RoseAnn Discovers Dominance Pt. 20

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Big Tits

After I finally let Craig go to sleep, tucked against my shoulder, I stayed awake a while reading Shakespeare’s Hamlet for my English class. I could smell my pussy on his breath and emanating from his face. He’d given me three beautiful climaxes tonight, once before supper, and two after I’d put away my class assignments for the night.

He was very excited afterward. I’d held his cock in my mouth with a warning against coming, even accidentally. I licked him, and sucked, and he moaned in delight until he’d tap my shoulder and whisper, “I’m close.” I’d give him time to cool off, and start over again.

Finally, when he was clearly too near the edge to risk any more oral play, I propped myself on one elbow and slowly ran my finger around his glans and down the shaft.

“You know you’re not going to come tonight, don’t you?”

“I guessed as much, but I don’t care.”

“You’re not at all like other men. How did you become like this?” I loved to make his cock twitch with just a feathery touch of my fingers.

“You mean letting a woman do this with me?”

I nodded. “You seem so utterly devoted to me and my pleasure. I didn’t teach you that. You had those ideas before you met me.”

“I don’t know. I guess I’ve always been this way. I was five when the men in my family went away to war. For the next four years, I was raised by women—my mother, my aunts, my grandmother—and they banded together for mutual support. I grew up surrounded by all these loving women. The younger ones, including my mother, went to work in the war factories for twelve hours a day, and looked after the kids and the house after they came home. They grew tough, and they got used to doing things their way. After the war, the men came home and expected to go straight back to the head of the table. But some women had other ideas. I watched a lot of power struggles. Some were even violent.”

I said, “So what you remember is that when the men were there, there was yelling and fighting, but when it was just the women, it was peace and contentment?”

He nodded. “Since then, it’s been like an instinct—I don’t just think that women are superior to men, I know it, right down to my core. Even after the rest of society had gone back to what it was before, with the men giving the orders, I still wanted to live in a world dominated by women.”

I stroked the hairs on his belly, kissed the silky skin, and brushed my lips over the tip of his cock, encouraging him to keep talking. This was a precious moment between us, and I wanted to prolong it as much as possible.

“I thought women would be happy to have a man who wanted to pamper them and take care of their every wish. So you can imagine how ankara escort upset I was when I’d finally reveal my needs to a woman and she’d be horrified. Some were disgusted and stormed out right away; others were more sensitive, and drew away slowly, trying to spare my feelings. But ultimately, they all went away.”

“Until I came along?”

“Yes.” He sighed. “My life was nothing, until you. Now it’s perfect.”

“I think my life is perfect, too.” I kissed him, and looked again at the blanket where it was tented by his erect cock. I eased his head onto my shoulder, and waited until he slept before I picked up ‘Hamlet’ and began to read the assigned work.

* * * * *

I had October 20 circled in red on my homework calendar, but it had nothing to do with homework. The instructions on my birth control pills had said to wait one month after starting before having sex, and I’d started taking them on September 20, right after my period ended.

I hadn’t mentioned a thing to Craig. Although it had been over two weeks since his last orgasm, he hadn’t pestered me or even hinted at coming. In fact, I probably could have gone on indefinitely, leaving him with sore balls after long teasing sessions and his face shiny and slick with my secretions. But the brutal fact was that I hadn’t had a man’s naked cock in me for years, and I wanted that feeling again. Even Mike had become so addicted to my mouth that after three months of marriage the subject of penetrative sex rarely came up again. I’d coaxed him into fucking me at our last Christmastime, but I’d long before stopped taking the pill, and he had to wear a condom. He claimed that the resulting climax was so disappointing, I still had to go down on him and ‘do it right’.

Now it was my turn. My period had just ended. I went home early to shower. I put on perfume, dark nylons, and my most revealing bra and panties. But then I covered them with the bland school clothes I’d worn all day. When Craig got home, he was clearly excited because he knew that my period would be over today. He’d been unable to go down on me for four days, and he was virtually hopping up and down with eagerness. He brought roses and cooked a chicken pasta casserole. He was even more attentive than usual, yet all he was expecting was to go down on me once or twice, and to be teased within a stroke of climax before I turned out the light and went to sleep.

When dinner was done, I had him strip and kneel, so he could rub my feet, but I wouldn’t let him go beyond that. After he’d caressed my feet for a while, I slipped off the sofa to my knees facing him, and said, “Tonight is going to be extra special, Craig. Do you know why?”

“Because ankara escort bayan your period is…” Suddenly his eyes went wide. “The pills? It’s time?”

I nodded and laughed. “I’ve been taking them long enough to be safe. Tonight, you’re going to put that lovely penis inside me and make me climax, and then have a climax of your own.” I kissed all over his face and stood up, removing my outer clothes.

“You even wore your sexy underwear for me! But I’m glad you’re going to give me some relief,” he said. “My testicles are killing me. It’s been seventeen days.”

I smiled. “It would be terribly unfair, wouldn’t it? Except you’re my slave and I’m your owner and you’ll endure anything for me, won’t you? I mean, if I told you to wait another month to climax, you’d do it, wouldn’t you?”

He looked down and whispered, “Yes, anything at all.”

“Get up.” I held his hand as I got to my feet, and he got up and tagged after me into the bedroom. I lay on the bed, drawing him after me. “Now kiss me and then kiss my breasts. I want you to lick and suck my nipples until I tell you to stop.”

I closed my eyes and let the lovely electric sensations radiate from my breasts to my farthest extremities. My pelvic muscle contracted in time with his sucking, and soon I grunted at each touch of his tongue to a nipple. He moved at his own pace from one breast to the other, and the juice accumulated in my pussy until I felt a drop run down the crease of my thigh.

“I love you,” he said into my shoulder.

“Go inside me now,” I whispered.

As he raised himself up, he was trembling and seemed unable to find my vagina with the tip of his cock. I helped with my fingers until he began to slip inside. “Slowly, slowly,” I whispered. He carefully settled on me as my flesh engulfed him.

“Oh, Craig, that feels so good!” It had been so long since I’d felt possessed, had my vagina stretched, felt the slide of a man’s hard cock inside me. Now I was glad that it had been so long since Mike had penetrated me—I couldn’t compare Mike’s larger girth and Craig’s more average size. My vagina had no doubt shrunk down to a size that would feel just as good with Craig inside me.

I luxuriated in the repeated plunging of Craig’s cock. I didn’t want it to stop, not for his climax, not for mine. Suddenly, he froze. “I’m close.”

“Stop now!” I said. I thought to make him pull out, but it felt too good to have his cock inside. “Cool down until you can try again. I want to come first.”

After he’d relaxed and his breathing evened out, I urged him to move again until once more he had to stop. This happened again and again, but I never got closer to orgasm, escort ankara though Craig teetered on the edge almost as soon as he resumed pumping his hips.

Finally, my frustration reached my limit. “I can’t come,” I hissed. “I can’t go that last little bit I need to go over the edge.”

Craig was still catching his breath. “Let me lick you.”

“Yes, yes.” I pushed down on his shoulders and his cock popped out of me. He tried to kiss my breasts again, but I kept shoving until his face was down at my crotch. “Lick me! Lick me!”

No sooner had his lovely rough tongue begun to stroke my clitoris, than I exploded in orgasm. I cried out and bucked my hips against his face. I squirmed and moaned and cursed until I’d gone over the top and gradually relaxed.

“Come back up here, Craig. Finish what you started.” I tugged at his shoulders. “No stopping this time.”

He eagerly moved back up my body and his rigid cock slipped into me without any guidance at all. He pumped his hips wildly for only a few seconds before he went completely still, exhaled a full breath, and cried out as his orgasm overtook him. He pumped and pumped as his hot semen jetted into my body.

At last, he lay still with his head on my breast, supporting some of his weight on his elbows while I gently stroked his hair.

“Did you like that?” I whispered.

“Couldn’t you tell? It was wonderful. It was magnificent. It’s the most powerful climax I’ve ever had.”

“That pleases me.”

“But what was the matter? I could feel your body stiffen up like you were going to come, and you’d just stay like that.”

“I don’t know. It was so frustrating.”

“I’ve had a look at you pretty close up, you know. There’s nearly two fingers’ distance between your vagina and your clitoris.” He held up his index and middle finger together to demonstrate what he meant. “There’s no way to stimulate it with my penis while I’m inside you.”

“That’s so frustrating. I never came with Mike, either, but he was always in and out of me before I even got warmed up. Oomph! Oomph! Boom! And he was probably only inside me a couple of dozen times in our whole marriage.”

“I’m sorry. I’ll think of something that will help.”

“Oh, you already have. It was nice feeling you inside me, but to tell the truth, there’s nothing quite like your tongue. You’re a very talented man.”

“Maybe if I reached down between us and used my finger while I’m inside you. It sounds clumsy, but it might work.”

I smiled. “I love your inventive mind, but it’s going to be a while before you can try your experiment. You shouldn’t expect to come again for at least a couple of weeks. You don’t want me spoiling you, do you? I just love that tongue of yours, but making you go without your climax doubles my excitement.”

He pretended to look crestfallen, but judging from the way his cock was swelling again, so soon after his climax, I knew it was the sort of thing he needed to hear.

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