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I came into some money a while back. Quite a lot of money, actually. Enough that I could quit my job and fulfill a lifelong dream. Ever since childhood, when my parents took me and my sisters sailing on our thirty foot Catalina sailboat, I’ve wanted my own boat. I just love sailing. Now I live full time on my thirty-four footer.

She’s about as much boat as a single person can handle on their own. Especially if you’re a girl, like me. But, as wonderful a boat as she is, there is one glaring flaw. It’s a lonely place. Though, I do have lots of friends in the marina where she’s docked.

And, I’ve met many fascinating people on trips I’ve taken on my boat, like to the Florida keys and the Bahamas. I’m hoping to get down to the Leeward Islands in the Caribbean soon, but I would need a sailing companion – it wouldn’t be safe to do such a long trip on my own.

Here at home, I enjoy sunbathing on the foredeck of Swell – that’s the name of my boat. Ripple is the name of my dinghy – sailing humor, sorry ’bout that, I thought it was kinda clever, myself, when I named them both.

One day I was sunbathing on the foredeck while Swell was tied up at my slip in the marina. I had untied the strings of my bikini top while lying on my tummy on deck, when I felt Swell rock. Someone was boarding my boat.

“Joan? Are you here?” a woman’s voice called out, then came a knocking sound. Whoever it was, was knocking on the companionway hatch as if it were a front door.

“Up here,” I called back, “take your shoes off first.”

On fiberglass boats, street shoes scratch the gelcoat (i.e., the smooth shiny finish), the adage “boat shoes or no shoes” applies on my vessel, as it does on most pleasure boats.

A moment later a familiar face appeared above the cabin top as she walked forward to me in her bare feet. She held onto the grabrail on the cabin top and onto the side stays as she made her way forward to me, not appearing terribly comfortable on a boat. It was Gretchen from work, or rather, from where I used to work. She’d been my best buddy there before I quit. As soon as I saw her, I felt bad that I hadn’t kept in touch.

“Gretchen! What a delightful surprise … it’s so good to see you again,” I said as I jumped up and gave her a big hug.

“Talk about a wonderful surprise,” she said, looking down at my naked breasts pressing into her.

“Oops, sorry about that,” I said.

“Not at all, they’re beautiful – and they feel sorta nice against me, too. But, don’t you worry about people seeing you naked?” She said, indicating the surrounding boats.

“Just topless, and it’s legal in Texas. Plus, all my neighbors have seen me and are cool with it,” I said. “The old guy two boats over was a little weird about it at first, he complained it was obscene. But then, I walked over to his boat one day, topless of course, and we talked. Well, more like I fucked his brains out. He’s been very nice about it ever since,” I told Gretchen. We both laughed.

“So, what brings you down to the marina?” I asked. “Shouldn’t you be at work?”

“Ahhh … yeah, about that … I got fired,” she told me.

“Oh no,” I exclaimed. “What happened?”

“I don’t know exactly. There was this big meeting a couple weeks ago about the company being in financial trouble. Then, this week, they started firing people. I was one of them, which is crazy, because I was the best coder they had.”

“And likely paid the most, which explains why they let you go,” I told her.

“Oh yeah, I didn’t think of that … so they’d save more money,” she said.

“So, it wasn’t personal, it wasn’t something you did,” I reassured her.

“And then I lost my apartment and now I can’t find a new one because every landlord runs a credit report, and I’m unemployed. So no one will rent to me. I don’t know what to do,” Gretchen said, with tears welling up in her eyes.

I put my arms around her and held her tight. When she’d settled down I gave her some good news.

“Okay, on the apartment front, I have a solution for you,” I told her. “You can move in with me. Live on the boat with me.”

“Oh my god, really? That would be wonderful, but, how much would the rent be?”

“Nothing, just move in with me, keep me company. I get lonely,” I said.

“But I couldn’t accept charity,” she said.

“Hmmm … alright then, how much were you paying before and how big was your place?” I asked.

“It was a one bedroom, with an extra room I used as an office/workout room. I paid twelve hundred a month. It was about a thousand square feet, I think.”

“Okay, this boat has maybe four hundred square feet, it’s hard to tell for sure because there’s no straight lines to measure. It would take a Phd in math to figure it out. But, believe me it’s tiny. Maybe you’ve seen that Tiny House show on TV? This is worse. It has a shower so small that when you close the shower curtain, it wraps around you and sticks to your wet body and you feel like a head of lettuce. The water heater is so small, you have to wet your body, turn off the water, lather up and wash, then turn the water back on to rinse, or you will run out of hot water. It takes some izmit escort bayan getting used to.”

“Wow,” she said.

“So, in fairness, even half your old rent would be too much. How about two hundred a month?” I offered.

“I could manage that,” she said with a big smile, “thank you so much, how can I ever thank you?”

“You can wash the dinner dishes. And if you run off at the first opportunity to get a real apartment, I won’t be insulted,” I told her. “By the way, where are you living in the meantime?”

“In my car,” she said sheepishly.

“Okay, that settles it, lets get your stuff out of your car,” I told her, “and I’m not taking ‘no’ for an answer,”

We walked out to the parking lot.

“Get your things, I’m going over to the marina office to get you an overnight parking sticker so you don’t get towed,” I told her, “be back in a minute.”

When I returned, Gretchen had a pile of stuff ready to carry out to the boat.

“Okay, when you unpack your clothes, the empty suitcase has to go back in your trunk. There’s no place to store it on the boat.”

We carried her stuff out to my boat. I showed her places where she could put her clothes, there weren’t many. So some things had to stay in her suitcase and go back to her car.

“I have a storage unit a couple blocks from here where I store my dresses and most of my street shoes. If I need to dress up, I just zip over there and get dressed in the storage unit. Like I said, it takes some getting used to.”

“I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it,” she said.

“Oh, by the way, to get you the parking sticker I had to do a little fibbing,” I told Gretchen.


“Yeah, only spouses can get a second parking sticker, so I told them I got married, and you’re my wife. If people congratulate you, play along, okay?”

“Oh, okay… yes dear,” she said, playing along. We both laughed.

“We might even have to act like newly weds if we run into any neighbors or my friends, okay?” I suggested.

“Sure, I’m just so happy to have a place to stay. My back has been so sore from having to cram into the back seat to sleep.”

“Good, now it’s time for your ‘How to Use a Marine Toilet’ class,” I said.


After I got Gretchen settled in, I gave her the ‘introduction to sailboats’ tour, with an emphasis on safety precautions, like, where life vests are stored … and the flare gun.

By dinner time, we decided to order in. Indian cuisine, my favorite … chicken masala, yum. As we ate dinner, I told her about another idea I had.

“I had a thought, first thing tomorrow we have to go out and buy wedding rings,” I told her, “cheap ones … well, not too cheap.”

“Oh shit, you’re right … married, I forgot,” she said.

“So how’s your job search coming along?” I asked her.

“Not so good,” Gretchen admitted.

“I might be able to offer you a job. It would depend on your sailing abilities. And it won’t pay anything like you were making as a coder,” I explained.

“Oh, I’ve never been sailing, I don’t know the first thing about it.”

“The only thing I need to know is, do you get seasick? If not, I can teach you the rest and I could really use you as my crew. I want to cruise the Caribbean Islands next year and can’t do it on my own. I need a crew. A crew of one will do,” I told her.

“Oh my god, that sounds so cool,” she said.

“This weekend we’ll take the boat out for a sail, if the weather holds. If you’re susceptible to motion sickness, that should tell us, one way or the other,” I said.

The next day, we both donned bikinis for sunbathing after lunch. We were lying on towels on the foredeck, side by side.

“Uh oh,” I said.


“My neighbor, Jill. Get ready to kiss me, remember, we newlyweds. Flash your new wedding ring if need be,” I explained.

“Hey, Joan, I heard the news,” a shout came from the boat next to mine.

“Quick, kiss me,” I whispered to Gretchen.

She leaned over and gave me a wonderful sexy kiss, with a little tongue even.

“Oh hi Jill,” I yelled back after we broke off the kiss.

“You two love birds are so cute,” Jill said, from the deck of her cabin cruiser.

“This is Gretchen, my wife … Gretchen, Jill, my next door neighbor,” I said, introducing my fake wife.

“Oh Joan, everytime I hear you call me your wife, I get butterflies in my tummy,” Gretchen said, for Jill’s benefit.

“How adorable. Hey, I have to run into town today, maybe we can get together tonight and sip some wine and I can get to know your beautiful new bride,” Jill said. “Say about eight over here on my boat.”

“Sure, eight … we’ll be there,” I said.

“Nice to meet you,” Gretchen added. I leaned over and kissed Gretchen again, so Jill would be sure to see us.

After Jill headed out, Gretchen started laughing.

“This marriage thing is fun,” Gretchen said. “She said I was beautiful.”

“Well, you are. Your long curly auburn hair is to die for, and you’ve got a great figure, wonderful boobs and … wait for it … you’re a great kisser,” I said, and laughed. “It just occurred to me, I know you’re straight … I hope izmit eve gelen escort it doesn’t bother you kissing another girl.”

“Not at all, I rather like it. You kiss pretty well, too, I like it when you add tongue,” she said, “maybe we should practice more,” she added.

“Mmmm…ok,” I said, and leaned toward Gretchen, our lips meeting once more.

“Hey, you two, get a room,” a guy said from the dock.

“That’s Mel from two boats over, the guy I fucked awhile back,” I whispered.

“Hi Mel, meet my new wife, Gretchen,” I yelled back. He waved.

“Hi Mel, nice to meet you,” Gretchen shouted.

Mel walked on down the dock and out the gate to the parking lot.

Gretchen kissed me again. This time a longer kiss with lots of tongue and her arms wrapped around me. I realized I was getting aroused, my bikini bottoms were getting moist.

“I could grow to like this,” Gretchen said.

“I already do,” I said.

Some more people came walking down the dock; an older couple, they called over to us, congratulating us, too.

“I don’t even know those people, word sure does get around in this place, this is getting ridiculous.” I said after they passed by.

“Gee, maybe someone will have a wedding reception for us,” Gretchen joked.

We decided to go out for dinner and were back in time to have wine with Jill, next door, at eight.

“So, where did you two meet?” Jill asked as we all sat on the afterdeck of her cruiser.

It suddenly dawned on me, we should have come up with a background story ahead of time. Too late now, I thought to myself.

“At work, before Joan quit,” Gretchen said.

“Yes, I came into some money and decided to retire. That’s how I bought my boat. Gretchen wanted to keep working, ahh … until recently, when we got married.” I was making it up as I went along.

“Well, you two sure make a cute couple. Are you going on a honeymoon?” Jill asked.

“Ahh … we’re planning a cruise to the Leeward Islands, maybe next summer,” I said, “in fact, we were just talking about it this morning.”

“Oh, I just love cruise ships,” Jill responded.

“I meant on my boat. Sailing across the Gulf to the islands,” I said.

“Oh my god, really? Oh, you’re so adventurous,” Jill said. She was getting tipsy on the wine.

Gretchen pulled me to her and kissed me, right in front of Jill.

“That’s one of the things I love about Joan,” she told JIll and kissed me again.

“Looks like you two should be heading to bed, if you know what I mean,” Jill said, slyly.

“Well yes, it is getting late … maybe we should,” I said, “see you tomorrow, JIll.”

We all hugged. Gretch and I went back to my boat.

“Is this boat rocking more than usual?” She asked as we stood in the cabin.

“No, you just had too much to drink, my lovely wife,” I told her, “let’s get you to bed.”

“Oh Joan, I really do get butterflies in my tummy when I hear you say that,” she said, her words a bit slurred.


“Wife,” she said as she crawled into the quarter berth in just her undies.

“Goodnight … wifey,” I whispered, and went to bed myself, in the forward cabin.

The next morning, someone was a bit hungover. Coffee and a good breakfast helped. That, and some pain killers for her headache.

“I shouldn’t drink wine. It always does this to me,” she said.

We spent the day lazing about, with more sunbathing on deck. I even convinced Gretchen to sunbathe topless, like me. Though, she had very sexy tan lines which would soon be gone. For some reason, tan lines turn me on.

We practiced kissing some more, when people walked past the boat. Gretchen completely surprised me after one such kiss, by moving her head down and kissing my nipple and flicking her tongue over it, which made it stand at attention. It also made me shiver.

“Ummm … that was a nice touch, wifey,” I admitted, “I kinda liked it.”

“I have a thing for girl’s boobs. Even though I’m straight,” she confessed.

“Well, I’m happy to indulge my new bride’s kinkiness,” I said, and laughed.

I scooched over closer to her, and put my hand under my breast and lifted it to her lips.

“Enjoy, wife,” I whispered.

She took my nipple in her mouth and sucked gently. Her tongue flicked rapidly over it, sending hot flashes through my body. Her teeth nipped gently making my pussy tingle. My hips started involuntarily rocking. God, I was so turned on.

“Ahhum,” we heard. Someone was standing on the finger pier right next to my boat.

“Hate to interrupt,” he said. “I’m from the office. I just need to get some info from your new bride since she’s going to be living here at the marina. You know, things like phone number, emergency contact number, stuff like that,” he told us. He was sporting an impressive hard-on from watching us, which his shorts did little to hide.

“Come aboard sir, we can sit in the cabin and fill you in,” I said. He climbed over the gunwale, and into the cockpit as we walked back to meet him, both of us still topless.

“Let’s go below,” I said.

We went below into the cabin, it was izmit otele gelen escort a little cramped with three of us.

“Here, have a seat on the sofa. By the way, are you new? I don’t remember seeing you before,” I said as I sat down next to the young man, very close.

“Yes ma’am, I just started two weeks ago. Ahhh … did you ladies want to put something on?” He said nervously.

“No, I’m fine, it’s a warm day… Gretchen? Did you want a shirt?”

“I’m good,” Gretchen said with an impish grin on her face.

“Unless it’s bothering you, ahhh, I didn’t get your name,” I said.

“Neal, no, I’m fine, too,” the handsome young man said.

“Gretch, why don’t you sit here next to Neal?” I said

So she did.

“Neal, there seems to be something disturbing you. You have this tent pole in your shorts,” I said. As I spoke, I wrapped my fingers around it.

“Holy fuck!” Neal exclaimed.

“Gretchen, grab my purse there on the shelf behind you. There’s some condoms in it, grab a few, please,” I asked. Gretchen looked a tad bewildered by my request.

Neal had a startled look on his face, perhaps due to me unzipping his shorts and extracting his ‘tentpole’.

“Whatcha think Gretchen? If we make him cum it will shrink, then he will feel a lot better, right?” I asked. A big smile spread across Gretchen’s face, she finally caught my drift.

I leaned over and took Neal’s pole in my mouth and heard him groan.

“Not so loud, Neal, the neighbors will hear,” Gretchen said, then she pushed her bare breast in his face, causing his moans to be muffled.

“Did you find those condoms, Gretch?”

“Here ya go,” she said, handing me one.

I rolled it down over his stiff cock and pulled my bikini bottom aside giving access to my pussy. I straddled him, lowering my cunt until I felt the head of his cock at my wet entrance. I sank slowly onto it and moaned. Neal moaned. Gretchen kissed me as I started moving up and down on Neal’s cock. Gretchen’s tongue explored my mouth. Neal’s cock explored the depths of my pussy.

I felt hands on my boobs, fingers squeezing my nipples. I glanced down, they were Gretchen’s, not Neal’s.

It didn’t take long for Neal to cum. Satisfying for him, but not me … I was still horny.

I got off his lap and frowned.

“Damn, Gretchen, he’s still hard,” I said, feigning irritation. “Maybe you should try.”

“Sure, happy to do my part.”

She pulled her bikini bottoms off and climbed on Neal’s lap. Soon, her hips were rocking back and forth as she and Neal both moaned and groaned. It took a lot longer before Neal’s cock spasmed a second time.

“Shit! Still hard,” Gretchen said, after she lifted off Neal’s lap.

I impaled myself again and fucked Neal until I came with a wonderful climax. I felt much better. Gretchen took over and bounced on Neal’s cock again until she too had a powerful orgasm.

“Finally,” I said, noting his limp dick pop out of Gretchen’s cunt.

“Feel better now, Neal?” Gretchen asked.

“Oh my god, I can’t believe this just happened to me, I’ve died and gone to heaven,” he said.

After we all recovered, Gretchen answered Neal’s questions, his original purpose for visiting us. We both gave Neal a kiss to send him off and told him we’d like to do it again soon. Neal had no objections.

“What a wonderful way to start the day,” Gretchen said.

That afternoon we went shopping. It seemed Gretchen only had one bikini.

“A bikini is about all I wear these days … maybe a cover up if I’m going into a store,” I told her.

There was a beach shop about five minutes from the marina.

We browsed and found a few for Gretchen to try on and a couple for me, too – a girl can never have too many bikinis.

We went to the changing room and tried on our selections. We undressed and tried on our bikinis.

“You look so hot in that yellow one, Gretchen,” I said.

“Enough to get Neal hard again? God, I can’t believe we did that this morning,” she said.

I removed the last bikini I had brought into the changing room and held it up to Gretchen to see.

“Should I buy it? ” I asked.

Instead of answering, Gretchen bent over and took my breast in her mouth and sucked on it lovingly, cupping it in her hands as she suckled.

“Oh Gretchen, you’re making my tummy all tingly,” I told her.

“Told you I had a thing for boobs,” she told me, “sorry.”

“I’m not. That felt so nice,” I said. I kissed Gretchen. We were getting real good at kissing each other … lots of practice.

We collected our purchases and headed back to the boat and lay in the sun in our new bikinis … and practiced kissing with breast fondling added in to make our faux romance appear even more authentic. Again, I had wetness between my legs.

When the weekend came, we untied the boat early in the morning and headed out to Galveston Bay, to see if Gretchen was prone to sea sickness.

I started teaching Gretchen about sailing and seamanship. To get the mainsail raised, I had Gretchen take the wheel and steer, keeping the bow pointed at a bouy off in the distance. I climbed up on the cabin top next to the mast and took the main halyard and pulled it hand over hand until the mainsail reached the top of the mast. Then, I put three wraps of the halyard on the halyard winch and cranked the sail tight. I cleated the halyard and coiled the line to keep it from tangling or tripping someone.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32