Sally Gets It From a Stranger

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It was a warm morning when Sally woke up. She had been out the night before and, as per usual, she had woken up with that feeling of horniness in the bottom of her stomach. She wanted to reach down and have a little play with herself but the kids were creating a racket in the living room and her husband was on his way up the stairs, probably about to do his usual trick of waking her up so she can’t have a lie in.

She had been roused from a dream that she was really getting into, concerning the man she often sees on her walks across the sand dunes. He usually walks his dog and greets her with a smile and a nod if they pass and was at least six foot tall, not skinny but well proportioned and she could see from the cut of his trousers he looked to be okay in the package front too. She had often wondered if he lived up to the bulge and this is the route the dream was taking as she had woken.

She was on her knees and undoing the button flies to his jeans, and was just about to reach in and grip his manhood to release it from his trousers when the noise downstairs woke her.

A bit disgruntled, a bit horny and very wet between her legs, she sat up just as her husband came through the door.

“You not up yet? It’s gone half seven, the kids are fighting downstairs and not getting ready for school and I’m hungry!”

The joy!

“I’m getting up now,” she said rolling over to the edge of the bed. The fleeting stir of lust quickly leaving her only to be replaced by the growing feeling of frustration. “But I’m not staying in for long. I’ll do the breakfast, get a shower and then I’m going for a walk!”

The thoughts of 10 minutes in the bathroom with the power shower had made her feel a little happier but the thought that she might meet the man walking his dog across the dunes put the hint of a smile on her face.

An hour later, with her husband gone to work and the kids finally out to school, she was pulling out of the driveway on her way to the car park next to the dunes. At this time of day the dunes were usually pretty quiet and with the high sand banks usually pretty secluded too, which is just the way she liked it. After the confusion and mayhem of the house and the power shower being broken, the walk is what she would need to make her feel at least a little better (but not as good as she would have done if the shower was working though!)

As she parked the car in the car park there was only one other car there, one she had never seen before. It was a big 4 x 4 off road jeep with big chunky tires and dark tinted windows and big enough to hold half a dozen people in.

As she got out of the car she could feel that the wind had picked up a little but it was still warm and sunny so she left her fleece in the back and all she had on was a loose t-shirt and shorts. If it got colder, she thought, she would just walk a little faster.

As Sally walked past the jeep she tried to peer through the windows but couldn’t see into the back and could only guess it would be full of kids stuff, be driven by a woman with the perfect family and far too much time on her hands.

Through the gate of the car park and onto the sand, Sally set off at a fairly brisk pace along the smooth path between the dunes. The sand was high on either side of her and topped with long swaying grass and reeds but she was in the lea of the high banks and sheltered from the breeze.

The sand dunes were vast and it would take a good hour from one side to the other, especially when walking on the softer sand. Out at the far reaches of the sand banked area, the dunes got higher, the path steeper and the walk harder. She planned to go to the edge of this area and turn back as it wasn’t as sheltered as within the trough of the banks.

After a good half hour of walking, she could feel the trickle of sweat bead its way down the middle of her back and soak in to the straps of her bra, making it rather uncomfortable. As she hadn’t seen anybody at all within the dunes or the person who owned the other car, she decided to take her bra off and shove it into the pouch pocket of her shorts and carried on with her walk. I’ll just crest the top of the next rise and then turn back she thought to herself.

As she topped the rise and looked down the slope, Sally saw footprints in the sand going in the direction towards the sea. Intrigued, she slowly and carefully made her way down the other side of the steep bank towards the footprints, but just as she started her descent her foot caught in the soft sand and she began to fall forward and onto her knees, unable to stop her slide until she hit the bottom of the bank, ending up sat in the middle of the path, on top of the prints left in the sand.

As she sat there she followed the direction the footprints with her eyes, wondering who they belonged to. Just as her eyes reached where the footprints veered out of sight a man walked into her view, retracing the route of the footprints he had obviously made before. He Ankara escort was bare foot, bare legged and bare chested. He had a towel around his shoulders and, a tight fitting pair of denim shorts, cropped at the top of his thigh as if they were once a pair of jeans. And he was wet from swimming.

He stopped as her saw her and smiled.

“Are you okay,” he asked. “I saw you at the top of the dune and then stumble.” He was talking as he walked towards her.

It was the man she sometimes saw with the dog, and he was naked apart from his wet shorts and towel. The goose bumps on his chest stood out and made his chest hair stand on end. His muscles were prominent but not big, and his chest was solid with not an ounce of fat and his stomach flat. But, what she noticed about him more than anything else was his huge thighs and the tightness of his shorts around his crotch. The wet fabric had moulded itself to his manhood, and even though he had just been swimming in the cold sea, it looked huge.

She couldn’t help but look at his crotch as he got closer. He was bending down and offering her his hand to help her up and it was then that she realised that she had been staring at the outline of his cock the whole while he was walking towards her.

She pulled her eyes away and looked into his face. “Are you okay?” he said, “Do you want a hand up?”

She was dumbstruck for a second before she took his hand. Had he noticed me staring, she thought as he helped her up.

At last she got her whit’s about her” I’m okay, I think,” is all she could think of saying.

“You look a bit shaken, my bag’s around the corner and I’ve got a flask of tea. I think you should have some, you look a bit flushed.”

And she was flushed. The wind had got up and the breeze had started to get cold but her cheeks felt hot. She looked at the mans chest and noticed his nipples were erect, standing out straight from his body, this made her remember that she had taken her bra of and she looked down to her own chest.

Her t-shirt couldn’t hide her own nipples poking through the fabric. They were erect and firm and as the wind blew against her shirt the fabric rubbed against them sending a tingling feeling through her boobs and into her loins and making her nipples even harder. She didn’t know if her cheeks were flushed from the fall, from embarrassment or from the feeling of wanton excitement running through her body.

Her first instinct was to cover up and put her hands across her chest but as she looked back, the man was also staring at her tits, and brazenly so. This made the thrill and the excitement feel stronger and she made a conscious effort not to cover up. In doing so, she uncontrollably breathed in, making her tits stick out and her nipples out further stil.

“I’d love some tea,” she said, “but I may need a hand getting to where your bag is,” she said, feigning a limp.

She couldn’t believe she was saying this and accepting his offer. What was she going to do once they got to where is bag was? she was beginning to think of al the things she had dreamt about that morning before she got up and was now wondering if she could go so far as to do the things she had in her mind just a couple of hours ago!

He moved around the side of her and put his arm around her back and under her arm and supported her, but as they began to walk, she could feel his hand slip up under her boob and his thumb cup the side of it. The touch of this mans hand against her boob, even innocently; sent shivers down her spine and, not for the first time that day, a familiar wetness begin to spread between her legs.

As they rounded the corner she could see his bag in amongst an outcrop of sage grass and reeds. it was lying on top of a tartan blanket which had been laid out ready for the mans return and his clothes were folded neatly into a pile next to the bag.

As they neared he removed his hand from her around her side, brushing across her tit as he did.

Did he mean to do that?

He turned her round and holding her hands lowered her to the blanket. She could see his muscles tense as he took her weight but she couldn’t help but look at his cock as she passed it and noticed it had grown. The shape of it pushed against the denim and his flies bulged at the pressure.

What was she going to do? She was happily married and loved her husband but this man with his bulging muscles and even more bulging cock had made her doubt herself. Sally was a good wife and had never thought about cheating on her husband before but this man had awakened lust in her that she had never felt before!

She had seen her husbands (hidden) porn films, where the girl is taken against her will by a rough and rugged man, to end up enjoying the sex and at the end of the film doing to the man the things that Sallys own husband had asked her to do but she would always refuse and never do.

These where her favourite films, wanton lust and sex Abidinpaşa escort where the girl always ends up having the best sex ever, and something Sally would dream about often.

This may be the chance she was looking for with the man she’d been wanting it with, but could she go through with it if the chance came?

The man knelt down in front of Sally and lifted her leg, the leg she had pretended was hurt. He removed her sandals and softly stroked around her foot and ankle.

“Does this hurt?” he said. Sally shook her head, not knowing what to do or whether to keep the ruse up.

He gently moved his hand up her leg and stroked around the back of her calf and across her shin, his thumb firmly pressing in around the back of her knee.

“Does it hurt here,” he asked. She was dumbstruck and slowly shook her head.

He then stroked his hand across her knee and around the bottom of her thigh. Sally gasped at the man touching her leg and bit her bottom lip to stop the sound coming out of her mouth. She was shaking and the touch of this mans hands had made her tremble even more with excitement.

He looked at her with questions in his eyes. This was the time Sally made her mind up.

“I think it hurts a little higher,” she said and leant back on her hands and forced her tits out a little, her nipples poking straight out.

He smiled and gently stroked up to the top of her thigh, not taking his eyes off hers. He moved his hand under the leg of the shorts and around to the inside of her leg. To this Sally took a sharp intake of breath and her eyes opened wide.

“Are you sure it hurts this high up your leg,” he said with a smile on his face. She just nodded and bit her lip like a naughty schoolgirl.

The sensation was unbearable. With circular motions he was stroking the inside of her thigh and was slowly getting higher and higher, until suddenly, in one circular motion, she felt the tips of his fingers brush across her pubes. With each motion after, she could feel his hand strain against the material of her shorts trying to reach her moist pussy lips.

“I think you’ll have to massage my leg through the top of my shorts,” she offered.

Without a second offer, he moved his position so he was kneeling next to her and was slowly unzipping the fly of her shorts. His cock was so hard it had popped a button on the fly of his shorts and she couldn’t take her eyes off it. She was concentrating so hard on the shape of his cock she didn’t realise that he had her shorts open and was now pulling her sopping wet g string to the side. She gasped at the roughness of his hands against the mound of her pubis and opened her legs as much as her shorts would allow.

He stopped and looked at her. “Do you want me to do this?” he asked.

“Yes.” was all she said.

The man smiled, and slowly pressed his fingers against the hood of her clitoris. She gasped and closed her eyes as he began to slowly circle her clit with his moist fingers, every now and then brushing his hand across the lips of her pussy, his other hand softly squeezing Sallys nipples through her t-shirt, pinching a little harder when he wanted, making her yelp cries of delight when he did.

Sally was pushing against his hands, gyrating in time with the motions and his movement when all of a sudden he stopped.

“Do you want me to do more?” he asked.

“Yes,” again was all she replied.

“How much more?” he said. “If you want more you’re going to do what I want you to do. Okay?”

By this time Sally was wanton. He could do what he liked to her and she would give him her all. She nodded her head in agreement and said, “Please don’t stop. Please carry on.” And as if to force the issue she leaned into his chest and began to lick his chest and nipples.

“I will, but we’ve got to get you out of your shorts.” With this he tugged at the waist of her shorts, pulling them down below her knees and off her legs totally, hooking her g string with his thumb and removing them at the same time. She was now bare from the waist down with her aching pussy open to the fresh sea air. Next her leaned in and lifted her t-shirt over her head exposing her large tits and very erect nipples. As he lifted the t-shirt up his cock, straining against his pants was level with her face and she couldn’t help but bite at gently through his shorts.

She was now naked for the world to see but she was so turned on she didn’t care. He pussy ached to be touched, her juices running down the inside of her thigh soaking the blanket below.

The man sat back and looked at Sally and she suddenly felt totally exposed and naked. She closed her legs and covered her boobs in reaction but he just smiled.

“Open your legs,” he said. She did so without thinking. “Take your hands of your tits I want to see them too.” She complied and uncovered her tits.

She sat there leaning on her hands with her legs apart. He leaned Akay escort onto his hands and crawled towards her, bending down he began to bite her knees. The left first, and then the right and then he started to nibble his way up the inside of her thighs. Changing between kissing her to licking her to gently nibbling her skin. She opened her legs further in anticipation of what was to come. He then put his hands under her thighs and around, using his hand to part the lips of her soaking pussy. He could smell the sweet musk of her juices and lightly flicked his tongue across her lips. She let out a deep groan and pushed her hips towards his face. He flicked his tongue across her clit, teasing her with the soft touch of his lips.

“Don’t tease me,” she ordered in a deep husky whisper that could not disguise her lust. “Fucking lick me!”

He looked over the mound of her pubis and smiled his tongue still flicking against her clity when suddenly his lips enveloped her clit and he sucked it into his mouth hard flicking it back and forth roughly with his tongue. The pleasure was amazing and nearly unbearable. She tried to pull her hips away but he held her vicelike and sucked hard. Didn’t matter how much she squirmed she couldn’t pull free until she couldn’t help herself but grab the back of the mans head and, leaning back on one hand, pull him harder onto her clitoral mound, grinding his face into her pussy. The juices gushed from her fanny covering his face as he switched from sucking her clit to licking her pussy lips from the bottom to the top and across her clit. He pushed his tongue deep within her cunt and licked around the inside, and Sally loved every bit.

Her hand was pushing his face harder and harder into her quim and her hips were gyrating up and down his face, his nose rubbing against her now engorged clit building her to a frenzy, making her body shiver with ecstasy. She could feel his tongue go further down, past her pussy and he started to nibble the skin between her pussy and her ass. She had never felt this before and the sensation was amazing, the mans thumb was now pressing hard against her clit and his mouth was biting just under her pussy. She could feel her climax building and thrust her hips against his face, his mouth and tongue roughly eating at her cunt until she couldn’t hold it anymore, the orgasm that had been building in the pit of her stomach suddenly exploded over his face. She had never cum so hard in her life and had never experienced anything like it with her loving husband.

Sally leaned back satisfied, but the man wasn’t finished yet. He pulled Sally into a sitting position and stood before her. Knowing what he wanted she started to unbutton the flies of his shorts and after the first two were undone the bulbous end of his hard cock was visible. She finished unbuttoning his shorts and pulled them down to his ankles and as she dipped her head she felt his cock press against her cheek.

She looked up into the mans eyes as he rested his hand onto the top of her head. She knew what he wanted her to do but was hesitant. She hadn’t sucked cocks often and never one so big. Her husband always wanted her to suck his cock but she never did and now a total stranger had his rigid shaft in her face. It was really big and she didn’t know if she could get her mouth round it but she would soon see because the man was beginning to exert pressure onto the top of her head. She tried to resist but he was too strong and she was soon forced to open her mouth and allow the rounded head in.

She began to gag but the pressure was released from the top of her head and she took a breath. It tasted salty and not as bad as she thought so she began to lick the shaft, at the bottom and flicking her tongue up and down as she worked her way to the end. She had pulled the foreskin down as far as it could go and as she got to the top began to work his shaft up and down. This time, as she reached the top she reached the top she didn’t hesitate and took as much of his cock into her mouth, sucking the end as she did. Her head began to get into a rhythm of wanking his shaft and sucking his prick and she only gagged a couple of times when he pushed it in to deep.

She looked up at him as she sucked and he had a smile on his face.

“You like sucking my cock?” he said. She nodded without breaking rhythm.

“You suck your husbands the same? She shook her head this time. This he seemed to like because he began to move his hips in time with her sucking and then he said “good girl, you can suck my cock anytime you want too and I think that will be a lot!”

She could feel his shaft tense up and braced herself for the cum to shoot into her mouth but instead he pulled her head back and ordered her to lie down.

“What would you like me to do? Do you want me to cum in your mouth or over your tits or inside your pussy? He asked.

She lay back on her elbows, opened her legs and simply said “fuck me.”

“I want to feel you pump your cum deep inside me. I want to feel that hard cock stretch my pussy lips and I want to feel your balls slap against my arse as you are fucking me,” she paused before adding, “hard!”

“my husband never gives me the fucking I’ve always wanted, deep and hard, so hard that it almost hurts,” she added.

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