Rudy Goody turns Rudy Woody

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Rudolf Rheindier is an 18 year old college freshman, neither tall nor short, fairly handsome and basically slender. He’s a guy you won’t get into argument with because he’s too well reserved. Being still a virgin bothers him a lot. His painful timidity is what holds back his manhood. His excitement when seated beside a girl could easily be smothered by phobia. He can’t ask a girl for a date like his peers.

Inspired by a movie he saw that making wishes can come true, he embarked on a wishing spree on just about anything he thought could fulfill his wish. He even made a wish to a frog once. Please make girls think of me like a stud and make me prove to them that I am, so his wish goes.

One day he looked at himself in the mirror stark naked. “Not bad,” he says examining his dick then stroking it to hardness. What he lacked were muscles. So he thought that the remedy was to go to the gym and pack in some muscles. Still, the muscled guys in the gym intimidated him so he resorted to his gym work at home. He collected dumbbells and read fitness magazines. The daily workout in their garage gave results that after three months he noticed amazing improvements. His shirts tightened on the chest and nice cut of muscles were popping up in his arms and legs. He felt good and his confidence grew.

One day he at the school gym bleachers, he watched the cheerleaders rehearse for a contest. Debbie Fuller was the leader of the pack and he’s got a heavy crush on her. Guys flocked to him like bees. Although she dated guys, he heard that she’s too picky to go steady with any of her admirers.

Debbie and Rudy frequently glanced at each other when they meet anywhere in the campus. But when she’s on the verge of striking up a conversation with him, somebody would get in the way and Rudy would just vanish on the scene.

After the rehearsal Debbie looked straight at him and waved. When he was about to wave back, a big hunk of guy at his back stood and waved enthusiastically and even made a two-pinkie finger whistle before rushing to her. Rudy couldn’t do anything but limp out.

Later on when he’s walking alone, a car screeched to a halt and Debbie driving her Nissan Cefiro called out to him. “Hi! Rudy Goody, where’re going?”

Rudy appeared like he’d seen a ghost and became tongue-tied.

“Come on hop in, I’ll drive you wherever you want to,” Debbie said gleefully.

Rudy was elated couldn’t believe his luck. “Okay” he said. He opened the car door and swung in.

“Do you drive Rudy?”

“Yeah, seldom to school ’cause we just live nearby,” he replied sheepishly.

“You’re a quiet guy. I’m not sure if you like girls.”

“I, I like you Debbie,” he stammered.

“What do you like about me?”

Rudy gulped. “You’re pretty,” he said. Damn he’s so happy he could speak.

“How about Dana, Yasmin and Jinky? They’re my friends and they’re all pretty.”

“Yeah, they’re pretty too.”

“So who do you think is the prettiest?”

“You,” he said as she stepped on the brake for the big hump coming up ahead she didn’t immediately notice.

“Oh, there’s our house you can drop me off here.”

“Ok, I’ll see you then.”

“Thanks, Debbie.”

“Hey Rudy Goody, you have a basketball goal, maybe one time I’ll drop by and we play one on one, would you?”

“Yeah,” he said and thought that made his day quite fine.

But before Debbie made a turn to the next block she honked her car. Rudy turned his head back and saw her waving. Debbie’s heart flipped out for it’s the first time she saw his face cracked into a happy grin. After her car speeds away, Rudy jumped and hooped up with joy.

A week later, Debbie run to Rudy Goody’s house on roller blades, clad in shorts, teeny tank top and lugging a back pack. She saw Rudy shooting ball on the driveway. Earlier, Rudy’s mother went out with her friendly neighbor and will not be back until late in the afternoon. Rudy was left alone to rule the house.

“Hi, Rudy Goody. Wanna have a playmate?”

“Yeah, sure,” he said.

“Ok,” she said and sat on the front porch steps to remove her roller blades and replaced them with sneakers. Debbie, blond, pretty and petite with curves gently blending, one to the next jumped on her toes and ambled towards him.

“Alright, we play one on one, if I loose I’ll treat you with anything you want but if you loose, you gonna give me what I want?”

“Deal,” said Rudy. The play off started and in the end Rudy lost. Her beauty distracted all the time. He watched more often that the ball.

“Who’s in the house?” Debbie asked.

“Nobody, I’m alone. My mother stepped out and will not be back till four or five in the afternoon.”

“Good. So were all alone.”

He nodded.

“Can I take a shower in your house?”

“Sure,” he said becoming uneasy.

“Good, let’s go in. I’m feeling icky-wicky with all this sweat.”

Rudy ushered Debbie in the bathroom.

Debbie immediately stripped off her clothes without closing the door completely, “Ooohwee, the shower’s good,” she shrieked under the invigorating Ataşehir Escort needle spray.

Hearing her voice singing in the shower dazed him. His crush was actually in his house at the time when he’s all alone. He didn’t know what to do after she emerges from the shower.

“Rudy would you like to join me?” Debbie called out from the shower. “Remember you lost so you have to give me what I want.”

“But, you’re naked,” Rudy said, heart pounding.

“Of course I am. So you have to be naked too.”

Rudy could hear his heart pound like airplane bombs dropping around him. He gathered his courage to enter the bathroom. He saw through the opaque glass the blurred silhouette of Debbie’s figure. Just before he uttered any word, the shower door slid open and Debbie poked out her face at the opening. Strands of wet hair were plastered on her face and her hand was holding the door concealing one of her nipples but the other one which was pressed behind the opaque glass was faintly visible.

“Hey, Rudy I’m not gonna bite you. What are you waiting for?”

Playing basketball with her was already enough. Now joining her in the shower was way too much. He stood stupidly dumbfounded.

“Aren’t you man enough to take a nice girl’s invitation?”

“Ah … I … I’ll take my clothes off,” he stammered.

Finally, his clothes were dropping on the floor. A moment later, he stepped in naked with a hand concealing his manhood. Debbie laughed. “Hey no need to hide I’m naked as you can see. Soap my back and I’ll return to you the favor,” Debbie said. As soon as Rudy took the soap from her hand his hand liberated his dick and it flicked upward like it had been spring loaded. He began soaping her back and she peered over her shoulder and giggled at his erect pecker.

“This is more fun than playing basketball, ain’t it Rudy?”

“Especially when the dribbling and the shooting go with it,” he replies.

“You’re becoming naughty, Rudy Goody.”

“Your body’s a wonderland,” Rudy said..

“Like it?”

“Love it,” he said.

“Now you’re talking.”

Debbie turned to him and let the spray hit him. At first he was impeded by the view but when she turned off the knob his eyes appeared to bug –out. She was smiling with all her pearly teeth gleaming and very confident of her nudity. Her boobs were no larger than a handful and the wispy brown hair that seemed to have been combed away from her slit didn’t conceal the jut of her clit.

“I’ll shampoo you first,” Debbie said opening the bottle and squirting a puddle on her palm. She tipped her toes and rubbed the shampoo over Rudy’s head bending his knees for her convenience. She massaged through the scalp and after lathering his head up she began soaping his body starting from his face and down. As she worked her way down she stroked his stiff dick cupped his balls and slid her fingers into the crack of his butt. Rudy sighed as she let his dick smear across her cheeks, chin as she soaped his butt through his legs. His balls slid along her shoulder as she reached father at the back. Thoroughly she soaped his muscled thighs down his feet. Then she moved behind him and worked on his back and down. After being satisfied, she cuddled up behind him slipping her arms to caress his chess and tease his tiny nipples. As her hands slid down his stomach, she held his dick with the head sticking out. Her other hand slowly palmed the head, slowly massaging it.

Rudy heaved with heavy breaths.

Debbie moved back in front of him and fell on her knees. This time she wrapped her hand on his straight dick and stroked the shaft down to the base, released it while the other hand came next. She did this on and on for awhile that Rudy felt his cock was going deeper into a perpetual penetration. Then she stood and kissed Rudy, grasping his lips and exploring his tongue which titillated him no end. At last he touched and felt her teen-age boobs grazing the nipples with his thumbs. “Your turn to soap me,” she said. However as she didn’t let go of her hands on his dick, Rudy grunted and spurted his come. Debbie felt his cum flowed on her hands and some have hit her stomach.

“You come and you haven’t touch me all over.”

“Yeah, sorry, guess I’m too wrapped up with the excitement,” he said blushing.

“It’s okay,” Debbie said. “I like it though,” she added.

Rudy’s dick limped out but not for long it rose again as he soaped Debbie’s body. From her perky boobs to her soft, delicate pubes, his hands liberally maneuvered over her flesh. Rudy was delirious as Debbie squealed with delight.

When they rinsed themselves off, Rudy would want to make go and do it in the shower but Debbie convinced him that it wasn’t time yet. She was satisfied in the foreplay that thet did and Rudy complied and dried themselves with the towels instead.

“Shit I come before I even touch her pussy,” Rudy tells himself. He picks some shirt and shorts and wears them. When he goes to the door he bumps on Debbie.

“This your room?”


“Can I see it.”

“Aha, Kadıköy Escort come in please.”

Some posters here and there, typical male room décor but oddly tidy. Debbie sits on the bed, bounces her bottom, swings her feet on the bed and reclines against the pillows. She’s in Adidas white running shorts and white body top that leaves a faint outline of her nips jutting out. Rudy feels excited again.

“Come, sit here beside me.” Debbie calls him, patting the bed.

“Rudy, I’m gonna ask you a personal question? Answer me, if not, it’s ok?”

“Are you still a virgin?”

“Is it because I came too soon?”

“Not that, a yes or no is all I wanna hear?”

“Yes,” he says feeling he can’t lie to her.

“Then we’re both virgins,” she says and hugs him.

Rudy’s eyebrows raise with disbelief. He knows she’s been going out with guys.

“How come you’re so bold when you ask me to join you in the shower?”

“Can’t a virgin do that?”

“Why can’t I do that?” he says and looks away from her.

“Don’t you like finding out that I’m still a virgin?” Debbie whispers in his ear as she caresses his shoulder behind with her hands.

“Sure I do,” Rudy says.

“Kiss me Rudy,” she whispers again.

Rudy turns to her and they start kissing. Like exploring into their souls, their tongue swirl against each other until their passionate kisses grew into a hurricane. Debbie lays down and Rudy gets bolder by fondling her breasts. They are a handful and so pliant in his hands. He trails his kisses from her lips downward and nuzzles his nose and lips over her erecting nipples. He goes to her belly, lifts her top and runs his tongue in circles on her cute navel.

“Rudy, I’m not ready for sex. All I want are hugs and kisses. But I’ll give you the liberty to touch me wherever you want just don’t push your dick into me yet. I ain’t ready.”

“I think it’s hot, I’ll open the air con,” Rudy says and goes to the switch. Then he lays back next to her. He starts touching her Meg Ryan blond-do and then her cheek and he’s quite accustomed now with kissing her on the lips, here there and everywhere.

“What if I can’t control and I want to get inside you?’ Rudy asks softly.

“Try not to, remember you loose in the game you have to follow orders from me.”

“Satisfied. I can’t really force myself if you don’t want to. Besides I might come again like earlier because I didn’t realize how exciting this is to me.”

“Just relax. I think that’s normal.”

“Are you going to touch me again on that part?” Rudy asks.

“Much more than that if you want. Have you heard of oral sex?”

“Yeah …Oh cool … who should go down first?”

“The looser,” she smiles.

“Come again?” he asks.

“And again and again and again,” she says giggling while pawing on his bulge and grasping and grasping and grasping through his cotton shorts till it’s so hard again.

“Why don’t we get naked again?” Debbie suggests.

“I’ll undress you first,” he says.

“Ok, go ahead,” she says and raises her arms in the air. So he begins to pull up her top popping into view her pair of lovely breasts with creamy pink little nipples but the areolas look like caps and not flat. Then he draws down her shorts and to his surprise she no longer wears panties. Rudy tentatively touches her breast, and inexperience as he is he catches on fast.

“You wanna pinch it, twirl it, pull it up? But please do it gently, just don’t treat it like you’re switching a radio dial trying to find an Am station in the hillbilly mountain.”

Rudy laughs.

“Think I’m gonna suck them,” Rudy says and starts by licking each one of them till they get hard enough to be suckled. Debbie moans and holds both of her tits together making her nipples more closer together and Rudy can go from one to another within a short distance. Rudy has seen many pussies in Penthouse and Hustler Magazines. Now he’s face to face with the real thing and gazes at it like a child in Disneyland.

“Ever seen a pussy before Rudy?”

“Yeah, virtually but not in reality. Mind if I explore it?”

“It’s green and go, just drive carefully,” Debbie says her hips arching a bit anticipating to meet his lips.

But Rudy is entranced. Debbie’s light brown pussy hair is trimmed into a triangular shape that tapers to the bottom slit.

“It’s the most exquisite pussy I’ve ever seen.”

“How do you know?”

“At least in my opinion. First, your skin is flawless,” he says smoothing her thighs with her hand.

“The lips of your pussy are chubby, the hair is like brushed away from the cleft and looks neatly trimmed. It’s not gothic, baroque, or gaudy but the classic type, I believe if I will relate it to aesthetic art,” he continues as his fingertips feel her silky pubic muff, tugging them from the bottom slit going up. The hair-tugging causes an arousing sensation. Then his fingers from the hand which rests on her pubic mound separate the outer lips and he takes an ocular inspection of the glistening pink interior.

“It’s Bostancı Escort the most beautiful pink I’ve ever seen,” Rudy remarks as his fingertip of the other hand glides along from lower to upper part of the lip, as though he is tracing one side of a parenthesis. “Oh shut up, Rudy. You’re making me feel too self-conscious,” Debbie says.

Rudy also makes an upside down horseshoe pattern with a fingertip by starting at the lower inside part of one lip and finishing at the lower inside of the other. Although unplanned because he’s not experienced in this kind of situation, he does this repeatedly from the outer to the inner lips going around like clockwork pausing at every 12 hours. But knowing that the clit is very sensitive from his sex education class, he goes just very near it brushing it lightly as he makes the orbit along. This makes Debbie’s pussy more hungry.

“So this is the clit, huh?” Rudy says as his moist fingertip pushes and pulls the hood lightly.

“Rudy, you have pussy fingers,” Debbie says breathing raggedly.

“Will you finger your clit to me so I will know how to manipulate it?” Rudy says.

Debbie obliges and puts a finger there and makes tiny circles. Rudy places a finger on top of her finger lightly so he can follow the movement and where the exact location that is giving Debbie more pleasure. Debbie closes her eyes tightly and moans deeply. Rudy tries it and Debbie nods that he’s doing fine. He rotates it like she does while his other hand continues spreading her pussy lips. The sensation is tremendous.

“How’s that?” Rudy asks.

“Oh Rudy, I’m so turned on,” she replies.

“Yeah, I can see you’re all wet inside.”

“Yeah, go down on me now, I wanna feel your tongue now there and don’t forget to play my nipples.”

Rudy follows her to the letter and Debbie guides him to his licking. It didn’t take long and Debbie’s hips surge and squirm at the intensity of the orgasm coming.

“Rudy I’m coming. Oh shit … this is driving me insane, this is it oh…oh…oh…arrrrghhhhhhhhh! Debbie wails in ecstasy, her hips rocking back and forth as waves and waves of pleasure lap her body and soul.

When her spasm subsides she sits upright and puts her arms around Rudy.

“Rudy, I really am so aroused to make love with you all the way but I’m fighting off the temptation. I want to build a relationship. I want to know you more. Every guy I’d known just wants to shove his dick into my pussy and bonks away. They don’t even know how to handle pussy or make me arouse just like what you did.”

“Debbie, I understand you. To see your beautiful body and being with me are just enough to make me really happy. I can wait till your ready.”

“Promise? Don’t take another chick just to loose your virginity. Wait for me. I want to loose my virginity with you. Can I trust you?”

“Body and soul, heart and mind I promise.”

“Good,” she says and palms his smooth chest teasing his little nipples that somehow stand at attention as she brushes her fingertips over them. She kisses the nipples and trails down her kisses lingering for awhile on the hot spots of his skin.

“You have some woody here Rudy, from now on I’ll call you Rudy Woody,” she says smiling.

Debbie starts cupping Rudy’s balls with one hand the other one glides the heel of the palm up and down the underside of his dick. She repeats the stroke while her hand which is cupping his balls below starts fingering that part between the balls and his sphincter. She tugs the hair there and kisses the balls, licks them and puts each one in her mouth, rolling it inside with her tongue. Rudy moans as he gets the tickling sensation.

“Rudy, I like the size of your dick, not frighteningly big,” Debbie says as she forms a thumb and forefinger ring and strokes it from the top down to the base. She does this several times and follows it up with the other hand which makes a corkscrew stroke from the head down. Then she palms the head with one hand while the other hand makes a twist and turn stroke. She leans over the head and trickles saliva on it to grease her handjob. Her hand turns it like what she does to a door knob then pushes down the skin. She starts licking the head, sips the peehole and then swirls her tongue around as the fingers of her both hands tap and pinch both sides of the shaft like she’s holding a clarinet. Rudy’s dick has reached rock solid status. Now Debbie puts it in her mouth and begins sucking. She tries to go down deeper and with several tries she succeeds. Rudy gets every imaginable licking from Debbie and the lust he feels is demonic.

“Debbie, I think I will not last. I’m gonna pop,” he says his face twisting like telepathically bending a fork.

Debbie increases the momentum of her handjob, pumping a fist that makes pure bliss on Rudy.

“I’m coming Debbie, Debbie, ooooh, Debbie, oooh, Debbie … I can’t hold back anymore,”

“Pop with your best shot, give it all to me Rudy Woody, come to Debbie, pop it all to me.” Debbie says pumping him in earnest.

A few seconds later, Rudy’s sperm sprinkles from his cock like fireworks with some spurting high. Another follows and they all rain down on his thighs, tummy and Debbie’s hand. When his ejaculation ceases Debbie strokes his dick upward and some more ooze out at the end and she scoops it with her tongue and tastes it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32