Sam has and idea

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Sam’s idea

Once again I’ve highjacked Mikes logon – Chris

It’s been a crap summer, constant rain, Mike and Ben stressing over work and deadlines. We’d hoped to get away for another weekend break but that hasn’t happened. So the guy’s suggested Sam and I had a week away together. We’re now just a couple of weeks away from 8 days in Ayai Napa; hopefully sun, drink and sex.

Now I’m running ahead of myself, the week away is a result of what happened when Sam spent a week with her daughter on the coast where she is at university studying for a degree in PE.

So I’ll turn the clock back a bit; Ben had stayed with Mike and me again whilst Sam was visiting their daughter. Several nights Sam had gone out to the pub with her daughter and her flat mates. Then on the Thursday night before she was due home they went to a night club, Sam had tried to back out but one of her daughter’s flatmates a guy called Andy kept on at her to go.
Sam didn’t have any club clothes as she told us, so had borrowed a LBD (little black dress). Sam did add as she told Ben, Mike and I that it was quite tight and had only worn a bra.

As the night progressed Andy began to flirt with her, but due to the fact that he was the same age as her daughter and also a flatmate it didn’t feel right. However as the night wore on and the drinks flowed Andy tried again.
Sam said that she’d noticed her daughter was getting friendly with some guy and wasn’t taking any notice of her mother; when Andy asked her for a slow dance she agreed.

She told us that he was a really good dancer and had started off with his hands just above her buttocks, but had held her quite close. And she’d noticed that he was sporting a growing erection as they danced and soon he was rubbing her cheeks. This had made her feel very randy and she admitted it wasn’t long before the two of them were tongue locked on the dance floor.
Andy had then asked her if she wanted another drink, as they headed to the bar he had pulled her off into an alcove area and once again began kissing her and touching her up.
Apparently it wasn’t long before he managed to bring her off and it was this that brought her back to izmit escort bayan her senses. Telling Andy this had to stop she found her daughter and said she had to leave as she wasn’t feeling very well.

Sam told us she’d felt both randy as hell but also very guilty at what had happened. Ben and Mike had asked if the situation had been different would she her fucked Andy. She told us she would because she’d over heard another flatmate talking about how Andy had pulled someone a couple of weeks before and he’d disturbed the whole flat with his antics, they had been at it all night

This was the first time Sam had had a chance to tell this story as she’d arrived only a couple of hours earlier and we were all hearing this for the first time. By Ben’s reaction he was as horny as Mike and I at what had happened, because it wasn’t long before we’d stripped off and were fucking one another’s brains out.

As Sam and I lay on the floor, I asked how she’d felt when Andy had been touching her up. She said it had been as good as the first time Mike had fucked her in the arse but it had also felt wrong because of the age difference.
Ben just told her if she’d wanted to fuck the lad she was welcome; after all she could have taught him a few tricks.
We all laughed at that; then Sam asked Ben would he really be ok if she fucked a younger man. He pushed up so as to look at her and replied that as we were all doing things we’d never done before and we were honest and not fucking around behind one another’s backs he didn’t have a problem.
It was then that for soon unknown reason she asked if Mike would be ok if the two of us had a week away; maybe ever have some fun.

My pussy began to tingle as my head raced with some filthy thoughts, Mike saw the look in my eyes.
Mate I think that these two want a week away to cop hold of some younger blokes he said.

Ben sat up, turned to Sam and asked if that was true.

She admitted it was and that by going somewhere that she wasn’t known it wouldn’t be as bad, Ben then said he’d need to think about it.

Mike and I were awoken next morning by Sam’s screams as she was being brought to orgasm by Ben.
Over breakfast izmit eve gelen escort Sam told me that we had some arrangements to make, I just asked was that so we could find some younger men that would fuck us senseless.
The next week or so we would go out picking up suitable garments for our break; it was whilst out that Sam said she wanted to get a tattoo and would I go with her.

On arriving at the tattoo parlour it looked very dodgy from outside but once in it was surprising how it was. The girl that dealt with us had a few tattoo’s and piercings but not too many to make her look freaky. Sam explained that she wanted a tattoo and the girl inquired if she had a design or where she wanted it.
She said she knew exactly what and where she wanted it, as it was quiet they would be able to do it right away. Sam was shown to a dentist like chair and the tattooist came out.
Whilst he was talking to Sam I noticed some pictures of piercing on the wall, the girl came up and we began talking. She asked was I interested in a piercing.
One that had caught my eye was the clit piercing. I asked if it hurt; she said sometimes it would depend on the person. I then asked how long it took to heal again she said it depended on the person but normally no more than a week. She then added that since she’d had her clit pierced sex was great.

I asked if I could have it done today, she said yes.

Moments later there was Sam in one chair me in another both of us knickerless. The girl pulled on some gloves and inserted a finger into my pussy working on my clit, all the time telling me what was happening. To be honest I didn’t care what she was doing too much but I was soon feeling that throbbing you get prior to orgasm, then fuck the pain. It was only for a second or two but the orgasm disappeared.

Upon arriving home Sam and I compared the work, her tattoo was simply; in black writing just above her pussy were the words “property of Ben & Mike”. Sam thought my piercing looked fantastic.
We both had trouble keeping Mike and Ben away from us for the next week until the grand unveiling.

The weekend of the unveiling both Sam and I wore see izmit otele gelen escort through body stockings with no other underwear a skirt and a blouse. We’d prepared a nice meal and several bottles of wine.
Mike’s attempts to touch me were really getting me wet as we ate; I was soaked between my legs all I wanted was his cock inside. The last mouthful of food was finished and I grabbed my husband’s hand and pressed it against me. Mike commented how hot and wet I was; I told him to finger me.

Looking towards Ben and Sam; she was sat on his lap her blouse undone and his fingers already working her cunt. The two of us were orgasms dying to explode.

As Mike finally undid the poppers at my crutch and his fingers began to enter my hole, he froze and asked what he had found. He dropped to the floor and opened my legs wide for him to see my clit piercing.

Ben mate look at this he called, moving to one side.

With both men now gazing at my pussy and clit I felt a tingle begin inside.

Mike for fucks sake get your cock in me I told him.

Seconds later he was balls deep and pounding like his life depended on it, my orgasm hit hard followed by Mike’s. No sooner had he rolled away then Ben was there, pounding me like he would sometimes hard, very hard, but this was the sort of fucking I wanted.

Once Ben had emptied has loaded into me Sam called him over to lick her pussy.

As Ben undid her poppers and pulled the material away, we heard him mutter what a dirty cow she was. Pulling her to the floor Ben fucked her with the same intensity as he just fucked me, coming for a second time then rolled away. Mike then looked at her tattoo and dropped his head to her slit and licked at her and Ben’s cum. This was amazing to watch and had Sam moaning and swearing as she came again on his tongue.

That night both Mike and Ben would eat Sam and me out several times even after we’d been fucked and our pussies were full of cum; it ended as yet another first. The feeling of a hard cock sliding against my piercing was utterly fucking amazing and both the guys said it was a great feeling as well.

Roll on the holiday

As I said at the beginning since then we’ve spent the odd day shopping and planning where to go, that’s now all done and the tickets are waiting by packed cases. Ben has even bought Sam a nice new compact camcorder to recorder her adventures.

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