Rub My Ass and I’ll Grant Your Wish

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Blue was reading in bed with her legs stretched out straight. I slid across her lap, pushing her book and her arms up in the air and announced, “You may rub my ass now.”

She laughed. “Oh, I may, may I?”

I said very matter-of-factly, quite seriously, “Yes, you may. There’s my ass, I know you want to rub it. My ass belongs to you, so there it is, right there for you.”

“Well, you’re so accommodating! Thank-you for making your ass so available to me!” She kept her book in one hand and rubbed my ass with the other. It REALLY felt good, sending excitement through my body.

I believed she was teasing me, so I told her, “An ass rub is really better with two hands, my love.”

“Yeah, I just want to finish this chapter, baby.” Now I KNEW she was teasing me. I raised my tanned ass in the air and waggled it for her, not only teasing her back, but making it real hard to hold her book still.

Baby set her book down and laid her other hand on my ass. I was hot as hell. I rewarded her by spreading my legs real wide. “There’s my pussy for you. You may rub that, also.”

She leaned over and licked my ear and spoke softly, “Damn right I will. Sunnypussy belongs to me.” She slid her hand to my pussy and rubbed it in circles gorukle escort with one of her fingers resting on my clit

I lowered my hips back down to her lap and rested my forehead on the mattress, pushing my pussy at her hand. “You make me SUCH a fucking slut for you…”

“That’s right, Sunny. You’re MY slut…my possession.” She leaned over and kissed me all over my asscheeks with her fingers driving my pussy insane. Pre-orgasm shockwaves were flying through my body, my pussy dripping on her lap.

I feel my ass muscles tightening under her hand on my one of my cheeks

“Fuckfuckfuck…own me…make me cum, you hot woman, you.”

She slid her thumb inside my pussy and wiggled it…fingers of her other hand took my raging clit and I came wildly, squirming and shaking on her lap…

“That’s it, Sunnybuns…come for me, baby…”

I just kept on cumming, flooding her lap between her closed legs, screaming for her the whole time!

My body fell limp on her lap. Baby caressed my back with one hand and rubbed my ass with the other. I whimpered and breathed deeply with my forehead on the mattress…this was sooooooo not over…

I sat up and straddled her lap, holding her legs closed with altıparmak eskort bayan my legs. My hands went behind her head with my fingers woven through her hair…my lips eagerly went to hers and my tongue dove into her mouth, making her squeal for me while I purred loudly, fucking her mouth with my tongue and devouring her with my lips.

When our lips finally parted, she spoke with her hot breath, “Clean up my lap so you can spread my legs, hold me down and fuck, fuck, fuck me, my hot slut.”

I smiled at her, slid down her body and buried my face in her wet lap…my, my…I HAD made a mess down there.

I slurped it all into my mouth, brought my mouth back to hers and kissed her deeply, feeding all of me to her…

I slid my thigh between hers…she spread her legs real wide for me and I firmly rubbed her pussy with my thigh. Brushing my wet lips on hers, I softly asked her, “What does my hot baby desire? How would you like your hot slut to fuck you?”

Her answer came immediately and her body jumped. “Double toy!” She wriggled around underneath me and reached into our toy drawer…I took that chance to slide my tongue between her asscheeks. She squealed and pulled out our nilüfer eskort bayan double toy, rolled back over and handed it to me.

While lubricating it with my still-very wet pussy, I told her, “Oh, you are going to get fucked soooooo hard.”

“You’d better fuck my pussy DAMN hard!” She slid down with her head on the pillows, and kept her legs spread, holding her ass off the mattress. I tossed my hair back and slid her end of the toy in her hungry, soaked pussy…she arched her back with her head leaned back. “OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH, FUCK MY PUSSY, SUNNY!”

Still holding my end with my hand, I wiggled her end inside her…her juices poured from her pussy and she yelled out, “YOU BETTER FUCK ME, DAMMIT!”

I giggled and slid my legs over hers. My swollen pussy easily swallowed up my end of the toy…it went ALL the way in, pushing it more inside her. She cried out, “FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!”

I tightened my pussy muscles on the toy, pulled it out from her a little and rammed it into her, fucking her hard!


I fucked her mercilessly, fucking myself in the process…our pussies slid closer together on the toy and were soon slapping against each other while getting savagely fucked! We both came screaming, splattering our orgasms all over our bodies!

I fell onto my back and we wriggled our pussies off the toy…baby sat up and slid her wet body onto mine, straddling me. Our mouths came together in a flurry of kisses and pledges of “I love you…I love you…I love you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32