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“ARGH!” Jessica yelled out as she walked into her apartment, her face livid with fury and frustration. “Why is our pastor so stubborn, Rich?….Rich?”

Jessica looked around the apartment and smiled – in her frustration she hadn’t noticed that there were rose petals strewn on the floor…a “bread-crumb” trail leading to the bathroom. Quickly, Jessica’s frustrations with Pastor Dave took a back seat to her curiousity as to what her lover had planned for her.

Peeking around the doorway, she found Rich grinning like a Cheshire cat clad in nothing but a white towel wrapped around his waist. Freshly shaved, his face and neck still smelled like his brand of shaving cream (he knows I love a smooth face! Jessica commented internally, smiling to herself) and the way the towel folded across his front let Jessica know that he was indeed happy to see her 😉

Rich bowed low and said, “Greetings, Mistress Jessica. Your cabana boy has your bath drawn and am here to help you relax and de-stress from your day.”

With that, Rich drew aside the bath curtains, revealing a steaming tub filled with bath soaps and suds. Jessica chuckled and said, “Rich…erm I mean, Cabana Boy…you have no idea how much I need this.” Jessica started to undress but Rich stopped her.

“Mistress Jessica, let not your fingers exert so much as a single effort – I will unclothe you and even lift you into the tub. And let perhaps maybe MY fingers will be doing the exerting.” Rich said with a wink. Jessica stifled a giggle as Rich helped her out of her top and her jeans. Then, he knelt so that he was at a level with her panties and slowly dragged them down with his teeth, his cold nose making rather interesting sensations on her exposed (and increasingly wet) labia and clitoris.

“You smell divine as always, O Jessica,” Rich whispered into her ear as he undid her bra. Reaching around her, he cupped her breasts and lightly rolled his thumb over each nipple. Jessica felt the nudging of Rich’s stiff cock as he snuggled her against his chest – breaking out of character for just a moment to hold her close and just be with her. Jessica relaxed against him and both of their minds went blank as (for once!) they let their minds go and were simply “with” each other.

The bubbles were starting to dissipate, though, so Rich picked Jessica up and gently placed her in the tub. Blushing a bit at his state of arousal, Rich took off his towel – his member bobbing a mini-“hello” to his lover – and slid into the bathtub behind Jessica.

“My lady, you are gorgeous,” Rich whispered in her ear. “Inside and out, and here there are no pillows to hide in!” Jessica laughed and responded, “And you, my sexy cabana boy, are an answer to a frustrated Lutheran girl’s prayer.”

After that, however, Jessica couldn’t speak as Rich’s hands started to massage her shoulders and neck. The steam filled the air and Jessica’s thoughts turned to mush as her muscles finally began to relax. Rich took his time, paying attention to each cluster of bunched-up muscles, working his hands in various patterns and alternating between hard presses with his thumb and a soft massaging motion with his fingers.

Then, Rich had Jessica lay against his chest and relax in the heated, bubbly tub. He caressed her cheek with a soapy hand and then moved his hands to her head and played with her hair, massaging her scalp and eliciting an appreciative moan from Jessica. Rich gazed at Jessica as she closed her eyes and enjoyed her scalp massage. How had this wonderful woman come into his life? If ever he had doubted an existence in a Higher Power, he knew now that She/He must have smiled down on him to be with a beautiful soul such as Jessica’s. They had shared their pains and joys, their darknesses and their lights….and through it all had only grown closer to one another.

Rich played with Jessica’s hair until the tub began to cool. “Cabana Boy, I’m afraid this tub is getting a wee bit chilly. Can you turn the hot water on?” queried Jessica.

“Mistress Jessica, I have a bit of a different plan for heating this tub…what if I turned YOU on instead?”

“Oh my!” said Jessica, grinning from ear to ear. “Well I think I can agree with that plan.”

Rich stood up then Trabzon Escort in the bath, soap bubbles mischievously clinging to his pubic hair, framing his cock which was once again at attention at the thought of teasing and pleasing Jessica. He helped Jessica up and turned on the shower, lifting the drain so that the tub water would swirl away.

Jessica reveled in the feel of the warm water on her skin and then gasped as Rich soaped up his hands and started to wash her body, slowly and deliberately. Starting on her back, Rich massaged the soap into her still-aching muscles and then let his hands creep around to her front. Rich eyed those gorgeous breasts and moved his hands in concentric circles, moving his fingers ever closer to Jessica’s stiffening nipples. Rich, holding himself back from licking and nibbling at those delicious areola, let his soapy thumbs roll over each nipple, smiling as Jessica moaned and shut her eyes.

Next, Rich caressed Jessica’s hands and arms and armpits, washing her in an erotic ritual of their own private church. Kneeling down once again, Rich washed her feet and legs as Jessica bRichced against his shoulders. Rich’s hands moved up her ankles…her legs…until his fingers strayed and teased near her inner thighs. He looked up and winked at her as he deliberately did NOT wash the area in between, instead reaching his arms around to playfully soap up her bottom, sliding a soapy finger down her crack causing Jessica to jump!

Rich looked up at Jessica and swore that he had never seen such a gorgeous sight – her eyes shining with merriment and mirth, her breasts glistening with beaded water, and her pussy lips so kissable. “My lady, I’m afraid here is an area that I will have to attend to personally. Please excuse my boldness, but there is no other way.”

Jessica looked down at her “cabana boy” just in time to see his warm, wet tongue slide along the outer edges of her swollen labia. Holding on to his head and caressing his hair, Jessica gasped and moaned as Rich slid his tongue down her slit, teasingly pressing against her to part her pussy lips. His tongue then moved up to circle her clit teasingly, slowly laving and loving her clit with tongue and lips – giving nibbles and teasing it from out of its hood with his tongue.

What joy! Jessica tasted so sweet that Rich had to have more. He leaned in close and pressed his lips against her nether lips in a passionate kiss, his tongue flickering inside her as he moaned against her mons. All thoughts of “cabana boy” and “mistress” and “church” and “work” left both of their minds as they drifted into an eternal, erotic plane of being. Now they were simply Jessica and Rich and the world melted away.

Chapter 2

What could he say? The taste of Jessica drove Rich crazy! He just wanted to lap at her like there was no tomorrow and savor every drop of her as his tongue rolled and played along her clit and pussy lips. He nibbled and nuzzled her pussy until her lips were so swollen…and then stopped.

Jessica let out a groan and gave a “look” at Rich. “You are such a tease!” she exclaimed, half out of play and half out of frustration. Rich gave her a broad grin and began to nibble on her inner thighs, his lips so close to her pussy lips but sooooooo far away. The shower was still raining on them both and, now that Jessica was so turned on, she could feel the hot water sprinkle her unhidden clit and her puffy lips. She reached down and pulled Rich to her, lifting him up for a passionate kiss.

How to describe that kiss? The taste of her shared between them, his cock shaft pressing against her pussy lips, their arms around each other as they hold each other tight – the many sensations threatened to overwhelm them….and yet because they were sharing them as one and not two, they were able to handle it.

Rich stood with his back to the shower as Jessica wrapped her hands around his neck. Their kiss telling tales that words couldn’t express to each other, it was only broken by the feel of a change in temperature in the falling water.

“Yikes!” shouted Rich, suddenly breaking the kiss and jumping in the air, his penis bobbing with his leap. “The hot water is gone!” Jessica felt some of the cold spray Trabzon Escort Bayan hit her and quickly stepped out of the shower and began to towel herself off. Meanwhile, Rich had turned around and faced the cold water, reaching for the spigots to turn the water off. “Yee-ow, that’s cold!” exclaimed Rich, his skin getting goose pimples from the sudden chilly exposure.

“I can tell!” laughed Jessica as she pointedly looked at his crotch. Rich glanced down and saw that his cock had indeed experienced “shrinkage”; he looked back up at Jessica and stuck out his tongue.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah – the plight of being a man.”

“Hmmm…well I think I may be able to help you with that,” said Jessica in a sultry voice. “Come out of that shower and let me towel you off.”

Now it was Jessica’s turn to tease and Rich knew that payback was going to be both heaven and hell! (lol) Rich stepped out of the shower and stood on the bath mat with his legs spread. Jessica winked at him and licked her lips, causing Rich to shudder with anticipation and his cock to perk up just a bit.

Taking a large, fluffy towel in her hands, Jessica begin to dry her lover off starting with his hair and working down. Rich smiled as she gently caressed and dried his chest and back, laughing a bit as she got his armpits. “I thought you said you weren’t ticklish?!” teased Jessica. “I’m not,” responded Rich, though not very convincingly.

Next, Jessica knelt on the bath mat and began to dry Rich’s legs, sliding the towel between his legs and wrapping it around each one. She then told him to turn around and she patted his butt dry, giving it a kiss and a slap as she finished – “Such a cute butt!” Rich wiggled his derriere and eagerly turned around, ready for Jessica to dry his crotch.

“Oh! You mean something is still wet?” Jessica stated, in an innocent voice. “I could have sworn that I dried everything off!”

This time Rich gave Jessica the “look” and Jessica laughed and begin to softly towel-dry his cock, which had perked up considerably from her ministrations. Caressing his balls with the fluffy fabric, she wrapped a towel-covered hand around his swelling shaft and started to slowly slide the towel up and down his cock.

Rich couldn’t talk and could barely think. His mind halted as he felt the towel against his cock, and he SO wanted to feel Jessica herself against his cock…skin on skin. But Jessica wasn’t done teasing yet!

“Hmm, you know this area isn’t drying very well,” explained Jessica with a giggle. “In fact, I think I may need to blow dry this area.”

Rich gulped and stammered out, “Wh-wh-whatever you think, love” – thinking to himself, This woman is driving me crazy – in a good way!

Jessica knelt in closer to Rich and puckered her lips, her hands holding Rich’s hips to keep him still. Rich looked down and saw Jessica just centimeters away from his cock and had to keep from thrusting his hips forward. Jessica kept herself at that distance, her mouth so close and yet so far from his member….and then gently blew warm breath along his cockhead, shaft, and balls.

Rich moaned and reached out to play with Jessica’s hair. “You are evil!” he pronounced happily, caressing Jessica’s scalp. “Why, whatever do you mean, sir?” said Jessica playfully. “I did say you needed to be blow dried. What did YOU think I meant?” Jessica looked up at Rich and batted her eyelashes.

“You know darn well what I thought you meant, you vixen,” said Rich, winking at Jessica and flexing his cock so that it would bob up and down in front of her lips.

“Well, maybe I can guess,” purred Jessica as she leaned in close and pressed her lips against his cockhead.

Electricity shot through Rich’s spine and he stood stock still as he felt his cockhead being enveloped by Jessica’s warm, wet mouth. Moaning out, he had to reach behind him, grasping the sink’s counter to keep himself standing. Jessica worked her mouth down around Rich’s cockhead and then just kept it in her mouth, her tongue sliding and slipping along it as it nestled inside her mouth.

After teasing and pleasing Rich’s cockhead, Jessica began to slide her mouth down Rich’s shaft…and back up. She did this for a few times and then Escort Trabzon leaned back, watching Rich’s cockhead start to dribble clear pre-cum. Jessica flickered her tongue out, capturing the drops and drinking them down. Rich groaned and Jessica got to her feet.

“Now that we’re dry, lover, meet me in the bedroom and let’s see if we can’t get wet again.”

With that, Jessica sauntered out the bathroom door, wiggling her ass invitingly as she made her way to the bedroom.

Chapter 3

Rich regained his breath and sped after Jessica who had just reached the bedroom. With a burst of speed, he playfully tackled her to the bed, hands tickling as they plopped onto the springy mattress. They…

I’m sorry, Jessica. I can’t do this anymore. In reading what I have written before, I have to masturbate. The thought of you and I together just brings a shiver to my spine and a perk to my penis. Can you picture me right now sitting in front of the computer? I just got a haircut so my hair is pretty short and I’m wearing blue jeans and a navy blue long-sleeved T-shirt with the Peanuts gang on it.

I type a bit and then rub my cock through my jeans, feeling my knob press against my hand, though knowing that it wishes it were pressing against your ass as I held you close. The jeans are too confining and so I unbutton and unzip them, my hand sliding down the front of my jeans to caress my ever-growing cock head and shaft. Mmm…wishing it were your hand, imagining that it were so.

I pull the skin down a bit, revealing even more of that sensitive mushroom head as it pokes out of my boxers. I gasp out loud as my warm hand meets my warm cock and I raise my hips, shimmying my jeans down my legs until they pool at my ankles. My cotton boxers stretching from my cock desperate for attention – I pull them down as well until they are just past my hips. Now I close my eyes and think of you – your laugh, your face, your words, and yes – your breasts. My left hand moves of its own accord, reaching down to fondle my cock shaft and tickle my cock head with my thumb.

My eyes still shut I picture what I want to do with you – everything from playful kissing to sweaty, intense fucking. I imagine me poised over you, my hand pointing my cock down toward your waiting, wet pussy lips ready to envelop me. I dream of you poised over me as I’m buried deep inside you, my hand reaching up to caress your clit as you ride me slowly. I envision us laying side by side as we explore each other’s bodies, sharing our feelings and thoughts and holding each other close.

My cock is now hard and I feel the need to get “serious” about my masturbation. Thus, I use my left hand to steady my cock and pull tight on the skin on the shaft, bringing the nerve endings close to the surface. My right hand meanwhile grasps my hot cock in between thumb and two fingers and I start to stroke slowly. My thumb slides over the veins in my shaft as they form their intricate pattern. I only see them when I am hard and it’s always interesting to see how swollen and thick they get and I can imagine them rubbing against your vaginal walls, your labia, your clit. Who needs ribbed condoms when you have a veiny cock?

I start to breathe heavily as I increase my pace and a spasm runs through me. I look down and see my cock head glistening with pre-cum – clear and sticky in a perfect circle. My cock shakes a bit with my stroking and I watch as the drop of pre-cum slides down my purplish-red cock head and down my shaft, leaving a glistening trail in its wake. I imagine you there with tongue poised to lap up that drop….and I groan again.

Now there is no turning back as I feel my cock in the first stages of cumming. I gasp and try to catch my breath as all my focus now is on the swift strokes that I’m giving my cock. Meanwhile, I briefly reach up and start the video you sent me…


I’m pushed over the edge as I watch you pleasure yourself and cum. Cum is such a short word for such an orgasmic event. My cock head explodes with white, sticky cum shooting out in spasms into my hand. I grunt and gasp as the waves of orgasm cause my body to shake and my cock to jerk. I wish this hand was your pussy and that I was cumming deep inside of you, and give a sigh as I come back to reality. My face flushed with the exertion and my hand holding a shot glass amount of cum, I long for the day when it will be you touching me….and vice versa.

I am relieved and yet I still ache – and so the writing continues.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32