Russian Lesbians of Toronto

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Meet Anastasia Karpov and Anna Golovko, two Russian women living in the City of Toronto, Ontario. They’ve been together for years and their romance is the quite simply stuff of legends. Anastasia is five feet eleven inches tall and slender, with long black hair, porcelain skin and lively brown eyes hidden behind horn-rimmed glasses. Anastasia Karpov works as a systems engineer for Vasili Incorporated, a tech corporation in downtown Toronto. Look up the term white female nerd and you will find a picture of Anastasia Karpov. There is nothing wrong with being a Russian lesbian nerd.

As for Anna Golovko, she is six feet tall, curvaceous and blonde-haired, with lively blue eyes and a dopey-sweet smile. A former Russian supermodel turned business consultant, Anna Karpov looks a little bit like Russian tennis legend Anna Kournikova, but with a bigger ass. This is the story of two lovely ladies making some changes in their relationship. Anastasia is hard-working, patient, rational and logical. Anna is passionate, feisty, and at times very impulsive and impatient. When Anna wants something, she wants it right away, much to Anastasia’s chagrin. What’s a nerdy Russian lesbian to do?

“Anastasia, I want to make some changes in our relationship, sex with you has become extraordinarily boring,” Anna said with a grin. Anastasia, seated on the couch, was working on her laptop while a Russian movie played on the television. Upon hearing Anna’s words, the nerdy brunette looked up from her laptop. Dammit, what the hell is the blonde hussy up to? Anastasia is a cool, easygoing and flexible person while Anna is both a sexpot and a drama queen. Hmm, the things a Russian lesbian does for love, eh?

“Is that so?” Anastasia asked, cocking an eyebrow, and Anna nodded, then continued. Anastasia put down her laptop and gave Anna her undivided attention. From the moment the two women met, one fine day inside the Eaton Center, Anastasia knew that Anna was the one for her. The tall blonde gal with the curvy Bolu Escort yet athletic body and the mesmerizing ass simply took Anastasia’s breath away. Anastasia has always had a thing for sinfully sexy blonde women who happen to be on the difficult side. That’s Anna to a T. Something’s got to give, right?

“I like BDSM, I like watching women slap each other, tie each other up, spank each other and fuck each other roughly, not the boring tender stuff you’ve been doing,” Anna said, hands on her hips. Anastasia took a deep breath and willed herself to be calm. Anna was deliberately trying to provoke her. Anastasia is thirty seven and Anna is thirty one. Anastasia loves Anna very much, even though Anna sometimes gets on her last nerve. Like today. Anastasia’s heart winced when Anna referred to her lovemaking style as boring. Is nothing sacred to Anna anymore? The blonde brat can be cruel sometimes, for real…

“I like holding you and kissing you and making sweet love to you, what is wrong with that?” Anastasia asked, and Anna scoffed derisively. As Anastasia looked on, Anna suddenly surged forward and grabbed her laptop. Anastasia gasped and pleaded with Anna to return it. Laughing, Anna ran with the laptop then went to the kitchen with it. Turning on the faucet, Anna dangled the laptop, which contained Anastasia’s work, dangerously close to the running water. Anastasia looked into Anna’s eyes and saw pure malice there. Rising to her feet, Anastasia got ready to confront Anna. Enough is enough…

“I’m going to ruin your laptop and destroy your work, get you fired from your job and get rid of you,” Anna said, laughing. Incensed, Anastasia felt tears well up in her eyes. Shaking her head, the tall, dark-haired female nerd confronted the sexy, buxom blonde. Anastasia had enough of Anna’s crap. Closing the gap between them, Anastasia got all the way up in Anna’s face. Grabbing Anna’s hands, Anastasia pried the laptop from them and then put it away. Anna smirked and that’s Bolu Escort Bayan when Anastasia finally lost her cool.

“You bitch,” Anastasia said and she grabbed Anna and shoved her hard against the kitchen wall. Anna smiled with satisfaction as Anastasia finally lost her shit. Anna shoved Anastasia, hard. Anastasia got mad as hell and slapped Anna hard across the face. Anna seemed genuinely surprised, but her smile returned. Anna surged forward, and attacked Anastasia. The two women wrestled furiously on the kitchen floor. Anna got on top of Anastasia and grabbed her throat. Anastasia looked up at Anna, who grinned triumphantly.

“That’s more like it,” Anna said, and then she kissed a surprised Anastasia. Stunned by Anna’s kiss, Anastasia nevertheless kissed her back passionately. Anna unbuttoned Anastasia’s shirt, and then went for her pants. Anastasia watched as Anna removed her belt from her pants, and held it in the air. The two women locked eyes, and Anastasia finally realized what Anna wanted. Anna slipped out of her clothes, revealing her tall, sinfully sexy body. With her angelic face, pale skin, blonde hair and blue eyes, and that thick white ass, Anna was sexy as Hell. Anastasia watched as Anna got off of her, and then stood up.

“Alright,” Anastasia said as she got up, and watched Anna turn away from her while sticking out her big white ass. Anastasia took the belt, and hesitated. Anastasia may come off as a cerebral, unemotional person, but she is really a sweet-natured lady at heart. Anna on the other hand looks like an angel but she is as wicked as they come and likes the rough stuff, in and out of the bedroom. Turning to look at Anastasia, Anna flashed her a sexy grin.

“Come on, Anastasia, that ass isn’t going to beat itself, what are you, fucking scared?” Anna said haughtily. Anastasia took a deep breath, and then proceeded to whack Anna’s big ass with the belt. Anna yelped in pain, and then giggled. Anastasia, fed up with Anna’s Escort Bolu attitude, decided to teach her a lesson. Anastasia grabbed Anna, and whooped her ass with the belt. While whipping Anna’s big ass, Anastasia slipped her hand between her thighs and began fingering her pussy. Anna moaned in pleasure as Anastasia doled out both pleasure and pain, just the way she liked it.

“You love this, you crazy bitch,” Anastasia taunted Anna, and the nerdy brunette thus unleashed a sexual cyclone upon the buxom blonde. Anna was stunned by Anastasia’s passion, but in a good way. After whipping Anna’s big white ass with the belt, Anastasia put her on her knees, slapped her face repeatedly, and then fisted her vagina. Anna cried out in sweet pleasure and exquisite pain as Anastasia worked her entire fist into her vagina…then twisted it inside. Anastasia grinned and slapped Anna’s face repeatedly while fisting her.

“Oh yes, don’t stop, own me, own my pussy, make me your bitch, Anastasia,” Anna squealed. Emboldened by her lover’s willingness to be utterly dominated, Anastasia continued to fuck her roughly. After fisting Anna’s pussy, Anastasia proceeded to make her lie flat on the cold kitchen floor. Straddling Anna’s face, Anastasia sat on her face and smothered her. Anna lay there, eating Anastasia’s sweet pussy. Anastasia sat on Anna’s face like a queen on her throne. When Anna finally made her cum after giving her pussy a tongue bath, Anastasia rewarded her with some golden nectar. That’s right, the nerdy brunette pissed on the buxom blonde’s face. Thrilled with Anastasia’s dominant side, Anna drank her golden nectar.

“Hmm, I hope you liked it,” Anastasia said to Anna, and the blonde gal grinned, then kissed her partner passionately. After this memorable event, Anastasia and Anna got back the passion their relationship had been lacking. They went to the local adult store and bought tons of lesbian-themed domination films, along with strap-on dildos, butt plugs, handcuffs, ball gags and more. Anastasia is becoming a dominatrix because that’s what her partner and sub Anna expects of her. Making that change to make her lady happy is something that Anastasia is totally happy to do. For Toronto’s favorite Russian lesbian couple, life is good!

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