Rose’s Son Gary Ch. 01

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Rose was bereft; her 18 year old son Gary had left for college, which was a 2 hour drive from her home.

She missed him already and he had only just boarded the train, she had kissed him goodbye on the platform.

Rose had stood there long after the train had gone from view.

That had been 4 weeks ago, and he was coming home for a short weekend, he would arrive this Friday night, and leave again on the Monday lunch time.

The memories of their love affair was seared into her heart, it had been as unexpected, as it had been heart stoppingly delicious, and so dangerously exciting.

She was counting the seconds; her need for him again was overwhelming. And she was going to keep him away from her best friend Anna, his Aunty, or die in the attempt trying.

But only for this one weekend.

Her only possible problem was Anna calling round unannounced and finding her home alone with him.

This was the first time she had ever been untruthful to her, and it hurt her to think she was doing it.

For the last 4 months, before he had to leave, she had had the most torrid and loving love affair with him. And it had all started by her accidental peek of him wanking naked on his bed after Rose arrived home from shopping.

She really and honestly believed that no one on the planet had ever achieved the level of loving, and pure animalistic fucking, that they had.

Unless you reckoned Anna’s account of the animalistic fuckings she had received at his hands.

Anna had found out about her and Gary, and Rose had submitted to Anna’s heart felt request to let her seduce him, and take him as a lover. This was because she was in the same boat as Rose; both were seriously sexually frustrated by the lack of attention from their stupid husbands.

Her revelations to Rose were every bit as lurid and erotic as hers. Except for the fact that Rose had been handed a lot more absolute heart pounding fuckings, and battering’s, from her beautiful son, than his lustful beautiful Aunty Anna had.

Rose revelled in that certain knowledge, but she had never been sure if she minded him having an affair with her or not.

She loved Anna with all her heart and Anna felt the same way for Rose.

They shared their experiences with each other, each making the other a little playfully jealous. They had talked of having a threesome, but never quite agreed on how to get it going, both were worried of affronting Gary.

Rose had been a little dishonest in arranging his weekend at home; she had deliberately misled her husband, by telling him it was the following weekend he would be home.

He had then agreed to his friend booking a weekend away golfing, he always went, but always tried to be home when Rose wanted him to be.

It wasn’t until the Wednesday that Rose ‘suddenly realised’ that it was this weekend and not next, that Gary would be home.

She apologised profusely to him.

But steadfastly refused to let him cancel the golf,

‘You have to go,’ she told him, ‘it’s all booked, isn’t it.’

‘Okay,’ he had said, ‘but you make sure Gary knows it’s your fault that I’m not here!’

‘Oh I will, don’t you worry, I’ll make it very clear it’s my fault I’m all on my own with him!’ she chortled to her self, her heart missing a beat.

Her husband left on Friday morning, Rose went to Anna’s house and spent the rest of the morning there, carefully trying to avoid mentioning Gary, and both were missing him.

Rose missed him because she was his mother, and lover.

And Anna missed him, because she was his aunty and his lover.

Rose escaped Anna and went home, hating herself for the untold lie to her.

She spent the rest of her day preparing for his home coming, not only her appearance, but mentally too, she was planning in her head how it would be, she would have to get enough from him to last her another 4 or 5 weeks.

Her thoughts were totally centred on Gary, she was going to be fucked out of her head, get her brains fucked out.

Get your bum ready, all of you!

He had told her this on the phone last night.

And all the while, Rose pretended to talk casually, as Gary told her of her impending ravishment, because she knew his dad was there.

She was beside herself with the passion and the excitement coursing through her body and mind.

And she was wet through; her newly shaved pussy was dripping like a leaking tap.

She had just shaved it again this afternoon, along with the other bits; her body was smooth as silk. And now she was ready for him.

Her pussy was like glass, not a hair to be found anywhere, she had been so meticulous.

Her nipples seemed to be growing harder by the minute, her body was burning up, she was hoping with all her being, that Gary felt the same as she.

Unknown to her, He did, and he was!

Gary couldn’t wait to get home and make love to her, he had been on red alert all week, and as the time was getting nearer, the more fidgety, and more nervous, he was becoming.

And his prick would Escort İstanbul jump to attention the second she popped into his head, and also when he thought about his beautiful blonde haired Aunty Anna.

Rose met him at the station at 6:00 they hugged and cried to each other.

She was dressed to kill, her heels were high, her skirt was short, just how he liked it, and her top was especially chosen to reveal what he wanted to see. Her hair was up, just how he liked it. Her make up was just how he liked it.

And she was wearing the skimpiest of lacy sexy underwear, including stockings, just how he loved it.

As soon as they were in the car, they were kissing like long lost lovers. He squeezed a totally fully rock hard nipple, and Rose came in her tiny pants.

She stroked his prick, and gasped into his mouth, ‘Oh darling, I’ve missed you so much, come on, lets get home where we can be with each other properly.’

‘Yes mom, lets,’ he replied, ‘and be quick about it will you?’ and laughed.

They arrived home 20 minutes later, Gary had fondled her all the way, her pussy was piping hot, and getting hotter!

No sooner had they walked through the door, than Gary threw his bag on the floor, and his mother was in his arms, and the kiss made Rose swoon.

‘Please darling lets go upstairs, I just can’t wait for you any longer.’

‘Me neither mom, I want you so bad,’ he guided her hand to his rock hard prick, she squeezed it, grabbed it, and not letting go, she pulled him after her up stairs.

He had pulled his top off on the way, unbuckled his belt, kicked his shoes off, and as Rose turned to him, his pants hit the floor.

Rose tore at his shorts to get at him.

He pulled her top over her head, she didn’t have a bra on, but he knew that already, revealing the tits and nipples he now knew so well.

He yanked her skirt down over her shapely hips, without bothering with the zipper, and breaking the hooks.

Her panties were on their way off as they tumbled onto her bed.

He was on her, and over her in one swift movement, her feet went up, his prick thudded home, she gasped and orgasmed immediately, followed very quickly by him.

They were both so wound up with passion and need for each other, they were unable to neither contain, nor resist their collective eruptions.

He blew 4 weeks worth of cum into her howling pussy; she flooded it with 4 weeks worth of her nectar.

It washed out as if she had been jetted.

Gary remained in her pussy, but his prick didn’t relax the grip it had on his body.

He was still hard, and ready to go again, and he began the fucking of his mother, as if it had just been invented, it was brand new, untried, untested, and was to be driven to destruction.

He went at the wonderful task before him, and his mother went with him, both were trying to beat the other, both were hoping the other would win, when neither would.

It was a joint effort, in unison, and bonded together forever.

She tied her legs tight over his back, her nails digging wonderfully into him, making him growl with passion, he was biting her shoulder, she would have marks all over her body this weekend.

His prick was pounding within her, it was thunderous, her pussy was screaming with pain, pleasure, desire, and utter need for him.

His grip on her was unbreakable, she would snap in two before he let her go, the bed was moving around such was the intensity of their loving.

The orgasm that was building to its own horizons, was becoming unstoppable, they were both in the throes of their lovemaking, unaware if it’s impending explosions.

The enormous spasm’s hit them both at the same time, made each of them forget the other, both knew that something stupendous was about to occur, but neither seemed to know quite just what.

Their minds were in flux, the orgasm was approaching like an express train, and they both realised too late, that it was on them, unable to stop the death grip it had on them, and then the explosion hit.

He hammered his loins at his beautiful mother, she crashed hers up and at him, locked now, both in the machinations of sexual defeat and victory, their bodies losing life, it was an orgasm that few people could ever have witnessed or experienced.

Neither knew where they were at that moment, the expression, ‘being fucked silly’, or ‘being fucked stupid’, fell in the wake of their unified, bonding, and earth shattering finale!

They came to, still in the place they had started, her hooked into and under him, her shoulders almost snapped by his hold on her.

He had his head buried into her neck, saying her name, and telling her of his love for her.

‘Oh Gary, oh Gary,’ she whispered, ‘am I still alive baby?’ she questioned.

‘Am I?’ was his answer.

‘Wow mom, that was different to what we’ve had before,’ he said quietly.

‘Oh baby, I’ve never cum like that before, I know I haven’t.’

His mother was better and more experienced than he, but he was the stamina İstanbul Escort Bayan man in this relationship. It was because of him that their combined orgasms had blown them into, wherever they were now.

Their juices were all around them, they were soaked, as was the bed. It had slipped out of her in waves as he had pounded himself, and her to near annihilation.

Gary fell off her, he felt so good, the feeling in his chest and his heart was God given, and Rose was feeling exactly the very same as he.

They lay side by side, fingers entwined in the love they had just given to the other.

It was 7:00 they had been in the house just under forty minutes, and they were wrecked!

Rose knew she would never last the weekend if he was going to be like this, it wasn’t a matter of not wanting him and it. It was more a matter of her being able to cope with him, to keep up with him.

They rolled onto their sides, and faced each other.

‘Gary,’ she murmured, ‘I can honestly say I am done for, if you do that to me again tonight, I will die!’ she giggled.

‘Mom,’ he replied quietly, ‘ I don’t think I could do that again, not tonight anyway, maybe in the morning though?’ his laugh rocked around the room.

She pulled him into a lovers embrace and the kiss was given with all the love they had for each other.

She was so happy with him; she never even considered that what they were doing was legally wrong. Maybe it was, but not morally, she had told herself, especially if what they did, left them feeling like this.

The thought of him going back was already killing her; she needed to be with him all the time, and began to wonder what she could do about it.

The answer was, nothing, she couldn’t do a thing about it.

She made him get up so she could remake the bed; she had had the forethought to put a water resistant sheet under the top ones.

She threw them in the laundry basket, and they took a shower.

Rose, washed him gently, soaping him all over, kneeling and paying particular attention to his cock and balls. Then his lovely tight bum, and his tight little hole got a finger washing inside, and it had him squirming on his feet.

‘You wait,’ he laughed, ‘I’m gonna do your bum hole real good later mom, you just see if I don’t.’

Rose increased her ministrations, her middle finger securely ensconced. And she wanked him at the same time, then sucking his now hard prick into her pouty hot mouth.

He didn’t want to cum again so soon, but Rose had other ideas, she wanted her son’s load in her mouth, and she was going for it. Gary had to hold onto the shower rail as she teased his cock, and forced him to submit. She was going to give her it all. And he wasn’t going to stop her from getting it.

Gary was gripping tight now to the rail, he was on his way to an eruption again, he knew what she wanted. And he was going to oblige, but it was on her terms, not his. She had brought him onto a rage of arousal, and his power pump was primed and ready to blast forth in a minute or so.

He propped his body to the wall, he didn’t want to fall down and spoil it for her.

Then that familiar tremble Rose knew, he was cumming, she increased the rate of suction, and also the power of it.

His hand held her head now, she would have been unable to get her mouth of now, her body had it locked it on, and his hand was making sure she couldn’t turn the key and get it off him.

He yelped loudly when his cum shot out of his prick. It scalded Rose’s mouth, it filled it to over flowing, she had to get it all down in double quick time. She did, and was determined not to lose a drop, and she never.

It tasted of him, his smell, his being, even as it was, as thick as it was, it was Gary, her beloved Gary.

As he recovered, he pulled her to her feet and kissed her, their tongues mingling, their lips locked, their arms capturing the other.

Drying each other off, they returned to bed, and lay there in the after glow of something more than splendid, their love was more than splendid.

They slept in the arms of the oneness, they now were.

Lying awake at 1:00 in the morning, looking at her wonderful, sexy boy lover, her son, her 18 year old son!

Rose was thinking of Gary, of her husband, of Anna, of herself.

What was the future, she knew she couldn’t possibly keep this up, even if it was just once a month.

Her grief at the thought of losing him caused tears to leak from her lovely eyes.

‘What’s wrong mom?’ Gary suddenly asked, she hadn’t realised he had woken too.

‘Oh honey, I’m so frightened,’ she wept, ‘so frightened of losing you.’

‘Of this, what we have here ending,’ she cried quietly.

Gary rose up on an elbow, and pulled her to him.

‘Mom, I’m just as confused as you, I don’t know what’s going to happen, if anything ever does.’

‘That’s the problem, isn’t it darling?’ she whispered, ‘not knowing.’

Gary’s answer was to kiss her, love her and hold her tight until she fell fitfully Anadolu Yakası Escort back to sleep.

In the morning, she was slightly embarrassed at her talking of her fears.

She tried to apologise to him, but he would have none of it.

‘Nothing is going to spoil this weekend mom, we needed this to help us realise and understand this, and us.’ He told her.

She visibly brightened as he spoke those words of love and comfort.

‘You are more knowledgeable than me baby, you seem to understand things far better than I,’ she mewled.

‘Just trying to be realistic mom,’ was his reply.

He kissed her then, in the way that cooled her fears, but relit the embers of last night, she reached for his cock, and squeezed it.

‘Mmmm, mom, you are asking for trouble here,’ he sniggered.

‘Am I now young man?’ she answered him with a beautiful smile, ‘am I now?’

He forced her onto her back, gripped her to immobilise her, and got his hand between her cheeks, then forced his middle finger into her arse.

‘Oh Gary, Ooooh, oh me, oh my, oh Gary, Gary, Gary, Ooooh no,’ she bleated.

She wriggled and twisted, but couldn’t get away.

‘I told you mom, you asked for it, and now I’m going to give it to you.’ He laughed at her attempts to free her self from his iron grip.

Twisting her over and face down, he easily, got over her and bashed his prick into her pussy, first to quieten her, and make her more subservient, and also to lubricate his now hardened prick.

It worked a treat, ‘Oh Gary, yes oh yes,’ she wailed.

Then he backed out of her pussy, ‘please darling it’s come out please put it back in?’

He did, right into her loving, scrumptious, and wanton arse, she knew he was going to do it, but she had thought he would wait until he had about fucked her senseless.

But no! He was in her bowels in one stroke, of one, pulsing drive of the mighty weapon that was his prick.

He murdered it; she was helplessly held down, his body and arms completely controlling her utter demise, her complete surrender to him.

She came at the submission within her; the power he was exerting over her was making her cum, not just the meat stack that was embedded in her.

His hands now went under her body, one to her clit; the other to a nipple, her body was in multiple collisions with itself.

Because each part of where his fingers were, and where his prick was.

Her orgasms were devastating her, her climaxes, each were becoming more powerful than the last, she was cumming in one wave after another, until they joined together, and then she fainted.

Gary at the very moment she did, shot a load so hard and hot, into her, Rose had an unconscious climax.

His fingers were still working away at her defenceless body, his control was unmatchable.

She was laid under him breathing heavily; he rolled away and tucked her into his arms.

‘Well mom, was that what you wanted and needed?’ he asked her

She hardly heard any of what he had said, she was just coming round.

But said correctly, ‘yes baby, that’s just what I wanted, the doctor has cured the patient, yet again,’ she whispered.

‘Please darling, let me just lie quiet for a moment, please?’

‘Okay mum,’ he said, and held her softly in his loving arms.

He lay with her as she gradually recovered from the bombing she had just received.

Her bowels felt like they had exploded, and were now in a liquid state. Her nipples were raw, and her clit was still on fire, blazing away inside her.

‘Oh baby, I love you so much, I really do,’ she moaned into his chest.

‘I love you the same way too mom, I’m not your son anymore, I’m your man, your lover, your captive, and captivator.

As she gained her strength back, she rested in his arms, and in between loving kisses and caresses.

She said, ‘can I ask you a question darling, please?’

He was right in her face now, nose to nose, almost eye ball to eye ball.

‘Sure mom, ask away.’

‘Do you still have the hots for Aunty Anna?’

‘Mom, what kind of a question is that?’

There, that was the answer for Rose; yes he did, he didn’t immediately say no, he asked her what did she mean?

‘I mean,’ she continued, already knowing, ‘do you still have the hots for her?’

His look said it.

‘It’s okay baby, I understand, I really do, she is beautiful, you are a young guy, with a cock that can’t be owned by one woman, not even me.’ She admitted.

‘I love you mom, only you,’ he whispered not looking at her.

‘I know that baby,’ her heart was weeping, not because Anna could ever take him from her, but that she would have a part of him.

They talked for a while, and she got him to admit, that he had thought of her, and what they had done with each other.

He reminded his mother, that it was her who had sent him to her in the first place.

‘I’ll call her this afternoon, she can come and see us,’ she informed him.

‘Mom, you don’t have to do that, I am more than happy, just being with you.’ he said.

‘Yes I know darling, but I know she’ll get it out of me that you were here, and that will cause me heartache.’ She mumbled.

They spent and hour embracing each other, their love was cemented; nothing could ever break it now, not even Anna.

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