Sabrina at the Grocery Store Ch. 03

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Sabrina had worked at the grocery store for a little more than a month. It wasn’t a big chain store and it wasn’t as small as the usual convenience store. It was a neighborhood store. They carried everything the people in the neighborhood had asked for over the past forty years.

The owner was really old and his son ran the business. Even his son Matt was about thirty five. Sabrina considered herself lucky to have landed this job. The store had been around a long time and held some of her oldest memories.

She recalled having walked to the store from her house hundreds of times. Sometimes she went with her mom to get groceries. Sometimes she went with her friends to get candy or ice cream or something to drink. She lived only five blocks away before she got married.

Now she was in an apartment downtown with her husband. She loved being married but she also loved excitement. Her mind was always on sex. She searched out opportunities to enjoy herself.

She told her husband everything in great detail after she had an encounter. It made their sex life great. He loved everything she told him about her sexual escapades. She was very good at it.

One wouldn’t suspect she was so nasty by looking at her. She stood five feet four and had brown hair. Nothing really stood out about her. She wore her hair shoulder length that was usually in a pony tail. Her breasts were almost a C cup but not quite so they were okay but nice. She had an athletic body but you couldn’t tell it unless she wore shorts or her favorite a skirt.

She didn’t have much fat on her but what she did she pack in the right places. She had a hint of a belly and some extra bounce to the back of her butt cheeks. Most guys didn’t notice without looking closely. Her husband loved to walk behind her. The wiggle of her extra as she walked drove him crazy with lust.

It had been a little while since she had a really good story to tell. He liked the one where she gave Jimmy the box boy a blow job in the men’s room. It wasn’t very dramatic and the stories she told about her with Lisa the checker were only a little better.

He did like the part where they put the cucumber inside them and shared it between their pussies writhing as the came. Other than that not much had happened at this job. She was looking around to figure out what might be fun when a customer she recognized came in.

“Mrs. Dormer!” She shouted. “It’s Sabrina.”

“Hello there. It’s been so long that if you didn’t tell me who you were I wouldn’t have recognized you. How are you doing now?” She said and the two women hugged and held hands talking with each other. “Let me look at you. My so filled out and grown up.”

“You were my favorite teacher of all time. I have always loved you Mrs. Dormer.” Sabrina said admiring her former teachers nice blonde hair and trim figure.

“Just call me Ann. That’s my name. We can get around this Mrs. Thing. I actually haven’t been married for several years now. It’s really good to see you. Tell me what you have been doing since the fifth grade.” Ann asked as the two women held hands.

“I’m good. I have been working here a little while. I used to come here when I was a kid.” Sabrina explained. “Let’s see… Ann. Since then I completed high school. I got married, and I work here now. Well, I’ve worked several places around town but I’m here now.”

“Married! My goodness, time flies.” Ann said. “How is married life treating you?”

“I really love him. He’s so sweet to me and the sex is great!” Sabrina exclaimed.

“It’s great alright. That’s something that didn’t come up much back when you were in the fifth grade.” They laughed together. “Things have changed so much. Geezz! Is he a local boy? Would I know him?”

“I don’t think so. He moved to town a couple of years ago from out of state.” Sabrina explained.

“I’m sure he’s good looking too. You grew up into quite a head turner.” Ann said. “You know back when I had you in my class I wasn’t that old. If I had seen you on the street looking like this you would have been just my type.” Ann confessed.

Sabrina noticed that they were both near the same height and build now. Ann had a slightly larger ass smaller breasts and a bit more tummy than she does. “Women are terrific aren’t they?” Sabrina whispered catching on to what Ann was saying.

“They always have been.” Ann admitted.

“What are you doing now? Still teaching?” Sabrina asked.

“I had to stop teaching a few years ago. The pressures just got too great. I’m doing corporate training now. I get to travel and show people how our products work. It’s quite fun. The company is based in Atlanta but I fly out of here to wherever they want me. I do some online training as well. My partner maintains the house and has a local job but I bring in a very nice paycheck.” Ann explained.

“I’m glad things are going well for you. Tell me about your partner?” Sabrina asked.

“You met her many years ago.” Ann said. “Do you remember Miss Chambers? She kartal escort bayan taught second grade.”

“I didn’t have her but I remember her slightly.” Sabrina recalled.

Just then Lisa came up to them. “Hi. Sorry to interrupt.” She said.

“Lisa this is Ann. She was my fifth grade teacher.” Sabrina interjected.

“Hi Ann.” Lisa said and the women nodded in acknowledgement of each other. “Sabrina, I was wondering if you would have time to do my nails tonight after work.” Lisa asked. “I don’t have all the stuff but I can get it after work. Can I come over and do it at your house?”

“I can make some time tonight.” Sabrina said. “What do you need? I don’t have any nail stuff at my place.” Sabrina held up her hands showing her nails were bitten to the quick.

“Maybe I can help out.” Ann said admiring Lisa’s large breasts and full figure. “My partner does nails for a living. I’m sure she wouldn’t mind helping you out. She has more than enough stuff at our house and I am sure she would be more than happy to help.”

“That sounds fine to me.” Sabrina agreed. Lisa agreed and they set a time to meet at Ann’s house at seven thirty.

“That’s a date then.” Ann said.

After work Sabrina went home and fixed dinner for her husband. They had sex and she showered. She put on a nice pair of shorts and the newest blouse she owned. She wanted to look nice for Ann. She kissed her husband and left her house.

She arrived at Ann’s house and was greeted at the door by Sandy her partner. They introduced themselves. Sandy showed Sabrina where to put her shoes by the door and walked barefoot into the kitchen. Sandy wore a thin light blue robe with a sash holding it closed. Sandy was a taller than her by at least two inches had dark brown hair and was thinner but with larger breasts.

Lisa was already there and dressed in a robe just like the one Sandy had on except in red. Lisa looked good in the robe. She was shorter. About five feet one and quite round with very large breasts and long black hair. The robe accentuated her waist. Sandy had already started on her nails.

“Would you like to take over and do Lisa’s nails?” Sandy asked.

“I can help but if you two are doing fine then that’s okay by me.” Sabrina said.

Ann came in from the other room and put her arm around Sabrina. She was dressed in a similar robe as the other women. It was green in color. The two women kissed each other lightly on the lips. “You look lovely dear.” She said to Sabrina. “Sandy, this is one of my favorite students. I had her for fifth grade. She was always a delight.”

“Thank you.” Sabrina said to Ann.

“It’s true darling.” Ann said. “I always remember your great attitude and sense of adventure.”

“I hope that hasn’t changed.” Sandy said. “I always loved students who were willing to try most anything.”

“That sounds like her.” Lisa said.

“Let’s get you into something comfortable.” Ann said. “Come with me.” She escorted Sabrina to her bedroom and found a yellow robe for her. “Get out of your things and put this on. You will be much more comfortable. You can put your clothes there on the dresser.”

Sabrina took off her shorts and blouse and slipped the robe around her.

“You don’t wear any underwear?” Ann remarked.

“Never!” Sabrina said and winked at Ann. The two of them hugged and they returned to the kitchen.

“Is anybody hungry?” Ann asked.

“I don’t need any food right now.” Sabrina said.

“Might that mean you have an appetite for something besides food?” Sandy asked.

“I just thought we women might have a nice relaxing night together.” Sabrina said.

Sandy stood half way up from her chair and gave Lisa a nice kiss on the lips. Lisa was surprised but kissed her back. “You two go on and get started. We’ll be along in a little while.” Sandy said and continued to work on Lisa’s fingernails.

Sabrina moved over to Lisa and gave her a kiss. She opened Lisa’s robe and caressed her left breast then put her mouth on the nipple and ran her tongue around it for a minute. Sandy watched but kept working on Lisa’s nails.

Ann moved behind Sabrina. She reached around her releasing the sash on Sabrina’s robe and hers as well. Lisa moved her free hand to her crotch and slid her second finger into her own vulva. She entered herself and closed her eyes.

Sabrina stopped and turned to Ann. The women kissed lightly and embraced. Their naked breasts touched. Ann took Sabrina’s hand and they walked into the bedroom.

Ann took off her robe and draped it on the bedpost. She took Sabrina’s robe off as well and put it on the bedpost over hers. Sabrina watched Ann and did exactly what she did only mirrored. Ann walked to the left side of the bed. Sabrina walked to the right side. Ann put her right knee on the bed. Sabrina put her right knee on the bed. Ann brought her left knee onto the bed and walked on her knees forward to the center. Sabrina followed the same method.

They moved closer escort maltepe to each other and met in the middle. Their large hard nipples on their small breasts touched slightly. For the moment they kept their hands to their sides. Ann tilted her head slightly and moved toward Sabrina. She tilted her head to meet Ann’s lips and they kissed lightly then raised their heads back up and looked into each others eyes.

Ann moved her right hand to Sabrina’s left breast and caressed it. Sabrina did the same for Ann. They kissed again this time a little longer and deeper and returned to their upright position. They changed hands on each others breasts and kissed again. This time Ann put a little more passion in the kiss and their tongues intertwined. Sabrina mirrored her mentor.

Ann put her arm around behind Sabrina’s head and held it there during their long kiss. Sabrina did the same for Ann. They both moved their other hand around the waist of the woman in front of them. No words were spoken. Their language was that of touch.

Ann released Sabrina and lay down on her back. Sabrina moved between Ann’s legs still kneeling and bending over her placed a hand on each side of her head. She moved on all fours over Ann and lightly moved her breasts against Ann’s skin as she positioned herself. She rubbed all over Ann’s front with her breasts.

Sabrina made sure she touched as much of Ann as she could with her nipples. She included her legs and tummy and breasts and moved up so Ann could suckle her nipples one at a time. Slowly she moved over Ann’s arms and back down to her tummy and legs. Once Sabrina moved her nipples over Ann’s knees Ann bent her legs at the knees opening wide for her as lovers do.

Sabrina crawled backward and repositioned herself to lay down on her tummy facing Ann’s pussy. Her feet hung off the end of the bed and she started by licking Ann’s knees then inner thighs. On the leg she wasn’t licking at the moment she used her hands gently to touch Ann. They both tingled a little with the lightness and simple passion of their sharing.

Sabrina had touched everywhere except Ann’s pussy and wanted the first touch to be special. She used her open hand with her fingers tight together against Ann’s vulva and lightly patted her pussy lips. She began near Ann’s mons and moved around her lips patting with light pressure then releasing to pat again.

Sabrina turned her hand over and Ann opened herself and raised her hips slightly. Sabrina continued patting the bottom of Ann’s vulva then she stopped patting. She moved her hand back so her fingers pointed up and just placed her hand against Ann and pressed with her palm.

Ann moved against the pressure and circled her hips placing the enjoyment as she wished. Sabrina kept the pressure against Ann constant and watched her lover respond to the touch. Ann had her eyes wide open. For several minutes the two of them looked at each other as they shared their feelings through their touch.

After a time Sabrina released the pressure on Ann’s pussy and put three fingers into her mouth. She wet them with her saliva and it dripped as she placed them on Ann’s pussy lips. Two of her fingers ran just inside Ann’s outer lips and the center finger pressed lightly down the middle of Ann’s vulva.

Sabrina firmly slid her hand up and down the length of Ann’s vulva. Ann closed her eyes and moved her head a little. She put her left hand on her breast. She moved it around her chest covering all of her nipple and breasts as well as her tummy and shoulders as Sabrina rhythmically moved across her pussy. They kept this up for a while.

Ann shook a little as she felt deep sensations of her coming orgasm flush through her. Sabrina continued to move the same as before but changed the rhythm making very little faster and pressed with her center finger against Ann’s inner lips and clit a little bit harder. They continued in silence communicating with their touch.

Ann had become very wet. Sabrina changed her selection for stimulating her partner. She used Ann’s wetness to moisten her index finger. She ran the wet finger around just inside Ann’s outer lips like it was a track meet. She moved slowly but deliberately and pressed in between Ann’s outer and inner lips circling it many times.

After a few minutes of this Ann began the first of what would be many orgasms at the hands of her old pupil. Sabrina moved to a new position with her thumb and forefingers of both hands. She pinched firmly up and down Ann’s inner lips of her vulva both sides at once. Sabrina noticed that Ann’s lips grew more pronounced as they grew excited and her entire vagina became more active and open.

Ann moaned and squealed as Sabrina brought her to several orgasms one after the other. They continued until Ann sat up and grabbed Sabrina by the hand. They looked into each others eyes. Sabrina got up on her knees and kissed Ann deeply. Ann returned the kiss and pulled Sabrina down to the bed.

She rolled on top of Sabrina and pendik escort pinned her to the mattress. They kissed and Ann brought her right leg over Sabrina’s right leg putting her thigh firmly into Sabrina’s groin. Sabrina moved her hips against the pressure of Ann’s knee and thigh.

She was already wet and the wetness from her pussy warmed and spread onto Ann’s leg. They moved together and Sabrina shuddered in orgasm with their passion. Ann moved her mouth to Sabrina’s right breast and lightly bit all around the breast then she sucked in the areola and nipple lightly biting it.

Next Ann moved her leg out of Sabrina’s crotch and dropped her right hand down to Sabrina’s pussy. She used her second finger to move just inside Sabrina’s vulva to the point just under her clit. She pushed up on Sabrina and moved rapidly but only moving her fingertip a half an inch intensely fluttering it rapidly against her flesh.

At the same time Ann used her mouth over Sabrina’s right breast to bring her to orgasm by pressing firmly with the tip of her tongue on her areola circling it around and around and around. After just a couple of minutes Sabrina shuddered all over as was her trademark when she felt the loving electricity of her orgasm course through her body.

Ann released Sabrina’s breast from her mouth and moved her face. They kissed deeply. Their tongues played. Ann kept her finger tip fluttering under Sabrina’s clit and soon Sabrina convulsed with another orgasm. She wrapped her arms around Ann’s neck and shoulders. She pulled Ann hard into her chest. Ann stopped moving until Sabrina released her grasp. Then she repositioned her knees on each side of Sabrina’s head.

Sabrina hungrily licked into Ann’s sopping wet snatch. Ann held herself steady with both hands on the headboard of the bed. She threw her head back and closed her eyes. Sabrina licked and sucked Ann’s inner lips and clit. She drove her tongue into Ann as far as she could and fucked her with her tongue. Sabrina thought she could never get enough of this but she kept on trying.

Lisa and Sandy walked into the room together. Sandy took off her robe and Lisa handed the red robe she removed from her voluptuous body to Sandy. The clothing was placed on a vacant bed post. Sandy pulled the red sash out of the belt loops of Lisa’s robe. Lisa crawled up on the bed between Sabrina’s legs. She dipped her head to Sabrina’s wet quim and licked slowly all over inside her.

Sandy threw the red sash on the empty pillow next to the women. She went to the dresser and took out three bottles of lube, a butt plug, one large double end dildo and a strap on harness with a nice sized flesh colored dildo attached. She tossed the toys on the empty side of the bed and set the bottles of lube on the nightstand.

Sandy always liked music playing while she played. She put a CD in the player and set it to repeat. Her music selection was all instrumental with ethereal sounds and a steady beat. She liked the sensuous feel of the music. She picked up the butt plug and a bottle of the appropriate lube. She walked around the bed preparing the joy toy.

Sandy dripped several drops of lube on Lisa’s rosebud. She worked it into her ass with the tip of the toy. She pushed it into Lisa. Sandy gradually filled her and moved the device in and out of Lisa’s ass. Sandy held the bottle of lube between her teeth.

She used two fingers of her other hand to enter Lisa’s pussy. Her fingers slammed into Lisa’s love canal each time the toy penetrated her rectum. The tongue inside Sabrina grew more active as Lisa got turned on.

Ann convulsed with orgasm after orgasm. They came in rapid succession to her. Eventually she couldn’t take any more. She fell off of Sabrina’s mouth and onto the bed. She ignored all the toys that ended up under her body. She lay as still as she could with her legs tightly together avoiding any contact with her tender groin for a little while.

Sabrina missed having someone to hold onto during her orgasm. She writhed and flailed her arms finally resting her hands on Lisa’s head. Lisa stopped for a moment. She took hold of Sabrina’s thighs and quickly pulled toward her. Sabrina involuntarily slid down the bed under Lisa. She looked up to see two very large and inviting breasts dangling in her face.

“Oh goody!” Sabrina said. She hungrily licked, sucked and lightly bit into them. Lisa was feeling good. Between Sabrina’s voracious appetite for female flesh and the pressure on her clit and in her ass from Sandy she easily had first orgasm of the evening. It was very intense.

She felt she was being manhandled but in such a loving way that she growled and moaned loudly reflecting the intensity of her feelings. She got louder and the growl got longer as Sandy and Sabrina continued their attention. Sandy eventually tired and stopped. She left the butt plug in Lisa’s ass and reached across the bed for the harness.

Lisa moved down onto Sabrina’s lips. The two of them kissed deeply. Their breasts rubbed together. Lisa moved one of her hands to Sabrina’s clit and fingered and pinched it. Sabrina returned the favor for Lisa. Sandy got herself all rigged up and belted in the harness. The plastic cock hung lewdly from her hips. All she needed was some lube on the dildo.

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