Sacrilege Chapter 1

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For some reason unbeknownst to me my name has been stripped from my stories. I am reposting them so they are back under my name. Additionally I have made some minor tweaks along the way.
I was in the back of the church van headed for an all night event we affectionately referred to as a “lock in.” Next to me was my friend Ashley, a very pretty, very friendly fourteen year old girl. It was attractive, peppy girls like her that filled the youth group of the church and made the whole concept much more appealing to me.

For this slumber party-like event she was dressed comfortably in a tight white tee and small pink cotton shorts that have the name of the youth group written across the back. It was impossible to read the lettering without admiring her very shapely albeit slightly disproportionately large ass. We were laughing and playing with the other kids in the van, jumping around and poking and tickling. Nothing that couldn’t be interpreted as completely innocent was going on. That was until she leaned over the seat in front of us to look at some pictures another girl, Jamie, was showing. I was staring at Ashley’s tight pink shorts that seemed to be painted on her ass; the white thong underneath was readily visible. All her jumping about had caused the shorts to ride up into her crack and the definition of her ass was incredible. The bottom of her cheeks was barely visible, peeking out from the bottom pink shorts making it seem so dirty. The degree that she was bent made it obvious that the crease wasn’t just in her ass but also slightly in her pussy also. She had the type of ass common to the black girls in the school. It was very full yet obviously tight and firm. I want so much to grab her cheeks or run a hand up her crack.

The writing across her ass slightly distracts me for a moment, “Crusaders of Christ.” It’s laughable to me that the church would allow clothes like this for sale, but the girls of the group were so innocently excited about having a hand in church apparel no one gave them a hard time. Anyone in a position to pose any objections was far too conservative and trusting of their children to entertain the idea of any of us being lewd or lustful.

As the van turned, she laughingly fell into my lap. I wasn’t even fully aware that I was partially hard until I felt my dick smashed up against that divine ass of hers. I wondered somewhat nervously if she felt my dick up against her, it was so unmistakable to me. In my nervousness, I quickly attempted to make a joke.

“Are you trying to crush me?” I didn’t really consider any female driven weight implications that accompany a statement like that. Not like the little 5’3″ 110 lbs blonde should really have to worry about it.

“I can’t believe you. Are you trying to say I’m fat? I’ll show you. I’ll really crush you.” She began bouncing on me and laughing.

My dick was getting so hard I knew she had to feel it. I was afraid if it repositions in my pants it would easily stand strait up and directly poke her. I was both relieved and disappointed when we stopped in the parking lot. I then knew she wouldn’t notice my erection if she hadn’t already, but it felt so good grinding against that tight ass.

As we were getting out she was standing in front of me waiting for the others to get out. She had her body bent at almost a 90° angle because of the van ceiling. Not only now did I have that same great view, but she was again bouncing. She was obviously excited, so was I, but I had no idea how girls could be just so generally bubbly. Her knees pressed together bending slightly I watched her ass bounce up and down. At some point she took notice of her shorts riding into her crack, because she reached back with one hand and began pulling right at the spot I would imagine her asshole was. While this was going on, I repositioned my penis so it was pointing strait up. The head was extended past the waist of my pants but it was covered by my shirt; this way my bulge wouldn’t be overly obvious when I stood.

After putting away our sleeping bags, everyone gathered in the dining hall and we had an invocation before we all ate. When the pastor asked that we “gather hands to pray,” my friend Jeremy took one hand and Ashley took the other. Her hand was so nice to the touch. As the pastor was relaying our thanks and worship, I was thinking about her soft skin and it touching me; imagining what it would feel like directly against my cock. I then got a series of rather unwelcome squeezes from Jeremy’s hand. I opened my eyes to look at him rather angrily when I saw his eyes directing me towards Ashley. She was breathing heavily, her bosom rising and falling, shrouded in only thin bra and the white cotton shirt. Her nipples were erect, probably due to the strong air conditioning in the building. I admired her breast, guessing them at about a large B-cup. Everyone but my friend and I are standing there reverent and oblivious. I could almost make out the discoloration of the areola, but I’m sure it was just my imagination. I don’t know if it was the intensity of my staring or the fact I was unconsciously increasing my grip on her hand but she opened her eyes directly looking at me and smiled. She undoubtedly saw me ogling those wonderful tits.


Things went on rather uneventful for a while, until we started playing a game called “Christian Guard.” It was basically a hide and seek type with a few extra rules and obviously a Christian connotation. This building of the church had two floors and lots of classrooms and main halls so there were plenty of places to be alone. Of course when I say alone, I really meant alone with Ashley. When Etimesgut Escort the 30 or so of us kids went to go hide, Jeremy and I made it a point to follow Ashley and Jamie. When we saw them ducking into one of the rooms we followed asking if we could hide with them. We were all sitting together in the dark room. The figures were just barely visible in that light. We were carrying on little small talk very quietly, when one phase particularly caught my ear.

Ashley said rather out of the blue. “I wonder how fucking long we are going to hide?”

I was rather taken aback because I had never heard her speak with foul language, and I had never heard anyone say fuck in a church before. Evidently, Jamie was shocked also, either that or she was just being playful.

“AHHHHHHH, Ashley! I can’t believe you would say that. Bad.” She said as she jokingly slapped Ashley’s behind like she was spanking her.

I was thinking of earlier and how much I wanted to feel her ass. As Ashley continued to speak I knew I’d have my opportunity.

“Say what? Fucking? I like saying Fucking. Fucking, Fucking, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck. What you don’t like to say Fuck?” Ashley replied in a childishly cute tone.

“You obviously didn’t learn your lesson from Jamie.” I said, “I won’t be so light.”

I began slapping that luscious ass I had been admiring for so long. Her ass was just like I thought it would be, so firm and plump. Between several of the slaps I let my had cup her cheek and grasp it for a bit. While I was slapping her ass, she was repeating the words, “Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck…” I was more than happy for the approval and she was really turning me on. Before long all three of us were taking turns slapping her ass and trying to laugh quietly. The continual “Fuck, Fuck, Fucking, Fuck, Fuck…” was interrupted when the words “Fuck me.” slipped out of her mouth. Ashley couldn’t even believe what she said. She immediately caught herself and she stopped speaking to burst into laughter.

“I really didn’t mean to say that.” She said through her laughs.

Someone heard us! We could hear them coming. We all scrabbled to hide at different spots of the room. We were hoping they didn’t actually hear what was going on. Two of the “guards” came into the room and were looking around.

“I know I heard someone laughing in here.” One said to the other.

Good we weren’t in any trouble; it was just people playing the game. When one of them found Jamie, she said she just ran in that room laughing when she saw them. The two guards took her away accepting her story, and leaving the rest of us where we were. After they left Ashley, Jeremy, and I began laughing again.

“My ass is so sore. You guys were beating me hard.” She said snickering.

She went over to the window where there was more light and she lifted up the bottoms of her shorts so she could see the redness of her ass. We both quickly went over to look also.

“You just want to look at my ass.”

“No, we want to see how red it is.” I replied.

I know she didn’t believe me. But she turned her ass towards us anyway, standing on her tip toes and leaning against the wall as we both admired her ass with our eyes and hands. After a couple of minutes of groping and my dick being rock hard, she stopped us.

“OK that’s enough playing with my ass for now; I should really go get Jamie.” She said.

One of the rules of the game was a prison break type scenario that can recover people that are caught. Jeremy and I both knew we didn’t want her to leave, but then again neither of us did either. Ashley was just too much fun. We decided that Ashley would pick a number between 1 and 10; whichever of us was farther away was the loser and had to try to go get Jamie.

After Ashley named me the winner, Jeremy went off rather reluctantly. As soon as he was gone she tells me that she lied for me.

“You know you really lost right?”

“You cheated for me!?”

“I’d rather you stayed here with me. I know you like me. I know you were looking at my boobs earlier when we were praying.”

“I’m sorry, but I couldn’t help it. You were breathing so heavy and your nipples were sticking strait out. It was really sexy and I couldn’t help myself. You do have really nice boobs.”

“Thank you. It’s ok, I don’t mind you looking at my tits. What did you think about while you were staring at me?”

“I thought they looked great and I really wanted to feel them.”

“Do it.” After a one second pause she repeated, “Do it.”

I grabbed both of her tits in my hands so excited. I was squeezing them soft at first, but then firmer. I could feel as her nipples started popping out under my fingers.

“Here let me take this off for you.” She said removing her own bra.

I felt her through her shirt a bit more before I placed my hands underneath it. As I felt her bare breast, I could feel the back of her hand as it grazed across my rock hard penis. I was unsure if she was checking to see if I was hard or it was just an accident; either answer was a possibility, and I was too horny to dwell on it. I considered Ashley a good friend, but obviously I hadn’t known her very well at all; this was all so unexpected. When I put her left nipple between my lips she spoke again.

“You know I felt you earlier?” she said as her hand brushed my crotch again.

“I didn’t know if you were trying to or your hand did it accidentally.”

“No I mean I felt you in van pressed up against me.” She said and she took a firm grip of my penis through my pants.

It felt so incredible. She was stroking my cock somewhat roughly Etlik Escort through my jeans. The pain and pleasure of it was unbelievable. I wanted so bad to spray my load at that very moment. My cock had been teased for so long and for her to actually stroke it was almost more than I could take.

“You got to suck on me, now I want to suck on you.”

My ears must have been deceiving me. This was the level of my shock. But sure enough she was going down on her knees. She pulled my cock out and continued stroking it but now using two hands.

“It’s kinda like I’m praying to you.” She said.

I could hear her smile by her tone. But was completely unsure how I should feel about it. As my head passed her lips I knew exactly how to feel about it. It felt just as she had implied: Divine.

“Oh yeah, that’s how you pray to me. Worship that cock.” I said lost in complete euphoria.

And worship my cock she did. Every inch of my dick was wet with spit and precum. She was switching at regular intervals between stoking my cock with both hands while sucking the tip and playing with my balls and putting as much of dick as she possibly could down her throat.

“Oh fuck yeah that’s so good, show me how you worship my dick. Treat it like you can’t live without it. Oh fuck that’s good, oh fuck, oh fuck.”

At that moment I blew what must have been an enormous load down the back of her throat. The entire time I was cumming, she was sucking continuously harder. I actually believe she was getting off on me getting off in her mouth. My absolute ecstasy was brought to a screeching stop just as fast as my heart.

The voice from behind me was like a knife. The words “Oh my God!” paralyzed me.

I couldn’t turn to look. After a second, Ashley spouted in a hushed tone “Be quiet.”

After another second I got a bit of relief. Before I turn I concluded that Jamie and Jeremy must be back. I put myself back into my pants and turned, exclaiming my utter terror a few seconds prior. Jamie and Ashley went back and forth playfully for minute exchanging names like “slut” and “whore” which were countered by “prude” and “tease.”

“Oh we were just having fun,” Ashley explained, realizing that a little of my cum was still on her lips. She wiped it onto two of her fingers and extended them towards Jamie saying “You have to taste it.”

“Oh my God you are sick I’m not going to drink cum from your mouth!”

Ashley retorted with “You better do it or I’m never going to be your friend again,” the way that only girls of that age can possibly say it still sound believable.

“Ashley! Awe! Are you really going to make me taste that?”

“Yes, I promise you will like it.”

Jamie took Ashley’s two fingers into her mouth. The visual immediately reminded me of Ashley on my dick only moments earlier. Jamie made playfully spiteful eyes at Ashley she sucked on her fingers.

“She that wasn’t so bad was it?”

“No, but I still can’t believe you made me do it.”

At that moment Jeremy jumps in with a great contribution “Why didn’t anyone ever lock that door?”

All of us laugh feeling kind of stupid. We felt our way though the room, that end being almost completely dark. After locking the door, Ashley still clearly horny turns to Jamie.

“Do you want to see his dick?”

“You want to show her my dick?” I jumped in.

“It’s really big,” she said to Jamie, then facing me she continued, “I just took your sperm in my throat, I want you to show her your cock!”

I ask Jamie, “Do you really want to see it?”

After a half second pause, Ashley jumped in with “That was a yes.” as she moved for my crotch.

She took out my still swollen yet not fully erect penis and held it up with one hand. She used the other hand to get a little bit of cum from the tip and put it into her mouth laughing.

Jamie said “It’s so dark I can’t see it well.”

“Here.” Ashley said grabbing Jamie’s hand and wrapping it around my shaft.

“Oh my God! That is big!” Jamie exclaimed, much to my liking.

Jeremy now with another serendipitous moment said, “Hey I know a good game.” After a brief pause he continued, “Since it’s so dark in here anyway, we should all get naked and we won’t be sure who or what we are touching.”

Ashley was of course very excited by this proposal. “Yes, that sounds like a great idea. Everyone take your clothes off.”

The peer pressure from the three of us was more than Jamie could handle, and soon we were all completely naked in the dark. It was so much fun I even closed my eyes to completely feel the effect. There was flesh on flesh everywhere.

I was feeling very sensuous and comparable tits that were on two different bodies at the same time not knowing who owned which set. As one of the girls turned away, my now completely erect dick slid between her ass cheeks. She pressed her ass into me grinding my cock into her comforting ass. Soon after she pulled away, hands were all over my cock, tugging and rubbing.

I reached over to feel a random pussy. It was soaking wet with little beads of dampness collected onto a tiny tuft of hair. I slid my fingers inside to wet them before I began rubbing the clit in a circular motion. The gasp that came let me know it was Jamie. I definitely liked the idea of knowing I was playing with her pussy, but at the same time I was curious about Ashley’s little fuck hole also.

As I was feeling around about waist level for Ashley I instead ended up with large erect cock in my hand. Instinctually I released, but as a warm moist mouth covered my own solid dick, I gripped Eve Gelen Escort the cock firmly again with a sense of abandonment.

While I had my bearings now of who was where I liked the idea more that it was simply a mouth sucking my dick and a pussy in one hand and a dick in the other, rather than thinking of these parts belonging to actual people. Soon I felt a tongue in my mouth and this added to the overload of sensations but again clearly I knew it was Jamie.

Wanting to get completely lost again, I moved about intentionally losing my bearing of who was where. The next ass I found I got down on my knees and began to bite it. As I spread the feminine cheeks, I could feel the patch of skin closer to the asshole that was so much softer than the already soft ass. This area drove me wild and I began licking the tender patch. She tilted her hips so her ass and pussy were completely exposed to me. My tongue and face was everywhere on the delicious cunt and ass. I licked everywhere, but I made sure to pay particular attention to the hole that was gushing juices and the hole that was so tight I could barely force my tongue inside of it. She began cumming in my face. Twitching and thrusting she actually knocked me backwards in the process.

She found my cock while I was still on my back, and guided it into her geyser of pussy. While she was bouncing on me I grazed a leg in the darkness. I reached up to grab a hold of a penis again, and curiously pulled it towards me. I never thought I would do something like this but I felt so good I really didn’t care to think of the moral implications. I took the hard cock into my mouth. It was trimmed nicely which made the process easier on me but the size was something I was hardly ready for. It was actually kind of hard to suck, but the thick hard meat sheathed in soft flesh in a way felt good in my mouth.

It was excruciating when the pussy lifted fully off my cock. But thankfully a new one was soon encasing my throbbing stick. This girl used distinctly more circular gyrations, than the previous who mainly stuck to hard up and down bounces on me. These new motions made it feel like I was probing every inch of her insides. I could feel her being rubbed in so many different places. I had to let the penis out of my mouth when she began cumming. She was still gyrating with the same speed and rhythm she always had but the pressure she was grinding my dick with was so much harder. I then became very aware of the smell of her pussy juices which I’m sure must have always been there, but now they were intoxicating. It was everything I could do not to cum at the same time she did. But I wasn’t done yet, I wanted this to last.

After her sloppy display of approval, I stood up and stumbled slightly against a wall. As I leaned up against it a series of mouths took turns sucking my dick. I never could tell who was who, but I’m very certain that all of them took multiple turns while I was there.

After the sets of oral gratification, I turned someone around so she was facing away from me and thrust my dick back in her pussy. While railing her from behind I realized both her and the other girl were sucking the dick in front of them. With two asses so close, I took turns fucking both the girls while they shared a dick in their mouths.

The bouncing back and forth idea made me so hot and I threw my head back in pleasure. My head hit something on the wall that I reached up to move with one hand. I soon realized I was actually holding a crucifix. The surface was finished and felt polished. The edges were relatively smooth, and I immediately knew what I was going to do with it. I took the cross by small end used the long end like I dildo on the exposed pussy beside me. Fucking one pussy while violating the other with a cross was so intense, I had long since bothered with worrying about morals.

Just then I felt a jet stream hit me once then twice across the chest. By the sound of things Jeremy had just cum and girls were on each side of his dick when he started. The girl I was fucking turned to lick the cum off my chest. My cock was still aching and couldn’t stay outside a hole for long.

I straddle the crucifix that I still had lodged in the other girl’s pussy. My dick was still so wet from the mouths and pussies it’s been in I was able to slide in the other tiny little fuck hole she had granted me access to. As I slid inside her ass I thought to myself, “This is so much tighter than any of many holes my cock had tried tonight. The cum was now gone from my chest but now both my nipples were being licked. Perhaps it was narcissism, or the fact it felt so good I had no choice, but I thought to myself “Everyone wants me to cum in her ass.” No sooner than those words crossed my mind I started to spasm. I began shooting all inside the tight asshole. Teeth came down on my nipples, my dick was now being held firm inside her ass as far in as it could possibly be pushed. Reveling in the last few moments of complete satisfaction I carefully removed my now sensitive cock, and the cross from the girl I had been fucking.

We tried to wipe down most of our bodily fluids and then make our way to a bathroom. When we got there, we locked that door while we further clean up. The three bodies I had been fucking looked amazing. And the smell in the air was also equally arousing. Once we were relatively certain that we were adequately clean, we got fully dressed and go back into the main hall. We found the game was over and most everyone was lying down to watch a show and go to sleep.

We laid down among the group like nothing ever happened. I looked over at Ashley who was now lying on her stomach; that beautiful ass that I love was sticking up into air. As I lied there, admiring her ass I noticed a bit of cum that began to leak through her little pink shorts from her asshole. I smiled knowing whose ass I had been inside now, and I thought to myself “I have never had so much fun at church.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32