Ryan’s Surprise

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You come home from a long, stressful day at work. You turn off the truck engine and get out, thinking to yourself that you hope things will be better tomorrow. Climbing the steps your front door, you pause to take off your hat before slowly unlocking the door, tossing your hat onto the stand by the door. You step inside and head for the shower, ready to relax. After letting the hot water relax the tension in your back, you quickly wash up and towel dry.

Wrapping the towel sound your hips, you walk into your bedroom, for the first time noticing a flicker of light coming from the doorway. Curiously you enter the room, not sure what you’re about to find.

The first thing you notice are the candles…everywhere. There must be 20,

30…hell who knows how many? Every available surface is covered with a lit candle, the flames flickering in the air.

Your attention is drawn to the bed where you notice that I am laying – in a silky black robe and your cowboy hat. You move quickly towards me and start to climb onto the bed next to me. I put my hand on your chest to push you back, climbing off the bed as I do. Standing next to you, I reach up to pull your head down to mine, kissing you softly on your lips. Your hands reach out to tug at the belted robe but again, I stop you. You start to protest, but I silence you with my lips on yours. My body presses against you. I feel your cock straining against the towel around your waist and it sends a thrill through my body.

Removing my lips from yours, I begin to kiss my way down your body. Placing feather-like kisses across your neck, I feel you shiver. Moving a little lower, I place hot kisses across your chest, pausing to tease each nipple with my tongue, lightly nipping on one as you inhale sharply. Your hands reach up to play in my hair, but I remove them and hold your hands, entwined with mine, at each side of your body. The muscles in your stomach tremble slightly as I continue running my mouth down the front of your body. I place a kiss directly on your navel, enjoying the way your breath has quickened. Releasing your hands, I look up into your eyes from my kneeling position on the floor. Your eyes are dark with desire, your lips parted slightly as you breathe heavily.

I trail kisses down from your navel to the edge of your towel. Once again your hands reach up to play in my hair. I remove them from my head, smiling and shaking my head at you.

“No hands,” I say softly as I reach up to remove the towel. Placing kisses across your escort bayan lower abdomen, I hear you groan as your hips flex, your hard cock pushing against me. I continue my onslaught, kissing lower. I grasp your cock in my hand, slowly pumping it as my lips caress your heavy balls, feeling your hips buck in response. Working my way back up to your cock, my lips graze the tip, feeling the sticky pre-cum that is glistening there. I reach out with my tongue to lick you clean, enjoying your saltiness. I gaze up at you as I part my lips to fully engulf the head of your cock in my mouth. Your hips flex in response, trying to feed me more of your aching cock. My tongue swirls around the head of your cock, my mouth tightening around it, tasting your excitement as I do.

Out of the corner of my eye, I see your hands clenching, obviously fighting the urge to grab hold of me. I smile slightly around your cock, enjoying the torment you are in. I feel you surge, hips pressing closer to my face. I relax my jaw, allowing you to push your cock further into my mouth, sliding against my tongue.

A moan escapes from you as your cock butts against the back of my throat, my lips closed around you. Slowly, I withdraw your cock from my mouth, my tongue pressing firmly against it. I lightly rake my teeth across the ridge on the head of your cock before wrapping my lips around it once more and plunging you deep into my mouth. Your hands come up to grasp my head again but this time I allow you keep them there. Fisting your hands in my hair, you thrust in and out of my mouth, my lips and tongue creating friction against your swollen cock. Wrapping one hand around the base of your cock, I pump your shaft as my mouth moves up and down, feeling you swell inside my mouth.

I pull my mouth off of your delicious cock and stand up, untying the robe and letting it fall to the floor. Your eyes roam over my body, focusing on my puckered nipples surrounded by silver rings before coming to rest on my pussy, glistening lips peeking through a wisp of hair. My breathing is heavy, lusting for the touch of your hands on my body. You lick your lips as you reach out to lightly touch one nipple, then the other, your finger tracing the outline of the silver nipple ring. Your eyes snap back to mine as I quietly moan your name.

“Oh, Ryan,” I say breathlessly, “touch me.”

You smile as you pull my body to yours. My body melts against you as you bend your head down to press your mouth to mine, your tongue probing escort my mouth, dancing against my tongue. My pebbled nipples rub against your chest, your chest hair teasing them. My hands roam over your body, running through your hair, gripping your shoulders, down your arms, feeling your muscles flex. Dropping my hands to your waist, I pull myself even closer to you. Your hard cock is nestled between my legs, rubbing against my wetness. I rock against it, trying to arch my hips so that it will slide into my pussy, loving the friction against my clit.

You push me back onto the bed, and spread my legs. “My turn now,” you tell me as you kneel before me. Your lips trail down the inside of one leg, barely brushing the center of my heat as you continue to run your lips up my other leg. You pause at my knee, pressing a hard kiss there. I look down and see you admiring my close-shaven mound with eyes dark with desire. You lean forward, pressing your lips to my clit. You continue to rain close-mouthed kisses all along my slit. Your tongue darts out to lap at my clit, your lips closing around it, sucking gently. Your finger parts my wet pussy lips, trailing up and down as your tongue continues to tease me. Slowly you slide one finger inside, feeling how excited you’ve made me.

Between your mouth on my clit and your finger in my pussy, I feel like I’m in heaven and hell at the same time. Heaven because of how good it feels and hell because my body is on fire!

You slide another finger inside of me, your other hand reaching under me to pull me up closer to your mouth. As the pressure of your tongue on my clit increases, I can feel myself start to cum.

“Oh, god, Ryan, please don’t stop,” I beg, clenching the sheets in my hands.

I can feel you chuckle as you increase the speed of your fingers sliding in and out of me, your tongue on my clit matching the rhythm and speed of your fingers.

My body tenses and my back arches, pressing closer. I release the sheets with one hand, using it to tease first my right nipple, then my left, biting my lip and moaning loudly. “Ryan, ohhhh!” I gasp your name as my world tilts, my body exploding, my pussy clenching tight around your fingers. My body sags limply against the bed, my heart racing.

You place one last gentle kiss on my clit, slowly removing your fingers from my pussy and standing. The head of your cock glistens with pre-cum, a trail of it running down your shaft. I can feel myself start to tingle again, seeing how excited bayan escort you’ve become. Raising up on both elbows, I watch as you stroke yourself, squeezing the head, extracting more of that deliciousness.

You move forward toward me and I scoot back on the bed to give you room to crawl in. “Lay back, baby,” I say as I push you towards the pillows.

You lay back on the bed and I climb above you, my pussy poised to take you in. You flex your hips up and the head of your cock spreads my pussy lips. My eyes locked on yours, I slowly slide down onto your shaft, watching the hunger spread across your face. Finally you are sheathed deep inside of me, my hot, wet pussy gripping at your aching cock. I roll my hips, eliciting a groan from you as I do so. I lean forward ever so slightly to press a kiss to your lips, allowing you to slide halfway out of me before sitting back up and sliding back down onto your shaft.

Picking up the cowboy hat from where it had fallen earlier, I place it back on my head as I begin to rock my hips, slowly at first, your cock sliding in and out easy. You grip my hips and increase the tempo as you being to thrust up into me. My pussy grinds down onto your cock as you thrust into me. Your skin is slick with sweat as you fuck me. Cupping my breasts in my hands, I lean forward to offer them to you for a kiss, a taste. You suckle on one nipple, the ring clinking against your teeth as you take it gently between them.

Suddenly, you grab my hips and in one swift move, you turn me over so that you are now on top of me. Grabbing one leg, you pull it up so that my knee bends over your elbow. My other leg locks around your hips. Your head bends forward to capture my lips as you pound into me, your heavy balls hitting against my ass with every thrust forward.

“Ryan, fuck me, make me cum!” I cry loudly as my body winds tighter. My breathing is short, all concentration focused on the feel of you sliding in and out of my pussy. I feel so close to the edge again, seeking that sweet release. I can hear you moan, feel your cock swell within me, knowing that you are close, too. Your lips close over my nipple, sucking hard, your tongue flicking at the ring, teeth grazing the overly sensitive tip.

“Oh my god, fuck, Ryan, fuck…ohhhhhhh fuuuuuuuck! Ryan!!” I cry loudly as I cum, your cock pounding into my pussy, faster now. You’re breathing so hard, your eyes are starting to roll back into your head. I pull your head to mine and kiss you deeply as I feel your body tense, thrusting deep, filling my pussy with your cum, you moaning into my mouth. Your body collapses onto mine, my arms holding you close.

We lay there entwined for a few minutes, before climbing out of bed and heading to the shower to clean each other up…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32