration. Then he was leaning down and brushing his lips over them, his tongue trailing a pattern around my nipples before sucking them in to his hot mouth. Everything slowly and infinitely gently, and a shiver and a shudder ran through my body.

Now was the time to say stop, he’d already gone further than any boy or man before, in fact no one had ever seen me and touched me like this, but I found myself loving it, loving his hot looks and his delicate touches, and instead of reaching up and pushing his head away, I reached up and pressed him even more firmly into my breasts, arching them up into his face and whimpering softly, “Oh yes, yes Please” grief, was this really me?

The feelings his lips and tongue were invoking in me were totally amazing, my whole body felt like liquid fire, and my breasts, god my breasts were just about exploding as he teased and licked and sucked on my nipples. So focussed was I on the pleasures that he was bringing to my breasts, that I didn’t even noticed when he lifted my body slightly and slipped my pajama bottoms off, didn’t notice until I felt the gentle touch of his fingers stroking across my pussy.

Well, my body took off like a volcano, and I cried out loudly, then smothered my mouth as I realized that I might wake up Amanda. Even before that initial reaction had played itself out I was assailed by an even more wondrous feeling as his fingers slipped inside me and caressed my throbbing clit, “Oh God!” I cried through my hand covering my mouth and my body lurched and shuddered yet again, and my arching body caused his fingers to slide even deeper, “Oh Gerald, Gerald, Please” I whimpered.

He pulled back ever so slightly, “Do you want me to stop?” he asked quietly, but even as he waited for my reply his fingers were busy stroking my pussy and my clit, driving my body to new, uncharted waters of feelings, and I embraced them and I wanted them. My answer was to reach down and cover his hand with mine, pressing his finger even further into my pussy, and his response was to plunge his lips down over mine and kiss me passionately as his fingers worked and worked my squirming pussy.

Then his lips were gone from mine, trailing down over my body, over my super sensitive breasts and over my stomach, until his lips finally brushed over my pussy lips, replacing his fingers, and a new electric current ran through me, causing me to spasm and spasm and spasm. This was totally crazy, I knew I was cumming, after all I wasn’t completely innocent, I’d played with my own pussy a few times, so I knew what an orgasm felt like, but this was totally different, infinitely more powerful, and from just the brush of his lips? crazy. If he noticed – which I’m sure he did – he gave no hint of it, he kept his lips moving over my pussy and his tongue slid inside and started to roll around my throbbing clit, and I went over the top once again.

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