Sally’s Suprise

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The argument they’d had the night before, continued that morning. Greg had stormed out of the car at the airport, leaving Sally in tears.

After getting home, Sally went back to bed, and cried herself to sleep.

The clock woke her at ten, in time to get ready for her coffee- morning at Jo’s. Dressed and ready to go, she double-checked her appearance, in the full-length mirror. Her new jeans with the black insert highlighted her trimmer shape. The gym was paying off at last. Of middle height, her trim figure at last brought a smile to her gamin face. She had long given up on wishing the dusting of freckles away, seeing them now as an asset. She rather thought they added interest to her features. She leant closer to check her lipstick was unmarred, it was, but her eyes still looked puffy. Oh, well.

Sally trotted across the street, through the rain, to Jo’s house, where the front door waited ajar for her. Given the deluge, it had been wise to phone ahead. She closed it behind her, and shook off the rain from her hair.

She called, “Jo? Where are you?”

Jo replied from upstairs, “I’m up here, with you in a tick.”

A minute later, she appeared on the top landing. “Hi, how are you today, apart from miserable?”

Sally had to laugh, at her best friend. No matter how down she felt, when Greg went back to work, Jo could cheer her up.

“Did you get him there, in time for his check-in?” She lifted an enquiring eyebrow, as she ran down the stairs,

“Oh yes, no bother at all. We always leave in heaps of time, so even if we break down; he can still get a taxi and make it. I just feel so sad now, it never seems to get any easier.” Sally sighed, her shoulders slumping. “I just hate it when he has to go back offshore.”

Jo hugged her, “Come on girl, this is the worst bit, the only way is up.”

Sally sniffled into Jo’s neck, “I know, I know and I’m like this every time. I keep thinking, the next time will be easier, but it never is.”

Jo shook her gently, then took her by the hand, into the kitchen. The red Aga made it a warm cosy room, a good place to chat. There were twinkling copper pans hanging from the stone lintel above the cooker, and aromatic herbs in rows of jars. These said: this is a working kitchen, the lab of a serious cook.

Sally sat down at the table, while Jo finished making the coffee. She loved this room. It really was the heart of Jo’s house. On one of the worktops, sat a freshly baked cake, which added another scent to the atmosphere. Between the coffee, the baking and the herbs, Sally thought it was aromatherapy just being there. “Have you heard anything about your settlement, since I saw you last week?” Sally asked.

Her tall slim friend turned, with the coffee- pot in her hand, and as she poured, said, “Oh yes, it’s all done and dusted now, at last. When you think Duggie died three years ago, and the company admitted liability, how can it be possible to take so long? But it has, and now that’s that. Poor Duggie I love him still, but what a lovely cheque!

Sally squealed, “You might have phoned and let me know before this, this is brilliant news.” She jumped up and hugged Jo. “This calls for a celebration. A big one, for all the hassle you’ve had to cope with”.

Jo hugged her back and spun her round. ” It’s great news isn’t it. Yes, there is a celebration. You’re coming for dinner tonight. We’ll have a party, just the two of us. I’m not cooking for anyone tonight. Although, I could have taken a job on, I didn’t. In fact I’m debating about giving up the catering now. It’s weird really, just as it takes off I don’t need the money. You must see my new toy before you go. I’ve got a new. all singing, all dancing computer for the business!”

Sally asked, “Just how much did you get?”

Jo smiled and said, “That’s my secret, lets just say: no more worries!”

After coffee, they went to the spare room where Jo had set up the new computer. It was a very impressive system, which Jo took great delight in showing off. Sally was quite dazzled with all the bells and whistles it seemed to have.

Sally was laughing at her technophobic friend’s new enthusiasm. “Jo, Jo, this is some set up, it’s miles better than ours. Good grief, ours looks steam driven compared to this. I’m really jealous.”

Jo looked sadly at her, “Yes, but you’ve still got Greg and that’s the difference. When I think of how Duggie’s company behaved, I could spit nails. They whipped that bloody Driller, out of the country so fast his head must still be spinning.”

Jo gave herself a mental shake. “That’s enough of that. It’s all finished with. There was an old lady on the radio today, speaking about life. ‘It’s a book’, she said. You can always look back at what you’ve written. But each new day starts with a blank page. Isn’t that lovely?”

“Yes, that’s a pretty thought. Now, what time tonight, do you want me? And, more to the point, what are we having?”

Jo smiled, and said, “Some of your favourites, gaziantep rus escort dear. The lobster soup, my beef wellington, and of course, the deadly chocolate gateau, with cream sauce! All to be ready for drinks at seven forty five.”

Sally blanched. “Jo, its all right for you. You never put on an ounce, I have to struggle to stay still, and I’ll be struggling a lot harder tomorrow! Oh, what the hell, thanks! In for a penny, in for a pound. I’ll see you later, I have to go and stock the house up again. Greg eats me out of, well you know. Bye for now”.

Jo watched, with a speculative eye, as Sally made the return trip across the street. What a lovely person she is, she thought. Sally’s exercise regime was paying off, Jo could see her bottom was a lot trimmer than it had been. She felt the familiar tingle, as she wondered yet again, if she would play?

Sally pushed her chair back from the table with a groan. “Jo, you’ll be the death of me yet. That was just fantastic, talk about melt in the mouth! Wow!” She picked up her napkin and wiped her lips clean. “I’m totally stuffed. Have some more of this wine.” She leant forward to pick up the bottle only to find it empty. She waved it enquiringly at Jo. “Is that two, we’ve had? Oh well, where’s the port I brought over?”

Jo stretched an arm, to find the port decanter. She stood up, and brought fresh glasses from the dishwasher. She confided, “I hate those silly little thimble glasses for port. You just can’t get the aroma from them. I’m a great believer that port should be in huge glasses. Apart from anything else, as you get wobblier they’re easier to refill!” She poured the dark wine into the goblets, and sat down again. “Now tell me, what upset you so badly last night. You really were in a state this morning, and it wasn’t all to do with Greg going. Was it?” Jo leaned back in her chair and idly twirled her glass as Sally struggled to think.

Sally started, ” We had a bit of a fight last night”. She paused. “He’s been on at me, about us being in a bit of a rut, in bed.” Sally giggled then burst out laughing. Jo looked blank. Sally struggled with herself, “Jo, bed: rut, rutting in bed? Oh well, I thought it was funny. Anyway, what was I trying to say? I suppose it boils down to, wanting to try anal stuff. Since I started at the club, and lost a few pounds, he’s become very interested in my bottom. He’s been, well, touching me there recently, and hinting pretty broadly. Well, let’s just say, that he hurt me a bit last night, and we had a fight. Jo, say something, please. I’m getting embarrassed here. Help me out please?”

Jo’s thoughts had flown to the last night she had shared with Duggie. The one she treasured. The one before he had gone offshore, for that last time. The delicious feeling as he had taken her bottom: the tenderness of it, the loving closeness. She came back to herself with a little shudder. Her nipples were swelling, expressing their interest. “Hmm, yes I see, I think. It’s a bit of a classic this one. He wants, and you don’t, equals fight, plus of course the other essential element, bad timing. You’ve both got three weeks to stew about it all, right? What’s your objection? I mean, we’ve talked about sex before, and you’ve never said anything about having hang-ups. Sally, I’ll tell you a little secret here, strictly between us, okay? I used to love taking Duggie in my behind; it was one of our favourite things.” Jo topped up Sally’s glass and took a draft from her own. “I suspect there’s something else going on here. Something happened to you before, am I right? And I suspect you got hurt. Your face is saying yes, you know. Do you want to tell me about it?”

Sally took another long drink. ” Yes, you’re right. I suppose this might sound silly, but it’s been with me a long time. I had to go to the doctor when I was thirteen, and there was a nurse there. She, well, she examined me, and part of the examination was well, you know. The rubber glove bit. I remember her fingers, great big fat things. I was so frightened. Jo, she hurt me, hurt me a lot, I was bleeding there the next day, and I’ve hated that bit of me being touched ever since. The worst bit was, she knew she was hurting me, she was enjoying it: the bitch. I was feeling so vulnerable, as you do, especially at that age when your body is so private.

Jo walked round to Sally, and cuddled her. “Oh Sally, what an awful thing to happen. What a shame.” She stroked Sally’s face feeling the tears running, from the miserable memories. “Sally! Come and see me again tomorrow, in the afternoon, yes? I can help you with this, honestly I can. Say yes, dearest say yes?”

Sally sniffled and blew her nose. The port was making her emotions very fragile. “What have you got in mind, Jo? Therapy?”

Jo smiled at her upturned face. “Just come and see me tomorrow, now I think it’s time for bed. Come on, off you go. As Sally stood up, she tottered: Jo caught her deftly. Hmm, not really fit to go are you? Right, my girl. It’s the spare room for you tonight. Is your place secure? It is, okay then; you’re staying here! Come on up the stairs. Here’s the bathroom. I’ll see you in the morning. As Jo went back down the stairs, to switch things off, she heard the sounds of Sally losing the port. Well, well, she won’t have as many calories to worry about after all! She grinned at the thought.

The next morning, when Sally woke up, her head felt surprisingly good. From Jo’s computer room, came the sound of a keyboard being expertly used. After showering, she made a fresh pot of coffee. Carefully balancing the tray, she went up to the computer room. As she entered, there was a mouse click and a triumphant “Ah ha!” As she handed Jo the mug of coffee, the printer started spewing out paper.

Jo swung round in her deluxe swivel chair and surveyed her. “Hmm, looking better than I expected, thanks for this.” She waved the mug at her. “I was ready for one.” She grinned at Sally. “Do you remember what we were talking about last night.”

Sally blushed. “Yes, and I want.” She stopped as Jo held up a hand. “What Jo?”

Jo smiled at her. “If this is the: it was just the drink talking speech, then forget it. One of the many things, you don’t know about me, is that I used to be a nurse myself. Oh, a few years ago now, but one of the essential nursing skills is, oh, never mind that now. Right, are you fit enough to do some reading? She handed Sally the sheaf of paper the printer had produced. “Have a look at that lot, I’m off to start lunch.”

Sally found herself looking at a technical treatise, entitled: “The Anus. What every Nurse should know.” When she looked at the clock on the wall, she was surprised to see a good hour had passed. Not only that, but there were enticing smells wafting up the stairs from the kitchen. There was a lot in the paper she didn’t understand. Some of the language was very technical, but the gist was clear enough. As for the illustrations, well! She had never thought, that kind of dilation was possible! She stood, stretched, and went to the bathroom for a pee. When she returned to the computer room, she spotted a book partly hidden by the monitor. Always curious as a cat, she investigated. An hour of reading later she was aroused and amazed. Jo liked reading about spanking games. Well, well.

Jo was standing in a cloud of steam at the sink, as she drained water from a pan. She turned, as Sally entered with her sheaf of paper. “Well, what do you think of that little lot? Opened your eyes has it?”

Sally blushed again. This was so personal. “Yes, it certainly has, Jo. I really had no idea about this. But surely, it’s all done under general anaesthetic”?

Jo grinned at her. “Most, yes, but, you’d be amazed at what I’ve had to put up bottoms, before now! Some very willing ones at that”! She smiled at the memories. “If you want, I can show you a thing or two, after lunch”?

Once the washing up was done, Jo took Sally to her bedroom. She went to a drawer, and beckoned Sally closer. “I want you to promise that this is to be just between us, okay.” Sally nodded. Jo pulled the drawer open, and nestling inside, was a set of objects Sally had never seen in real life. “Now, these are what Duggie and I used to relax me before we had sex that way. I am only showing you them to give you the idea. If you decide to go this route, then you’ll have to get your own. Now, what I’m proposing here is, that we try to overcome this little problem together. Do you want to try”? As Sally hesitated, Jo reached out and cuddled her. “I’ll be so gentle with you, please try at least.” Sally mutely slid her arms around Jo, and cuddled her in return. Jo’s hands slid down to Sally’s bottom and rubbed her cheeks. “Now remember this is no big deal, just take off your skirt and panties, while I go to the bathroom for some things.”

Sally took off her skirt and sat on the bed. This is just weird, she thought, yet I’m feeling so randy. She’s going to touch me there; oh what have I got into. She was just starting to put on her skirt again when Jo returned.

“Now Sally, what are you doing. Cold feet, is it?” Before Sally could say anything, Jo had taken the skirt off her. With an authority in her voice, Sally had never heard before, she said, “Come on, knickers off, and on to the bed, on your back please”. Sally lay back on the bed, but with her white cotton panties still on. Jo took a step forward and with one hand lifted Sally’s legs and with the other pulled her panties down and off. “Now, lets not have any more modesty from you. I’ve seen it all before, and more. Now scoot forward, and part your legs for me, I have to see what I’m doing.”

Sally felt completely astonished; here she was on show to her best friend. Jo slid a disposable glove on to her right hand, and from the dresser took a pot of ointment. She applied the thick looking substance, to the first two fingers. “Now then, lets see if I can make this fun.” Roll over, if you don’t want to show me too much.” Sally promptly rolled on her side. All right Miss Modesty, here we are.” Jo lifted Sally’s right cheek, to expose her neat pink anus. She lent forward and blew on it gently. Sally near leapt out of her skin. Jo began to laugh. “Sally, you’re just so uptight, it’s almost funny”. Sobering, she added. “But, it’s not is it, not funny at all.” Using a gentle circular motion she spread the thick baby? around Sally’s anus.” How does that feel, apart from greasy?”

Sally replied warily, “That actually feels, almost nice.” One fingertip pressed into her hole slightly, and Sally stiffened. “Hey! Oh!” As it slipped out again. Round and round it went, only to ease in a little, to stay. Sally pushed reflexively, and to her surprise, the finger eased in a touch more. “Oh! Wait. I think that’s okay, let me alone a minute please.” Jo paused, hoping to continue. She felt a stir in her groin. Sally’s bottom was a beauty: with tight rounded flesh, and the prettiest pink back door. No wonder Greg felt tempted.

Jo wiggled her finger slightly and teasingly asked. “Is madams’ preference for in or out?”

Sally giggled uncertainly, “Can I try more ‘in’ please. Oh! Oh easy. Oh, that’s deeper this time. Oh, that’s actually good”!

Jo had gone for gold, in the gentlest way, and now had her finger almost all the way in. Time for the next manoeuvre. “Sally, I’m going to take my finger out, then I want you to roll on to your back, as I want you to try something. Okay?”

Suspiciously, Sally turned on to her back. “What exactly have you in mind here?”

Jo smiled down at the frowning face. ” Some more of the same, so open your legs please. Sally uncertainly parted her thighs, revealing to Jo, the prettiest pussy, presented to her admiring eyes. Jo sat on the bed, beside Sally, and reached under her. Her finger found Sally’s bottom entrance again, and paused. “Now, push out a little for me.” She felt Sally’s muscles open her anus a little. “That’s fine, now I’m going to put my finger in.” As she spoke, her finger deftly entered to its full length. Her thumb found Sally’s vagina, and teased there. Sally stiffened, then relaxed slightly. “Right, what I’m going to do, is to let you feel how nice it is, when your bottom and pussy are touched at the same time. Now another thing, you feel me press here. Yes?”

Sally felt a steady pressure, on her upper rectal wall that became a rubbing motion. “Yes, I feel that, rather nice actually.”

Jo grinned at her, “If you do that to a man just there, you get blast off!”

Sally stared at her. “You’re saying he’ll come, with just that? I don’t believe you; you’re having me on now”.

Jo rubbed inside her again with a firm circular movement. “If it’s done like this, on the little gland they have, the prostate gland, then honestly yes. Some can’t stand it at all, but a lot of men love to have their prostate rubbed. Their cocks drool with the stimulation, absolutely run with pre cum. Trust me, I’ve often seen it happen. I used to love collecting semen samples. What a feeling of power, to have a hulking man quivering and coming, because my finger was up his bottom doing this.”

Sally could now feel Jo’s other hand rubbing her vulva. She was getting really hot now. The sensation of the thumb in her vagina, the finger deep in her arse and now her clit getting the treatment, was suddenly all too much. With the picture in her mind, that Jo had just conjured up, she came with a little yelp and shudder. Jo gently removed her fingers, and then the glove from her hand. She cuddled Sally tight until her breathing slowed.

“How was that,” Jo asked. “Did I make you feel good? Did you have a lovely come?

You’re nice and relaxed now; do you want to try something else? ” She murmured into the hair at Sally’s neck, “I’ve just had a really wicked idea. Why not tell Greg, if he wants your bottom, he must oblige you with his!”

Sally shifted on the bed to look at Jo. “Now, that’s an idea and a half, but how can I? ” She trailed off embarrassed. “Now Jo, this is getting a little out of hand. If you think for one minute that I’m going to be able to get Greg to do that, well, it’s laughable.”

Jo winked at her. “You might be surprised at what men like. I’ll tell you more later, okay.”

Jo got up and went to the drawer. She selected the smaller of the probes, she had shown Sally earlier, and in front of Sally’s fascinated eyes, greased it with a deft sliding motion. She sat back down beside Sally and got her to turn on her side. I think you’ll enjoy this now. She centred the probe on Sally’s bottom hole, and began to push and twist it in. “Sally, push out for me, like you did for my finger”. Sally strained a little, gasping as she felt the bulge enter her. Jo left the probe in for a moment, then began to slowly slide it in and out. The bulge was now exercising Sally’s bottom in a most delightful way. Jo watched carefully, as Sally relaxed into the motion; her bottom moving with the action. Jo removed the little probe, and patted Sally’s bottom. I think that’s enough for a first time. How about a shower, seeing as how I’ve made you all greasy?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32