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I was born into a family of mobsters. My father was a powerful crime lord until he got “retired” by a rival Family, at which point my uncle took over the business. The rival Family in question was utterly destroyed within six months, and no one in the area had the courage (or stupidity) to challenge my family’s stranglehold on the area again.

I wanted no part of that life. I wasn’t about to rat out my family, I just wanted away from it. Since I had four siblings and eight cousins, the younger generation was well represented and there would be plenty of people to run the business when the older generation was no longer around. I was given 5 million dollars and told to disappear somewhere remote and never come back to the big city again, if I really wanted to drop out. I thought that was fair, said goodbye to the family and the rest of the Family, was wished good luck in my life, and headed for a dying mining town in the Midwest.

As a mild precaution, I legally changed my name. I didn’t think any of the Family’s rivals would come after me – or even be able to find me if they wanted to – but it never hurt to be sure. Unlike one Todd Allan Corbett, who legally changed his name to Heywood Jablowme back in the late 90’s, I changed mine to something sensible. So at age 26, I was now officially Frank Joseph Brenner.

I purchased a small (one-bedroom, two bath) house, moved my stuff in, and explored the town a bit. The mine had closed a year ago and a goodly number of people had been thrown out of work. Some discreet inquiries revealed that it wasn’t a case of mismanagement or corporate greed: the mine had simply been played out. There was no more metal ore. The local businesses took in who they could, but the town’s population was only about 5,000 people, so there were only so many available jobs. Very few people in the town had more than a high school education. They couldn’t afford to send their kids to college just like their parents hadn’t been able to send them to college. One girl in town, a 20-year-old named Mae, had been able to go thanks to some obscure scholarship, but was unprepared and had flamed out during her third semester. In fact, she was coming back tonight.

“How does someone from a dying mining town get a scholarship to college?”

“She got it because she’s an orphan. A month before she graduated high school, both her parents died in a car crash.”

“So if her parents are gone, where is she going to stay when she gets here?”

I was glad I asked that question. No one seemed to have a good answer for it.

“She can stay with me,” I said, once it was determined that there wasn’t any obvious spot for her to go.

“Trying to make a good impression on us, are you?”

“Trying to be a decent human being and do the right thing.”

“None of us have enough money to do the right thing. We have to be pragmatic and do the required thing.”

I understood that. My grandfather had told me stories of how his father came over on a small boat, traveling in steerage, and arrived penniless in New York City, a stranger in a strange land. He had to do whatever Aksu Escort it took in order to survive. He couldn’t afford to be ethical. And that is how our family ended up in the profession of “criminal”. We had worked our way to the top of that profession.

When she arrived, Mae proved to be a rather bland-looking woman. She wasn’t skinny, but she wasn’t obese either. A bit chunky, perhaps, but not as wide as she was tall. Her shirt, which was unbuttoned just enough to show a slight hint of cleavage, revealed that she wasn’t particularly busty. (I later confirmed that her breasts were in between a B cup and a C cup.) She had straight brown shoulder-length hair, brown eyes, and carried a small suitcase and a backpack. Her skin was light-colored, but not albino. Just your average 20-year-old Caucasian female, with no attention-drawing features.

One of the townspeople introduced her to me and explained that I had volunteered to take her in. She politely thanked me, and we went back to my place.

I didn’t tell her the details of my past, but I mentioned that I was financially comfortable and wanted to live away from the big city. She appreciated that, saying that having tried the big city while she was at college, she was happy to be back home.

“We’ll have to share the bed,” I pointed out. “But I promise not to do anything you don’t want me to.”

Mae giggled. “I’ve never actually `done anything’ other than a kiss.”

We got her settled and her possessions put away, then I changed into my sleeping outfit (topless, wearing sweatpants and underwear) and got in the bed. Mae’s sleeping gear was a full-length nightgown. She was a few inches shorter than me (I’m a full six feet tall), so it was natural for her to curl against me and rest her head on my chest as we fell asleep.

When we woke the next morning, I asked Mae if she had any definite plans for when she got back.

“Nope,” she informed me. “I figured I’d need to get a job, but with you here…”

“Neither of us needs to work,” I confirmed.

After we ate breakfast, we decided to cuddle on the couch and watch a couple of movies. We were still in our sleeping-wear, having seen no reason to change out of it. I casually held Mae in my arms as she rested her head on my chest. The movies were enjoyable.

Mae helped me prepare lunch, and we ate it standing up. Then we both made a quick pit stop.

“I guess we should get back in the bed,” Mae observed. “Can’t spend all day watching movies.”

I didn’t see why we couldn’t, but if she wanted me to join her in the bed, I wasn’t going to refuse her. After all, as my mom had explained to me when the subject of relationships first came up, there were only two rules men needed to follow to make sure they got along smoothly with women. Rule

was that the woman was always right, and rule

was that if the woman was ever wrong, to see rule


So I tagged along with Mae back to the bedroom, and we climbed back in the bed. Mae slid over and lay half on top of me, resting her head on my chest again. She promptly placed Aksu Escort Bayan a hand directly on my crotch.

“Before I went off to college,” Mae informed me, “I was too young to engage in sexual activities, and there wasn’t anyone around worth doing it with anyway. While I was at college, I was too busy trying to keep up with the classes to have a relationship. Now, I’m 20 years old and horny and tired of being a virgin.”

I nodded. “Understandable.”

“So get your damn clothes off and plow me silly,” Mae demanded.

“Hold it,” I told her. “There’s a lot more to sex and intimacy than shoving a penis into a vagina. Also, if I squirt inside you you could get pregnant.”

She sighed. “So don’t squirt inside me. But at least put it in.”

“All right,” I agreed. “But only if you let me take things slowly. Let’s get naked.”

20 seconds later, her nightgown and my bottoms had been removed and were lying on the floor.

“Come here, Mae. Lie down like this.” I positioned her next to me and slowly brought my lips forwards to meet hers. I kept the kiss short, gentle and sweet.

“Good girl. Now let’s try one with our mouths open.”

Her tongue eagerly and aggressively slid into my mouth. I more calmly explored hers, and our tongues twined until we had to break away for breathing.

“Just lie still,” I instructed her as I nudged her over fully onto her back. I kissed her neck, and she shivered slightly. I trailed my tongue along her skin to her upper chest. She let out a series of happy little sounds.

I then gently cupped her pert, firm breasts and kissed her cleavage. She shivered.

“Frank, do you really have to take things this slow?”

“It’s called foreplay, Mae. I promise the reward will be worth it.”

I took one of her nipples into my mouth and suckled. Mae’s voice dissolved into a happy sigh, and then her breathing deepened and she began moaning as I tweaked her other nipple softly between my fingertips.

I alternated my mouth between her nipples, switching perhaps once every 30 seconds. Mae’s arms instinctively came down to secure my head against her chest.

After a few minutes of that, I rotated my body around and started kissing her thighs. My semi-hard cock was near Mae’s face, and it got harder as I kissed towards Mae’s rapidly moistening slit.

“What do I do with this?”

“Lick up and down, like you would with a lollipop.”

I would give Mae a detailed lesson on how to give a blowjob some other time, I figured. Right now I was more concerned with tasting her juices and getting her ready to be devirginized.

Mae’s clumsy and inexperienced tongue did lick along my shaft, up and down. It wasn’t a polished performance but it did serve the purpose of keeping me hard.

In the meantime, I spread apart Mae’s lower lips and gently began lapping her honey from the source. Her clit popped up, and I brushed it ever so lightly with a fingertip. Her entire body quivered.

I slid my tongue into her box. Her legs wrapped around my head. She licked along my cock with Escort Aksu more intensity. I worked my tongue in circles, trying to catch every drop of her nectar. She clamped her legs around me and shuddered through an orgasm, letting out a screech of pure lust.

When she unlocked her legs, I positioned her on her back and put my pole at the entrance to her box.

“There’s a membrane inside there that will break when I put this in you,” I explained. “It will hurt for a moment, but I assure you that afterwards, it will feel good. Ready?”

“Very ready, Frank. Stick it in there.”

I pushed inside a tenth of an inch at a time. I could feel resistance building, then something give way. I stopped to let Mae recover, then eased inside her at a snail’s pace until I was all the way in.

“Are you all right, Mae?”

“It did hurt. But it’s hurting a lot less now.”

I very slowly pulled out about an inch, then moved back in. Mae was starting to move her body in time with mine as I established a steady, gentle rhythm.

I wrapped my arms around her and leaned down to kiss her lips. Mae kissed back with eagerness.

“Can you move a little faster inside me, Frank?”

Truth be told, no. Not without hurting her. She was still very tight, and I’m not a sadist. But there was something I could do.

I kept my slow, steady rhythm, but I found her clit and began making tiny, very light circles on it with my thumb. Mae quickly began shuddering, and in a moment, she climaxed.

If I had thought her pussy was tight before, now it became almost painfully so. She clamped down so hard on my cock as she spasmed that I thought I might get permanently trapped inside her. With an effort, I managed to hold back my own quickly approaching orgasm. I held still until Mae finally regained control of her own body.

Then I slowly and carefully pulled out. Mae sighed as my rod exited her pussy. I lay on my back and helped her position herself between my legs.

“You don’t need F cups for this,” I said, as I slipped my pole between her breasts. She squeezed them together, making a nice tight channel for me to pump my cock in. Not nearly as tight as her newly deflowered box, but tight enough to stimulate me very effectively.

“Are you going to squirt?” Mae asked.

“Yes, very soon,” I assured her. I moved my hips faster now, as there was no danger of hurting her. She pressed her breasts even more firmly around my throbbing pole. I gasped as I blasted my load straight upwards, hitting her face and neck with some of it dripping back down onto her chest.

When I recovered, we removed the blood-stained sheets (I assured her that that part only happened the first time, and the only future times she’d have to worry about bleeding on the bed would be during her time of month), tossed them in the hamper and then cleaned up in the shower, before drying off and returning to the bed. Before we climbed in it, I put a fresh set of sheets on.

“Was it like you hoped?” I asked her.

“It was fun,” Mae informed me. “I’d like to do it more.”

“I’ll have sex with you any time you want,” I stated.

“I hope you’re prepared to give me a lot of sex,” Mae grinned. She pressed her naked body against me. “How about right now?”

“I don’t know if my dick is ready to fire again yet,” I told her. “But there are other things I can do…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32