Sam, Pt.1

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Writer’s Note: I am writing this type of story once just for fun. I hope it is good. Please do comment. Tell me if it’s shit and I will stop writing but if I get more likes I will write next part.

.I am such a dork. I am now 17 years and haven’t even kissed a girl. My life and me both sucks. My name is Sam Drew and I am studying in 12th grade now. I am living alone in my house since my father is always travelling and my mother died in a car accident last year. But I was never close with my mom. I was just a disappointment to her and she treated me like a nuisance, making my life hell. So, I don’t miss her at all, I don’t drink or smoke. I never bully or never get in way of anything bad. I have been taught since childhood to be good to everybody and I’m now uncool. I am neither very good at studies nor at sports. I am just an average kid if disappears nobody would even notice. But that’s all about to change and I am going to change this in my last few months in high school.

Yesterday, I tried to confess my love to Sandy and got turned down. While coming down towards home, I lost control of my bike and injured my both hands and left leg. My father when saw me, he started to scold me for my carelessness and indirectly went on to rant about my bad SAT scores. He then announced he have to go for work to Australia the same night and won’t come for another two months. My injuries were paining a lot. Tomorrow is Sunday, so I got a day away from school. Awesome. I spent the night reading Robert Ludlum’s – Bourne Identity all day and watching shows such as Two and a Half Men, Big Bang Theory, and etcetera after treating my injuries. All these movies protagonists’, cool people are typical selfish asshole and still all ladies love them and men envy. That’s true everywhere. I thought I was good but deep down inside I am also a selfish self-loving prick. So why should I control myself? Now is the time let the chains binding me to unleash. What a grandiose statement? I love me. And I spent the time recovering and bitching about today’s events. Do I have the power to do everything I think? Honestly, I don’t know but I know something else. I am not going to waste this last year by being the same. Only thing I know: Work Hard, Play Hard.

I slept
Today is Sunday, I went to the pharmacy and put on some bandages to my hands. Time to remodel myself. I took out my father’s car out of garage, he doesn’t like anybody touching his car. Sorry, Dad. The next thing I did was to go into the hair stylist next town and spend little extra money and time to change my hairdo. He cut my hair and shampooed it. (It was good since I couldn’t wash my hair this two days for not letting water to get to my injuries.) I then went to mall. .Time to change baby!

I always thought about thinking trying to act cool to impress everyone. I always failed miserably. Now I think I have got what’s wrong. Why do I need to be cool when I already am? I walked into the mall to find all pretty girls around me. Long slender legs, tight firm butts and variety of boobs. I am in heaven now. Ashley, the girl next door neighbor who also is the most popular girl in school, came towards me with her bunch of friends following her. She was wearing tight jeans and a cool t-shirt. She always uses me like her slave and I know the truth but still get controlled by her beauty. She is damn beautiful. Yesterday she took my notebook to copy the homework. She came near me.

“New hairdo, dork. Suits you. I copied the notes so come to my house and my little brother will give it to you.”

“Can’t you even say ‘Thanks’? “, I replied.

“Whatever. Elazığ Escort Thanks, dork.”

“You are welcome, bitch”, I said. Whoa! That was insane. She would screw me now.

She stood right there speechless. I had to get my ass moving now. How could I insult such a sexy girl? But I felt pretty awesome. I walked past them into cloth department and tried on some outfits but I couldn’t find anything interesting. So I went to the two girls near counter. They were talking to each other. I bet they are doing part time job for money. They both had a nice slender figure, maybe my age, and were looking pretty in the outfit.

“Excuse me.”

“What do you want?” one of them replied, as if she was disturbed by me while doing a very important task.

“I can’t find my mommy around here. Have you seen her?”

One of them half raised her eyebrow at me.

“What?” she said.

“Just kidding.”

“Oh!” they said in unison.

“Now which of you two pretty can help me find some good threads.”

“I will help you! Follow me!”

“Thank you…..” I left my voice trailing off not sounding cocky this time.

“Kat. My name is Katrina.” She replied checking me out.

My shirt was little dull but I wore nice dark blue jeans that looked good at me. My overall lookover has changed with my hair and soon it will be accomplished perfectly with some new clothes.

“So what do you want, wise guy?”

“There are so many things I want right now but let’s now settle on finding a good shirt, a t-shirt and a hoodie, Kat.”

Then the next half-an-hour she helped me selecting shirts, etc. and I continued flirting with her. If my father saw me hitting on girls like this, I would be screwed. All the teachings about being nice to lady shit that was taught to me by aunty and grandmother since childhood went to waste as I spent busting her ass and continually teasing her. I am a jerk now.

I paid money in the counter and after having a smoothie went out of mall towards car. I thought of filling gas in the car and check any faults. While the service was going on, I thought of roaming nearby. I saw a car pulled to garage. Kat came out of car with her friend and after talking with serviceman, they came near me.
“Hey, wise guy, what are you doing here?”

“Hey Miss Hurricane, just filling the gas and doing a check.”

“You didn’t told me your name.” She replied after playfully punching me in my hands.


“Nice to meet you, Sam. This is my step-sister Diana, you know the one standing with me in the mall.”

“Of course.” I said, and lifted my hand towards her for shaking hands.

A guy came to me and said that my car is good to go and turned towards the girls. He said that their car’s engine is faulty and certain parts are to be removed and new are to be installed. They don’t have the parts yet so it would take certain hours for the car to be fixed. The disappointment was clearly visible in their eyes. They had to wait for over hours and no bus is available now.

“I have to go to Aunt Mel’s house now.” pouted Diana.

I went to get my car and stopped near them.

“Can I help you ladies?”

“Sure. Thanks” said Kat.

“My mom said never to give lift to strangers. I hope you will not take advantage of me. So, hop in.”

“Yeah, right.” replied Diana and both got into my car.

As I drove I learned that they are new in this town and that they helped their aunt in the mall this one day. They are living with only their dad and their new house is just two streets near mine. I dropped Diana at her Aunt Mel’s house.

“Don’t Elazığ Escort Bayan try anything funny with my sis.” Diana said as she got out.

“What ‘no thanks’ but a threat. Jeez these girls are really bitchy nowadays.”

Diana smiled, “If you smell anything fishy, call me Kat.” She winked at Kat and went towards the house.

“Sure, Di”

“What are you, serious?”

I drove her towards her home. This is going way better than I expected. A beaut is sitting on my car with me alone. We talked as we were going, she doesn’t have a boyfriend and shifted to this town for their family to get a fresh start after her stepmother’s divorce with her father. Her dad is at office on his first day and no one is going to be at her home now. We reached her home and dropped her. I felt thirsty so I asked her for a glass of water. She asked me to come inside her house. I went in and found cartons of boxes of packaging. Only things that were unpackaged was the sofa, beds and TV. She gave me glass of water and asked me to relax on the sofa for a while. Whoa! I opened my eye wide now and saw her. She sat next to me and bit her lips. I guess this is the time to kiss. I tried to kiss her but I made a fool of me, I think.

“You have never kissed a girl before. I can’t believe it after all the playboy actions at mall.” She said laughing hard.

I stared out embarrassingly. She let her smooth hand touch my face, parted her lips and moved her face towards me. I let her guide me as my lips touched hers. She was so soft that I thought she was melting now. I grabbed her hair and she pushed me a little to say to go gently. I just put my hand at back of her head and started kissing gently. She pushed her tongue into my mouth and I let her in to get two tongue get intertwined. I let my hand fall down reaching her breasts.

“Easy boy! These are not allowed in the first day”

“Sorry!” And then I continued on kissing her. I heard a car coming into garage of the house.

“Whoops! Dad. Guess we gotta stop.” We broke off. I was disappointed.

She gave me her number and as I started acting as I was helping removing the package. Her dad came into the room and got surprised at finding me. He looked at me.

“New friend, Kat. Hello there, I am Robert Flynn.” He said to me.

“Hello sir, my name is Sam Drew.”

He was definitely suspicious of me, but after helping both of the Flynn’s renovating their house, we got to know more about each other. After helping a little, I excused myself out to home. As I got out of Kat’s home, Diana just bumped onto me.

“Very smooth, Sam. You even managed to get into house with dad present.”


She clutched my shirt collar and said “Don’t try anything funny. You hear it.”

“Don’t overreact Diana, let me go.”

She released me after which I went inside the car and started towards home. Oh! I have to get my notebook from that bitch’s house. I parked my car inside my garage in house and went to the house next to mine. I ringed the bell to let it opened by Mrs. Fischer.

“Good evening, Mrs. Fischer.”
“Same to you, Sam”

“I have my notebook here. Ashley told me that Jason (Ashley’s brother) has it.”

“Oh! Can you babysit Jason today? Sam. I have to go somewhere and that witch is out probably enjoying. Is it okay for you?”

“Sure Mrs. Fischer. I have no work today.”

“Thank you!” said Mrs. Fischer in an astonished way. Usually she had to coax me into babysitting Jason, as I never got along with Jason. I am generally shy and don’t even meet properly with anybody. This is surprising for me too. Now Escort Elazığ when I think about it, I was never a person like that I just presented myself as the world perceived me to. She went to change while I was sitting in sofa watching TV. She came out wearing certainly provocative dress. She was sexy in every way. No wonder Ashley turned out so beautiful.

“You are so beautiful” I said without even thinking.

“Oh don’t flatter an old woman like that.” She said, obviously in cloud nine.

“I’ll be damned if anybody called you an old woman. You are such a beaut.”

“What happened to the Sam Drew I knew, young man?” said she, obviously flattered and surprised by such bold forwardness.
“I am sorry for my behavior but you are so pretty to ignore not saying

She then walked me through all the necessary info for a hundredth time.

“Don’t worry, I know what to do.” Then she went away after calling Jason down.

After I heard her driving away, I turned to Jason and smiled at him. I usually said what he should do, not to disturb me and he would do the opposite.

“Why are you looking at me like that, dork?” said the cocky prick, obviously learning the word ‘dork’ from her sister calling me.

“Just staring at a pretty little girl in front of me.”

He was insulted and now he would throw some tantrums like his sister. So I turned off the light. He was afraid of dark and started screaming at the top of his lungs. I turned on the lights and hid inside the house for him to find him. He started to call my name and started to find me. After some minutes, he was now afraid of loneliness, I jumped in front of him and scared the shit out of him. He started crying so I made a deal with him that I will take him outside to buy him ice-cream. I took him out and then showed him around the town while he ate ice cream. He started to behave well to me. Why didn’t I think of this all before? Then I took him and helped him doing his homework, which he promised to do so that instead of sleeping early he could play some videogames. I was obviously following against Mrs. Fischer “list to do with Jason.” We then watched a movie and he fell asleep halfway. Good. Now I just have to carry him to his bedroom.
I sat there watching the movie. I heard a car stopping near the house. It must be Ashley. She screamed bye to her foolish friends and came inside the house. She stopped in mid-tracks.

“Heeyyyyy, what’s up dork? You look diffeeeerent.” sounding drunk. I went near her to give her keys so that I could go to my home. She tripped and fell on me and dozed off. What I am doing catching her in provocative dress that I could see most of her boobs so close? There is a tent forming on my pants. Her boobs is against my chest while one of my hand is catching her back and another near her ass. Control Sam. She was damn heavy as I carried her to sofa. I could see most of her cleavage. I can’t stop myself now as I admired her perfect body. She got up somehow and started raining kisses on me and started removing her top. I’ll be damned. I can’t believe see her two perfect tits in front of me. She said, “You look so good today.” She took my hand then put it on her breast and applied pressure as if begging me to squeeze it. She dozed off again. I can’t believe this happened to me. I could hear a car pulling into garage.


I put on her top and laid on her sofa carefully. As soon as I opened the door, Mrs. Fischer stood in front of me. I explained that Ashley just came and crashed on sofa and that Jason is asleep upstairs. She was obviously embarrassed of her daughter’s behavior and knew instinctively that Ash was laid properly by me. She gave me money and thanked me.


I just reached my home, and when I went to my room I got text from Kat. “I miss you already, first-time kisser boy.”

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