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I was your classic high school drop out. I was in my final year but just couldn’t hack any more exams. One day I just didn’t bother going to school.

“You’ll have to get a job, you’re not just hanging around all day!” my father warned.

I had no experience or even part time job references. The only thing I had going for me was I was not bad looking and had a big rack. I imagined I could find something waiting on tables.

The ad read “Attendant wanted, no experience necessary.” It listed the phone number for the Delta Steam Bath and Coffee Shop. Working on a coffee counter sounded cool to me.

The guy answering the phone was anxious for me to come down for an interview. He said his girl had quite and left him shorthanded.

It took me less than an hour to get to the coffee shop.

The manager was glad to see me. I noticed him giving me the once over. I had worn a mini skirt and a top that displayed a lot of my décolleté to help me get the job.

I noticed an older woman working on the counter and a sole customer sitting there reading the paper. The manager introduced himself as Butch and took me through to the back office.

The “back office” was a small cubbyhole with a paper cluttered desk and a steel locker. Butch offered me the seat at the desk and gave me the usual employment application to fill out while he sat on the desk and watched me answer the questions. He looked relieved when he saw me enter my birth date indicating I was 18.

Butch explained to me the position was not waiting on the coffee counter but as an attendant in the steam bath operation in the basement. My duties would be to look after the laundry of the towels and to greet customers making sure they had a locker and clean towel. The job paid minimum pay.

Butch told me I could also do body rubs, which paid $25 per customer. These rubs were done in a private room with the customer naked. I was to wear only a thong while giving the rubs. He told me any “extras” I agreed to be between ataköy escort the customers and me.

Butch waited for my reaction.

“How often do I get paid?” I asked.

Butch told me I would be paid once a week, any money the customers gave me went right into my pocket.

“When can I start?” I asked.

Butch told me first he wanted to get a look at me and would I take my clothes off?

Boldly I stripped down to my panties while Butch watched with great interest.

“Do you have a boyfriend?” Butch asked as I stood before him in only panties.

“Yes.” I answered.

“Do you suck his cock?” Butch wanted to know,

His question was embarrassing, “Yes,” I confessed.

” I want you to suck mine to see how good you are.” He demanded.

I hadn’t imagined myself on my knees in some back room sucking a stranger’s cock when I went for the job but here I was on my knees almost naked with some guy’s fat cock filling my mouth. I had no problem making Butch cum and he callously filled my mouth with his crud, which I thought I should swallow to impress him.

“Not bad.” He said putting his cock back into his pants, “You can start tonight.”

I hadn’t considered working in the sex trade, my father would kill me if he knew, but I had just sucked a complete stranger’s cock and it had been no big deal. So at 7 pm I showed up at Delta Steam Bath ready to go to work.

It was a Wednesday night and thankfully not too busy. There were only two guys in the steam room when Butch took me downstairs and gave me one of the terry robes to put on.

I quickly stripped off my clothes ands slipped the robe on and went to see how the customers were doing.

“Hi! I’m Michelle. Let me know if you need anything.” I cheerfully greeted them.

One was an older pot-bellied guy who was almost bald. The other a middle aged black guy, both were naked.

I couldn’t help staring at the black guy’s cock; it was the biggest cock I had ever seen! He ataköy escort bayan must have had 10″ as thick as my forearm.

“Are you available now?” potbelly guys asked.

I tore my eyes away from the monster black cock, “Uh, yea, sure.”

“I could use a massage.” He said.

My first customer followed me to the massage room.

“I’m Charlie.” The fat guy said taking his robe of and getting onto the table.

He was lying on his stomach and his back was so hairy he looked like Sasquatch!

He felt icky as I poured some oil on him and begin to rub his back. I had removed my robe and he was staring at my bare tits.

“You got a nice pair!” he said, “Wanna give me a hand job?”

I was shocked on how casually he asked for sex.

“I’ll give you an extra twenty?” he added.

“O.K.” I agreed.

He rolled over onto his back. He already had a hard on. I took his fat cock into my hand and began to jerk it.

“Oh that’s it baby, faster!” he moaned.

I stoked him faster as he requested and he reached up and groped my bare tit and cum.

His jism spurted up from the head of his cock and run down like lava from an erupting volcano. His sticky white goo rum all over my hand that was still wrapped around his messy cock.

Quickly I released him and wiped my hand on a towel.

Charlie took a twenty from his wallet and stuck it my thong and left.

I felt so soiled; I had masturbated this vile man and let him ejaculate on my hand for money. I went to my locker and put the twenty in my purse and went to see how the black guy was doing.

“Do you need anything?” I asked entering the steam room.

He was just sitting there; his giant cock lying over is thigh.

“Are you available now?” he asked.

“Eh, yes.” I replied.

“How about a sixty-niner?” he asked.

I knew a sixty-nine was performing oral sex on each other. “O.K.” I bravely agreed.

The black guy followed me to the massage room naked. escort ataköy His huge cock fascinated me knowing soon I was going to have to take it into my mouth.

“How much?” he asked sitting on the edge of the massage table.

“Fifty dollars?” I cautiously asked.

Without comment he took three twenties out of his wallet. “Do a good job and it’s yours!”

I slipped off my robe as he lay back on the table. Knowing he was going to eat me I slipped off my thong and climbed naked on top of him.

His huge cock was inches from my face. I grabbed it and it felt like a Louisville Slugger, it even had weight!

I felt his big hands grab my bare ass cheeks and pull my pussy onto his face. Opening my mouth as wide as I could I guide the shiny head of his cock into my mouth.

A shiver went through me as his tongue entered my pussy, exploring and searching for my clit. My lips sealed around his thick shaft and I drew in a deep breath forming a vacuum around his meat. As his tongue tormented me I began licking his now hard cock. It was touching the back of my throat and it wasn’t even half way in! I tried to take more buy I gagged. The cock came alive in my mouth, beginning to fuck my throat. I struggled with it desperately trying to make him cum.

All the while his tongue was driving me crazy, going in and out of my pussy like some live creature. I knew I was going to climax.

My jaw was getting sore with my mouth being held so wide open as the huge cock filled my mouth. I had to make him cum soon; his tongue was about to trigger my own orgasm. I started yanking him in frenzy, my tongue caressing his meat wildly.

Suddenly he exploded! A torrent of hot jism overflowed my mouth. His cum was everywhere, my teeth were drown on a sea of the sticky, white brine, it escaped from the corners of my mouth and dribbled down my chin, I braced myself and swallowed a huge glob of the slim down my throat.

As I drank his sperm I felt my world spin, I too was cumming! I sensed my juices flowing into his hungry mouth as his big lips sealed around my pussy to catch every drop. It was the most intense orgasm of my young life.

That night I went home with eighty dollars cash in my purse and a belly full of cum looking forward to my next shift of cock service.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32