Salacia’s Island Ch. 01

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Maggie stood on the deck of their yacht. Life couldn’t get better. She and John were going to start living their dream today. As if God wanted to bless their voyage, the sun was shining and the sea seemed extra blue.

Johnny hoped on board.

“Ok everything is cleared and the EPRB is certified. Phone the kids quick and then we can leave.”

They were finally on their way around the world. A trip a lifetime in the planning. She called their eldest daughter Lily, the boys would be spending a few days with her and then go to Aunt Lilian (for whom Lily was named) and Uncle Bill for the year they’d be away. She silently thanked God for technology. They had a laptop that they could use to skype and a satellite phone.

They both spoke to the kids and there were many tears on both sides. After that they didn’t want to spend more time in the harbour thinking about if this was the right time, or any other arguments. There was no better time, they both knew it. Twenty minutes later Maggie brought “the captain” a cup of coffee.

“I’ll take the first shift yeah? And you get some sleep or whatever. Then you do the afternoon shift and I’ll make dinner, and then we’ll swap again. Good for you Mags?”

“Sounds good to me El Capitano, ” she joked.

“Yeah, yeah and you can be my mermaid.” He joked back.

Maggie went and changed into a new little bikini, especially bought for this trip. She took her towel and her suntan lotion and proceeded to sunbathe right in front of Johnny. When his ear lobes went red she knew he still wanted her.

Johnny woke her up from her snooze, she looked down to his shorts where there was a bulge.

“Oh dear my love, I think we should take care of that. Could be harmful if you let it stay like that.” She said as she gently stroked the growing bulge.

“Would you take care of it love?” Her lover asked.

“It’s getting quite uncomfortable. almanbahis adres Perhaps if you kiss it, it will feel better.” With that he pulled off his shorts and lay down on the deck next to her.

She reached out and stroked his cock and then began to kiss him, from the base of his shaft to the tip where he was dripping fluid already. She eagerly lapped it up and began kissing the underside of his shaft to his balls. She took a ball into her mouth and sucked it firmly. Johnny moaned with pleasure.

She took his cock in her mouth, first just the tip, then when he thrust towards her, she took some more of it in. He thrusted again and again till his whole cock filled her mouth to her throat. She let some of it slide out and then vigorously sucked it back in.

Johnny turned under her as she kneeled beside him until he could get to her breasts. He pulled aside the tiny bikini top that just covered her nipples, and nibbled her nipple and her breast while he had the other firmly in his hand. He nibbled and he kissed and Mags felt that little tingle that connected her breasts with her pussy.

He took a mouthful of breast in his mouth and sucked on it. This was one of his favourite things, she could still lactate and he enjoyed sucking her milk. She enjoyed sucking his cock, making him crazy with his erection.

She could hear him swallow, her milk was flowing. The more he sucked the wetter her pussy got. Johnny moved to the other breast and she cradled his head in her arms, bending down to kiss his forehead now and then. She moved to lay down with Johnny still sucking. She pulled off the little bikini bottom and wiped Johnny’s face with it. He was stroking himself while he was sucking. She opened her legs wide, throwing one over Johnny’s side. He moved his hand from his hard cock to her slit.

He finished sucking her other breast and kissed her, she opened almanbahis yeni giriş her mouth and he gave her the last few sips of her milk.

He took her pussy juice and rubbed her whole pussy with it. Then he stroked her pussy lips outside and inside making her juice more because of the tease.

She took her hand and rubbed it on her pussy, then she stroked his cock with it. He moved to her cunt and inserted a finger. He really wanted to tease her, he slid it in and out slowly.

“Baby, how big is your clit?” He whispered in her ear.

“I don’t know honey. You’ll have to check.”

“Have I ever told you I love an enormous clit?

“No, never.” She lied, playing along with their little game.

He took her clit in his mouth and sucked hard on it. Mags moaned loudly with delight, far off she could feel the beginning of an orgasm.

Johnny sucked with relish, he sucked until her clit was hard and she was on the verge of a climax.

“No don’t stop. Please.” She begged.

“Come suck my cock Maggie, nice and hard.”

She grabbed his cock and lightly bit him all the way up his shaft to his base and then she sucked like her life depended on it, Johnny had his hands on her head and she could feel him pushing her head down as he thrust up. At the first throb, she turned her head away. “Fuck.” Johnny shouted. “Fuck.” And then a strangled scream.

He turned to her with a dangerous glint in his eyes and kissed her hard. He pushed his tongue deep in her mouth and swirled it around hers, tasting all the juices from both of them. She felt his cock nudging at her cunt. Then he took his cock and rubbed it on her clit as hard and fast as he could, within seconds she was thrusting back up wanting to cum. Then his cock was gone and his thumb was on her clit, jamming it even harder. And the rush came and she screamed as she came. It was a long intense almanbahis climax that left her weak, she felt Johnny thrust her hard in her cunt with his whole cock.

“Oh fuck.”She gasped.

He thrust over and over, long deep thrusts with his big rock hard cock.

“Ah baby, your pussy is tight. I fucking love it. Make your pussy tighter baby, make it really tight.”

She squeezed her muscles around his cock and he heaved with pleasure, as he pulled his cock back for another thrust, she quickly shut her legs and crossed them.

“Ahhhhh…” He shouted trying to push his cock further in.

She pushed her cunt up to meet him and he growled and shoved his cock as hard as he could. He grunted and heaved and his strokes became faster and faster. Then she felt him cum, and she heard him. It was a wonderful feeling when his climax was as intense as hers. He flopped on her chest, breathless and panting.

“I’m so happy you’re wasted.” Maggie said, breathlessly.

Johnny grunted and laughed. “You kill me Mags baby, and I fucking love every second of it.”

She took the afternoon shift and it was uneventful. As promised Johnny made dinner. She came down into the cabin to a feast of avocado and salami sandwiches, his speciality.

“And for pudding I got us ice cream.” Johnny said proudly.

“Really?” Asked Mags, because she couldn’t think of a nook or cranny in the freezer for anything else.

They carted everything up to the deck, including a precious bottle of red wine. They only had three bottles until they reached Bermuda.

“Know what?” Johnny asked

“Uh uh,” Mags said.

“I could sit up here and gladly eat dry bread with this view.”

“I second that captain.”

“What does the weather report say? First officer?”

“They say clear weather for the next three days, only a 5 knot westerly wind.”

“Sounds good.” Said Johnny. “Nice if we can ease into the trip like that. Do you want first watch?”

“I don’t mind.” Maggie answered.

She did end taking first shift. Johnny took the rest of the night.


Any ideas of sexcapades these two can get into will be welcome and included.

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