Running on Empty

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The sound of the slap of his large hand against my face was one of the worst sounds I’d experienced in my eighteen years. My dad was a drunk. He’d already just about killed my Mom, my older brother had left home only a few weeks ago after my older step-sister Brooke was hurt even worse than I was by this monster of a parent. The night he knocked me down, I fell halfway down the stairs towards our basement. I was lucky enough to have regained my balance and stumbled back to my room to hide from him. I was hurt, stunned and more determined than ever to escape the house I lived in up until then with my stepsister, who I looked up to and admired.

Brooke was a stunning woman of 21 when I was only 18. She taught me everything I needed to know about life, women and men, birth control and unfortunately, drugs. We were always close and got along super-well especially for being stepsisters. I guess it’s normal for a younger sister to look up to her older sibling, even if we only had our Mom in common. Mom had divorced her dad early on and left us to fend for ourselves as he was a deadbeat and disappeared. He was a mix of African and Egyptian, and although he was educated, he was a very stupid man to leave our Mom in such a hurry.

I’m Dominique and I’m half Jewish and half Italian, raised by loving Mom who taught me art, music and made me get good grades in school. When I was younger I had the body of a young woman. My figure had begun to come into its own so quickly. I was around a 34 32 34 shape in high school, and because I was on the swim team, I had the body of a young athlete. At 18, I’m more of 36 32 34 and still enjoy working out and all sorts of sports, especially swimming.

My cell phone rang one afternoon. It was my brother Carl telling me our dad had been crushed to death on his job by a huge shredding machine that’s used for wood and paper. He’d been seen drinking on the job again that afternoon. What a surprise. My Mom had been recovering in a hospital from her last fall down the stairs, a disputed claim to be sure, according to the police report. I called the number my brother had left me to contact the detective who had gone through my dad’s wallet. I told him we weren’t going to claim the body, that the city should dispose of it any way they wanted to, and if he had a problem to contact my Mom later.

Carl, Brooke and I met at the hospital to be with my Mom and we all decided to use my dad’s meager insurance and pension to relocate to somewhere else in America. My Mom understood our anger but she eventually claimed his body and had it cremated, but dumped the ashes in the garbage when they arrived a few weeks later. Our small family was always moving around when I was young, and now, once again we were on the run once more. What were we running from?

A few weeks later, my Mom went back to work and Brooke and I were alone in the house together. She was always into healthy stuff like yoga and making good meals for us. I remember this time so vividly because it was my first time with another woman. Brooke was showing me a few yoga poses and we were stretching on the floor sitting upright, flexing our hamstrings. She gently touched my arms, stroking them as I flexed my legs. Brooke loved to wear leggings over her Danskins with only a sleeveless one tee-shirt, which highlighted her well-toned arms. She had the most attractive body. Guys would fall over her to get her attention all the time, but that day she was into me in a big way. I was so flattered and appreciative. Truth be told when I look back, I was always attracted to Brooke.

“Dom, you are really coming into your own now, you have a wonderful figure, so I want you to promise me you’ll keep working on it, even if I’ m not around okay?”

“Brooke, sure. Are you heading out on your own again?” I wondered why she had to leave so soon. I missed her so much when she’d disappear for days on end, to escape the madness and abuse at home.

“Don t sweat, I’m not moving far, and besides, I love hangin’ with my cute sister,” then she leaned over and kissed me. It was a soft kiss on my lips. The kiss was so innocent. I turned my face to meet her lips and we kissed, and just kept going. She put her hand on my face and kissed me again more passionately. Our tongues met. It felt so natural, as it still does to this day, even with other women. She definitely opened something up in me that day.

After she stroked my arm, she positioned herself behind me and cupped my breasts in her hands, and leaned forward to smell my hair and neck. I was wearing my sports bra, and my nipples rose to attention at her light touch. It was a loving gesture, and it turned me on dramatically. I know she felt it too. “I’ve always admired your perfect breasts, Dominique. They’re so nice to touch too, you could model right now, you know,” “Ummnggnh, what you’re doing feels so good!” I let her know right away, I wanted more. I threw my head back and swooned into her embrace as Ankara escort she held me tight.

Brooke put her hand on my tummy and worked her fingers into my shorts and found my pussy. By the time she got there, my mound was moist with warm pussy juices. I quivered with need and anxiousness, wanting to be touched, yet so new to this wonderful sensation of another woman!

“Is it okay if I touch you there, Dom? You’re so sexy!” It felt so natural. By asking me, it just reinforced my feelings that this was what I wanted.

“Brooke, YES! I love your touch, please keep going!” I whispered.

She got up and took off her Danskin, leaving on her top. She had some black lacy panties on, and the scent of her sex permeated my senses, I wanted to see her naked body and feel her all over me.

“Let’s get naked Brooke and shower first. I want to feel your body next to mine in the shower! ” I offered.

“Great idea, sis!”

We kissed and caressed each other on the way to the bathroom. Brooke had me wrapped around her emotionally already and was tying the knot sexually. I was SO into discovering this new side of me!

A few minutes later we were undressing each other in the bathroom. Steam filled up the room, making it nice and warm. We kissed slowly at first, I felt her lovely taut nipples against mine as we hugged and kissed more passionately. My fingers dropped to her firm ass as I fondled her amazingly firm butt. Brooke dropped down to her knees as I leaned against the shower stall, the warm water splashing all over us as she parted my labia and licked my pussy for the first time. Her tongue felt so good, her experienced fingers fondled my nips and butt at the same time.

I’d only let one guy to this to me before and he didn’t have a clue what to do, so Brooke was my first real oral sex partner and she was an expert. She softly peeled away from my short black hairs and found my clit fast and sucked on it with a regular rhythm, which shook my loins till I screamed in joy as my endorphins rushed through my brain with those lovely feelings.

All the while Brooke was sucking me I was holding onto her firm arms for support and wanted so much to please her next. Her tongue was swabbing at my honey spot so nicely, I felt that warmth that I always associated with getting myself off spread all over me, but Brooke was doing me now, and she was enjoying it so much too, I was totally in Heaven!

We dried each other off and when she put her foot on the toilet to dry herself, I went down between her lovely thighs and stroked her mostly shaved mound. She smelled so good to me, her damp pussy was so ripe for sucking! Her clit was sticking out, all ready for a nice sucking and I tongued it a few times slowly as she moaned. I grabbed her ass and launched my warm tongue into her lovely vagina, sucking and licking furiously trying to reciprocate the same fantastic feelings she had just given me. Although it was all new to me, I realized I loved sucking pussy. I couldn’t wait to feel Brooke’s trembling body. I wanted her moans and sighs to keep going and never stop, those voices are still with me.

“Oh Dom, yes YES! I love your tongue on me! Oh God YES! YES! Ummnghhhhh!” Brooke moaned loudly as she enjoyed what I was giving back to her. Brooke forced her pussy deeper into my face as I stroked her wet vagina with my two fingers while I sucked her juicy mound. My sister is the woman who told me how to suck pussy to effect the most pleasurable response from the woman. She showed me how to slowly stroke a woman’s clitoris and hold on the right spot for a few extra seconds, which made most women squirm for more!

Brooke moaned loudly while I practiced this art of cunnilingus on her lovely pussy. She arched her back and thrust her lovely wet mound deeper into my mouth. A sudden surge of her juices filled my mouth. Her sweet fluids spread all over my lips and chin. We were both in heaven.

“Come on, sis I’ll make you feel something different! “She said as she led me into her bedroom.

“I want to introduce you to tribbing. We’ll sit sort of opposite each other and intertwine our legs and rub our clits against one another, I think you’ll love it!”

On her bed, she put her back against the headboard and I was propped up against the front as we rubbed our clits together with the help of some good lubricant she applied. Brooke’s well-developed arm muscles always turned me on, as our thighs intertwined, our pussies clashed in a surprising amount of warm sensations which kept building for both of us. I wanted so much to touch and fondle her beautiful bouncing breasts her super erect brown nipples were so enticing! Somehow we held each other’s hands as we rocked and rubbed our clits together that afternoon. It was total ecstasy!

Our eyes locked onto one another as we gave each other the same pleasure!

As new as this was for me, I must’ve done something right. Brooke seemed to come first. As our clits engaged perfectly, Ankara escort bayan we found that optimal position and rocked and humped each other with lustful abandon.

“Oh fuck YES! Fuck my pussy with your lovely clit, Brooke!” I screamed at her as I squeezed her hand tighter. “Yeah, Dom, fuck yeah, you feel so fuckin’ great, Ummnnghh!” Brooke whined at me, her body looked so fuckin’ hot to me.

She arched her back and forced her body into mine, our clits massaged each other in the oily wetness of our pre-cum juices. I couldn’t take watching her bouncing breasts any longer. “Ummmmnn GOD!!” I moaned as I went down and sucked on her luscious pussy once more.

My hungry mouth instantly found her lovely extended clitoris and I sucked on that love bud hard and flicked my tongue madly at her swollen clitoris. Brooke arched her back as thrust after thrust soaked my young face with her sweet and salty juices!

Later that same night she put on her strap on and fucked me really hard like I’ve never had with a guy. We were both all over each other. l loved sucking her pussy and she adored playing with my breasts and nipples. We paused and held one another for a long while. Then Brooke told me,

“Dom, I want you to fuck me now, let yourself go, fuck me really hard, I want to feel your lovely thighs banging against my ass and feel that hard phallus in my pussy!”

I loved wearing her strap on and giving my older stepsister all that pleasure. Afterward, she confessed I was one of her best lovers, I was so appreciative of her thoughts for me.

The next day, I was a bit afraid she would act as nothing happened but instead picked up where we had left off in so many ways. After I made us breakfast she cornered me and insisted I get some pictures for a modeling portfolio together. Brooke had some friends with connections in that business so I took her advice.

Brooke had just graduated with a communications degree and was interviewing for a few journalism positions in and out of town. In only a few months she would land a job that would propel her career to new heights, but also separate us by thousands of miles. Before she left for a business appointment that next day she told me,

“Dom, I want to tell you I So enjoyed our time last night. It meant so much to me that you were so open to it and I will always love you, no matter what happens, okay?” We looked into each other’s eyes with an intimacy which that I will never forget.

One night after we made torrid love together she said to me,

“Look Dom, I still enjoy men, and you’ll probably still enjoy guys too, but this can be our little secret place to enjoy these pleasures and feelings in a really safe way. And I love you in so many ways, like a sister but also I have to admit, you’re such a fantastic lover!” Brooke kissed me and we laughed and had a wonderful weekend together, just the two of us.

By the time we went our own ways, our love had grown so strong as sisters, lovers and close friends, I knew that when she returned we’d still have something very special and intense. We kept in close contact, she still acted like my older sister sometimes warning me about other guys, business relationships and the like, and I would remind her how beautiful a woman she was, and that must’ve meant so much to her. She sent me gifts all the time and called in the middle of the night too, just to chat.

Deep down I not only trusted Brooke emotionally, I realized later that because of our intense sexual relationship, but she had also helped me see myself as a gay woman. I was so attracted to her in every way!

Other lovers would have to measure up in so many ways to what she was and how well she treated me. The many nights we kissed and caressed endlessly on the floor, our beds, wearing nothing or just in our panties, she’d always get me off into another form of ecstasy!

Now totally on my own and at 32, I’d look at a few private pictures we’d taken together and I’d go back to getting myself off, remembering her touch and what she meant to me. I’d fondle my breasts through my tee shirt. My nips got so taut I dreamed of her placing her mouth on them. In my fantasy, we’d be fucking and sucking before long, then tribbing and sucking each other off into multiple orgasms before falling into bed together.

Brooke had become the co-anchor of a cable news show and was finally at the top of her game. Then one night she got taken from us by a drunk driver. She was in the back seat of a black car limo coming home from a late-night shift. The guy T- boned the limo and killed her suddenly. I was devastated. For months, I grieved heavily. I saw a few therapists and studied books on Death and Dying, but it all was too much. I began drinking and smoking crack. My modeling career was on hold. I lapsed into someone dark and foreboding. Constantly running away from my feelings, my pain. I found myself walking the streets, turning tricks to keep myself high. That’s when I Escort Ankara met Michel.

It was a rainy night in late August. I was wearing a black leather mini skirt and a knit top with no bra, allowing my breasts to be seen openly in the dim light of the streets. But compared to my competition, I was dressed conservatively. Somehow I wandered into this guy’s house in the hopes of trying to score some crack. The guy’s place was about to get busted and a narc cop I knew told me to get lost. I ran into the street and hailed a cab. I ran like I was on fire!

I was shocked to see my driver was a hot looking woman who saw the entire scene go down as cops raided the decrepit apartment house. She was about mid-thirties, like me, with big lips, and a very angular face. I was so paranoid, I thought she was an undercover cop, but instead, she befriended me. At that point in my life I was homeless, choosing to live with guys I’d just met or other working -women I knew. Michel saw how shaken I was and took me home to her place. When I told her what I’d gone through in the last few months, losing my step- sister and getting hooked on crack, she even offered to let me stay in her one-room single room occupancy space on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. I think she was an angel but maybe she knew about the drugs from her own past too.

Michel told me she wouldn’t let me use crack or coke in her place but had some outrageous weed and good booze and listened to me more than anyone else could at that time. Michel was a 5 ft 10, olive-skinned, big-boned transsexual in the middle of her transition with a lovely pair of breasts, she’d just acquired. In some ways, she reminded me of a much more feminine Tim Curry who starred in a classic movie from the ’70s. She was on a full round of hormones and still had her 7″ circumscribed cock, which she shaved and kept very clean and cared for. We hung out for days on end and really got to know one another. After I told her I was lesbian she felt so much at ease, we bonded and became great friends. But I was really messed up psychologically and emotionally, and she saw me crying a lot, looking like shit and wanting to take drugs. Michel was such a Godsend at that point in my life. I owed her so much, and yet she didn’t ask for anything. Until I realized she was very attracted to me.

Michel used her taxicab, which she only rented on weekends mostly as a means to meet other guys and women. She had won a settlement in a bad accident, which allowed her to live a frugal but easy lifestyle. She enjoyed the taxi despite its dangers but had met more than a few good friends and lovers through the work. She told me it was better than doing marketing calls or turning tricks in dangerous areas. She’d tried waiting tables but was sensitive to the strange looks and remarks about her appearance.

One night in her small studio, I was helping her with outfits, she was naked, and her big cock got hard, I asked her if she wanted me to play with it. We stood there and laughed, but I was turned on to her by then, so I kissed her and held her close. I loved the shape of her breasts even if they weren’t real, they had a nice feel to them and she adored me touching her. Michel’s cock got harder and I went down and sucked on it. Michel played with her breasts, her wide nipples were not sensitive to touch but she enjoyed having them fondled. I reached up and fondled them while I sucked away on her immense hard-on. Then I came up and sucked on her breasts and she kissed me passionately.

“Oh Dominique, I’ve been wanting you to touch me like this for weeks now!”

It was my first experience with a transsexual and it was a bit strange but her body was so truly feminine she really did deserve to be touched and loved.

“Oh Dom, you suck me so well, oh, fuck I wish I could come, but it just gets hard and harder and nothing happens. I massaged her balls, licked them and placed her cock between my warm breasts. I knew most men loved that, and inside her brain, she was still masculine in some ways, I believed. I squeezed my breasts together, put some mineral oil on her hardness.

“Michel, I want you to fuck my tits. Just so this for you! Try to let it go. Let your hormones do whatever they want, don’t prejudge what you think should happen,” I said, as I stroked her lovely hard cock with one hand and tweaked her nipple with the other. I was quite aroused by then too!

Michel listened to me and thrust her body into mine. Her oily cock rose up and down between my nice breasts as I watched her eyes close and Michel enjoyed every moment of this unusual thing for her. I squeezed my breasts around her massive hard-on as she fucked my breasts with increasing force. Her pace quickened, her hips tightened, as the crown of her thick cock got very red with the blood rushing through it. “Oh fuck YEAH!” She moaned loudly, she squeezed my arm tightly. A geyser of creamy cum shot out onto my chest and another landed on my nipple. I reached down and swabbed it and smeared it all over me, then I told her to bring her cock to my face and I sucked her lovely cock dry.

“Oh God Yes Dominique!” Michel moaned, as she fell back and relaxed into the orgasmic bliss of her moment.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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